Young Pappy - 3 Letter Gang Lyrics

Fuck hoes, get cash
Stop hatin with your bitch ass
This TFG and PBG, we at your neck like whiplash
Fuck niggas wanna diss on me tryna make a name for they self
I call that shit suicide niggas better off hangin they self, hold on
My style so versatile, she throw it back don't hurt me now
Niggas calling my phone woofing I play like I ain't got service now
She say she ain't suck no dick before but I know damn well she learnin now
You on the inside lookin out, I got a Mac that'll take your curtains down
Niggas claim they in the streets, but they lyin nigga
I slide through your block all the time Ion see not one you niggas outside
And niggas hate me still singin my rhymes
This shit my life I ain't tryna get signed
And I don't text so if it ain't sex or if it ain't money bitch get off my line, hold on
Everybody love the gang throw it up if you claim that
Designer bandana I bang that
I'm from the pole where it's cold where I hang at
So nigga fuck you if you ain't that
Cause my niggas is all I need
And mufuckas bleed just like I bleed
Raybans on me fake niggas Ion see, hold on

Hold on hold on hold on hold on
Ion think they heard what the fuck bro said
He said, "Fuck hoes, get cash and stop hatin with your bitch ass"

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Young Pappy 3 Letter Gang Comments
  1. Damian Lillard

    Why he diss Chief Keef

  2. Jsavvo __

    Fuck hoes, get cash, stop hatin wit yo bitch ass..

    B.I.P 2pap

  3. Subscribe to pewdiepie

    Tf is dis

    Xman 35

    A song genius.

  4. Omar Lara


  5. Yuno Gasai

    Fuck hoes get cash, stop hating wit your bitch ass‼️‼️‼️

  6. B.O.B. Fiasco

    Fuck the Mag

  7. Shamel x shasha McCoy

    Finally found the original one.

  8. joe doegh


  9. 051 young money

    Gdk fuck all the gds dead homies

  10. Shafeadeen Fitchett

    Miss you bro love you pap✌🅿🅿🅿🔯📍

  11. BoostedMS3

    Taysav put this out on his album, to show pappy been doing this shit since forever. LONGLIVEPAPPY

    L A

    AcuraXBL only real pappy fans know 💯

    eRa Fortune

    nah this the OG version he remade this right before he died and tay put it on his album

  12. raymond perez

    Dam Young Pappy Was Dissing Chief keef in 2012 lmao

  13. Thug Nasty

    Lol he said lip boxing

  14. Telesforo Lomboy

    bdk ebk alie

  15. EBK

    legend says he never rolled that blunt

    John Doe

    Actavis lmao thats fucked up

  16. eRa Fortune

    That Hoe Shit That "Magnolia Moe (Hooligang)" Shit

    Blown Out Tater Biscuit

    DFortune this before they were ever cool

    lyrics lee

    Hoolie gang were just regular moes

  17. Bianca c

    I was laughing at what he was saying in the beginning then I heard him say "stop laughing ain't shit funny..." 😂😂


    Bianca c - Fuck opps get money stop laughing ain't shit funny stop talking you lame ain't shit change yo main bitch want me 😂

  18. Shanice Grande

    R.I.P. Young Pappy

  19. Jay 7

    "I smoke dope by the zip nigga, patron and lime when I sip nigga" Now I see what he was talking bout when he said that in his song Get wacked too..

  20. Dakota Jackson

    they cutthroat gds but also rep for they fallin homie pb

  21. Trillest Lee

    "You gdk well im bdk dont let chief keef hype u up" pappy was crazy an lyrical asf lowkey RIP

    Stevie Wonder


  22. Dejuan Grimes

    he said don't let chief keef hype u up

  23. brittney soto

    remix ?

  24. lamonte hayes

    Gone Head And Claim Dat

  25. Marley StarPham

    Dis shit hard lil folks