Young, Jonathan - Unravel Lyrics

Oh, can you tell me, can you tell me the way the story ends?
A monster in my heart
A ghost inside my chest
I'm broken down, the world around us
Surround my suffering
You smile and laugh at me
But you don't see a thing

Damaged and broken as I am
I'm trying not to breathe
Unraveled, I'm not unraveled by
The truth I finally see, freeze

I'm breakable, unbreakable
I'm shakeable, unshakeable
Unraveling since I found you

And now I'm turning to dust in a world that's twisted
Don't come searching when I go missing
Close your eyes or just try to look away
Don't want to hurt you
We live in a world someone else imagined
The ghost of what's left of me all but vanished
Remember my heart, how bright I used to shine

Entangled in the loneliness
The memory of innocence
It's stinging me, it's breaking me
The pain is spreading endlessly
I cannot move, I close my eyes
I try to breathe, I realize -
I'm paralyzed, I'm paralyzed
Unravel the world

I'm not what I was then
Don't touch the infection
Entwined we will both die
So stay away, and stay alive
I'm breakable, unbreakable
I'm shakeable, unshakeable
Unraveling, I won't infect you!

Now I'm turning to dust in a world that's twisted
Don't come searching when I go missing
Close your eyes or just try to look away
Don't want to hurt you
We live in a world someone else imagined
The ghost of what's left of me all but vanished
Remember my heart, how bright I used to shine

Please, just don't forget me...
Just don't forget me
Just don't forget me
Just don't forget me
Don't forget me

We live in a world someone else imagined
The ghost of what's left of me all but vanished
Remember my heart, how bright I used to shine

Oh, can you tell me?
Oh, can you tell me?
A monster in my heart
And now there's nothing left

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Young, Jonathan Unravel Comments
  1. Xuxlys

    Is it just me or is this song sad asf😂

  2. hailey warnke

    Me: *hasn't watched Tokyo Ghoul*
    Also me: *Likes video and blasts this*

  3. Resnu Ardian Pratama

    This is Neymar Junior after decided leaves from Barcelona

  4. Cheddar cheese

    The best one I’ve ever heard

  5. CJ Irwin

    *Looks around, takes a deep breath*

    I've never seen nor read tokyo ghoul

    Groyna MichAul

  6. Erin Wilson

    Prisoners:dont look for me when I go missing police: can u tell me how I'll u get arested

  7. Erin Wilson

    Dis anyone realize that at the beginning of the song somewhr around that it sounded like sans megalovania

  8. Squishy Yohaniee


  9. Gamefish RR

    You just made me happy on the FIRST DAY OF THIS DECADE

  10. Yabureta Neko

    very good, you made me shiver since you sing and play well

  11. Ajay Chandra

    U told me dreams come true but didn't say that night mares are dreams too.

  12. SnakEi

    *Damn Goosebumps* :-)



  14. BrOkEn _viBeS

    If anything has anything to do with tokyo ghoul I have to watch it.

  15. Coeptus Welcome to bloxburg

    Me: watching Tokyo ghoul finishes watching it all

    Mind: hey remember Kaneki x Touka

    Me: nothing

    Mind laughing: the song lyrics and the thumbnail tho are pretty funny

    Me: ikr

  16. Denki Is best boi

    mother:stop singing that japanese song no one can understand it and its annoying
    me:*starts singing this*
    mother:listen here you little sh*t


    Cringe oh my god

  17. Roland Rideg

    You are too good for this world. I love your voice, have a nice year,

  18. 《 Chxrry Chan 》

    I don’t like anime openings in English but.. this one, this is just vibing.

  19. Sandra Daves

    It's amazing!!!

  20. I don't know what to call my name

    I never said any of these things in the comments
    - Ken Kaneki

  21. Chief Solitude Guard

    “Everybody wants to smell like titty sprinkles”
    -ken kaneki

  22. Weirdness

    Most of the lyrics in this aren’t what they actually say in japanese but it still sounds good!

  23. e m x

    Listening this last time for this decade....not going to finish my decade without listening it

  24. Ryenzo


  25. KANE 7898

    0:43 Turning into the Joker.

  26. Prajwaldeep Kamble

    Close your eyes or look somewhere else...

  27. Crimson Tiger

    I'm not a fan of the anime and this song, I hated it! But I'm a fan of the song because of how this artist's cover of it.

  28. Adriano da Silva

    Algum br antes de 2020 ai?

  29. who?

    2:10 me when i start to become a jojo fan

  30. ANTHONY gamer

    Keep singing nice tunes

  31. Nugget /:p

    Dio when he get angy:

    Peter Pettinger

    A man of Culture

  32. A_D-I_L


  33. Gg Am

    (1 000-7)

    Kaneki ken

  34. Jewels Ocean

    Who the hell disliked this? The humans.

  35. R.J. 2772

    This song is my soul

  36. nabiha ali

    I really love your cover. You have a beautiful voice.

  37. Jameson Eisenhofer

    donnys theme

  38. Jordan Harris

    good fucking job. I like the lyrics, and you did an excellent job with hitting the specific notes. love it. keep doing what you love! cheers!

  39. Thais Sanchez


  40. Elisamar Barajas

    Bruh you really sing a suicide note

  41. Zentix


  42. そなた

    I’m Japanese.
    His voice and arrange of this song are
    sooooooooooooooo amazing.
    sooooooooooooooo wonderful.
    I’m respect him as a musician.

  43. Hyoudou Issei

    Sh*t! Im going crazy! 😆

  44. Promis QS Panda

    1:55 UNRAVEL THE WORLD!!!!

  45. ぽんちゃんねる


  46. Galaxy Gift


  47. Darian’s Arts

    I listen to this so much it’s so perfect and his voice is so perfect, it’s also helped through a lot since it sorta described an old situation I was in, so thanks for that too! Will keep listening and listening to all your music

  48. faris al-malki


  49. Asemy

    whats 1000-7?

  50. Vannah F

    Loved this anime ... until Season 3 ... no, just no.

  51. Drop Gun

    These are heartless people

  52. Luna_brightmoon woof girl

    Dam he's good at singing but love the way he play the electric guitar and his voice goes with the music so I like this song it's nice so thumbs up for this video/song 😌

  53. Yu-Gi-Oh review Jake & cie

    This voice make of this song the best I've ever listened it giving me chills

  54. Tao Wolf

    Purple Jake: If you dont want to kill your friends, you should let yourself suffer from hunger...

    Tao: Dam. Why ghouls have to go through this hell?
    Tao: Its sad :(

    Purple Jake: Ghouls are demons who eats human flesh and is a threat to mankind and they wanted them to extinct

    Tao: Dang! Thats hardcore for one ghoul. Im still sad :(

  55. Sahil Yelvantge

    Unoriginal lyrics

  56. Jay Thorp

    PP -ken kaneki

  57. Zoee

    This cover lowkey gives off A Day To Remember vibes

  58. Kelsey XxX

    My sister listing to the macarena tyga version but listening to the best out here bruhz



  60. Alex Adventure time

    **when I do the lyrics**:
    Lyrics: mAtCh tHe bRoKeN aSs

  61. Some Xbox Player

    This ruins the song for me
    CHECK out my pal Ultimate Blade0 (peely pfp)

  62. Solidus 1st

    What a douche.. not even playing the guitar.. posing douche bag.. much better in its original language.


    Please stop breathing, thanks.

    Solidus 1st

    @scipioninja That's not very nice.. I didn't want him to stop breathing.. I mean I know he's shit, but that's harsh..

  63. Nuggetyoface

    I love your version :)

  64. Eric Adams

    This sounds sooooo bad

  65. PeoplePlayGround

    Here is the japanese lyrics|Oshiete Oshiete Yo Sono Shikumi Wo
    Boku No Nakani Dare Ga Iru No? Kowareta Kowareta Yo Kono Sekai De Kimi Ga Sarah Nanimo Miezu Ni Kowareta Boku Nante Sa Iki Wo Tomete Hodokenai Mou Hodokenai Yo Shinjitsu Sae Freeze Kowaseru Kowasenai Kuruenai Anata So Mitsukete YURETE YUGANDA SEKAI NI DAN DAN BOKU WA SUKITOOTTE MIENAKU NATTE MITSUKENAIDE BOKU NO KOTO WO Mitsumenaide Dareka Ga Egaita Sekai No Naka De Anata Wo Kizutsuketaka Wa Nai Yo Oboeteite Boku No Koto Wo Azayaka Na Mama Mugen Ni Hirogaru Kodoku Ga Karamaru Mujaki Ni Waratta Kioku Ga Sasatte UGOKENAI UGOKENAI UGOKENAI UGOKENAI UGOKENAI UGOKENAI YO UNRAVELLING THE WORLD! Kawatte Shimatta Kaerarenakatta Futatsu Ga Karamaru Futari Ga Horobiru Kowaseru Kowasenai Kurueru Kuruenai Anata Wo Anata Wo Kegasenai Yo YURETA YUGANDA SEKAI I DAN DAN BOKU WA SUKITOOTTE MIENAKU NATTE MITSUKENAIDE BOKI NO KOTO WO MITSUMENAIDE DAREKA GA SHIKUNDA KODOKU NA WANA NI MIRAI GA HODOKETE SHIMAU MAE NI Omoidashite Boku No Koto Wo Azayaka Na Mama WASURENAIDE WASURENAIDE WASURENAIDE WASURENAIDE Kawatte Shimatta Koto Ni Paralyze Kaerarenai Koto Darake No Paradise Oboeteite Boku No Ko To Wo! Oshiete Oshiete Boku No Naka Ni Dare Ga Iru No?| Did I do right 👍 or If I did it wrong 💬

  66. vamp transformation

    thats the best anmie ;-;

  67. P.I. HORROR

    “Don’t forget me”.

  68. Jenny Channel

    When i watch this again my heart😪

  69. Thomas Campbell

    Y do I love thos cover so much

  70. Klaus Mikaelson

    Who got chills n cried a lil cuz I did

  71. Just A Channel

    No words can define his singing spirit

  72. Koko Krunch

    Why the lyrics different from other English covers?

    Rasengan blade

    These are right though

    Frank Perry

    Because in other versions, the lyrics were changed for the sake of rhyming well. The lyrics of this version are much closer to the original.

    Edit: Except for the part after he screams "don't forget me" there's supposed to be a line about paradise. But Kaneki never experienced paradise of ANY kind. So I say it's fair to have removed that part from the song.

  73. Inamur Rahaman

    I LOVE IT........ OH MY GOD WHAT IS THIS........ DUDE YOU BLOWN AWAY MY MIND....... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH.................😵😵😵😵 This is my favourite anime series

    Elisamar Barajas

    The anime sucked the manga is better
    FactZ with a fat Z

  74. 出木杉英才

    I like the phrase " I'm breakable, unbreakable - I'm shakeable, unshakeable"

  75. Fx BS

    I'm from Russia,but i love it so much!And also i want to say thank u to the english community.All here are so friendly to each other.)

  76. KeaBz

    oh cool donnys theme in english

  77. Animated Rick

    You have a great voice but we can't feel the emotion. And yes it's required since this is metal 😛

  78. Imanuddin Ardian Hermawan

    can you make cover Sparkle from kimi no nawa?

  79. Kraken Army

    This is the best cover I’ve ever seen I- 😳

  80. AlcantaraPlays

    I listen to this when I'm depressed 😭

  81. Dead Pool

    Finally found the theme song of those who were snapped away by thanos

  82. genius your8

    I don't think that's the right lyrics..

  83. Mr. Canis Maleficus


  84. cowboy dad

    Donnys theme got an english version?

  85. DrPandoMD

    Dang these English lyrics hit hard

  86. Mr.Alice Wolf

    1:02 is where the real magic starts (atleast for me)

  87. Jamie Rankin

    I love the music

  88. The GAMER

    "why do I have to apologise for being a monster?
    Did anyone apologise for turning me into one?"
    -kaneki ken

  89. KRABZ 2.0

    Wow beautiful,you sing really awsome bro

  90. Kem L

    This man has so much talent, I'm blown away

  91. bean eater

    okay okay, great song and all but can we all just appreciate the amazing freaking STAR WARS SHIRT in an anime cover song.

  92. At Ytott

    “You smile and laugh at me but you don’t see a thing”

    Blind people: “well yes but actually yes”

  93. xyemiles


  94. Apοcalypse

    11k weebs disliked that video who prefer original

  95. XxXWIZZYxXx43

    He is looking at the guitar like how kaneki was looking at hide

  96. HulK TopF

    Oof. Goosebumps

  97. Frozenn Layers

    3:15 boi

  98. CRYSAW

    *legend says the camera man is still rotating around the singer*