Young, Jonathan - Polaris Lyrics

[Jonathan Young:]
Made a promise you would always be safe
Just know my heart can still remember that day

If I could give up everything to save a life right now
Then know that I'd be saving every moment
And in every moment I have realized
I'd give it all away and I am glad, I'm glad to know it

I won't hide behind my scars or my despair
I will wield them like weapons now
Yeah, this is how I'm living out my life!

Push aside all these tears and be the best I can be!
Just as long as I know you won't give up on me
At the end of the day, I'd give you everything
Made a promise you would always be safe
Just know my heart can still remember that day

[Caleb Hyles:]
You never know if your light's about to leave
You can't just wait

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Young, Jonathan Polaris Comments
  1. Nick Raph

    Dont feel like living anymore

  2. Paavo Urpilainen

    God dam you are good! Like always. <3

  3. Harry C-P

    Total awesome academia

  4. Karthe

    How is Jon Young still not dong official English covers but we have those shitty English covers like for DBS?

  5. Mettakirito1399

    When is full ver.?

  6. 1 Destro

    You just can’t stop to surprise me, ya know

  7. Alyssa St.Thomas

    Me:NICE! Op 6 cover!

    Also me:So....Demon Slayer anyone????

  8. Edward Che

    Ummm. Not complaining anything but I think your video quality and style is changing a bit.

  9. shury

    OH MY GOD! this is amazing! UHUUUUUUUUUU

  10. fuck boi

    so good , i need the full cover

  11. nsun. t

    Great as always! Could u please do a cover of Gurenge from Kimetsu no Yaiba?😍

  12. pType18

    Great work!!!

  13. Peppa Pog

    Psssst, everyone. The full version is already on spotify

  14. Trini Flux

    This was on spotify before he posted it here.

  15. ghost

    Do fire force plz

  16. Vision

    PLEASE JONATHAN DO ROB THE FRONTIER BY UVERworld, Your version would be so freaking good!!

  17. Ellie Adkinson


  18. Marco Antônio Borges Benedetti Gallo

    Ficou foda (portuguese)!!!
    It’s awesome!!!

  19. TheRPGamer

    It’d be awesome if he could cover Vinland saga’s op 1

  20. Just the [whatever is my profile pic is]

    Can you do “liberate me from hell” by gurren lagann cause it like a strange craving right now

  21. Adam Anderson

    Can you do the Dragon Ball Z kai opening theme “Dragon Soul” pls?

  22. Pollia Aliro

    That's impressive! I will always love your covers, maybe no one can do anime covers better than you :00
    But I have watched "Frozen 2", so I would glad to hear and see a new one Disney cover "Into the Unknown"... if you still make them :,)



  24. J Smooth

    Hey I have song suggestion teen spirit by nirvana

  25. FaItH lEsS

    Pls do the ending song.... Sayuri four season <3

  26. Beeeaaans s

    You’ll make a great cover of show yourself from frozen

  27. Mewtwo TGM

    When your going to jojo 6 opening

  28. BrightBeyondDarkness

    Omg, i just dreamt about Jonathan doing that OP and now here it is. Legend!


    My man!

  29. Einar Blood-Axe

    Honestly, I think you should do a Deftones cover. Hole In The Earth maybe, or Diamond Eyes. I would really love to hear you sing one of those. Thanks if you consider it!

  30. Daniel Nowka

    Black Veil Brides - Knives and Pens

  31. Player Otaku

    Hi, you are really very good, I can't wait to hear your version of Blizzard: Daichi Miura

  32. undermite

    Should shave your beard if u hit 2mil subs lol

  33. Oblivious Arts

    I just started My Hero and I'm not even watching it. I'm reading the manga, so everytime I see one of these covers I feel like I'm missing out

  34. Andreas Thiemke

    I swear this channel has become a documentary on Caleb and jons hair.

  35. Gael Bwelesi

    Do vinland saga mukanjyo

  36. ricardo wekema

    would be cool if you did untraveled road by thousand foot krutch

  37. ShadowDragon

    You still haven't done a very epic Song imo. Can You pls do "before mit body is dry" from kill la kill?

  38. Dranicar

    Mighty Ducks Animated Series opening theme song. Just a suggestion...

  39. amokhun TAM

    It’s awesome!!!!! Jonathan, gurenge cover please!!

  40. Crimson Owl


  41. Alexander Yeshua

    dude, cover a song for steel panther song... XD

  42. Casa do Tenista

    How about Gigi D'agostino - L'amour Toujours? (Fly with you)

  43. Henrique C.L.

    Loved, watched more than once, you have to do the full version

  44. videokai

    This song along with the animation makes me want to cry each time

  45. Jacob Tooley

    What about a Bullet for My Valentine song I'll be awesome to hear you singing that

  46. bigben7509

    You have such great vocals. Could you do Warriors by Imagine Dragons? I think you would rock the crap out of that song! Keep up the awesome work Jonathan!

  47. Goblin Slayer

    So when are you going do the Vinland saga op?

  48. Forever Undying

    Why does funimation not hire you?

  49. StrangeHappenings

    Please consider doing an English version on Beastars Wild Side

    It's an amazing song and needs to be sung by your magical lungs!

  50. NEXT Gaming

    Hi Jonathan when is full version going to release I am eagerly waiting for your song just give date if you can no rush

  51. Azarath's SKY

    Make a cover of "Alones - Aqua Timez" a Bleach opening ^^

  52. Laura Newton

    Please could you do a cover of bleach, number one! You'd make it sound incredible! :)

  53. Ozan yılmaz

    Do katharsis

  54. Damien Sheets

    Jonathan: push aside all these fears and be the best I can be
    Google captions: Horses

    Dany Marcelo


  55. Jarkko Sundqvist

    Do Cascada - Bad boy or Lisa - Gurenge, with heavy distortion singing of course. Would be awesome

  56. Reiji227

    Hey, can you do the english cover of "Rise" by Madkid.
    It's the opening of "The Rise of the Shield Hero".

  57. Blast Geyser

    Holy shiiiiiiiit

  58. Lokal Legend

    Pleases do maday by coldrain from fire force

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    Oh? Oh God? Do a cover of Mukanjyo by Survive Said The Prophet. It’s the theme song for Vinland Saga AND it’s already a metal song. Right up your alley.

  60. FreshDuckMeat

    Okay you have to do the real folk blues soon

  61. Arthur Tellezgiron

    awesome cover JoYo

  62. Anthony Thomas

    Jonathan Young/Caleb Hyles
    Hero Name: Vocal Duo
    Quirk: Duet Singing = These two can sing their voices together and makes their Villains enjoy their songs

  63. Anthony Thomas

    That was amazing, Jonathan and Caleb!!
    Well done!😎👍

  64. Baby Retr0

    Sing Wild side by ALI please, i love you covers :D

  65. Gugui 2017412

    That was a great cover! can you make a cover for Naruto op 6, Sign?

  66. Saxicus

    Don't make things that you don't wanna make. Do what keeps you happy. We can't lose a legend like you ;-;

  67. Really Random


  68. Jak Dexter

    Awesome man! Now I think I know what the people want...

    We Are! The First and Best of the One Piece intros.

  69. Epic Gamer Sans

    Normally I dont like english covers, but this is just amazing

  70. tavy ionut


  71. Captain Rick

    As someone who was impatient enough to read the manga ahead, I can't wait to see the TV adaptation.

  72. Joseph Ferrara

    Thank you for another phenomenal cover.

  73. Breach35Playz Official

    Ive been waiting finally

  74. Nameless Nameless

    I'd love to see you do a cover of Mr Grinch.

  75. weismeister121

    dude, do Fight! Kemoner Mask from Hataage! Kemono Michi next...i dare you

  76. Senzu Bean

    Really snuck in the Hyles at the end -__- get outta there please

  77. Vinicius Thor

    Play/Sing L'amour Tejours from Gigi D'Agostino!!!!!!

    Casa do Tenista


  78. Studio 8

    Good job on your cover very unique

  79. TheSpeedDeamon

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  80. Julia Gietema

    Random comment: i thought Jonathan was British when i listened to one of his covers for the first time 😂

  81. JJtrain 1601

    Right, I’m here to request a theme song to make a cover for, I’m requesting making a cover for the 2nd Season of the Seven Deadly Sins, I personally really enjoy the anime and would literally cry tears of happiness to hear a cover of it made by you!

  82. Inza Awesome

    To Jonathan Young: All your Music is awsome and i just whanted to ask if you have ever considered doing a cover on the first opening of the Anime Full metal alchemist? I would love to hear it. <3 (hope U dont mind me asking)

  83. Martin Doocey

    Caleb coming outta left field

  84. Shadow Assasin

    Please make a cover of Gurenge-Lisa (Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon Slayer Op 1)

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    Finally I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. A.k.a. about three months

  86. Kashia Monteith

    Thank you for granting us an early Christmas present! <3

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    Its too good to see that the Drummer, guitarist and singer are all triplets with incredible talent

  88. Maha

    Please do I won’t say I’m in love. Anyways you like

  89. Nickolas D. Wolfwood

    Not a huge fan of the anime but i have to admit that the openings are great

  90. Blue Sky

    Please cover Gurenge by:Lisa rock version

  91. Ship Master

    Cant wait for you both to do the full version, this was just great

  92. Justin

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