Young, Neil - How Long? Lyrics

How long?
Baby, how long?

Further on up the road
Somebody's gonna hurt you like you hurt me
Further on up the road
Somebody's gonna hurt you like you hurt me

Further on up the road
Just you wait and see

Now you're laughing, pretty baby
Someday you're gonna be crying

I went down to the station
Where I saw there was no train

How long? How long?
How long? How long?

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Young, Neil How Long? Comments
  1. Steve Cole

    Get rid of the stupid sideburns

  2. Planet X Products Gail Wright

    I love love his music

  3. cdimmm

    This is horrible

  4. Long Golf

    Neil Young is dissapointing in many ways.

  5. Maria Felices

    I'm still waiting too grow up out of epilepsy, tell me more how this came about ,the mechanics of your body ????!!😢🇬🇧🇺🇸✌️

  6. Terry Casey

    Love most of his music ,.. but never knew much about him in person.. now WHAT A WARRIOR ...

  7. Jacobite

    Bad karma.........

  8. Mark Miskulin

    Used to love his music till he got political. Got rid of his vinyl it was made with dirty oil

  9. Jah Breed

    No Winnipeg? Makes sense this place is a disgustingly pretentious hole of suffering.

  10. Bill Palmisano

    Makes great music, too bad he's a leftist scum.

  11. Mark Harwood

    Missing: the time NY almost bled to death.

  12. Monk Abrahms

    Here's the saddest thing you can't keep his mouth shut about politics

  13. David Kennedy

    LOL! Climate change.....well move you idiot!

  14. Rob Fegan

    Bad albums last 2 or more decades but the worst, his tree hugging American bs on the canadian oil sands. Yup living the dream in the USA making quite the carbon imprint.

  15. Gowensbach

    Background music totally wrong for this

  16. Ben Dover

    I thought he was dead like twenty years ago! Let's see when he was using drugs he sounded like he was singing thru his nose!He's music is dated he is dated has anyone taken a good look at him! He looks like my grandpap but grandpap was not a border jumping dirty back street junkie! Maybe homegrown should be released as going home how old is he like one hundred years old you can bad mouth anyone you like your kind don't live very long I think it has something to do with decades and decades of being a gutter junkie!

    art vallejos

    Ben Dover
    Janis Joplin
    "Cry Baby''

  17. hank fontaine

    They sell their souls for fortune & fame,many deceived by demonic brains

  18. hank fontaine

    Mystery Babylon ,empire of iron & clay, daughter of Zion is drunk on idolatry today

  19. Future Trunks

    Neil Young should be referred to as "Neil Old"!

  20. valerie jewell

    Who cares, he's washed up....

  21. Jacob Stahl

    Fuck Neil Young! Keep that POS down in the States , we dont want that druggy up here in Canada.

  22. Minkus Mcminkus

    Hes still alive, fake news ?

  23. Kirk Collison

    I used to like him until he started messing with the Canadian energy sector. The guy’s carbon footprint is as large as Texas and he comes to Alberta on behalf of American lobbyists to destroy our economy.

  24. Boney Pandapoo

    Human highway great song with fender banjo. I was kicked out of the sessions. Can I get a date here?

  25. - XxJimmyPagexX -



  26. Abdellatif Akdah

    I.m a big fan of niel ever since i was in my home town in north of morocco...and i still listen and play niel,s music , but last decade i play much leds than i is er to do due to praying for allah that,s why i pray for you neil to join islam coz we,re not going to live forever, the end is it neil before it,s too late

  27. Nathan Byrum

    Neil's life isn't tragic. Tragedy need not follow from adversity. Neil I think pushed through the adversity, and the result has been anything but tragedy.

  28. Greg Woolley

    Too many advertisements (advertisement every 2:30 mins).. I won't be returning to this channel

  29. Prrrfect Minouchat

    I think his wife is more of a tragedy.He dumped her
    when she had cancer,which claimed her life.Darryl
    Hannah could have had the decency to self-esteem did Neil.He now has two severely disabled son's am
    I'm guessing he hasn't seen them for awhile.My
    family were fans up to that point.I didn't realize how
    heartless a man he really was.

    bob wach

    he's a very shallow person

  30. Doug Roy

    Neal Young is one of my favorite singers of all time. My long you run Neal.

  31. Glenna Barry

    Probably got the polio shot ..... Look up "the cutter incident"

  32. Potus 2020

    Fk Neil his liberal garbage didn't save his burned down house

  33. John Stevens

    Tragic my arse.. He's just lived a life.

  34. Love & Honour Love

    Homegrown is alright with me. Homegrown is the way it should be. Homegrown is a good thing. Clamp that bell, or let it Ring!

  35. Smegma De L’ Homme

    It’s sad, but true. Everyone at some point in there lives will have shit to deal with.

  36. Christs Revenge

    Not country. You meant to say folk.

  37. Warren Demartini

    Been listen to him since buffalo Springfield ...Ole man take a look at my life I’m a lot like you. I need somebody to love me The Whole day thru...... love ur music but your politics sucks

  38. Suska Klapp

    Wasting my time.

  39. John Dough

    Neil was my all time favorite singer while growing up... but sadly I lost all respect for him when he started spouting off his ill-advised opinions about Alberta oil and the "supposed" lack of respect we have for our environment. I have since smashed all vinyl records and any others recording of him from my collections. Nobody respects the environment as much as Albertans, and we have some of the most beautiful and cleanest environments, rivers, back country and air in the country and most parts of the world! Get over yourself, Neil, and do your homework before using your fame to bash anothers country.

    Zoey M

    Neil is Canadian. Fossil fuels are destroying the planet.
    So, you have nice clean water to drown in as the oceans rise from the melting polar ice.

  40. Wilhelm

    Awh man, I didn't know the guy had polio once.
    Glad he got torugh all those things, even tho I feel sad about his son and all.

  41. Jacob Stahl

    Couldn't give a shit about this clown!

    Zoey M

    Then why did you watch this? What kind of idiot are you?

  42. Eric *****

    what’s sad and tragic is that this National Enquirer Grunge channel exists...

  43. jlr022159

    California is vulnerable alright, but not because of climate change... it’s because crooked politicians keep setting it afire TO GET FEDERAL FUNDING. It’s a real shame that he doesn’t know that... because he’s really in a great position to call the bastards out.

    Zoey M

    Dumping billions of tons of co2 into the atmosphere every day is trapping solar radiation and raising the Earth's temperature . The planet is on fire, don't you even know what's happening in Australia? The country is in the grips of unpresidented fires that have killed millions of acres and animals.
    Wake up, the climate is changing and fossil fuel is the cause.

  44. billy belk

    His singing sounded liek a bunch of cat in heat..awful to listen to

  45. squonkk

    Whoa! Neil, Love You Man! Love and Only Love, Rock on!

  46. art vallejos

    Why do people put a spin on everything?

  47. James Burriss

    Oh wait I forgot to put a period at the end sorry about that.

  48. Ink Black

    Neil Young - a great dad but a shitty person.

  49. jeflynnenut

    He tragically left Peggy for a fn bimbo and then Peggy died of cancer without the man she was loyal too. That's what's tragic.

  50. janets9179

    How do these hardworking, talented people, who have overcome many of life's hardships, become leftist climate change gurus?

    Andrew Cannon

    it seem he blames the lost of his calif house to global warming, what a revengeful idiot. It seem leftist can hold onto their marriage. Look at hollywood and musice industry, divorces are frequent as changing their costumes.

  51. Corey Jones

    Niel Young was a RACIST ASSHOLE! F EM!

  52. Charles A. Robinson

    Humans causing a catastrophic climate change is a myth. It is a propaganda virus being promoted to tax and control. And many, many, many do not see through it at all and swallow it hook line and sinker. It's the Sun, that most effects our climate. The greatest green house gas is water vapor not CO2 . I cannot believe how many are sucked into the climate change mantra that is being sold and promoted for nefarious reasons without any knowledge to support their hysteria but, " the scientists say". There are scientists and there are scientists. Saying something over and over doesn't make it science. It's the ability to quantify and document real evidence and facts over time. Not selecting a narrow margin that supports your claims while excluding the data that doesn't. Too much cognitive dissidence going around.

    Ray Lovelace

    Hope you live on the Florida Coast.

  53. GosokuRyuYodan

    Nobody cares...

    Ray Lovelace

    Demonstrably WRONG.

  54. Jose Meda

    I didn't know he was Canadian. To me he always sounds 100 pet cent American

  55. Joe Joe

    F... Neil young

  56. rabola55

    I've been searching for a background music of gold, and I 'm getting old.

    Jose Meda

    My favorite Young song.

  57. RakeRocter

    He's also had one or two STDs.

  58. David D'Eufemia

    His homes burned down because of Direct Energy Weapons not so called climate change!

  59. bigalexg

    Sounds like you said a "painful lumber injury" - you do realize he wasn't injured by a two by four I hope.

    Ray Lovelace

    @bmwnasher Believe me. Not wanting to keep score.


    @Ray Lovelace Neither did I. Trouble is with comments on forums one does not know what way they're heading, all the best sir.

    Ray Lovelace

    @bmwnasher Back atcha!


    @bmwnasher I know the difference between lumber and the lumbar region of the body. Question is, does the narrator?


    @bigalexg Perhaps he can't see the wood from the trees.

  60. Ed Rekers

    Neil Young is truly a one-of-a-kind individual and artist. With all due respect, Sir Neil, California's forests have not been properly managed. One thing everyone can agree on is "climate change." The climate changes. Always has and always will. If our planet is in a warming trend our public servants need to see the forest for the trees and clean up the forest floors regardless of the differing views on why we are in a warming trend. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas, Neil Young and thank you for this video, Grunge.

  61. Optimistic Outreach

    Neil Young sucks...period.

  62. Dennis rogers

    He shouldn’t use gas or Diesel or propane for his BBQ

  63. marty toledo

    neils a stud

  64. HeadsUp51

    Sounds like Neil Young had some seriously heavy Karma. Somehow, I am not surprised. It was in... the vibes.

  65. Steven Attanasso

    You keep talking about all His health scares ....
    While conveniently leaving out the massive amount of drugs He did ....
    Sure , the polio and diabetes are one thing ....
    But the other problems were probably brought on or exacerbated by His drug use .....

  66. Steven Attanasso

    Boy , the way He treated Snodgrass and HIS SON ( HIS FLESH AND BLOOD ) tells Me all I need to know about a Man that was raised by His MOM ....

    Didn't learn how to be a REAL MAN and take responsibility for His actions .....

  67. Sonoma Wine Tour Drivers

    No ... disagree it's all about forest management, which is a foreign concept...

  68. Sonoma Wine Tour Drivers

    Every hippie chick in L.A. was in love with Niel Young...

    Steven Attanasso

    Neil Young . too ....

  69. David Franklin

    This video makes him sound like a real low life with regards to his son. I hope that isn't the case. I don't agree with his politics but some of his music is great. I can like the artist without liking his politics.

  70. Glenn P

    He should die already

  71. Joe Turnip

    After reviewing Neil Young's life, my life seems absolutely blessed by the Universe.
    (I didn't even notice the background music.....)

  72. 10thumbstrum

    I fucking hate gossip. You're all a bunch of nosey bastards, get on with your own lives!

  73. teri cole

    A southern man don't need him around anyhow

    art vallejos

    teri cole Southern man when will you pay them back. I heard screaming and bullwhips cracking.How long, how long

  74. Drea carissa

    Time to release Homegrown......?

  75. alphasxsignal

    His health is all shit. Climate change my ASS. He should give all his land back to the indians he has up in the forest land.

  76. Ted L

    Is that background your idea of "rocking out"?...because it's cheesy and distracting. Viewers who are interested in the subject matter don't need to be pushed forward with random added energy born out of anxiety about the limitations of the ADD crowd. Otherwise, thanks for all the good efforts with the Neil biography, it's very interesting. By the way, Pono was slickly overhyped like a Fyre Fesival, with dubious claims about audio fidelity that I suspect even the best ears couldn't distinguish from a 256K MP3 on a smartphone played through the same speakers. It was not one of Young's shining moments, IMO.

  77. nobodysfaultbutmine

    Rocking the cannabis world.

  78. I-T iyah man

    Ins don't play he can't get citizenship😁😁😁😁😂😂😂

  79. Prrrfect Minouchat

    I was a fan until he left his cancer-stricken wife
    Peggy for Darryl Hannah.She died shortly after.Both
    sons by different mind were born with severe
    disabilities.I have no respect for him now.He's a
    jerk who abandoned two families.

  80. Elizabeth Harrison

    So glad Im awake and done with all the narcisistic (spelling is wrong, I know) rock shiest, thought I had the best music taste on earth pffft Neil lived in my hood and I wasn't ever impressed, although I had his music of course... we all saw him eating at Ketch JoAnns regularly, driving his old car around, I wonder if Peggy has to put up with the pervert who lives on 'the farm' or if she moved from their LaHonda spread where my neighbor paved his long driveway years ago - you see kids, its a small small small world we live in. You think he got divorced without HELP from his groupies? You are wronggg. I wonder if his son (I forget his name right now) ...I wonder if he still has the egg farm? But I have bigger fish to fry and ought not write about matters which don't concern me one bit. Bye bye.

  81. fenderstratguy

    Never knew his personal life was as tragic as this.
    Can't understand throwing away your family though

    bob wach

    he's a low life.

  82. Jaap van der plas

    Neil Young is one of the best for me and many.

  83. Rockin Atheist

    Neil Young's music wanders between brilliance and utter dross. And then back again. Over the decades (I'm 77 now) I've spent several hundreds of dollars on Neil Young music, and truth be known, I don't resent one cent of it. Thank you for the joy, Neil, and all the very best to you and yours.

  84. James Burriss

    I am a Southern White man and I have no use for someone who comes here from another country and disparages any American

    Ray Lovelace

    You didn't finish your sentence. The way it was running it looked for all the world like it would just end..."and N______'s"

    James Burriss

    @Ray Lovelace I finished my sentence what are you talking about?

    art vallejos

    James Burriss Alabam You got the rest of the Union to help you along

    Ray Lovelace

    @James Burriss Many of us schooled in English indicate the end of a sentence with punctuation. In the South, in the 60's, anyway (I got out) it all too often into sort of an ummm that ended, soto voce, in a racist comment.

  85. John Preciado

    It California demorats not climate change

  86. carmine redd

    Hey Neil, I'm selling bootleg LPs of all your music, catch me on Black creek road and Weston in Toronto IF you can

  87. 44wetwater 44wetwater

    A great songwriter , but his silly pie in the sky politics sucks ass and very childish.

  88. bert wesler

    Fuck Young. He is a sick lib fuck. He can drop dead for all I care!.

  89. Justanobserver

    Another tragic detail is how nasty he is to his fans - the ones that put him where he is today. And he leaves his wife of many, many years who was dying of cancer for a younger woman not much younger but .......not much class either. Boo to Neil Young.

  90. Vote Phillips

    These post are so stupid. grunge is a good name for you. How about your sad story.? What have you done with your life that you can dis
    Mr. Young. jerk.

  91. Darren Clements

    What a asshole....typical canadian

  92. Hal McAdams

    How bad can his life be? Daryll Hannah sits on his face!

    carmine redd

    she has yellow pubic hairs

    Ray Lovelace

    @carmine redd What about all those scales?

  93. JohnnyD

    What a POS.

  94. dontswin

    Hey hey my my rock and roll will never die, there's more to the picture... than meets the eye hey hey my my... Neil Young is one of the very best performers of my generation. My life would be so much different with out people are idiots

  95. Gar Goil

    Thumbs down due to ads every two minutes. Had to cut it short. And NO I'm not paying to do away with them. It's rarely as bad as this.

  96. roger komula

    Fuck Neil Young. Any prick that dodges child support needs his nuts removed. Fucking talentless bitch.

  97. - Har9low -

    "I was Rambo in the disco,i was shooting to the beat and when they burned me an effigy my vacation was complete"-Neil Young (Mid-east Vacation)

  98. Doctor Duct tape

    Fuck Neil Young

  99. Bornonfire

    I'm a big fan of Neil Young and to read your headline like he just died. Give me a brake wtf .

  100. Grunge

    Do you think Neil should release Homegrown?

    Anthony Hedberg

    @Albert Menendez Uhhh...yeah! Basically, you're a fuckin' idiot.


    Why not, Neil Young hasen't released a decent Album in about 4 years.and Homegrown is A,,,OK.


    Rite on bro,,,,,,,


    Don't care, quit smoking three years ago😣

    Tom Thumb

    I think Neil Young should remember, "A Southern man don't need him around anyhow".