Young, Neil - Here We Are In The Years Lyrics

Now that the holidays have come
They can relax and watch the sun
Rise above all
of the beautiful things
They've done.

Go to the country take the dog
Look at the sky without the smog
See the world laugh
at the farmers feeding hogs
Eat hot dogs.

What a pity
That the people from the city
Can't relate to the slower things
That the country brings.

Time itself is bought and sold.
The spreading fear of growing old
Contains a thousand foolish games
That we play.

While people
planning trips to stars
Allow another boulevard to claim
A quiet country lane
It's insane.

So the subtle face is a loser
This time around.
Here we are in the years
Where the showman
shifts the gears
Lives become careers
Children cry in fear
Let us out of here!

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Young, Neil Here We Are In The Years Comments
  1. - XxJimmyPagexX -

    I’m a country guy living in the city

  2. Hmngbrd77

    Love this song!
    Unfortunately the people from the city are taking over the country and reducing it to rubble where I live. 😢

  3. art vallejos

    There we were on the Sunset Strip playing our songs for the highest bid

  4. Harry Casper

    Very similar to Queen's best song "Liar" in that it's a bunch of mini-songs strewn together---strangely enough, its album includes YOUNG's best song, The Old Laughing Lady.


    this song is more similar to "expecting to fly" ..

  5. Lady Stardust

    On fait des éloges de harvest qui bon évidemment est un album fabuleux je l'avait en cd je l'ai offert à mes parents qui adorent également car j'ai le vinyle, mais je viens de commander celui ci je le connaissait déjà mais en l'écoutant plus en profondeur je le trouve envoûtant tout les titres sont extras


    D'accord avec toi, cet album est sous-estimé et passé inaperçu à sa sortie. Le son est hybride, entre Buffalo Springfield et celui qui le fera connaître. ça lui donne une touche magique, rempli d'amour et de soleil !

  6. phillip ph

    this is the re-release version, the one where they felt they needed to plaster NEIL YOUNG across the top, as if that woulda made a sales difference. they kicked up random guitar parts and nearly ruined this amazing song. stick with the original mix

    this is the song that justified any springfield fans' predictions of great things from young, my skeptical stones/stills-oriented friends wondering how I even knew this was a neil young album were quiet by the time this one finished playing

    of course you learned to pick the needle up before last trip to Tulsa... more a private thing


    Most of the original copies I've seen are in bad condition. It's too bad, at some point I will find a good original mix for a decent price.