Young, Jonathan - Restless Heart Lyrics

I got a fever
That I don't wanna shake
I'm seeing clearer
Now my heart will never break
It's like a speaker
Making noises that are keeping me awake

We gave our souls to feel this rhythm (hah!)
We hurt for harmony divine (ohh)
It's not a gift that we were given
Choosing to infect your heart like mine

There ain't no chemical to doctor, doctor me
Only capable of love if she got eyes that see
That I am suffering with a sickness in this art
Nobody, nothing that can fix this restless heart
Ahh, fix my restless heart

Wish I could see it
That smile I've never found
So I believe it
So I could get out of this town
My body needs it
That love and glory, fame and certain sounds (ohh)

Making love and making wishes
Alone we are a word without a rhyme (huh!)
Trade our conscience for some kisses
'Cause we know we're running out of time

There ain't no chemical to doctor, doctor me
Only capable of love if she got eyes that see
That I am suffering with a sickness in this art
Nobody, nothing that can fix this restless heart
Ahh, fix my restless heart

Nobody, nothing
Nobody, nothing
Nobody, nothing that can fix this restless heart

There ain't no chemical to doctor, doctor me
Only capable of love if she got eyes that see
That I am suffering with a sickness in this art
Nobody, nothing that can fix this restless heart
Ahh, you can't fix my restless heart
Ahh, nobody, nothing that can fix this restless heart

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Young, Jonathan Restless Heart Comments
  1. Carlyndra Draw

    This is beautiful.
    Something about it evokes an odd sense of nostalgia in me. Not the happy kind, the kind like when you hear a song from a different time in your life.
    Thank you for this.

  2. Lady Alfhildr of the Forest of Violet Mists

    Me, internally: Say something insightful and deep in response to this about the way it resonates with you... say something deep, like--
    Me, externally: Big mood.

  3. Susan Moran

    I like that beach. Best beaches are in the USA. And it's a really cool song.

  4. 武道館

    Yoo, this is so good.

    PS: As a San Diegan, I recognize all the place, SD represent!

  5. Ember Arashi

    4 years old (little more) and this song is STILL bringing in new people (like me) damn man you got a gift with that voice of yours!

  6. Meshelemiah Zangari

    Benn listening to your covers for a whie now, and the original siong is amazing!

  7. Яна Москалева

    У тебя лучший голос, лучше любого современного исполнителя. Приятный и притягательный. У тебя очень здорово получается творить, продолжай в том же духе =)

  8. Someone

    I regret not discovering your channel earlier. You are amazing. Your voice is incredible and this song? Perfection.

  9. gn.epyon Lass

    you know its good when the artist is physically dedicated to the music video and not just stuck in some studio

  10. Fendy Sumampow

    Man it's 2019 and still amazing

  11. SomeoneGotClever

    This. All of this. My whole chest aches.

  12. Kyle Giffin

    Didn’t know this song existed until today...the feels....the feels.... *fades to dust*

  13. Thunder Son 21


  14. Bethany Rahmoeller

    This is absolutely fantastic. I'm a little perturbed that this never 'auto' popped up for me to watch, your channel is literally on in the background for 9 hours a day. Definitely will be checking out the rest of your originals. <3

  15. Kristen Raines

    I listen to this song non stop sometimes. I know it’s about being like an artist but I do relate. Please keep making music like this 💕

  16. littlezgz

    beautiful songs gives a good look at your passion

  17. SelfWIP

    I wish I could hear another original song from you Jonathan-san. This one sounds so awesome TTuTT
    I've heard the others huahua AAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL so excellent xD I also checked the bandcamp link, it only shows restless heart? I'll check again later, it's already 2:36am
    I've been listening to your voice and music since last night x_- nightyyyyy

  18. Roxo

    I listen to this every day during school, it helps me keep on track and understand that my passion is worth all this bullshit

  19. Nick Allen

    As an artist, game artist not music that dream dies long ago, I can respect this and everything you do and stand for. Good job dude

  20. Elviah

    This is an absolutely beautiful song. I've always believed music to be much more expressive than just simple words, and this song conveys exactly what you described about it. I would love to hear more original music from you Jonathan! You are an incredibly talented artist, and when the lyrics/melodies come from YOU, the songs will resonate that much more with your listeners. Go for it :)

  21. Eva

    So heartfelt!

  22. Carlitos Gomes

    Like si vienes por eddie warbooy

  23. DigiBleach12

    Hey I don’t know if I’m the first in a while to comment on this but. This was very relatable and resonated with me. I have listened to your covers which all show your hard work as an artist and I can hear your improvements. You work very hard to make even cover songs your own and I think that stems from the fact that you love writing your own music. I hope you never stop writing because I think you are wonderful. Have a good day Jon. :3

  24. semjaavria

    I did not realize you had all these original songs before. Any chance of compiling them into a free download album? I think it would give these tracks more listens.

  25. Dandy

    Don't care how long ago you did this. I just need to say I love this. I read your comment and its both beautiful and sad. I respect your deep love and affection for music. Often people lose themselves in the magic that is music and though I've come to enjoy your passion, please try not to drown in it. Keep up the good work home skillet.

  26. Hampsterpig

    Just wanted to say thank you for making this song. When I was 7(?) I started writing little short stories and since then I haven't really stopped. Some of the lowest times in my life have been when I've not had the time to write and work on creating stories. Thank you for finding a way to properly put that feeling into words and sharing it with the world.
    Thank you for being you.

  27. Hyperdragon97

    Your original work is criminally underrated. Once I have enough of a regular income that I can regularly buy stuff I enjoy without sacrificing my ability to pay bills, I will buy every single one of your original songs.

    As for what you said about what being an artist means to you, I feel much the same way about my videos... except they're nowhere near as good as your music. My family, unfortunately, thinks that my addiction is to the games and technology that I use to create, rather than the act of creating. I wish I knew how to get the truth across to them in a way that they will accept, but that seems to be an impossibility.

    In any case, I love all of your work, ESPECIALLY the original songs, and I hope you are able to keep creating for a long, long time.

  28. נארוטו אוזומאקי

    Hi man.
    How about ding full English cover for the first opening f the anime major?

  29. Lisa Goetsch


  30. ScruffyLookingNerfherder

    Love, love LOVE!!! <3 More original music please!!!!

  31. Stevo Doe

    Am I the only one who is lured into the waves I don't know what it is but the ocean always calms me when I see. Perhaps because I grew up going to the ocean a lot as a kid, or my love of water. But, overall amazing video!

  32. Zachary Hawkins

    I came for the covers, and I stayed for the originals. Your stuff is absolutely AMAZING!

  33. Nate So Wow

    It's beautiful

  34. Black Bolt

    I love this and need more original songs because you are amazing!

  35. Yankı Yıldız

    Finally a good pop song with strong and rich baritone voice..

  36. Shnobbs Studios

    This would work for Kingdom Hearts.

  37. Schreckenswolf

    Please more original Songs, my heart is melting o.o greetings from Germany

  38. Raita Tsukiko

    You should make more originals :3

  39. Cyril of the Holy Family

    The music sounds like an advertisement!!!lol!    I'm kidding ; I JUST love it!!!!!!   ^_^

  40. xx xx

    Everything you do is amazing! I just recently stumbled on your originals, and I'm more in love than I was before!

  41. Paola Rivera

    Your original music is amazing!!

  42. MII2o90

    love this song!

  43. OG Hippie

    Holy fuck dude, this is amazing.

  44. AceStuckinLimbo

    I love your original music! Good work! I hope you keep it up along with your covers!

  45. Danielle Wright

    I finally got my tattoo of a lyric from this song in the spring! "We hurt for harmony divine" on my ribs!

  46. Gohan D. Geo Geo

    Wow, the more I listen to this gem the more it grows on me. Really beautiful and heartwarming. Please, PLEASE, release more original work! Everything you do is amazing, but your originals are so... original and extra excellent.


    1:41 Chula Vista!? I used to live there!! xDD

  48. MoonPrincess92

    I love this! I bought it. My first iTunes purchase of one of your songs.

  49. Daga Sta

    **slowly adding this to my 1038 playlists...... :D**

  50. Kieran Price

    Hey Jonathan. I'm one of your youngsters. while listening to this song I wrote the first song i will ever put on to utube. It's my last attempt to get back something I lost because I didn't think I had it. It's called. My last request. when I get it on to YouTube will you judge one of your fans songs?

  51. Jordy Johnson

    Jon I love this song, I can fell what put into it. Keep it up pal.

  52. Clara J


  53. CreatorOblivion

    your top post hit a big chord with me, but for me it isn't it's animation.
    I'm so happy to have read that. It's not just me.
    Thank you for doing what you do. looking forward to more originals.

  54. Miguel García

    Great job, Jon! I subscribed to your channel 2 years ago (more or less) when this song was released, but did not commented until I listened to your originals again last night, now I think I can appreciate this piece (and the other) better than before. You've grown so much, and I'm glad to be one of your subscribers. Keep working, man. Greetings from Spain.

    P.S: Travis and you inspired my to start making content, i'm thankful to both of you more than what you could think.

  55. J Klyne

    I hope I see so much more of you. Your music is amazing.

  56. Diego Corna

    best song ever.

  57. Spenser Sowards

    This is easily my favorite strong of yours.

  58. Keith Kohn

    i really like this song. Its just my style.

  59. sarcastic twat

    I can't stop listening to this song. The lyrics are unbelievably beautiful, and they hit so close to home.
    I am in love with everything in this piece. It reminds me that everything is possible and just to keep going.

    So... before I get all sentimental. Thank you.

  60. die

    Damn dude I just found this! You should totally make more original stuff, this is amazing!!

  61. Shady Charlotte

    Make more originals man. This is great!

  62. YakiLeon22

    I love you man, for all your amazings songs and for putting the lyrics in the description XD I had to say it.
    Just a great "keep doing magic" from Spain :)

  63. jackass123491

    At 2:00 was that when you guys shot the Q&A?

  64. jackass123491

    Awesome song, awesome video

  65. Gisela Campos

    I adore this song so much 😍😍😍😍

  66. Ravioli Ravioli Whats in the Pocketoli

    never stop singing and writing songs please

  67. Bomboozled

    I just realized: does anyone else get a Rob Thomas vibe from this?

  68. Mat Barn

    First time I heard this song I thought it was another cover. I completely believed that it was a hit song from a few years ago that I had never encountered since I only listen to 80s radio. Way to go man!

  69. Ben Ackerman

    Your covers are absolutely epic man, but this, this is right on par! Keep doing what you're doing!!

  70. DandyGuy

    This song made me want to do something more with my life. After watching this and the video itself, i realized that I havent done much with my life...I commend you for all the work that you've put into your music and how your music is what a lot of the people in the music world are missing. I've wished for awhile that I could sing, that I could make music worth listening to, you've inspired me to try. I know I wont be a name someone will ever know, even if its just in my room for only me to ever hear, I've been trying and trying to get better. I wish one day I can sing as good as you, I sing every single day to try to get better. Amazing song moral of the story, makes me feel something more than just music. Thank you for all the music you've put out and continue to do. Keep it up man, I'm rooting for you to get a record deal.

  71. MII2o90

    cool dude

  72. Breanna Lechten-Mason

    This has very quickly become one of my favorite songs. I get it stuck in my head so much that I have to listen to it daily :)

  73. Jennifer Rasmussen

    Whatever everyone else say, or mey be thinking, do not ever let anyone kill that flame in you.
    Your are so talented, and as long it what you love, and feel passionate about you should go after your dreams.

    This song is really really god

  74. Joel Senpai

    would love to hear more of your own material

  75. I_M_3rd

    top 5 most inspirating bands?

  76. Morgane Maignien

    want more of your songs

  77. Ashdon P

    im jelly bro, your sound is what i aspire to sound like, keep rockin dude!

  78. 武道館

    Woo, San Diego represent! Recognized it the first 15 second of the video.

  79. Pluton 010

    Nice song. It's very, very, very, cool

  80. Jesse Wohlberg

    dude i just posted on your other original song back in 2014(yes you're that good that I'm watching all you're videos) and i just wanted to say that you're a really good songwriter, i just wish that other people would see this too

  81. Maik Exes

    I like this song. it's let mee feel peacefully. but you have right John . original music takes more time and pays more less than covers. :(

  82. Tigatron08

    Wow. Just wow. This is ART! Keep creating sir.

  83. christa

    it's also a big comfort right now...I had a bad day, like horrendous...I can never speak to my sister the same way again...

  84. christa

    this song speaks to me on a very deep level. I don't instruments or sing, but I draw, sometimes paint and write like crazy. I sometimes get angry glares from people who find out I'm an artist in my town and I have a hard time getting things to work out right...

  85. Detective Otaku 1412

    Amazing song! Can't wait to hear more originals!

  86. ACphoto13

    +Jonathan Young
    Thank you for getting IT. Reading your words and listening to this song, it's like a kindred spirit talking to me. Showing me that there is a lot more people out there that understand the feelings of creation than I realize. Making it a less lonely world within my feelings. Thank you for what you do and sharing it with the world.

  87. Enna

    In addition to all the great cover you have made, which are really amazing(!) This song touched my heart.
    You are a great guy and you work really hard for your dreams. You can do it! =)

  88. FocusLock

    I was excited because I thought he did a cover of Restless Heart by Mat Kearney.

  89. Eddie Warboy

    you are an awesome musician and deserve millions of views! keep doing this awesome job! :3

    Benjamin Valenzuela

    +Eddie Warboy Eddie soy suh :v

  90. Kieran Murphy

    DUUUUUUUUUUDE! You are actually awesome. Started off just listening to your Disney covers to which my reaction was " This is awesome" then i heard your cover of pop songs to which my reaction was " man this guy is really really good I'm sending these to my friends" then out of the blue i see this your own songs to which my reaction is " HOLY SHIT this guy is amazing" True talent man keep it up. If you ever come to Ireland I'll be the first one there :D

  91. Seth Lopez

    Do more originals. This was amazing.

  92. Zac Hore

    Holy shit dude. I know exactly where you're coming from with this. As a fellow musician I feel the exact same thing. Great stuff, please keep it up.

  93. Camille Lara

    This is by far my fave orig song by you 😏

    And also, I like it when you film your vids outside. I mean, the stuff you do in front of that black curtain thing at home is also badass, but I think going out makes the video more special and cooler huehuehuehue

  94. Frank Selgeby

    hey Jon I have a business proposition for you for the music writing scene pm me on Facebook Frankie selgeby

  95. oliverrocks158

    It makes me terribly angry to see that this hasn't gotten more views. I know it doesn't pay the bills and there aren't a lot that would listen, but I would buy a shit ton of original cds from you if you made more Jon <3

  96. Amanda Labovitz

    everything about this is beautiful, and I'm sorry for not seeing this sooner.

  97. Ben Atkin Art

    This is my favorite song from you, and it's no surprise that it's original!! I am inspired now. Keep it up; I can't wait for future original stuff!