Young, Neil - Sun Green Lyrics

Sun green started makin' waves
On the day her grandpa died
Speakin' out against anything
Unjust or packed with lies

She chained herself to a statue of an eagle
In the lobby of powerco
And started yellin' through a megaphone
"there's corruption on the highest floor"

Suits poured out of elevators "they're all dirty"
Phoneheads began to speak "you can't trust anybody"
But security couldn't get her down
She was welded to the eagle's beak

Sun green leaned into that megaphone
And said, "truth is all i seek"
Security brought in some blowtorches
News cameras recorded the speech

"when the city is plunged into darkness
By an unpredicted rolling blackout
The white house always blames the governor,
Sayin', 'the solution is to vote him out'"

On top of that great bronze eagle
Sun's voice was loud and clear
She said, "powerco is workin' with the white house
To paralyze our state with fear"

It was a golden moment golden moment
In the history of tv news
No one could explain it
It just got great reviews

"hey mr. clean, you're dirty now too
Hey mr. clean, you're dirty now too
Hey mr. clean, you're dirty now too
Hey mr. clean, you're dirty now too"

The imitators were playin'
Down at john lee's bar
When sun went down to see 'em
Someone followed her in a car

So now when she goes dancin'
She has to watch her back
The FBI just trashed her room
One of them kicked her cat

The damn thing scratched his leg
And he had to shoot it dead
And leave it lyin' in a puddle of blood
At the foot of sun green's bed

"hey mr. clean, you're dirty now too
Hey mr. clean, you're dirty now too
Hey mr. clean, you're dirty now too
Hey mr. clean, you're dirty now too"

John lee's was rockin'
The imitators drove it home
Sun was dancin' up a heatwave
For a while she was all alone...

When up walked a tall stranger
He shadowed her move to move
In perfect unison
A supernatural groove

He took her by the hand
And the room began to spin
He said, "i'm earth... earth brown
You know the shape i'm in

I'm leavin' tonight for alaska
And i want you to come in the spring
And be a goddess in the planet wars
Tryin' to save the livin' things"

"i'm ready to go right now,"
Sun green told earth brown
"let's go back to my place,
Pick up my cat and leave this town behind"

Hey mr. clean, you're dirty now too
Hey mr. clean, you're dirty now too
Hey mr. clean, you're dirty now too
Hey mr. clean, you're dirty now too

Next day sun green got busted for pot
And it made the headline news
But then the charges all got dropped
And the story got confused

She'd still like to meet julia butterfly
And see what remedy brings
And be a goddess in the planet wars
Tryin' to save the livin' things

But that might not be easy
Livin' on the run
Mother earth has many enemies
There's much work to be done

"hey mr. clean, you're dirty now too
Hey mr. clean, you're dirty now too
Hey mr. clean, you're dirty now too
Hey mr. clean, you're dirty now too"

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Young, Neil Sun Green Comments
  1. Rick H

    You tube could not get thru 3 of NY songs before asking if I was still watching. BAD google, BAD!

  2. Paolo Tosetto

    Neil Young mi accompagna con le sue ballate i suoi rock'n roll da 45 anni è un grande ,senza di lui la musica x noi che l'ascoltiamo e suoniamo non avrebbe un senso , mi dispiace x chi non la pensa come me è non me ne frega niente,lui è sempre qui con me grazie neil.

  3. Elzéard Bouffier

    You know that beautiful girl from Broken Flowers by Jim Jarmusch? Remember her name? It was Sun Green.

  4. Forklift 6404

    Corruption on the highest floor

  5. chrish2f

    Billy Talbot, solid as a rock..

  6. Gregg Tomchick

    Monster TONE!!

  7. squonkk

    One of the greatest songwriters of all time!!✌🤠

  8. Ronnie

    Who else could do an album like this? Neil is true to himself. Is he perfect? Of course not. Some of his albums make me cringe, others are masterpieces of rock and roll. So it goes with every artist ever born.

  9. Andy Calie

    see this tour my wifes 1st concert !!! meet sungreen there girl walks up n sits by us n says "im sungreen "shows her backstage pass n then 20 minutes later she was on stage with neil we where both amazed !!!!! btw one of the best concerts ive ever seen !!! the old hippie " byrdman 62 " !!!!!!!!

  10. Gary Brinker

    OlBlack really gets a workn thru this hole story.

  11. Joyce Brackbill

    Why is this song darkened out on here now? Weird!

  12. August Argy

    peace only works if you talk!!!!!!

  13. rapper prime

    The man

  14. Owen Hutchison

    FBI...FUCK!..God Damit...BANG

  15. 1mollylee

    Crazy Horse layin it Down ! !

  16. Jibanyan Dude


  17. Oompa Loompa

    neil youngs my favorite since1977

  18. Den Smith

    Saw the greendale show @ Radio City real good

  19. Rob's Randomness

    Don't care for Neil's politics, and probably won't agree with him on much of anything else either, but this is still a cool song to listen to.

  20. Dobroslav Bobo Krešić

    🔱♬❤Neil Young is king❤♬🔱

  21. dean b

    In 2017 we have pretend Marxists marching in the street, the sad little puppets of rich powerful globalist elites. Then they go home to Mommy's basement and think they are rebels because they smoke weed.


    Oh, why don't you just shut the fuck up. Fucking fTrumpftards. I hate the Motherfuckers.


    Can't leave this one to fester. Who the fuck are you referring to as being "2017 pretend Marxists"?

  22. volker wagner

    thank you my master.

  23. mysterfrosty

    Am i the only one who sees the yellow submarine above? Song kinda echos it too....

    Yves Tanneau

    mysterfrosty always!

  24. Kim

    Why does this only have 70k views? I thouht Neil Young was famous. Anyways, amazing song (and the whole album).

  25. Curtis Wilbur

    "Hey Mr Clean! You're dirty now too!"

  26. Moose39er sewapovich

    fuck these ads

    Igor Trapnauskas

    Sorry dude but I can't disable, thanks for WMG who "monetized by copyright owner".

    Moose39er sewapovich

    no im sorry i was not swearing at you im swearing at the ads they are everywhere .

  27. Adam Riley

    "Truth is all I seek!"

  28. Mark Craven

    this is why Neil continues to be relevant in music today

  29. JP Johnsen

    hey hey my my Neil Young America Train station needs some rehabilitation

  30. David McPherson

    Is that Neil playing the cop who kills Sun Green's cat?

    Gary Brinker

    FBI. Neil played Elvis in another part in the film..Not shure about the cat killer..Ill have to watch again.

  31. Karicat Watts

    Fuckin A

  32. Karicat Watts

    Grand daughter had a belly on fire and hell bent on revealing the truth... We love her... We need her. Where is she now???

    keyman keys

    she is in the voices of the thousands of us beginning to speak

    Karicat Watts

    +keyman keys really though. Awesome lyrics here. I get goosebumps.

  33. Punkrock Cowboy

    Saw Neil and company the Horse and friends July 4th 2003 @ SPAC N.Y. Did this whole album Plus. Lucinda Williams opened. 6 years later friended a musician/ Neil fan who gave me a copy of said show.

    Attarah Ardyn

    Punkrock Cowboy f cat

  34. Dougie Desgranges

    ...on the day yer Grampa died...

    Attarah Ardyn

    DDechoes87 hahaha bitch cameron

  35. luis.amorim

    a fucking song a fucking mr young yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .................

  36. Edson Godinho

    The best, forever!!!

  37. Jim Roach

    Bad Ass !!!

  38. Kyle Hine

    Pretty Heavy Tones from Mister Young!

  39. Loren Davis

    A nice one to blast near City Hall on 4/20

    Theresa De Gennaro

    +Loren Davis AMEN!!!

  40. Jarrod Williams

    If only Neil understood that the Confederate flag would be the perfect imagery for this song..

    Jarrod Williams

    Well, I presented you with facts. If you can't handle it, grow up.

    Catzor Overlord

    +Jarrod Williams 'facts'

    Jarrod Williams

    You can bully me and pretend you have moral superiority just because of where you were born verses myself, or you can read a book.

    keyman keys

    +Jarrod Williams Jarrod , people can't handle it when you trash talk Lincoln and they damn sure aren't going to do any thinking for themselves and read any facts . I mean after all , what are facts but not lies . shhh let the sleeping flock of sheep sleep . So no more facts about that tyrant Lincoln and his un-constitutional actions .

    dean b

    People think Lincoln was a hero but he was also a tyrant. He acted closer to a dictator than any President has before or since. What was it? Like 600,00 men died in the Civil War. The greatest loss of American life ever and the country in some ways never recovered. All those future children never born. I still refuse to believe war could not have been avoided.

  41. Doug M

    this song gives me chills. Neil is the best storyteller of our generation! Sun Green for president!!

    keyman keys

    +Doug M Man , Sun doesn't want anything to do with that shit

    Doug M

    you're right, bro... yeah, the system ain't worth her time... or ours either... still....gotta save mother earth...

  42. luis ramirez

    Neil Young is the only one that takes me to places that  no one else can !!

    Lúlli !

    +luis ramirez .. for sure, again and again !

    Attarah Ardyn

    luis ramirez just wait from a coffin to rocket out solar system the cat screaming you taken it in t

    Peter Celle

    He certainly drives it home. 😎

  43. Joel Heaton


    Tim McCarthy can change that phrase to say "HAIL YEAH"....(more to the point, and accurate...)

  44. Andy Branch

    Hey Mr. Clean  Your dirty now to.

    Sam N

    Andy Branch fuckin powerful

  45. marco bruigom

    life is about making a wave,high and low,weather man will tell if you were severe and had impact.

  46. marco bruigom

    hurricanes make waves,people can too.

  47. ThawedTroglodyteJury

    Everyone should get patched up by Pell James at least once...

  48. Frank D. Daniel

    neil young greendale live at vicar video complete, I AM LOOKING FOR THE VIDEO THE DVD I HAD GOT STOLEN EVIDENTLY

  49. proto7

    There was a great video on YouTube of a UK busker performing this in a town centre, was it Oxford? Really enjoyed that, can't find it any more :( Can anyone help?

    rapper prime

    qzxerty glasgow central station

    rapper prime

    qzxerty it was glasgow

  50. Jalbert1995

    One of the best albums of the modern age.

    Nick Ingram

    Jalbert1995 fully agree mate, so underrated..

    dean b

    I wouldn't go that far. There are some great songs. But this doesn't come close to "Freedom" or his 70's stuff.

  51. Kimberly Simpson

    Love Ya Neil.

  52. locknloadvideo

    on top of that great bronze eagle suns voice was loud and clear.

  53. Randy Harr

    leave my kitten alone-beatles.

  54. Randy Harr

    when i was in college i was taught in business law this perfect notion neil  stated in this song.`you cant trust anyone'.it is a absolute


    The solution is to throw them out , hey Mr Clean you're dirty now too

  55. Steve StSk

    saga of a real american or canadian family. I just love this. Neil at his best. 

  56. mikekoz68

    Thxx for uploading- forgot how awesome this song is as well as whole album, such raw, pure rock! I love it!

  57. astrogypsy

    I hear he does that. My friend caught him in Tucson that way. He said something like, "If you call your friends and the place gets too full, I gotta go." She said no body did, and he played for hours.

  58. Jon G R

    no obozo is the WORST pres. in US history and he isnt even done yet you need 2 look around how the country is doing since he has took office NO JOBS MORE TAXES MORE WASTE ? and that is good?

  59. Jon G R

    got a buddy in KC MO. walked into a bar 1 night an 2 his amaze neil young was there preforming this act the whole alblum and was only roughly 40 ppl there had front row table :( i missed it

  60. albatross7677

    Well said Reno!!!

  61. albatross7677

    Lets go bomb Syria, you idiot!!!

  62. T C

    In this case, Neil saw into the future when he sings "Hey Mr. Clean, you're dirty now too". Mr clean is Obama. Right Barry?

  63. dougbednar

    caught this live in palm beach...,,very cool

  64. 1900CBS

    H E R O

  65. Zeke Fletcher

    u watch too much Fox news mr tea bagger..Ya better read ur history books and open your eyes..maybe ur mind as well.


    Zeke Fletcher
    FoxNOISE: (noun) Cable news and on-line news company that operates as a blatant shill for fTrumpf.

  66. Bud Man

    Crazy Horse....

  67. Bud Man

    Straight up... rock and roll... love the drumming through the entire song.. simple but badass....

  68. Fallen2811

    I have that CD with the DVD and I can't tell you how many times I've watched that live performance, it's simply amazing.

  69. lightlyone

    rawer than a bowl of Rice Chex in the mornin'; the Horse and Neil on a romp; great album

  70. lightlyone

    I wouldn't mind being the rain.

  71. Danger Bird

    My favorite tune on a great lp .....

  72. kevin watson

    one of his best albums with "The Horse"

  73. Igor Trapnauskas

    oh, true. Thanks

  74. bill maloney

    great song,but greendale was actually released in 2003

  75. Benton Middleton

    I love this album. Actually, I had the CD, but lost it. If you ever get a hold of it, you'll want to watch the accompanying DVD, which has Neil doing the whole album solo live and totally acoustic, between 2 or 3 guitars. Recorded in Dublin, the unplugged feel was surreal and very cool. Better than the CD, I thought, but both are good. Enjoy!

    Paul Dominic

    Yeah!! I agree. Those stories and his hands movin' on the wood and steel...

  76. GeorgeMcdonaldFraser

    Love this album