Young, Jonathan - Savages Lyrics

What can you expect
From filthy little heathens?
Their whole disgusting race is like a curse
Their skin's a hellish red
They're only good when dead
They're vermin, as I said
And worse
They're savages! Savages!
Barely even human
Savages! Savages!
Drive them from our shore!
They're not like you and me
Which means they must be evil
We must sound the drums of war!
They're savages! Savages!
Dirty redskin devils!
Now we sound the drums of war!

This is what we feared
The paleface is a demon
The only thing they feel at all is greed
Beneath that milky hide
There's emptiness inside
I wonder if they even bleed
They're savages! Savages!
Barely even human
Savages! Savages!
Killers at the core
They're different from us
Which means they can't be trusted
We must sound the drums of war
They're savages! Savages!
First we deal with this one
Then we sound the drums of war

Savages! Savages!

Let's go kill a few, men!

Savages! Savages!

Now it's up to you, men!

Savages! Savages!
Barely even human!
Now we sound the drums of war!

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Young, Jonathan Savages Comments
  1. Shawn

    Me at school when it’s 7:15 and the black girls are already screeching

  2. Spawnfreak

    Gamers vs normies.

  3. TheBlondeKnight274

    I'm not usually into metal, but this was amazing.

  4. Andres0082

    You know the drill: Raz0rfist sent me here...



    Jaime Fookin' Lannister

    Game of the year: Greedfall!

    Shota Fenrir

    Just makes me wanna restart Greedfall all over again

  5. Proud Yank

    Me when I play greedfall

  6. Theeditor28

    I’m listening to Steven universe and all of a sudden it goes from independent together to THEY’RE SAVAGES

  7. Keziah 99

    Nothing says Disney like a little genocide

  8. Hans the Flammenwerfer

    Custer and Crazy Horse's speeches to their men before the battle.

  9. Timedevour36

    I'm curious how many people listened to this without ever hearing the soundtrack version and were wondering why the lyrics were so much darker.

  10. Anna Salazar

    Too epic, just too epic!

  11. Josh Horne

    Can we have this version in the live action Pocahontas movie


    Political correctness will surely prevent that

  12. Narnia Lives

    Has anyone else noticed that Jonathan is wearing a red shirt to represent the "red skins" and Caleb is wearing a black shirt because black is the darkest, most evil colour?

  13. Beatriz Lopez

    Me: ~Listening on repeat so l can read the comments.~

    Also me: Gosh, why is this song so good!? 😂 And short?! 😢

  14. Kara Soholt

    Lol sending this to all my non indigenous friends

    Chippewa pride

    my name is what is my name

  15. Chris Hejduk

    Republicans vs Democrats right now.

  16. Jason White

    Good job on the Song , if only you made this song it wood may been the best. I can't what for more music , Graet job and good luck on the next Music video.

  17. Dakota G

    Could you please do part 2?


    And this is how they stole AMERICA FROM THEM

  19. Tara Aziz

    literally this is what i work out to xD

  20. Mr. Sunkÿ

    ok boomer

  21. l IVAN612

    How forget when donald trump speak about mexican people :v

  22. The Script Doctor

    This goes in Top ten Disney Rock covers with "Your Only Second Rate" and "Gaston"

  23. EchoFlower 3106

    Pocahontas was a lame movie, but this...this is fire.

  24. Tilat Nasidnal

    World history in a Disney song...

  25. Memory_Games™

    Great job!
    Ending song pls?

  26. AngMori

    You changed the lyrics. Why?

  27. Charles Merillat

    Wait a minute he said “the pale face is demon” your white does that mean your a demon too

  28. Goth Girl

    lowkey Opera v Metal

  29. Tractor Trio

    I like the original better

  30. Christina Henley

    Only you two could make such a racist song sound good lol

  31. Christina Fast

    Love this ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  32. Jalla MichaelSchoenbaum

    This song fits the racial struggle in America.

  33. Zack Demon

    like si vienes por DeiGamer

  34. Rick Booth

    A shortie but a goodie

  35. Lemon king

    Why did they switch "shrieking" for "risking"?

  36. Ryan Anderson

    My favourite version of this song. You can really feel the aggression and hate in this. Magnificent job, guys

  37. Shaquille Robinson

    American Patriots VS Liberals of America.

  38. Jake Bryant

    Sums up gamers vs politicians in a nutshell

  39. Benneducci

    "They're exactly just like us, and thus they must be evil!" There, I fixed it.

  40. Gaming Samuel

    *_We Need That Milky Hide, There Is Emptiness Inside._* -Jacksepticeye Finding His Potatoes.

  41. Victor gamer

    Hermosa la adaptación 😍😍

  42. VeronicaEquestrian

    When you and your boy fight over the last cheese cake slice

  43. Wikiwi

    Native Americans: We hate you!
    Time Traveler, disguised as a settler: I hate myself too, thanks!

  44. GerHer 1


  45. BeyondThePaleStudios

    I can't believe you guys haven't yet, but you and Caleb should totally do a rock/metal version of Agony from into the woods...just a would be epic!



  46. Albert Walderhaug

    ‘Tis but my humble opinion, but I think Jonathan should’ve reprised his role as CEO Radcliffe~

  47. Kay Games

    Like si vienes por Deigamer

  48. fabulouskind

    Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a nutshell


    The song I have in mind when reading about rape and killings every second day since the no border politics were introduced....

  49. Estructor L

    creo que soy el unico idiota que escribio el comentario en español y no en ingles

  50. ehaitem

    Trump's ring tone.

  51. conflict

    It amuses me how this song was already crossing some lines, and your version only makes it more E D G Y , yet at it's core it's still a disney song. XD

  52. Moon Queen

    One of disney’s ultimate masterpieces.

  53. Casey Pace

    Racism in a nutshell

  54. bryan B:v

    Vine por deigamer

  55. Orville Fischer

    Can you do past 2 of this song

  56. Marion D

    This song is THE Disney song I remenber from my childroom. And you just make it even more powerfull, savage and awesome ! Good joob guys :)

  57. KelKilimanjaro

    Why am I headbanging to a Disney song?

    This one, of all songs.

  58. Taylor Rene

    How did I just find this??!

  59. ElKIDO

    oye ven aquí si si tu ven aquí.... mira abajo


  60. David Swain

    Jonathan looks like Jesse Pinkman in this video

  61. Darket

    Vine por deigamer lol

  62. Tobias Crisafio

    Alguien viene por Dei????

  63. Jane :v


  64. SoyBienFeo !

    Vengo departe de deigamer

  65. Joel Álvarez

    Español:vengo por dei owo


  66. gipsy _45

    Laik si vienes por Dei uwu

  67. Fabricio Maldonado

    muy bueno

  68. Casey Pace

    Anyone notice this song is about racism?

    CrazyKitty Lover

    You never saw the movie haven't you....

  69. DeanRendar84

    Now that's a campus song

  70. drey santillan

    When Pocahontas didn't interfere

  71. Wolfsgeist

    Why change the lyrics in the third line?

    Damian Freeman

    They didn't change the lyrics. These are the original lyrics. the ones you're remembering are the censored ones Disney used in later releases.

  72. blam gam

    Man this song is never gonna make it into the inevitable remake.

  73. Zach Cline

    The Organ in the last bit is amazing

  74. Trueantitheist

    One of the things I loved about old Disney movies was the symbolism they used, in the orginal animation the fire made the Europeans look red skinned, while the moon light made the natives look pale white, showing that there wasn't much difference between the two sides.


    I like the subtile things they had - like Shen Yu in Mulan doesn't even mention that she's a girl, because women fought along the men within the huns he just sees a soldier in her

  75. Shy Dreameress

    Imagine a song like that in a modern Disney movie ? I would love one


    I hear a thousand SJW calling for war on Disney

  76. JaggedBird

    You spoil us bois

  77. Mateo Salinas

    The Nords vs The Redguard

  78. TheMagicDoctor

    This is the selubri vs baali from vtm

  79. Angela D

    Holy fuck I LOVE you guys! If your an actual band please tell me your name!

  80. Boris Plays

    Jonathan have a ROCK voice

  81. Boris Plays

    Caleb have a OPERA Voice
    Jonathan have a ROCK voice

  82. Sovereign Snorlax

    C'mon guys its 2019 this is just entirely unacceptable in this day n age. *snickers*

  83. Leevi Heiskanen

    "Now we grind the Gears of War"

  84. Duncan Harrell

    I am disappointed this is only part 1 of the song. Still, excellent as hell!

  85. The Author

    I always think of an extreme pride parade and a conservative church group singing this together. The opposite sides of the spectrum.

  86. Cappie ASMR

    When my friend at class disagree with me

  87. Vanessa Colquhoun

    ... I keep forgetting Pocahontas tried to "both sides" settler colonialism. Yikes.

  88. Diana Perez

    Yeah I rock out to Disney music and what!?

  89. Sea_Bloody

    You two have such a great chemistry when it comes to vocals! You guys did an amazing job! Love it!

  90. Tony Montana

    Muslim song

  91. Phantom's eye

    I know this is a 2 year old video but it gives me chills every time and I love your duets

  92. Daniela Olivero

    PLEASE I need someone to make a Shingeki no Kyojin AMV (or Manga Music Video) with this version (Eldians from Marley vs. Eldians from Paradis). It would be perfect.

  93. Samuel Kim

    if u really wanted to make this....u racist as fyyyuuuu

  94. Donald McWilliams

    Maybe a guitar tutorial video for this amd some of your other covers? Would be awesome!

  95. LinkGanonSlayer

    Gundam SEED in a nutshell

  96. Dimitrios Bizoglou

    hey man u know there is a second part of the savages song so you know.