Young, Neil - Tumbleweed Lyrics

Tumbleweed, your inner spirit is a peace sign to me
Life is full of little tricks and we can always pick up sticks
And build again, that’s what we do

Harmony, the way we hold on when we tumble though the night
Life is full of strange delights, in the darkness we find lights
To make our way, back home again

Tumbleweed, I’m baring my soul to you
Tumbleweed, it’s all that I’ve got that’s true

Bite me now, with your confusion, your happiness and delight
It will only hurt a moment, then it’s gone and you can see
There’s nothing left, to leave a mark

Animal, care for your kind, in the way you always do
When the flower moon is shining, it’s eclipse and your lips smiling
Comfort me and I comfort you

Tumbleweed, your inner spirit is a peace sign to me

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Young, Neil Tumbleweed Comments
  1. Nicole Steil

    This was his encore song last night in Minneapolis. So good!

  2. Frank Scavelli

    One of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. Especially beautiful for Neil, and he has written many, many such songs. Thank you for everything.

  3. NPC 33331

    A great listen :))

  4. Roy Lay

    Neil Young on ukulele? The tuning is entirely different on one! I think the first string is an A, if I remember correctly. Know a girl who plays one, but I'm totally lost on it, though I'm pretty good on guitar and passable on keyboards. Neil sounds like a natural, though. Great tune! Great album. Neil's albums have gotten a bit spotty in the last couple decades, ranging from excellent to mediocre, but this album is a real standout. And I just learned, three years late, that it existed!


    LOL!! How would you rate his albums from the first couple of decades?? Just heard this for the first time also. I'm more of a Crazy Horse fan but, for me, this month is all about Neil and the 40th Anniversary of my first NY&CH show.

  5. deb dichiara

    I heard this song for the first time Friday and it has played on the radio (different stations) everyday since. How have I happened to catch it each time? It must be playing for me but why? What message is this old song trying to convey to me?


    Hearing it for the first time now. Saw it on his playlists from recent shows and wondered... Uke's not my favorite sound but Neil pulls it off.

  6. GreenEyeCharmer

    Husband agrees

  7. GreenEyeCharmer

    So beautiful