Young, Jonathan - Only Singing Bass Lyrics

Because you know I'm only singing bass, singing bass, no treble
I'm only singing bass, singing bass, no treble
So I'll be singing bass, singing bass, no treble
I'm only singing bass, singing bass

Yeah, it's pretty clear, I ain't no tenor 2
But I can hit those notes like I'm supposed to do
I got that deep sound that all the girls chase
And my chocolatey voice really tickles their place
I hear your vocal runs with tons of auto-tune
We know that shit ain't real, hell, I can do it too
'Cause if you're a baritone just turn it up
'Cause your vocal range is perfect in the bottom, not the top

Yeah, my daddy he told me don't worry about your voice
Because the ladies, they won't pick a tenor if they have a choice
And I won't be no cleanshaven Bieber pop-star doll (nope)
So girl, if that's what you're into then go ahead and move along

Because you know I'm only singing bass, singing bass, no treble
I'm only singing bass, singing bass, no treble
This is what the song sounds like with no treble
I'm only singing bass, singing bass

I'm bringing bari back
Go ahead and tell those tenor bitches that
They were laughing when our voice cracked
But now they're all a little angry that their voices never dropped

And my daddy he told me don't worry about your voice
It's genetically lower, I'm sorry you don't have a choice
And I know that I struggle full-voicing a fourth octave G
But I've got a much lower voice than your boyfriend and that's fine with me

Because you know I'm only singing bass, singing bass, no treble
I'm only singing bass, singing bass, no treble
So I'll be singing bass, singing bass, no treble
I'm only singing bass, singing bass
Because you know I'm only singing bass, singing bass, no treble
I'm only singing bass, singing bass, no treble
So I'll be singing bass, singing bass, no treble
I'm only singing bass, singing bass

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Young, Jonathan Only Singing Bass Comments
  1. Heather Randall

    I love this! It makes me happy because the lyrics are fun and tenors need some love too. Soprano and tanners are pretty and nice, but stop hogging the spot light let us altos and bass get some attention once in a while.

  2. JamesH69

    Should’ve used subharmonics

  3. New Person Productions

    You should make "a basso profundo am I" metal cover)))))

  4. Lilli

    Plz do this with avi caplan

  5. asdfgzxcn

    Don't worry, you're a baritone who's trying very hard to sing bass. If you work so well actually, it is very comfortable for you to sing tenor. Besides next time, please try to make your video a little more funny. But not as the way you're trying to sing bass, because it ain't work.

  6. Meika Jorgensen


  7. Logan Damm

    So like if my lowest note is an F2 and my highest is a G4 what am I?(that’s without falsetto)


    Then you're a Baritone.

    Logan Damm

    STVNIX Thank you! I’ve been unsure about that for a while I thought I was a tenor 😂

  8. BALANCE 444

    Your dad looks sooooo cute!!! xD

  9. Yugilover1

    XD this is funny because Straight no chaser sang this song but they called it "singing only bass no tenors"

  10. Andrea Abernathy

    ROTFLMAO! So funny! 😂😂😂

  11. Quinton Craig

    Ah, this brings back memories.

  12. Alexander Abdalla

    Wow this makes me happy that I've got a deep Bass voice at 16 1/2 Range of E2, sometimes D2 up to D4. I suck at the high notes though.

  13. Anja Piek

    LOVE IT!!

  14. sasith Jayakody

    😎 cool

  15. Franvina Sos

    Naka somboedi fak yu meen, internet sucks! Struggling to type. Im have vin g a sf5t4ooukgey

  16. Niels Niemeijer

    With the beanie on he looks a lot like Avi kaplan

  17. Rachel Barnes

    omg my daughter loves the original. she's gonna get a good laugh outta this. this is good!

  18. Boundary

    High school choir in a nutshell

  19. Elizabeth Belford

    I'm lower than alto. Ahh low female voices where are you?

  20. Nat Elliott-Ross

    Lyrical Tenor here and I have literally never laughed so much in the whole of my life! Having recently just lost my mama, this is just what I needed. Thank you Jonathan 😀👍🏻👏🏻

  21. Gary Ormond

    Nice to hear a proper low voice for a change. Mine just keeps getting lower. Lol

  22. Deus Ex Machina

    I wanna learn soooooo badly.
    Well, back to singing till I lose my voice again.
    Jk, I stop when it starts feeling sore.
    Rip me

  23. Someone

    Your expressions during this give me life.
    Also, at 2:11 I instinctively held my breath up until you finished singing 'meeeee' and I just about turned blue lol. I'm impressed you held it for so long.

  24. Alyssa Baney

    2:41 I literally started wheezing.

  25. Some one

    Why isn’t this available in the US anymore 😭😭

    Alyssa Baney

    Some one what to you mean? I'm literally watching it right now.

  26. Tamás Gál

    That is MY SONG!!!

  27. ethan mcclelland

    OUCH! Tenors all around the world are crying.

  28. Inami

    I love how goofy this video is 😂😂

  29. Sarah Meacheam

    😳☺😊 chocolaty voice blush!!

  30. Ariana Clements

    That made me laugh especially when you were doing the deep "meee" part. The eyes crossing for some reason, never ceases to amuse/entertain me.

  31. Nerwik

    Why its not on spotify? it was previously

  32. nicchan

    i'm a tenor... girl.
    sometimes i don't even sound like one.

  33. Jayps

    All the shade against tenors tho... haha although I must admit as a choir kid Ive always wanted to grow up a bass. Ended up a tenor. haha

  34. Bálint F.D.

    2:00 o you too? My voice only goes to F#4😭

  35. Aly B

    Why are you so adorable Lol.

  36. Monika Šega

    2:29 get urself a man like this

  37. the parodying fangirl

    Most girls don’t have a choice to sing high though lol

  38. Tem-sama

    Weird watching back at Jon's old vids

  39. Nessixify

    DUDE! This is hilarious! And sexy! I love it. :D

  40. Kurtis Deakin

    god i want a voice that low. I play bass lol

  41. Daniel Szmerek

    that's my bass boy

  42. Bo Branche

    I feel attacked and I cannot even sing :(

  43. Jean Topaz

    Gosh, ure so funny

  44. hafiz

    Bass singer♥️ like ma voice

  45. SelfWIP

    Lol you look cute together with your dad. XD Funny and awesome song. Thanks for this huahua

  46. Paulo Emmanuel

    Maaaan, so goood, amazing

  47. Daniel Hmedeh

    I was chosen as a Bass singer in my choir and at first I was salty cz i wanted to sing higher, but now that shit hyped me up😂🔥

  48. Aravis Královská

    I dunno Why, but I find Jonathan in this video extremely attractive xD i guess I’m into the craziness :D

  49. Ryan Bone

    This isnt that low

  50. Tone_y

    Jonathan Young (or anyone else), where can i find/ learn acapella bass technique, sounds, practice, riffs, etc? Can't find much online. I'd appreciate any help. Thx

  51. Arie de Koning

    Hihi sing bass ✨🔥

  52. Анна Сулым

    Omg! I just found it yesterday! I wish it was more songs like this!) love it!

  53. 1000 Subs, No Videos Challenge

    As a female, I can confirm that my place is thoroughly tickled.


    Lol same

  54. AD Queen

    The best mucis vid ever

  55. cat master

    I sing bass

  56. Classandra Ladon

    2:39 That smile though 😁😂

  57. Aleksandar Ivano

    The deeper the bass, the deeper it goes

  58. Michelle Rose D'Angelo


  59. sjdjxxi nxnjdksk

    fuck off effeminate sounding countertenors bleh

  60. sjdjxxi nxnjdksk

    im a lyric baritone -bass... this video is a gem... high notes are not everything in singing

  61. Feliztv 93

    I'm proud of being a bass!

  62. Der tolleFool s

    I love it this is now my favorite parody

  63. Francis

    i sang 2nd soprano until 9th grade and now im tenor, major oof

  64. Silvia C.

    What note is he reaching in this song? 😍

  65. Reagan Hill


  66. Gravez Hickey

    Yea still love it lol

  67. Kiwi Kudos

    "It's genetically lower, I'm sorry you don't have a choice." 😂

    Kaelan McAlpine

    Must explain why I'm a tenor 1. Everyone has high voice syndrome in my family...except for my dad I guess.

  68. アイドル トラッシュ

    Trebles are so overrated anyway. :P

  69. Stephanie W

    Oh lordy you're so stickin precious and cute

  70. Olivia Aguila-Perez

    "dedicated to my beloved tenor friends, it must be hard not having any chest hair" JONATHAN I CAN'T

  71. clashpaper

    I have a crush on Jonathan Young

  72. Anna Judelson

    As a girl with a low voice I was really pleased) It's amazing to have something in common with such a cool guy and a singer

  73. Starkdravenanthony9491 Bloodonthehorizon23

    Hahahaha best parody ever

  74. OmegA's Gaming Channel #SaveTheOA

    "The ladies they won't pick a tenor if they have a choice" - Tell that to Claudio Sanchez. Dude's got the range but tends to spend his time in the tenor-to-soprano (well, sopranist aka 'male soprano') area, and dude would get the ladies if he tried (which he presumably doesn't, because he's married, and since a lot of his songs, if you strip away the imagery of the Amory Wars setting, tend to be about or heavily feature anger at unfaithfulness, and even without that, he strikes me as the faithful sort), and as mentioned in the parenthetical bit, he's married.

    Head of a thousand sheep's wool

    Omega's Gaming Channel Well, someone's insecure about their small vocal range.

  75. G3 Overload

    This is amazing!! I am a bass 2 and g above middle c is a no go f is on a good day. It's sad that there aren't that many stage parts for basses :(

  76. Victor Ferraro

    Lol... still not low enough for a song about bass...

  77. ダイエット水

    Apparently one of my instructors in choir said I have a very large range. He had to ask me which voice part *I* wanted to sing.

  78. Ben Crownover

    Did I just find my new favorite song how am I only now finding this

  79. Ghibli Jilli

    As a girl with a deep voice, I approve!

    1:31 Who else wants a cover of Bringing Sexy Back now?


    Yes please

  80. n i c c

    I can relate to this

  81. Ancymon Matiego

    "Meeeeeeeeee" hahahahah😂😂😂 i can't... xDDDDD

  82. Lady Sara Noir

    Tbh I love a good baritone <3

  83. Michelle Jung

    I said before and i'll say it again.
    Jon you wonderful and glorious person.

  84. 1000 Subs, No Videos Challenge

    0:27 to 0:34're not wrong.

  85. chris chandler

    went feom this to the attack on titan theme

  86. Loki Drummonret

    Still so great even 4 years later xD

    Singing bass still the best x)

  87. Leyla Gonzalez

    i bet he was bored

  88. Weylles

    Thats my song!

  89. Kenneth Geisert

    Not trying to burst anyone’s bubble but from this video alone, it doesn’t show that he’s a true base. He could be a baritone. A true bass can usually go around in the octave of C1, but his lowest (“Meeeeeeee”) was only a F2, which is not considered incredibly low for a bass.

  90. aries

    Avi kaplan needs to watch this

  91. Nate Butler

    A want to be meme

  92. Rava Show

    1300 tenors

  93. Dermacrosis

    According to a couple of my friends not just the girls. :-)

  94. Lena Scheibe

    This is awesome! And so true... I'm melting away when I hear a bass singing :D

  95. ellie

    Tbh id rather date a soprano guy 😂

  96. Martin K.

    Seriously though. Who even likes those ball-less auto tune bitches? Love your voice!

    Head of a thousand sheep's wool

    Martin K. I personally don't care, I wouldn't judge a guy for his voice, but deep voices are nice.