Young, Jonathan - Sasageyo Lyrics

A fleeting wish to end this nightmare
A hell on earth, it won't subside, there's
A thousand times we prayed for hope
How we wanted to believe
Apocalyptic sound of bangs and
Calamity upon our gates, and
The Reckoning of human fate comes so uninvitedly...

Harken to me, those forsaking history!
Now we must exterminate deserving enemies!
On that day, I wonder just what kind of eyes we see?
Wordless when they stare, what their expression speaks?
How much do we need to give to make it through the night?
The terror of the darkness to the morning light
I'd give my soul, I'd give my life!

Give your heart up for tomorrow!
A sacrifice we all must make
A choice, a moment that could win the day!
Give your heart up for tomorrow!
Should victory stand, it's in your hands -
A path to destiny, astray!

They will try to falsify our history
They have earned your hatred, the deserving enemies
I cannot imagine all the lies that we believed
'Til I learned that all of us had been deceived
How much do we need to learn to crucify the damned
With heart or skill or tactics? Everything we can!
I'd choke the devil with my own bare hands

Give your heart up for tomorrow!
A sacrifice we all must make
A choice, a moment that could win the day!
Give your heart up for tomorrow!
Should victory stand, it's in your hands -
We sing to glory with our blades!

Monsters so mysterious resembling a man
Foulest infestation, we are purging from the land
Keep our people safe for every boy and every girl
'Til not one monster left within the world!
I don't know who started this and I don't really care
Memory is gone, perhaps the dead alone were there
Left me with my anger so unquenchable inside
With each one dead, I will be satisfied
We walk a sorry road and where will it be leading?
Any other road it's connecting to
Lives we offer up, I hope they will bloom into long-awaited victory
The promised land awaits us at paradise's premature end

This is the day mankind has remembered
Fear in our hearts once planted there by them
We're living in disgrace, we're trapped inside a cage
Let's be free again!
Bloody the bow and arrow in crimson and fly!
You carry our wings tonight
Paving the trail, you're leading us all to our freedom!

Give your heart up for tomorrow!
A sacrifice we all must make
A choice, a moment that could win the day!
Give your heart up for tomorrow!
Should victory stand, it's in your hands -
A path to destiny, astray!

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Young, Jonathan Sasageyo Comments
  1. Hoodie

    Dude please do the attack on titan Junior high opening PLEASE

  2. Niklas Præst

    This. Show. Is. Fucking. Amazing.

  3. Fab`s S.

    So basically what does “Spotify: coming soon” mean in your language? XD

  4. Corey Udelhofen

    When is this going to be on spotify?

  5. Mikeman 6960

    I sometimes wanna sing this, but I dont want people thinking I'm going to war

  6. тerαи

    For some unknown reason my brothers name is sageyo. And i like singing sa sageyo.😂

  7. Jo Fennema

    Oh man! I don't know why I didn't find this sooner considering I have been waiting patiently for it's completion but I'm so glad I have it saved now!!! Thank you Jonathan!

  8. khandiz Rodriguez

    this is the music we will play when ww3 comes

  9. Frederik Arildsen

    Any update on when it's coming to Spotify?

  10. Boston Lamb

    I prefer the original SASAGEYO

  11. Gabriel Fiore

    So, when will this be available on spotfy?

  12. doc38 pieuvre


  13. Anonymous Egg

    I listened to this song while taking a shit and it felt like I was slaying titans.

  14. iLxght

    petition to change this to the entire world's anthem

  15. Dane Gonzales

    Yeah!! MEN Rock On!!

  16. Jtcgreen Power Studios TV

    But seriously tho when’s this coming to iTunes 😂

  17. Hidden Art

    Try listening in 2x

    Jack Wood

    How about no

  18. Andrej Alenischew

    Attack on Titan is genius.

  19. Lobothomie1

    Lyrics and Sound is better than in Epica's Cover CD and I love that :3 :D \\ m //

  20. dharma engeler

    When will this be available on spotify

  21. Botticelli

    I think it would be better if it was "shinzou sasageyo " instead of give your heart for tomorrow

  22. Stephen Lofton

    [National-Socialism Intensifies]

  23. Bad Trigger

    2:28 they aren’t talking about paradis island, are they



  25. gamer33XD

    Cmon, make it available already 333:

  26. Aladin

    You did a really good job but its still not as epic as the original in japanese and german
    Edit:wait was this the one that had german??

  27. Timothy Vera

    How about a metal version of leiliana's song? Maybe it'll be interesting to hear dalish from a metal perspective, not bioware perspective

  28. ISeeNight

    Please do the 2nd ending "Great Escape" !

  29. Horn Hunter7

    Sooooo Jonathan when are you going to add this to Spotify?

  30. nEfaRiOuSdude

    Spotify Upload pleeaaase!!! 🙏

  31. Arania

    All we need now is Shoukei to shikabane no michi

  32. NiloxTheGamer NTG

    Now I am finally sing this song at the school show in English and not Japanese. Actually I'm gathering people to create a new Nation, it will be called UWA (United Walls of Asia)

  33. killakobra

    Is this on spotify

  34. The Scout Regiment

    What if paster Nick sang that🤔

  35. Justin 12O16E26

    If you happen to compare the lyrics of this song with the events of the current globalist agenda, it gives you the goosebumps.

  36. MelMel Hernandez

    This is by far one of my favorite covers for this song. Will it go on iTunes?

  37. Mika

    do the fifth opening for attack on titan pleaseee


    What the fuck I love you!!!! Thank you so much D:

  39. shu kurenai the ryuga fan boy

    Iam actually saluting a country and people who don't exist thanks John iam running around crying
    And btw
    "Shinzou wo sasageyo"

  40. Chase Green

    “I’d choke the devil with my own bare hands”
    If that doesn’t sound like the most bada** line in a song I don’t know what is

    Rémi Marchese

    the marseillaise is all around gruesome, badass and ruthless some example

    "shall (our enemies) impure blood water our furrows"

    talking to the personification of liberty:"shall your perishing enemies see your triumph and our glory"

    "tremble tyrants! and you perfidious,
    dishonor of all, tremble aswel!
    your parricidal project are to receive their prize!
    all are soldier to fight against you
    if our young heroes fall
    the earth will produce new ones
    all ready to fight against you"

    and in the song of partisans:

    here, everyone knows what he want, what he'll do when he dies
    Friend, if you fall, a friend will exit the shadows to take your place,
    tomorrow black blood will dry out in the sun on our roads
    Sing, comrades, in the night liberty listen to us

  41. JoeGR Cz

    I didn't know this opening was so full of hatred until now


    It's supposed to be like propaganda, or from Eren's perspective

  42. Shooting Star

    Jonathan Young, WHEN WILL YOU OFFER THIS ON ITUNES SO I CAN BUY THIS?? You’ve had the “coming soon” in your description for months now. And the one on iTunes right now is a very short version. I like the one in this video. So please, put this up so I can support my favourite artists and songs.

  43. Mono7

    Lyrics:I choked the devil with my own bare hands
    Levi be like:I killed a titan with my pinky finger

  44. Şahin yaşar

    We should make this national song

  45. MiTsuRiN

    Would love to hear him sing "Mukanjyo" from Vinland Saga! That'll be epic! The opening song is as awesome as the anime!

  46. Pol Puig Pérez

    Students studing exams in a nutshell

  47. Otaku 9971

    Plz do a cover of bungou stray dogs op 1, 2 and 3

  48. Hi Jack

    This, is the real stuff.

  49. Rogue_ Asami

    Nice job doing the Avengers Endgame opening.

  50. gerbil12able

    Yeah but when can we buy it

  51. Anarchy Forever

    "Apocalyptic Sound Of Bangs"


    (Manga SPOILERS)

    Sounds like the Rumbling. Heck, the whole song might be Eren's message to the Subject of Ymir in chapter 123.

  52. Blacksmith Andre

    This is pretty good, only just better than Epica's cover.

  53. SCG Sandiego

    Is this song still coming to Spotify?

  54. Joseph Bolino

    Yeesss thank youuu!!🖤🖤

  55. Joe West

    When is it coming to Amazon music?

  56. Gamer wolf87

    God I love this song so much

  57. Johnson kenneth

    But It would have been better with a video

  58. Johnson kenneth

    I love this cover

  59. Paul McAllister

    I would love for you to cover escanor theme from seven deadly sins!or an English version of the ending of the first season

  60. Prime [GD]

    who came here from aot btw i wanted sasageyo meme :( SASAGE A YO ;)

  61. Breach35Playz Official



  62. Ariane Josette Santos

    I love thisss!!!

  63. mincingoregon 8

    Please my dude do a cruel Angel's thesis
    I loved it as a child and still love it and would love to hear your version

  64. JaxMG

    OMG I just finished watching AoT Season 1-3 for the first time like a week ago and loved this opening song the best. Now I got this cover as a suggested video and it's amazing

  65. VoiceofGrima 117

    not to be that guy, but is there an ETA for when this drops on Spotify?

  66. Rafi Farrij

    I goosebumps

  67. Lorenzo De Stefano

    just discoeverd you, already willing to pay for those albums

  68. jordana309

    This is by far the best version of this song in existence, and it is now my go-to song when I am feeling down.

  69. GFran05

    Jiyuu no Tsubasa awaits your coverage.

  70. Mecha Neko

    "Scream, my soldiers! Rage, my soldiers!"

  71. Shooting Star

    Hey, Jonathan Young. You had the “coming soon” for a while for purchasing this song. When are you going to add the links?

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    Top ten anime moments

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    Utter greatness

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    Where is "Opfert eure Herzen" ?

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    I wonder, if you haven't already, do you think you make a cover of Heavy Day or Big Blast Sonic by Daisuke Ishiwatari?

    That would be epic

  78. TDMuck

    Not as bullshit of a wait compared to the wait for season 2.

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    Not sure if Jon will see this, but I'd love to hear a cover of Sangenshoku by Pelican Fanclub (aka Dr. Stone Season 2 opening)!

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    do dr stone ma dude

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    My house is literally shacking

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    My mans, when can we buy this

  83. Benschachar

    Seriously the audio quality is so shit. Did you have your mic working properly?

  84. Martina K

    I love this song❤❤

  85. RestlessOblivion

    The callback to the first OP in the end is "the win"

  86. Aritro Debnath

    bro what about the fmab op1

  87. Kizuna Hida Animeuniverse

    i think he may be able to make a cover of 'Rise' from (MADKID) and The Rising of the Shield hero

  88. x Tormento

    Omg I'm love with aot and this song ❤️❤️❤️

  89. nothanksDio 123

    i see the connection spends multiple years for season 2 takes multiple years for full cover

  90. BraveBull'S XenoVerse

    No one :

    Ervin : just another day for surveying corpse..


    My dad beating me: Just another say with ass

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    Oh. Shit.

  92. Lexi Crawford

    Can you cover Feed the Fire from King’s Game? That song would suit Your voice perfectly

  93. Zarah Geniva

    I love that you kept in “Sasageyo” this has probably been said but I want this engraved on my tomb

  94. JasoneisBored

    If the solos were taken out this would be the perfect cover

  95. Pengu

    Bro you need to make a over of attack on Titan opening #5

  96. Rampage Gaming

    Am i the only one that this song sounds like national anthem?

    Man of Salt

    Nah, sounds more like a revolution to me


    Man of Salt Try listening to Linked Horizon's Kakumei no Yoru Ni. Literally the entire song is about the revolution arc in SnK

  97. Jase Mercer

    Still waiting on the full release of this for purchase!

  98. BloodKills

    I love the cover, but I prefer these english lyrics personally

    The light has long since left our faces
    And humanity soon lost and wasted
    But when your every day is hell sent
    Can world become more cruel?!

    The earth, it shakes as death draws nearer
    And the sky, it bleeds as fear now drown us
    My god, the pain is never ending
    a nightmare wide awake

    Dawn and onto dusk the war is raging on
    Enemies surrounding, now´s the time to risk it all
    What´s the story we will tell, what will our eyes convey
    The crushing weight of all we love within our hands
    If there is a god above, is he with us or against us?
    Clinging into life, we must abandon this!
    Our time on earth, we cannot save it!

    We dedicate, we dedicate
    to those who've come before we dedicate
    Their sacrifice to save our lives
    we dare not let them die in vain

    we dedicate, we dedicate!
    The time has come, our hearts we dedicate
    The future isn´t certain
    Hold it fast, and never let it go!

  99. Avi Trivedi

    Me in minecraft when I am not sleeping to make phantoms appear.