Young, Neil - Losing End Lyrics

I went into town to see you
but you were not home.
So I talked to some old friends
for a while
before I wandered off alone.

It's so hard for me now
But I'll make it somehow,
Though I know I'll never be the same.
Won't you ever change your ways,
It's so hard to make love pay
When you're on the losing end,
And I feel that way again.

Well, I miss you more than ever,
since you've gone
I can hardly maintain.
Things are different round here
every night,
my tears fall down like rain.

It's so hard for me now
But I'll make it somehow,
Though I know I'll never be the same.
Won't you ever change your ways,
It's so hard to make love pay
When you're on the losing end,
And I feel that way again.

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Young, Neil Losing End Comments
  1. nobodyaskedbut

    Might be the greatest country rock single recording of all time. This album is Young & Crazy Horse at their ultra best and one of the great rock albums ever.

  2. city zen

    "I feel that way agin."

  3. Jorge Llancafil

    superlative rock n roll !!!! neil young forever!!!

  4. boopoopies

    The best song on this album


    Very good song 👍

  5. Christian Sibbald

    27 IDIOTS I KNOW WHO GET LOST I AM A TRUE FRIEND OF NEIL YOUNG SINCE AMSTERDAM CITY! 1969 The Netherlands 25-8-2019 Christian Sibbald-Crow 25-8-2019

  6. gerthie

    Hasn't this aged we'll

    kain hall

    bullshit..... the meat puppets covered it..... so it has to be somewhat decent

    eight inches

    Yes it has.

  7. Matt Hibbard

    Most underrated neil song

  8. Joyce Pierce

    Hello Every Star pertaining .... Facebook has really been trolling me in ways I feel are pre-designed to cause me this despairing feeling. So Tired~

  9. Andre Janssens

    Probably the best ever country song.

  10. joseph lemko

    God! I can't believe that this album is 50 years old. I bought this album, Poco's 1st Album "Pickin Up The Pieces" & The Flying Burritos " The Gilded Palace of Sin" on the same day. I still listen to all 3 albums today.👍

    Howlin' Donster

    Great ears joseph lemko, and all their lps that followed were awesome as well ..

  11. FC-2 Macdonald

    All I can Say Is this whole L.P. (Everybody Knows....) is GREAT. You Must Know this came out 1 month & 11 days AFTER My 18th birthday, for all You Young Fans & Young Persons (Who Have Taste & Enjoy this Classic Album), ENJOY ON my Peeps!

  12. Matt Rayner

    I rode a bicycle through Germany and Sweden listening to this and Marvin Gaye on a walkman.

  13. Randall koch

    I love this N.Q,C. (Not Quite Country) music.

    Marc Sawatzki

    Great tune


    He makes us wait until 2:44 for the electric guitar solo, but in my view, its 100% country music

  14. art vallejos

    Think I'll pack it in and buy a pickup take it down to LA

  15. Toon Weekers

    Had this song in my head during a horrible "vacation" in Greece 1995. Great album by the way.

  16. kurt kieswetter

    its songs this this that make me think the eagles totally ripped off neil…..this tune totally sounds like an eagles song

    Marc Sawatzki

    Pre Eagles


    Eagles were lame as hell.
    I love Joe Walsh, I loathe the Eagles.

    Marc Sawatzki

    @elmalo551 Good for you


    @kain hall Meat Puppets were great, Dinasaur Jr has that vibe as well.


    elmalo551 Bernie Leadon is a great picker

  17. Randall Koch

    I would call his style N.Q.C. (not quite country).  Kind of his own type of rock.

    Manny Badabing

    Sounds country enough. I could hear a steel guitar and a fiddle in there.


    @Manny Badabing its 100% country music...

    Manny Badabing

    @stonethecrows25 Nah, pure country would be Lefty Frizzell or Ray Price...

  18. Wyatt Weber

    Love how such a sad song can make you feel so happy

  19. Norbert Bissonette

    This album is the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Franklin Ryan

    The song the Beatles never wrote. Great stuff!

    Julie Lingerfelt

    Elvis Costello sang it at the MusiCares tribute, and when I saw it I said it was the song Elvis Costello never wrote. But Costello is so heavily influenced by the Beatles, i have to agree with you, too. I think the Beatles would have made it a little faster, though.

    Franklin Ryan

    @Julie Lingerfelt E C does like country music. I used to love his "Stranger In The House" but haven't played it for some years. That was played a bit too fast, tho.!!!

    Franklin Ryan

    @Julie Lingerfelt Just checked out the EC version ( Looking like Luke the Drifter in a way!). Pretty good but I like the harmonies on Neil's version better. I do think this is very Beatle-ish despite it's country twang.

  21. Edward Putnam Sr.

    Rediscovered this Wow. Memory problems but this brings it back.. Great medicine

  22. GypsyGuyy420

    💔 When you're on the losing end

  23. William Christian

    One of my all time favorites, also wore this album out.

  24. George Gilkenson

    Completly worn this LP out  (for the first time) in 1970.... May copies after that.. His best in my opinion, but the first solo Lp is a close second..

    Matt Young

    George Gilkenson I didn't have this one on vinyl or i'd have worn it out too. I did, however, wear out 2 copies of zeppelin II....

    Howlin' Donster

    I also wore my vinyl out, and many copies have come and gone ( some borrowed and few returned but at least they knew good music) Loved the 1st one as well . Last Trip to Tulsa's lyric There was an Indian in the corner trying on my clothes.. Prolific songwriter and even greater musician.. And the man just keeps churnin' out what he wants to put out .. I admire his tenacity in protecting his music and doing his way.. Long Live Neil Young..

    Raymond McMenemy

    Its right up there with the best of Neil's work.