Young, Neil - Down By The River Lyrics

Be on my side. I'll be on your side, baby.
There is no reason for you to hide.
It's so hard for me staying here all alone,
When you could be taking me for a ride.

She could drag me over the rainbow,
Send me away.

Down by the river,
I shot my baby.
Down by the river.

Dead, ooh, ooh, shot her dead, ooh.

You take my hand, I'll take your hand.
Together we may get away.
This much madness is too much sorrow.
It's impossible to make it today.

She could drag me over the rainbow,
Send me away.

Down by the river,
I shot my baby.
Down by the river.

Dead, dead, ooh, ooh, shot her dead, shot her dead.

Be on my side. I'll be on your side.
There is no reason for you to hide.
It's so hard for me staying here all alone,
When you could be taking me for a ride.

She could drag me over the rainbow,
Send me away.

Down by the river,
I shot my baby.
Down by the river.

Down by the river,
I shot my baby.
Down by the river.

Down by the river,
I shot my baby.
Down by the river.

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Young, Neil Down By The River Comments
  1. Zaoui Frederic


  2. ValdrousHex

    They really brought up Danny’s guitar in the mix...tasty.

  3. Eric Pelky

    I feel the track.

  4. MichaelHansenFUN

    even neil admits his lead playing is a fucking racket

  5. Amrit Mehta

    Just realised, the chord progression sounds like pink floyd


    noted in a pink floyd book

  6. truemansparks

    Does anybody else have the opinion that Neil Young is way better than Bob Dylan on every level ,i know it's not a competition but i just think Neil is a better lyricist/song writer and musician and most definitely better performer but just doesn't get the ultra legendary status that Dylan seems to garner.

  7. Urano Bernal

    My favorite song by my favorite artist. I remember his concert at the Mad Cool Festival in Madrid as the definition of ecstasy, one old-timer saying: "but look at these young fellas, look at their faces, it is like if they were witnessing the Messiah himself, not just a musician". His songs are timeless, indeed.

  8. janie helms

    Neil young introduce by Harvest still love this guy everything he’s done
    Is awesome at 61 will still listen to him at a young mind for ever

  9. Debbie Sheegog

    Neil, life-long hero, from first time I heard him through now he is still rocking on the Free World

  10. Bruno Korn

    What's this another Neil Young classic . Can"t be..........

  11. bill giaquinto

    In his book PRIVATE PARTS, Howard Stern claimed that this song had to be the most depressing song on the planet... But I love this GREAT CLASSIC SONG ANYWAY!!!

  12. Kristofer Briggs

    This was my dad's favorite song. He died yesterday. I'm playing this for you dad rest in peace I love you.

  13. Judi Edens

    Neil Young. if you went up the river, under the river, or anywhere by the river, I would LOVE YOU!!!!!!! And I'm thinking . . . I'd even love to listen to your music anywhere, anytime, any place, because you are one of a kind, and I've been listening to you for years and years. aND WILL continue to listen to your music and "I'll be on your side, if you'll be on my side".

  14. leni lenape

    Great to do acid by- go to the ends of the universe and back again while the guitar solo is still in process.

  15. Jason Forster

    Dorian for those who know. Now back to listening!

  16. CicloSegundo

    Un fenómeno.

  17. Jeffrey Washer

    Modern day metal gods (like Zach Wylde, no less) give Neil the props he deserves. He deserves every single one!

  18. Rudy Tan

    One of my favourite song when I was in university, 1972. This song clicked in the Philippines. I love the way you play that guitar Neil. Your guitar play was unique causing great obsession for me. Thanks.

  19. Trinity

    I'm 66 yrs old and still diggin this song. I remember being 17 yrs old and listening to this with my headphones on in my bedroom. It took me away to another world and still does. Absolutely love Neil Young!

  20. onemanghetto

    danny whitten was the perfect compliment to neil"s playing so sad...damn that heroin

  21. jennifer hahn frix

    I am stone cold sober-and loving this man, no need for drugs when the love is real man

    Linda Hueckstedt

    For sure,it's just cool music that i listen to when I was so young like him. Didn't need drugs to like the the music period.

    Linda Hueckstedt

    And I did dance to it by myself.

  22. jennifer hahn frix

    an angel man

  23. Damaso Dubois

    “Todo el mundo sabe que esto está en ninguna parte”. Magistral, maravilloso y eterno álbum!!! 50 años de recuerdos!!!💕🥀😎

  24. Rogers Collier

    Great music and great memories. Millennials you just don’t know what you missed


    Ok boomer

    Mary Ward

    I had my kids at 33 & 38, I'm 62 now, and they are extremely well versed on classic rock! Some of there friends are clueless, very sad.

  25. Naathan Mann

    why do i cry

  26. HarryKiat Jananto

    The only positive side of 2020 is that i can draw my ear.piece n listen to it closer...

  27. Tim Murphy

    There is plenty of good music being made is just harder to find than it used to be......the best music was played on the radio back then

  28. Brian J. Carnevale


  29. Jeffrey Huseby

    Neil Young shoots people
    dead...Easy ...others doin it too..

  30. Cul 534


  31. Tom Martin


  32. Logan Sturtevant

    I turn 21 on the 21st of Jan. I was born in 1999 my parents and brother turned my visions toward a wider variety of sound this will define my life. Yet I will thrive my own way

  33. Logan Sturtevant

    Oh the feeling of nostalgia

  34. Reverse Mycology

    This works well as a hip hop instrumental.. for me at least 😂

  35. Alex Kesteris

    Man am 23 and this song is much better than any turd music these days!

    - XxJimmyPagexX -

    Alex Kesteris amen

  36. Wendell Cotham


  37. Wendell Cotham


  38. Deborah O.

    I love Bass...
    And Neils beep beep twang

  39. Raul Cavazos

    Ke " ? Ta " passando? Sir?🍺😬🍺

  40. Raul Cavazos

    What hsppened ? Down by the river?🍺😬

  41. Johnny H.

    Me and everything are down here at the river

  42. On the Rims

    I like to pretend Herbert the pervert, is actually singing.

  43. Mike K

    Most underappreciated guitarist ever. Guy can put you to sleep with a lullaby like melody, take you to another plane like he does on "Down by the River", or make you grind your teeth thrashing on "Rockin in the Free World". Nothing this man cant do on a guitar

  44. Irineu Nemeu

    breathe pink Floyd

  45. Kathy Arancio

    Neil Young is
    Great...Takes me back to happy times.😁

  46. Roderick Seymour

    Man is this a great friggin song or what?

  47. Andy Calie

    I love how neil n danny witten jam together its to bad he lost his life to drugs !!! Rip danny witten gone way to soon !

  48. Steven Korn

    My original cassette from 1969 of this album sits on the cabinet top in front of my TV. I look at it daily. My go to album with "Down By The River" the one song most played... The photo on the cover according to the NYA archives was supposed to be used for the first self titled Neil Young album, the one with "The Last Trip To Tulsa"
    ... Danny Whitten RIP...

  49. Wayne Baker

    RIP Danny Whitten.

  50. Keith Cogdill

    Your so dam good Neil you should have been an American . For real

    Gavin Jung

    whys that lol

  51. Ruthie C.

    Smoking some cbd and enjoying this music Christmas Day 2019❤️🕊

    Keith Cogdill

    Hey check out Elvis blue Christmas

    Louie Salardino

    RUTHIE C...try THC .it works a lot better...cheers!

  52. Clouds Rain

    Cool Mix, thank you for putting it together. Love all these ......specially Neil Young, Youngbloods........but I could go on and on.......and i do.......haha.......thank it.

  53. Jared Herrmann

    Wish i could do that (shoot my dumb b$$$$) god i hate her lol

  54. Jake Alexander

    Musical wizard. Amen

  55. Terry Keyes

    Whoever gave a thumbs down should be shot down by the river

    Brian J. Carnevale

    Forget””em Man. Make it a mindset. Be done with it and move on.

    Greg Robertson

    Shoot him dead

    Judi Edens

    They should be shot down by a double shot.

    Gilbert Nava

    Lol yes...

    Chris Morfas

    No way I'd give this song a thumbs-down BUT that "I shot my baby" bit is a problem, no?

  56. Alan Wood

    Danny Whitten & Neil Young played off each other so well.

  57. Becky Nurse

    Only metaphorical of course

  58. Marian Dycus

    No volume ....up it so we can enjoy with u..... M

  59. Edward Markiewicz

    1.2k thumps down a lot of very sick people out there.

  60. Aj Cheaytelli

    24 years old and love this song. Easily top 5 favorite of all time.

  61. Kevin Oliveira

    My 32nd Birthday eve, Still trying to find myself through the music

    Cristiane Nishiyama

    same here. hahahah

  62. 우정식

    very goog~~

  63. Thomas Arnt

    I still owe Bradley Cooper a beer for airguitarsoloing this on TV. Without that preformance I would never had learned about this song. So... yup

  64. Christian Rogers

    took a little walk...

  65. Boris Pajic

    The best live performance for me

  66. João Elias

    this might be the best song of all time

  67. Ricardo Guinto Jr

    Happy Birthday, enjoying this timeless music @age 63, from New Zealand

  68. TheDiamond909

    neil young.....unique...

  69. harry loco

    ah 17 stoned to the max someone chuck on some neil young 1989 lmfao

  70. James Shipley

    always, 1960's and neil young

  71. Sophia Keller

    Fifty-one years ago I heard this for the first time.... Neil was just starting his solo career and no one outside a small circle had heard of Crazy Horse. Memories sweeter than wine. Each time listening is like the first time. <: <: <:

  72. Ms Kharrazi

    Apparently because on another video I said something not so nice, YouTube is hiding my comments! Naughty YouTube 🐵🙉🙈🙊

  73. Bill Planinshek

    I was 30 40 years ago. Neil lasts a lifetime. Cheers all.

  74. JP W


    - It's impossible to make it today.

  75. Bud Hoffman

    Buzzin 62 what a memory.

  76. Gene Stankivitz

    Sitting in the garage, listening to this song on the La Scala's on 11 is the way this song should be heard.

  77. Leonard Daneman

    Dunno . . . A Canadian version of Hey Joe?

  78. Timothy Wilson

    If you can't think of anything better to sing about than killing your girlfriend get off the airwaves

  79. Ms Kharrazi

    Only if she’d taken him for a ride and dragged him over the rainbow, she wouldn’t have had to gone down by the river.....1:56 nails my soul.

  80. TheEngstfeld

    This NY album had one thing no other had: Danny Whitten. And because of it, it sounds nothing like any other. He was legit in his own right. But God damn the pusher man.

  81. gunnar þ björnsson

    I no,you are human on grand.I want people best in harm or ilvel

  82. - XxJimmyPagexX -

    Damn this song has aged well

  83. Scott Godown

    Thanx Eddie.many memories.

  84. Kris Trznadel

    After Cortez No.2 from NY 😀

  85. samensa1

    this song, in fact this whole album, feels like california

  86. Bubba DooM

    4:54 AM 11/16/2019

  87. The Great Indoors

    More relevant than ever.

  88. The Great Indoors

    Really great tune.

  89. Kimberly Jennings

    We love you, Neil!

  90. Dream Master

    Mr Mercedes?


    I saw it too. I have always loved Neil Young ❤️

  91. Mudkow

    Be on my side, I'll be on your side. Words of wisdom in today's fractured world.

  92. Bob Bennert

    neil with eric and duane would have been awesome

  93. Bob Bennert

    neil an underated lead guitar player. to me he is one of the best

    Nick Kouskoulas

    Not to me.

    Nick Kouskoulas

    I mean he is one of the best!

  94. LaLa RDH

    Where did 50 years go??

  95. Michael Rose

    God, these guys play thight!

  96. Ken Heard

    Yea reading all the comments. An old friend girl said. Said “WHERE DID IT ALL GO” Walking around the Haight in San Francisco in 69 being a flower child. 50 years ago HUH!!!! I purchased some far out bell bottoms a shirt and neck scarf . I wore them to a 7.30 English class in the fall of 69 at LSU. Sat down and picked up the vibe, the Gal wasn’t into my attire. Went to the next class and some dude was insistent on a confrontation, then Joe Willie Namath broke the mold for the jocks (no more crew cuts) and seemingly outrageous clothes for the times. Yes the music was killer each group had a signature sound, dam one after another after another.where has the music gone? M F this and MF that PLEASE!!!Got to see Hendrix in a large concert hall all the PIGs ears were stuffed with cotton. Oh well guys enjoy 😊 what’s left. Keep it Groovy.Peace and love.👁and big brother did come to watch us.

    Bat Manson

    ' LSU went in dumb, came out dumb too.'

  97. That 70's feel gb . Sound

    Sometimes it just has to be Neil Young . hard life (MULDEW)

  98. John Miller

    Wine, music, fine memories...