Young, Neil - Cowgirl In The Sand Lyrics

Hello cowgirl in the sand
Is this place
at your command
Can I stay here
for a while
Can I see your
sweet sweet smile
Old enough now
to change your name
When so many love you
is it the same?
It's the woman in you
that makes you want
to play this game.

Hello ruby in the dust
Has your band
begun to rust
After all
the sin we've had
I was hopin' that
we'd turn bad
Old enough now
to change your name
When so many love you
is it the same
It's the woman in you
that makes you want
to play this game.

Hello woman of my dreams
This is not
the way it seems
Purple words
on a grey background
To be a woman
and to be turned down
Old enough now
to change your name
When so many love you
is it the same
It's the woman in you
that makes you want
to play this game.

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Young, Neil Cowgirl In The Sand Comments
  1. Luther Smith

    That jew biscuit should have listened the Lynyrd Skynyrd

    Luther Smith

    Jacksonville was scared of Muscle Shoals

    Luther Smith

    Georgia dick ain't

    Luther Smith

    The heel of my boot.

    Luther Smith

    The Williams family

  2. Luther Smith

    People see what they want to see, so do you.

  3. Dani Sullivan

    I am the Cowgirl in the sand ...just a little older now .🙆‍♀️

  4. Konstantin Polyakov

    Hi there! It would mean the world if you would give my tunes a listen!
    I sing, write, and play EVERYTHING you hear.
    I am trying to use music as a means to find my birth mother who is on the other side of earth from me.

    Music is a Gift.

  5. 趙雷

    Best song ever! First heard it in the early nineties, I was nice and stoned when my flat mate put on a copy of Decade (vinyl version).

    This tune has an aura, a grittiness, an authenticity that makes it hard to beat.

    So many good memories.

  6. Nang Bar Patong Phuket

    Thank you Neil. Congratulations for your new citizenship

  7. Susan T

    Endorphins make this great

  8. Hengger Rosa Mora

    Joder esto es música demoniossss

  9. isabelayla


  10. Doug Auzene

    STILL BETTER Than The Crap Ryan Seacrest & "ldull" Puts Out Today!

  11. William Peddle

    58 now.
    Still hear too.
    Yee Haw
    Love yer stuff mister Young.
    Get om with it

  12. Bryant Pace

    Decent,but he still is a fucking Canadian asinine liberal piece of shit 😐

  13. Tate LaBianca

    Smokin' a hog leg and jamming this in my cans. What a haymaker of a tune.

    Tyrone Umbilical

    Try and speak English, bro. Not like some dopey wannabe hipster...thanks.

  14. Heap of Fish

    Played this album more than any other in my life. Left it on in the car stereo for 2 years back in the 90's. Hi Sandy!

  15. MrN6345g

    my mom died January 10 2020 and I can't deal with it maybe someday I will learn.

  16. Max Ingham

    Had this on my 8 track in the VW Bus,one of my favorites!

  17. beverlx

    Denis Johnson's short story "Emergency."

  18. Riel Boire

    I tried learning this one is it like down by the river same theme great one though google riel boire for music

  19. john

    The very Best Surfing Song In The World..........not because the Cowgirl in the Sand.....Because The Drive in This Song is Off The Wall
    Started surfing Half Moon Bay in 2020,I'm surfing Sunset Beach............Where I Go...........there are Cowgirls in The Sand

  20. Brian Thompson

    Was dating a woman in the mid eighties. We had a lot of fun together while this album played. Cowgirl always reminds me of those young and free days.

  21. mark vagianos

    Some songs enter and never leave,others burn hot and fade.This is the former,unbelievable,gets better every time

  22. Dan mason

    All Hail a Musical Genius.

  23. RandomnessTube

    Trump 2020

  24. VenusRising

    I wanted to be the Cowgirl in the sand since '69. <3 xx

  25. A Male

    Me and first love lost our innocence together listening to this album in '69. She went to UC Berkeley, I went to 'Nam ...

  26. Robert Israel Kabakoff


  27. John Fritsky

    Remastered songs leave a little to be desired :)

  28. paul johnson

    I remember I first met Neil Young, it was 1977 at Alex's Bar up on Skyline Blvd hwy 35 near La Honda rd. Neil was passed out on the bar resting his head. Later on, he invited us to his Ranch. What a party.

  29. janie helms

    Use to listen to him high as a kite but not high
    Now still same feeling awesome

  30. Carla Hart

    Love the progression of this old time favorite of Neil Young. So much passion and soul

  31. William Carter

    Our Canadian Treasure!!

  32. Penny Bertsch

    I can't remember how many times I have listened to this song, started in High School and still haven't stopped yet ! I am now in my sixties and still listening and dancing, I loved them and still do..........

    Karen Sue


    Chico Goodguys


    Rayland Whitehead

    06-09-54 l'm 65 and Neil is still one of my Top Ten Guitarist! Unique in Neil's on special way. He's always a Gift to my ears. LOUDLY, OF COURSE... 👍😂 ALWAYS!!!

    Terry Wilson

    56 and dancing

  33. Ernie Meyer

    where is the 17 minute version?

  34. NolalanD

    fierce rhythm blistering lead

  35. gregory freeman

    Maybe my all-time favorite Neil Young song.
    Turn it up.


    This song, more that others always brings back amazing memories.

    When I listen to this song I always imagine sitting on my balcony on a hot day, sun setting, listening to the tune with a cold beer and a cone.

    I remember being on a bus in the deepest countryside in Hunan (湖南) listening to Cowgirl on my MP3 player on my way to meet an old friend.

    Fucking brilliant

  36. L. A. Draper

    I forgot about this lp. Great stuff. If you're listening, you are a Youngster. Keep breathing Neilonekonobee.

  37. Ray Ursillo

    Hello cowgirl in the sand
    Is this place
    at your command
    Can I stay here
    for a while
    Can I see your
    sweet sweet smile
    Old enough now
    to change your name
    When so many love you
    is it the same?
    It's the woman in you
    that makes you want
    to play this game.

    Hello ruby in the dust
    Has your band
    begun to rust
    After all
    the sin we've had
    I was hopin' that
    we'd turn bad
    Old enough now
    to change your name
    When so many love you
    is it the same
    It's the woman in you
    that makes you want
    to play this game.

    Hello woman of my dreams
    This is not
    the way it seems
    Purple words
    on a grey background
    To be a woman
    and to be turned down
    Old enough now
    to change your name
    When so many love you
    is it the same
    It's the woman in you
    that makes you want
    to play this game.

  38. Lady Stardust

    J'ai le vinyle j'adore cet album mon oncle à eu la chance de voir Neil Young et les Crazy Horses concert quel chance!

  39. Jonathan Mosher

    Keith Richards: "You gotta play percussively, plucking from behind the strings"
    Neil Young: "Let me see your guitar"

  40. Jonathan Mosher

    Old Man and Heart of Gold have a combined total of 100 million views. Yet, this has under 1 million.

  41. Jim Tem


  42. Jack Salt

    Fortuitously found this playing on a local am station. Couldn't stop digging the vibe.

  43. day tripper

    This brings back such great memories. I'd give anything to go back.

  44. Ral Murillo

    always remember this song off the decade album... love it.


    About 30 secs into the song , I realized the dog is dead .

  46. Andre Newcomb

    No more cutting down trees for sons at the Noble Sanctuary, dog.

    TheyCallMe MISTER Wheat

    What an odd, non-sequitur comment to make...

    day tripper

    @TheyCallMe MISTER Wheat Odd indeed

    Tyrone Umbilical

    That's a reference to a religious landmark in Jerusalem. It has no connection whatsoever to Neil Young or this song.
    Religious zealots have the uncanny knack of insinuating their disconnected beliefs into all sorts of situations-- this being a prime example.

    day tripper

    @Tyrone Umbilical Okay, thank you.

  47. Mimi Loewi

    My older sister was very cool...always played the best records, including this one. Enjoy(ed) it perfectly sober!

  48. chromiumveins

    He wrote this with 103 degree fever while lying in Mexico. He claims this in the book "Shakey", a 600 page biopic.


    The days when jams lasted more than 3 minutes


    @Janice Johnson I read the book about 10 years ago, but I think he also wrote Down by the River at the same time as Cowgirl.

    Another strange tidbit about Neil from that book and what makes him such a prolific songwriter is that he says songs and melodies just come to him. He doesn't spend a lot time actually writing them, apart from, obviously, getting the guitar parts like we wants them and the other polishing of songs. You should read that book. I live in China and don't have it here, so it's difficult for me to get it.

    Janice Johnson

    @chromiumveins I will check my local library to see if they have the book. Neil is such an unbelievably talented person and something about his voice and his music touches me deeply.


    @Janice Johnson Hey Janice, I just realized something completely opposite between two of my favorite guitarists, Neil and Mark Knopfler, which I thought interesting: Neil says many of his songs and how he wants them to sound simply come to him. Knopfler, on the other hand, (to paraphrase) says he discovers sounds and notes by sticking in his guitar and messing around with different sounds and notes until he feels that is sound he wants. This is from "Guitar Stories Mark Knopfler SkyArts1 at around 26 minutes in that documentary.

    It's cool how these two phenomenal musicians can produce songs in literally opposite ways.

    Janice Johnson

    @chromiumveins oh, that is intetesting. I wish that I had that kind of talent.

  49. mhbass

    The guitars are kicking arse in the beginning.................

  50. Andy Calie

    Danny wittin was such a underrated guitar player but , he could keep right up with neil n thats not to easy to do !!! Rip danny witten gone way to soon

  51. Halimous Bathyal

    Let's see. I was 14, doing this chord progression on a rosewood classical (Spanish) guitar. I was at some people's house around Christmas that year. They had a tree "decorated" with joints. Each one was tied onto the tree with a tiny string. Had to have been almost a hundred. They were all ten years (or more) older than me amazed a 14-year old had learned a Neil Young song. I so loved that chord progression, I had to find every other one this guy devised and learn those, too. I wound up doing that for almost fifty years. I don't think that's what my mother wanted me to do. I just talked to her on the phone yesterday. We've all come a long way since then. Oh, and, love you Neil.

  52. Unklwigz

    That’s a weird looking dog

  53. S3RV Clan

    who else is watching this at the age of nine

  54. Jeffrey Levy

    Thank you, Neil, for all great music, and for standing up to Trump fascism!!

  55. Dave Spence

    The Grinder i’m in it.

  56. Kelly Parkinson

    One of the few songs that make my eyes roll back in my head...

    Cashopa Hodge

    Lol! Down by the River and Hurricane do me like that!

  57. alpha java

    One of the best jazz-blues guitar pieces ever written

  58. bill smith

    She could take me over the rainbow but she would never take me for the ride ....

  59. Clouds Rain


  60. hal biggiam

    Nobody does it like 'Uncle' Neil Young or old.

  61. S Trojan

    The good old days when the word 'sin' was in everyone's vocabulary. Such a badass jam.

  62. charles mann

    This Man and Guitar will Talk through Time and Never go away

  63. Greg Hubbard

    This track is totally epic beyond words

  64. Vkng Vron

    Music to shoot dope to

  65. kgb04460

    F ing amazing ,forgot this song , glad I rediscovered it.


    And I have the lp. I guess that tells ya something.

  66. RJ Page

    Fake people need not listen.

  67. ga al

    It’s been 25 years I m born, I listened to this song in my mom’s belly and I still remember this intro...crazy horse crazy stuff

  68. Ben Dagostino

    Danny Whitten's rythym guitar playing is brilliant on this track.

  69. Esther Hazy Dreams Batik Tie Dyes

    I love the whole, Neil Young & Crazy Horse Album, wow I think when I was a teenager I played it over and over, Vinyl Days! passing the joints, and singing along in between much, laughter, I giggle when I'm high! Who else does?

  70. Cindy Dufala

    Bravo ⚘

  71. silentum excubitor

    Hello Cowgirl in the sands....
    Where's a place to wash my hands?....
    Can I use your clean dry towel?....
    Can I use your hair dryer, pal?...

  72. Michael d'amico

    one of the first albums i bought. at 13.

  73. nosedrip007

    I love the background vocals during the singing parts. Neil young with Crazy Horse was a magical mix

    day tripper

    I'm so glad someone said it "nosedrip007" Because i really love those background vocals too.

  74. Michael Rose

    I love Neil Young and Crazy Horse. They fucking rock! They fucking rock! They fucking balls-out rock!!!

  75. P J Maher

    Love Neil. I was born in 66 but was a fan at the used record shop getting anything in 78. Love American Stars N Bars

  76. Marie Stringer

    This is a musical epiphany.

  77. 6610stix

    That dog on the album cover actually belonged to Neil Armstrong.
    He ask Neil Young to dog sit the pooch while was away on Apollo 11.
    He was going to have David Crosby watch it but figured this way the 
    dog wouldn't have to learn a new name.

    Tyrone Umbilical

    @6610stix In a parallel universe, Stephen Stills did not become a "Monkee" due to having bad teefers and joined Neil Armstrong in space, drinking "Tang" every space-morning...
    PS- Stills later penned a song about this experience, titled "MoonTang." Due to a typographical error (typo), it was released as the hit single "PoonTang..."


    why would David Crosby change the dog's name??

    Tyrone Umbilical

    @elektrolyte Because, back in the 70s, Crosby did so many drugs, he couldn't remember his OWN name, let alone a dogs. ✌🍺🍺🐩
    That's why he didn't receive a lot of songwriting credits that were his. 😉


    @elektrolyte I don't know........ Maybe out of spite because of the dog's refusal 
    to obey anybody who wasn't named Neil?
    Not sure. You'd have to ask Crosby......... or Graham Nash, he was there.

    Joseph Spagna

    @elektrolyte To help hide him from the cops.

  78. Dave Calvert

    I lived Neil young you a are fools

  79. Jean Welsh


  80. Vito Abbate

    1)ambulance blues
    2)like a hurricane
    3)cortez the killer
    4)on the beach
    5)cowgirl in the Sand
    7)motion picture
    8)tired eyes
    10)the needle and the damage done


    disagree but the discussion could go on infintely

    P Farrelly

    Crime in the city, Transformer man

  81. Black powder Productions

    Glad I lived through these days and I won’t be here for the fools game , slavery is soon to return its already being implemented.
    Go to work get your direct deposit, become num go back to the trough drink from the same water as the swine .

    TheyCallMe MISTER Wheat

    Oh, STFU and enjoy the music, ffs...damn cuckoobird

  82. Terry Davidson

    Heard this almost 5o years ago / the only difference between now and then is the weed is so much better!!!!

    Robert Browning

    I agree we have good smoke these days, but I wild' n say it's better than 50yrs ago!!! Lol.least wise I hav'nt. Jus say n!!!


    The weed is about the same, maybe a little better, but what I used to pay 20 bucks for, now costs two fifty. and the music sucks.

  83. D B

    hello neil in the nursing home?

  84. Leo Fedigan

    It’s the woman in you that makes you want to play this game.

  85. Leo Fedigan

    Reet petite.

  86. LPS Abi

    I bet that dog has smoked weed

    Patrick Emerson

    Thats a Guarantee!

  87. Nicole Novo

    Sobbing outside thinking of you. RIP Mom August 2nd 2019

    Nicole Novo

    Mike Puleo thank you 🙏

    Mike Puleo

    @Nicole Novo You're welcome Nicole.I lost my mom in February of 1999 she had inoperable lung cancer and never smoked.

    Nicole Novo

    Mike Puleo that’s the worst, when they were healthy lovely women 😢

    Mike Puleo

    @Nicole Novo I know Nicole it makes no sense.Lots of love and comfort to you.

    Michael McCurry

    Hang in there Nicole from Pittsburgh, PA .

  88. Ron Chapman

    Neil is interesting, a little off beat, and seriously good.

  89. sam X

    I turned 18 in 1969 and music world was on fire and everyone was exploring and excited to be young while finding their new found freedoms ,when a ounce of pot was 10 bucks and we all share our stach , No aids or crack around ,Many friends have come and gone and I miss those days but the music is still a live and well 50 years later for new generations to explore forever.. ..

  90. adam bomb

    man oh man. how does neil do it? he puts so much flucking feeeling into his music. it's like a medecine for my pain that never loses its potency!


    I agree there is just so much feeling and atmosphere in this track.

  91. Marcus S

    Remember listening to this at around 2:00 AM while on a real good trip in 1981. It sure sounded different then. It's still good.

  92. David Rothman

    Happy Birthday 🎉

  93. Daniel Batitsas

    The red lights are on in the photo lab. The reel to reel is playing, no one is talking, everyone to his own thoughts. A little smoke in the air, good friends. The intro to this song starts and I am not there anymore. For the duration of the song all you hear is clearing of throats and movement of beer or soda cans. At the end, no one talks, its if we didn't know what to do next. One of my fondest memories. I am 71 now and it seems like yesterday. It was 1970. Thanks to Neil and my friends. Went home a few months later, never heard or saw on them again.


    I am about to be 55 and still listen to this record as I did at probably age 7. I still have that record. It was my sisters. She is 16 years older

  95. Charlie Jervis

    Fabulous album. I played this every time I got high. Wait a minute. That isn't quite true or I would have been playing it constantly which would be a slight exaggeration. Only a slight one.

  96. Michael Rose

    Walking along Meia Pria in Portugal today, signing this one to the surf and seagulls.

  97. Alvin Paiva

    Thank You for putting this up.

  98. Marc Swanson

    Definitely a strong contender for the best album of all time, period. To be on the safe side, I would say that it shares the number one position with perhaps a dozen others. It certainly doesn't hurt that the cover is as skillfully done as the music.


    The dog is dragging his ass across the ground... best cover picture ever

  99. artiste1954

    Sadly, we just took all this great music as matter of fact. Who knew music would turn to shit. Kids, get it together.

  100. artiste1954

    This and Cinnamon Girl and Like a Hurricane. I lived during this era, this is what they played in the bars and on FM underground radio. Long versions. I remember the sights and smells. Smokey, dank. We had the best fucking music ever!