Young Pappy - Chiraq Lyrics

Applying that pressure on niggas
Niggas want me to stop (yeaaaaa)
I ain't stopping for no nigga (the real chiraq) fuck

I will not stop for you bitch niggas how can I
Why would I stop for you hoe ass niggas
I got my Glock for the vice nigga
Don't have me let off some shots at you hoe ass niggas
I do not rap just to diss nigga
This is my life please get off my dick nigga
Bitch I been in this since the 06' nigga
How can I stop that don't make no sense nigga (ok)
Now I got that off my chest nigga
You could stop flexing you know I'm the best nigga (fuck)
If I keep it I don't need no vest nigga that 44 bull dogIm a vet nigga
Be this way till they put me to rest nigga
Either that or still I'm under arrest nigga
Put that gun to your mouth like its crest nigga
Show up to your address that's how I address niggas
If you catch me in traffic then blow nigga
Don't be shooting unless you gonna score nigga
You wanna be my opp fuck is you slow nigga
You will get shot just like them other four niggas
I smoke 93 I don't smoke dro nigga
Only sip purple and pink when I pour nigga
I do not have these guns just for show nigga
You will get dropped just like your PO nigga
Niggas sneak dissing calling me hoe nigga
See me in person act like I'm your bro nigga
What they don't get is that I don't need no niggas
See you in person act like I don't know niggas
I been doing this shit way before niggas
Out here like I ain't got nowhere else to go nigga
We got weed we got crack we got blow nigga
2 for 15 everything for the low nigga
When you lackin' don't put on no show nigga
This shit I'm rappin' bout I'm a just show niggas
Everyone wanna be chief
But I'm a be the one to take you out ya glo nigga
Folks say kill Chiraq (what)
Hotter than Montana 300 Kill Chiraq?
Tell folks I'm a kill Chiraq
Make Lil Herb fuck around throw his Chi back (fuck)
Boy I'm from the real Chiraq
We catch more bodies than the real Iraq
Know a real nigga that still shot back
Caught one to his neck and he still got whacked

Know a couple niggas that's trained to go
That will bang the four till your brains will show
Run on up a nigga let the bangers go
Know his block name all he famous for
From the north pole boy I'm with that shit
And I got it for em just admit that shit
I'm the man around my side of town
Any hoe I want I could get that bitch

Niggas be woofin' I say fuck em
Bitches be all in my business can't trust em
Same niggas I use to fuck with
And who I grew up with
They hating cause they know I'm up next
All of you niggas is suspect
Take off leaving all of you lil niggas upset
Talking bout all of you niggas
I'm screaming fuck all of you niggas
But fuck that shit let's switch the subject
Cooling with insane but say they my shorties
Catch you with that bag and they take that
With they righteous [?] they move it [?] its ajax
Send my bitch to find out where you stay at
We catch you and wet ya ass up like some latex
I guess that's where you gon lay at
You must be a card cause lil homie don't play that (get it?)
All of my niggas be with it
Take you out ya glory if you think you with it
I've put in work since the beginning
They caught they first body fuck they think they with it?
The shit we invented talk about all the shit we done did it
We catch bodies as God as our witness
If you not from Uptown
Then stay out our business (ON FOLKS!)
But I ain't got a merch
I'm tired niggas talking bout can they get a verse (nooo)
Shawty she on me she fucking and sucking
And all she ask for in return is her purse
And that's fine with me
I do hits by myself
Ain't no nigga gon spend that time with me
I keep that nine one me
I don't need no extendo
3 shots tip you over like we playing limbo
[?] my roll is a lambo my bitch is a nympho
I'm smoking on endo
I do that time cause I don't give off info
If I get that membo I bet its semptembo
TFG PBG that is my favo
So free my bro Nicky and rip Inno
Don't play them games I'm not Nintendo
Stay away from them lames who I cannot depend on

Know a couple niggas that's trained to go
That will bang the four till your brains will show
Run on up a nigga let the bangers go
Know his block name all he famous for (Lil Foe!)
From the north pole boy I'm with that shit
And I got it for em just admit that shit
I'm the man around my side of town
Any hoe I want I could get that bitch (Period!)

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    Savage sheen in the cut

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    Here come everybody saying “who still listing in 2020”

    tht niggatrash


  3. ShifxTY fn

    Its crazy how u can here one day in be gone the next like never comeback💔😪

  4. walmartgng

    Jan 7 2020 anyone?

  5. Hotsam Noirchards

    He just spazzed the fuck out on this track. It is a damn shame that he isn’t here to make more music. I hate Chicago gang culture. It took so many talented brothers before their time.

  6. Amir Islamovic

    First in 2020

  7. Skeeno Slick

    This how many people who listening in 2020 😎


    go oo

    Skeeno Slick I’m here for life #gang

    Ziair Samuel

    For life till i decease

    go oo

    Ziair Samuel gang my boy ❤️💯

    Toot PlayGames

    Meeee PBG 4L

  8. Isaac Mitchell

    2020 type shit🦧✍🏾

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    We need another pappy on folks 🇵🇭🇵🇷🇲🇽🇩🇴🧸🔱

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    If they catch mo bodies then the real iraq, we need the whole state drafted 🤷🏿‍♀️

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    I’m here 2020

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    first of 2020 lets gooo

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    2020 pappy baby 😍

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    Long live pappy 2020😈🥶💪

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    2020 pappy still hands down best chi rapper

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    2020 stand up💯💯💪☝️☝️☝️

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    Its 2020 and this shit still go hard chiraq legend even while he not here

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    2020 BITCH!!!

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    2020 rip pap

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    "Nice block name what he famous for"

    Love Money

    *And iask his block name? What he famous for?


    Love Money fuck you

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  28. Sun Taylor

    Chiraq War Veteran. Rest in peace

  29. Eagles champs 1

    Yo he still best Chicago rapper with legendary lyrics RIP pappy

    Yung ReezY

    Eagles champs 1 he not better than Montana but he fire tho

    Eagles champs 1

    @Yung ReezY 👍

  30. Bianca Yaowa

    The dopest part is “the real chiraq where we catch more bodies than the real Iraq” that shit go hard

    Young Pappy

    actually this line is wrong. Iraq had more deaths it was just deaths of us soldiers. Not overall.

    Bianca Yaowa

    Young Pappy didn’t say it’s right. I just said it goes hard. Lmao

  31. C-man-C _

    Who gone be here for a couple mo years

  32. Ricardo Rojas

    Lil4mobb shit we invented🤫

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    Lo-key Young Pappy hardest song

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    Lil herb people killed him?just a weird thought after I heard that bar🤨💀

    Isaiah Ramirez

    Would make sense, sense he was the only threat or good competitor for herb and could have possibly took the shine if he didnt die that herb got instead 🙄

  37. Quentin P

    "you wanna be my opp, fuck is u slow nigga, you will get smoked like them other 4 niggas" 🥶

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    RIP pap

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    My homie barely put me on young pappy and now I see why they say he’s a legend in Chicago 💯 dude was solid and he can rap like a mf 2020 ima be bumpin bro

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    2020 til infinity

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    Be This Way Til They Put Me To Rest Either That Or Until I'm Under Arrest Put That Gun To Yo Mouth Like Crest Show Up To Yo Address That's How I Address If You Catch Me In Traffic Then Blow Don't Be Shooting Unless You Gone Score You Wanna Be My Fukk Is You Slow

  49. Yugl

    He the Best rapper outta Chicago idgaf suck my dick if u don’t think so y’all niggas love dick Riding keef 😂.


    Chris Connors finally someone agrees niggas b on keef dick heavy I swear🤦🏽‍♂️

  50. Evin Booth

    i miss this shit its some hella good music i can just imagane the bars he would be spiting in 2019 if he were alive still. R.I.P.

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    pappys soul will live 4eva rest up king

  58. uchemma there u go

    Fvck , this boy committed suicide by talking too much, real dangerous and notorious killas don't talk too much ( they move in silent )

    Love Money

    Shutcho goofy ass up clown

    Chris Connors

    He was a drill rapper.. wtf you expect

    uchemma there u go

    @Chris Connors fvck all that drill sh*t bro, now he got his life took by some b*tch and dirty ass animals...

  59. Yasir A

    Here in November 2019

  60. Citlali Bustamante

    Ive been living in uptown since 2010 and i can say things have Changed ever since pappy was gone!

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    Chris Connors

    Aaaaah Man... 🔥🔥

  69. Courtellus Hicks

    He would be better than youngboy if he was still alive Facts

    imright uwrong

    There are both the best at wat they do
    Pap was a lyricist trapped in a drill state of mind. YB is a poet stuck in a slime state of mind.

    Love Money

    Pappy got real life barz for days yb don't got no barz and he's not better than pappy facts if u don't agree than stfu cause niggas know and bitches know

    Supreme Quan

    Youngboy ass

    Chris Connors

    By FAAAAAARRR... wouldve been him & DaBaby on top

    ricardo ramos

    @Chris Connors da baby would be irrelevant

  70. Ch'khan Hodge

    Pap Had All It Took To Be A Great Artist! To Bad He Got Swallowed Up By Them Chicago Streets!😪😪😪🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  71. Lucio Castro

    Dude said more then iraq LOOKING ASS, FOOL ASS them wars be with jet ina sky ready to deploy a missiel to them bc there much fucking violence !! Chicago mfks just stupid and drinking and wanging the whip killing hella mfks and themselves ong 🗣😭🤣‼️🚫🧢

    Love Money

    Another dumb comments lol

  72. Troy Swagger

    2019 young pappy should still be here but the hater. an chi quack is just to cold . But young pappy forever live on. The fire. Cant get smoke with out fire 🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨

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    Iraq has more bodies then this shit hole. They only counted our bodies. Not the ones we put down. Don't get this confused 😂😂 😂😂 😂

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    Oct 2019 who here


    Right here FOLKZ pbg/tfg east Rogers Park shit shorty

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    Wish he was still alive today he’ll be top 20 fosho!!

    Love Money

    Nigga wym he's top 5 in Chicago best rappers

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    Still here shorty b.i.p King shaquon 💛👑🔯

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  92. why mf why ya WANT TO NO MY NAME

    My 💅 r done n im sippN nd bangN out t0 meh boi ey 🌲😀


  93. T.E.S.S. Fitness (Train Eat Sex Sleep)

    Folks say kill chiraq? Like hotter than Montana 300 kill chiraq? Well this definitely the hardest one.

    blake wagner

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