Young, Jonathan - The Bells Of Notre Dame Lyrics

[Young as Clopin:]
Morning in Paris, the city awakes
To the bells of Notre Dame
The fisherman fishes, the bakerman bakes
To the bells of Notre Dame
To the big bells as loud as the thunder
To the little bells soft as a psalm
And some say the soul of the city's
The toll of the bells
The bells of Notre Dame

Shh, listen
And Clopin will tell you
It is a tale, a tale of a man
And a monster

[Hyles as Clopin:]
Dark was the night when our tale was begun
On the docks near Notre Dame

[Man 1:] Shup it up, will you!
[Man 2:] We'll be spotted!
[Gypsy:] Hush, little one

Four frightened gypsies slid silently under
The docks near Notre Dame

[Man 3:] Four guilders for safe passage into Paris

[Young as Clopin:]
But a trap had been laid for the gypsies
And they gazed up in fear and alarm
At a figure whose clutches
Were iron as much as the bells

[Man 4:] Judge Claude Frollo!

The bells of Notre Dame

Kyrie Eleison

Judge Claude Frollo longed
To purge the world
Of vice and sin

Kyrie Eleison

And he saw corruption
Except within

[Frollo:] Bring these gypsy vermin to the palace of justice
[Guard:] You there, what are you hiding?
[Frollo:] Stolen goods, no doubt. Take them from her
[Clopin:] She ran, hahahahahahahaha

Dies irae, dies illa
Solvet saeclum in favilla
Teste David cum sibylla
Quando Judex est venturus

[Gypsy:] Sanctuary, please give us sanctuary!

Quantus tremor est futurus
Dies irae, dies illa

[Frollo:] A baby? A monster!

Solvet saeclum in favilla
Dies irae, dies illa

[Archdeacon:] Stop!
[Clopin:] Cried the Archdeacon
[Frollo:] This is an unholy deamon
[Frollo:] I'm sending it back to hell, where it belongs

[Hyles as Archdeacon:]
See there the innocent blood you have spilt
On the steps of Notre Dame

[Frollo:] I am guiltless. She ran, I pursued

Now you would add this child's blood to your guilt
On the steps of Notre Dame

[Frollo:] My conscience is clear

You can lie to yourself and your minions
You can claim that you haven't a qualm
But you never can run from
Nor hide what you've done from the eyes
The very eyes of Notre Dame

[Young as Clopin:]
Kyrie Eleison

And for one time in his live
Of power and control

Kyrie Eleison

Frollo felt a twinge of fear
For his immortal soul

[Frollo:] Archdeacon, what must I do?
[Archdeacon:] Care for the child, and raise it as your own

And Frollo gave the child a cruel name
A name that means half-formed: Quasimodo

[Young as Clopin:]
Now here is a riddle to guess if you can
Sing the bells of Notre Dame
Who is the monster and who is the man?
Sing the bells, bells, bells, bells
Bells, bells, bells, bells
Bells of Notre Dame


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Young, Jonathan The Bells Of Notre Dame Comments
  1. stupid iDiOt

    the medieval catholic church's theme song

  2. Nikola Křenková

    I love you

  3. Prince Valentine

    I used to always get scared when this part came on.

  4. MrsAnabellify

    For some reason my favourite moment of this is when Caleb says "minions".

  5. IdealIdeas100

    Bills bills bills bills bills of NOTRE DAME. Ya with that fire I bet they do have some bills to pay

  6. seventhofearth

    1:56 Musicgasm

  7. Belle Murphy

    And here I was thinking the original version was already perfect..... little did I know it could be even better!

  8. Zander Mollentze

    Oh my God yes, that is insane!


    Ughhhh why why why I soooooo love thy Voice so COOOL

  10. Lin Flower

    Just when I thought this song could not be any more epic. WOW :D

  11. Khloe G

    Caleb's high notes...

  12. connernoahaddison williams

    Sonic in Judgement Hall OST: Sans' Song

  13. Isaac Ledger


  14. Nora Yogini

    I... You... Well... I mean... I'm speechless. Chapeau!!!!!

    And subscribed.

  15. x.lance_the _hero.x

    No one:


  16. Manicca

    Could be darker, could be more Hard riffs. - The original is so extremely dark, it deserves an even darker Metal Cover.
    You did it good - but "not good enough".
    / Picky Villian-Fan.

  17. Mathias Chartier

    I was right, I came back to this one to see the difference. This song's vocals are so powerful and take the foreground. The new songs he's so muted compared to this. Johnathan, please use this as comparisons.

  18. GracieTTK

    YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i thought this would be epic but this is on another LEVEL

  19. Lawn Mower Productions

    For who the bell tollllllsssssss

  20. Sherio88

    Just gonna say, YouTube recc'd this to me, and I bought this album w/in the hour. I've never ever seen someone put so many of my fave childhood songs into one place. Kudos!

  21. Ana D

    Please do one on hellfire

  22. john creamer

    oh huh, i thought this was frog leap studios at first... got a new metal channel to look forward to!!

  23. Quinzark

    well that was epic

  24. Mysterious Person

    This is so good. Deng

  25. MrSkevich

    There were a few places where some dynamics could have taken this from a good cover to an epic one.

  26. stormthor

    Oh man, you've ruined the high pitched ending part... Caleb's voice should've been the focus, man... you don't always have to be the leading vocals, you know, even though this is your channel.

  27. Wesly Z

    Did... did YouTube Algorithm just hook me up with dope metal?

  28. Darth Vader

    This gave me the energy I needed to raid Jerusalem

  29. Ticon Of Ruger

    Dang that range...

  30. Parker Broderick

    this is some metal ass shit

  31. Divinidad

    When some one wants to compare me with my big brother.

    Listen. This is a Tale
    A tale of a Man... And a Monster

  32. The Busking Ryan

    Such a great cover guys !
    I always get goosebumps in the original when the Archdeacon starts singing and I had the same goosebumps listening to your version ! That's my favorite disney song ever so Thank's a lot ! ;)

  33. Holly Minarik

    Hooooly CROW! This is AMAZING! You guys are wicked tallented!

  34. Super Cartoon Universe

    Thats brutal . Name the metal band Sons of Frollo

  35. Son Of Batman523

    Welllllll I got the goosies. Anyone else?

  36. Bailey Walter

    Ohhh i have this as my morning alarm. Love waking up to these guys beautiful voices, first time ive seen the music video though. You did great you work so well together.

  37. Schlange 96

    i like the "now" of jonathan

  38. D F

    4:20 get high off how John sings “nnnNNNOOOOOOW” 🥵😍🤩

  39. Travis Walsh

    Notre dame lives

  40. Matt J WWEFAN


  41. Jacob Gaskins

    Fun fact with Latin's relation to "Dies," which is "day" orginally its gender was masculine therefore making it "illuc" not "illa," however in the later adaptations in the medival times made it feminie. This makes "illa" the contextually correct term for the post medival period.

  42. Andre Shone

    They honestly need to do a heavy rock Hunchback of Notre Dame production with Johnothan Young doing music and directing. And David Grohl has to play one of the Gargoyles.

  43. Kasey Brown

    I listened to this and my face grew a beard. My shoulders grew a cape. My hand grew a cane.

  44. GrifNK

    Your voices compliment each other so well

  45. Kim van der Linden

    This song is one of the best Disney songs to ever exist and you, sirs, made it even better O_O

  46. Lord Hades

    It's songs like these the Johnathan sounds a bit like Smaug.

  47. Coy Wickens

    Caleb and Johnathan sing this song like their summoning angels and devils. It’s freaking gorgeous!!!

  48. WesternAssassin

    How difficult was it hitting that high note at the end, Caleb?

  49. Ben mahmoud Nadia


  50. Şugar

    4:48 this is the best moment of the song :v just so perfect bruh!!!

  51. Grundle Cheeze

    So Expressive!!!

  52. Paul Swanson

    Holy shit, Caleb. You killed it. Incredible.

  53. GodzillaFan 3005

    3:41 best part!

  54. Madison Graves

    The lighting is genius

  55. Elias Raine

    Dang this is powerful

  56. Marshall Bernarte Mangibin

    sounds like powerwolf

  57. Hydras Flame

    I forgot how much I liked hunchback until I rewatched it

  58. Patrick Sirianni

    Who else keeps replaying this??

  59. Patrick Sirianni

    Calebs voice is so sexy omg😍

  60. Seth Wiles

    This is really cringy

  61. Waldemar

    The bells of Catholic churches get blessed, which turns them into sacramentals that apart from indicating when to pray the Angelus, they're also supposed to clear away demons of the air wherever they can be heard. Sounds pretty metal tbh.

  62. Shattered Reaper

    I felt Caleb’s “Stooooooooooooooppppp!” Its what I’d say to every evil injustice in the world.

  63. ubergoofball

    4:20 never did I think the word "now" could be so sexy

    Bioshock Menolly

    Jonathan is seconded only to Tim Curry.

  64. Gacha a New story


    It’s sounds like He’s saying bills bills bills bills

  65. N.A. VI

    Frollo: *Sees corruption everywhere aside from himself* *Proceeds to be racist*

    God: *Face palm* BOI...that's Corruption! dis entire ME(God) damn thang is corrupt!

  66. June Renee

    The only thing I would change is "gypsy" to "Roma/Romani" because "gypsy" is a slur

  67. John Cassler

    2:14 "She RaaNNN!" That's chilling

  68. song.birds

    The Hail Mary at the end chilled me to the bones ngl

  69. emille duque

    Dang this is chilly and great at the same time

  70. June Renee

    damn that was so good! I have goose bumps. Caleb and Jonathan sounds great together!!

  71. Okami Norino

    great <3

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    if church was this metal
    i'd go every sunday

  74. MultiBlazingPhoenix

    Damn Caleb is one aggressive Arch Deccan

  75. Federico Fracassi

    These guys' work is dope but I just can't find anything interesting about all this extreme and strange facial expressions. Their musical and vocal performances are very nice, but after a few minutes all this acting becomes weird and boring.


    If they did a Disney remake of the hunchback of Notre dame. This should be in it.

  77. Divok

    un méchant qui mange des baguettes

  78. That_One_Aromantic

    Well, that gave chills.

  79. K B

    Dang Caleb's part gives me goosebumps whenever I hear it, an amazing singer.

  80. Anmade Caieer

    The way he says quasimodo

  81. Sarconda

    Goosebumps from start to end.

  82. vootsak1

    anyone else think that quasimodo's mom was good looking?

    Tom's autocadstudio

    frolo did.

  83. Martin Kacl

    Caleb is amazing in heights. You off course too, but his final pitched tone... Oh my god!

  84. ZacktheZabarak

    An excellent video and one of the few songs that I feel you do a million times better than the actual film. You and Caleb perfectly set the scene and match the characters perfectly and this is not only one of your best songs, but one of my personal favorites that you’ve made. Brilliant.

  85. Scarlet_Phoenix

    Anyone else think that Caleb sounds like Josh Gad?

  86. dorianewing78

    Can we talk about how Johnathan’s Ecclesiastical Latin pronunciation was spot on????! Mad respect.

  87. Marie Kemp

    I need to see the full production of this 😍

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    Damn this song is... Burning...

  89. DSaturn

    This is still one of my absolute favorites

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    If theres a Hunchback remake i want Jonathan to make the soundtrack

  91. Alex Ritesman

    Amazing work guys as always!!!!!

  92. Lee Croft

    The Bells of Notre Dame will never be silence.

  93. ulrik

    it would be a pleasure if you sing that song in french ^^

    Vaïtes Pyro Family

    i'm french and i aprouve!

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    2020 anyone? :D

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    This is the song that got me into caleb

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    WOW 😍😍😍

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    I'm really liking this collab stuff with you and Caleb. I'll add this one to my collection!!

  98. Jack Ster

    Frollo is the monster.

    Jack Ster

    Actually no Frollo is the man. Only humans can be so thoughtful yet so cruel. Monster doesn’t mean evil just different.