Young, Neil - Ride My Llama Lyrics

Remember the Alamo
When help was on the way
It's better here and now,
I feel that good today.

I'd like to take a walk
But not around the block
I really got some news
I met a man from Mars.
He picked up all my guitars
And played me traveling songs.

And when we got on ship
He brought out
something for the trip
And said, It's old but it's good
Like any other primitive would.

I'm gonna ride my llama
From Peru to Texarkana
I wanna ride him good
In my old neighborhood
I'm gonna ride him good
In my old neighborhood.

And when we got on ship
He brought out
something for the trip
And said, It's old but it's good
Like any other primitive would.

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Young, Neil Ride My Llama Comments
  1. Namaste Om

    I bought this álbum back in 1979, when I went for vacations visiting some friends in California. I was 19 years old, everytime I listen to this song the feeling os the same, just magic!!

  2. Matthew Edstrom

    Anybody else see men from ???.

    Matthew Edstrom

    Nothing for the trip!

    Vincent Guerrero

    What is your diagnosis

    Matthew Edstrom

    Seen another the other night.
    1:30am @ the pool bathroom, but i didn't catch 'em on film yet. Soon.

  3. Enrique sanchez saba

    conduje mi Llama desde Perú a Texarkana en el camino corte un San Pedro y me hice un preparado sino no llegaba...

    Namaste Om

    Perú mágico, Wachuma (San Pedro) Ayahuasca, hoja de coca, Palo Santo .....

  4. jon inwakey

    One of my favourite NY songs and albums. Only 2min 30secs long but there's a lot in there.

  5. Sean McAleavy

    I never realized this was a live take. But the remastering reveals something I had never heard before. At 0:15 somebody gave two short out of pitch whistles and then at 2:00 you can hear some off-tempo clapping. I am sure there are overdubs on it but it sounds as if the basic track is from a live recording.

  6. Redduke Teleman

    Beauty and the force of nature is strong in this one

  7. Gregory Tyska

    1:08 to 1:35 - love that change!

  8. Llama Sims

    Lonnnnely issss the night

  9. William Boyer

    Side 2 of Rust never sleeps is the best


    Side 1 is even better^^ the acoustic side.

  10. michael vrooman

    he said "it's old , but it's good" like any other primitive would.....

    Namaste Om

    it's old, but it's good ..... Wachuma cactus

  11. Redbug 3

    Trump also said remember the alamo.

    Jon Holland

    Trump is a puppet of Neil Young

    jowi dubolali

    Lots of people said that since Alamo is a thing

    joea wilson

    @Jon Holland Trump is Putin's Puppet

    Damien Faure

    @joea wilson Trumpet is not a puppet, he's a clown.

  12. Don Bagley

    I have smoked that

    michael vrooman

    Don Bagley it's old. but it's good.

    Namaste Om

    Better to drink it.... Wachuma cactus (also called here in Peru "San Pedro"). Your gonna have a very pleasant trip

  13. Hamlet Prince of Denmark

    if you try planing a trip from peru to texarkana in google maps, the recommended mode of transport is not a llama

    Charles Klimko

    Jesus, who-else would know-that?

  14. michael wolpert

    This is one of the best albums Neil Young ever released. A musical genius, Neil’s career spans 50 years and he is still going strong.

  15. Steve Zurier

    Gonna ride my llama, from peru to texarkana!!!


    What a long ride!