Young Pappy - Excuse Me Lyrics


Bandana said double g I dun told mutha fuckas don't fuck with me everything designer plus my bitch designed up

What else
I got bags bitch
Nigga every body got cash bitch
My niggas everybody gone lag bitch
Trues off my ass they saggin
What else
I'm from the pole
Thar's where its cold
You could get froze
Niggas know, bitches know
Where its cold you'll get froze

I came to wake niggas up
Cause they sleep on us
Niggas blow hard cause we don't trust
Put op away if they sneak on us
Catch a op, wack a op
Don't speak just buss
Niggas go hard cause speak we must
Niggas go hard cause we think we just
My niggas so hard we'll leave that dust

Damn right about that
If a nigga want smoke
We'll light up his hat
Niggas gone smoke cause he'll write about that
I resolve to the pipe I ain't never gone stress
And niggas gone joke cause they'll laugh about that

I'm feeling on some hazy shit
Got feeling like I'm feelin on some lazy shit
And if money make a nigga do some crazy shit
Well I'm crazy in love with that crazy bitch
I go and get it cause a nigga never gave me shit
I got plugged money cause I wasn't raised for this
I got dumb money cause I wasn't made for this
I got love for money cause I was always made for this

I'm ridin around my side of town
And my op niggas wanna come bring me down
These fuck niggas wanna come play around
I got plugs nigga, so don't run from a nigga
And I got love from a nigga go show for me nigga
My momma got me goin home for niggas
Go run from a nigga

PBG that's my click
I just made a dvd with yo bitch
Yo ho like evie eve she so thick
You go home and give her a kiss she so sick
Boy I got everything that want
I am everything that you not
Yo hoes just imitating my swag cause I'm everything that you not

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Young Pappy Excuse Me Comments
  1. iBoardInCxmp_ YouTube

    Rip Shaquon

  2. Neshaun Kidd

    I do this shi 4 bro 💯

  3. Elisee Normil

    The original track is called "don't sleep on me pt 2"

  4. Yourz Truly

    "And bitch we the shit but we dont blush"😂😂😂 bars 🔥🔥🔥

  5. Mycheala waddell

    make a lyric video to this song

  6. Kirby Wright

    Bandanna!!! 😍😍

  7. joey doscher


  8. Killian Anderson

    Long Live 2 PAP😈

  9. Alicia Faz

    Too hard...RIP KING PAPPY

  10. Keshaena Fleming

    I go and get it cause a nigga never gave me shit. 💯

  11. Cortez Poole

    I played this song 25 times in a row rip GD pappy rip

  12. William Wallace


  13. LuhhTrilly Sav

    I need this instrumental fr

  14. gator bridges

    This is called don't sleep on me pt2 it's 2 freestyles on this beat

  15. f 913

    Going hard till they put the white sheets on us

  16. Derious Zinerman

    he kinda sound like Eminem on dis track cuz he goin so fast

    Elijah Graham

    Derious Zinerman stfu😴

  17. meekofrom147th

    What was the og song name ?

    Mere Mere

    Swaggified_Mikey dont sleep on me

  18. Jason Robinson

    R.I.P Pap You're A Legend This Song Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  19. lilpappy pistol gang

    why is there no instrumental

    jamari bray

    lilpappy pistol gang I know right

  20. Shaniyah Bray

    he killed this stuff

    Shaniyah Bray

    This sht to lit🔥🔥

    Dahia Freemon

    Shaniyah Bray ha

  21. Elm St Phsykho

    He demolished this RIP 2Pap

  22. Tony Montana

    fucking fire

  23. K3NOXXnXX


  24. God AllMarley

    Long Live Pappy

    W. J.

    God AllMarley Right? Saying he was talented really doesn't do him justice. Him and Lil Snupe had something you can't teach. These "rappers" today use the same wack ass beat and sing about bullshit. 2 cups is one song I love but can't listen to because i get a little misty😂 I don't know if it's the emotions behind it or what but Pap, in my opinion, and J. Cole are true artists not studio or auto tune made 😒


    @W. J. Facts, this man pappy could rap over any beat, no many how bad and it would still be fire.

  25. Antonio Smith

    R.I.P big cuzzo😢

  26. linwood Williamson

    he fucking snapped. Best on this album

    Clifton Wormley

    linwood Williamson Spazzzed !! He Spaazzeddd 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🔫🤷🏾‍♂️🤤😂😹#LongLive2Pap

  27. Demi God Dante

    Im a pappy fan ik all of his songs and this one is don't sleep On me part 1 or 2 i forgot


    the mixtape has some old songs on it because he couldn't finish it before he died

    Savage Boi

    This Part 2, Part 1 Goes A Little Slower

  28. Tyderius Gipson

    shit lit💯🔥🔥