Young, Jonathan - Limit Break X Survivor Lyrics

(Hey hey hey!)
(Hey hey hey!)

Up to outer space, I will go
Latest trend, to go with the flow
Holding it in my own hand, then
I want to laugh like I lost my mind
Usually confused all the time
I can't get no satisfaction

(Hey hey!) Inactivity
(Hey hey!) Sitting heavily like
Stones upon my shoulders
Weighing down on me (Let's fly high!)
(Hey hey!) So let's spread our wings
(Hey hey!) To big and better things
Flying to another world, let's go!

When every door is locked away
With every possibility
Okay, okay - Just another day
I'll break the wall that's in my way
I'm shootin' past that limit break
I'm shoutin' "This is just a piece of cake!"
Just wait and see how strong I'll be
I'll reach invincibility
This is Dragon Ball Super
Just tell the gods I'm blowin' them away

I am feeling perfect today
Clear blue skies are right here to stay
All your dreams will come your way now
Final battle, don't run and hide
Smash them, crash them, throw them aside
I can't get more satisfaction

(Hey hey!) If you just believe
(Hey hey!) Cup your hands and see
Twirling blue Kamehameha energy! (Let's fly high!)
(Hey hey!) Now you must destroy
(Hey hey!) Sadness with your joy
I know you are a warrior like me!

I've still got some chips to play
I'll live to fight another day
A hundred times, I will survive
And take the danger in my stride
I'm shootin' past that limit break
I'm shoutin' "This is just a piece of cake!"
Just wait and see how strong I'll be
I'll reach invincibility
This is Dragon Ball Super
Just tell the gods I'm blowin' them away

When every door is locked away
With every possibility
Okay, okay - Just another day
I'll break the wall that's in my way
I'm shootin' past that limit break
I'm shoutin' "This is just a piece of cake!"
Just wait and see how strong I'll be
I'll reach invincibility
This is Dragon Ball Super
D-D-D-D-Dragon Ball Super
This is Dragon Ball Super
Just tell the gods I'm blowin' them away

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Young, Jonathan Limit Break X Survivor Comments
  1. Roven The Arisen

    I can't get enough of this cover. It's hopeful, inspiring and hype all at the same time.

  2. Markus Schramm


  3. harden dayzie

    This my workout song for now

  4. Josh LeSage

    So this is the power of remix

  5. MikeJK

    Just won a huge ass battle thanks for the adrenaline rush

  6. Andre C. Russell

    This was dope

  7. FuryXHD PC

    This had a bit of metal/roughness to it, the one in the eng dub intro feels a bit too soft compared to this.
    Personally i like this a lot more, it gives the epic battle pump

  8. Shameful Display

    Everytime i watch this on my phone, and my internet goes super fast!

  9. Yourson Isold

    This is better than any other cover AND the original!

    Son Nishi

    I personally like this version and the official english dub evenly.

  10. Alex Knox

    Dude you FUCKING ROCK!!! Ultimate Battle cover please homie! That's all you. Official opening is nothing comparing. Keep it up bro!!!!

  11. Thomas Galbraith

    I think you'd do really well with Dragon Soul

  12. Xyz 123

    You should cover Ultimate Battle “Ka Ka Kachi Daze” next

  13. Filip

    Ah yes. This is my favourite scooby doo song

  14. AssassinsCAM

    Why is this not on Spotify???? 😭😭😭


    Update I found it.... apparently I wasn’t looking through every playlist

  15. Pøséìdøñ Gaming

    Slam Dunk Metal Cover please?

  16. Matthew Entrekin

    I swear I hear Vegeta singing this at some points

  17. Unknown Guy

    0:00-4:20 the best part of song

  18. Juni Chrisman

    Owyeah.. I feel the energy entering my body

  19. That Mohawked cosplayer

    greatest Scooby doo theme

    check the description

  20. Lady Whatever

    Damn...I think I like that

  21. Edward Che

    I love Japanese but Jonathan's dub makes me fall in love with the English lyrics

  22. ふわみゅーChannel


  23. Bewok Bernabéu

    Keren!!! Berenergi

  24. Soy TheJHS


  25. SuperSilver759

    How is this almost at 7 mil view but my man JoYo doesn't have over 2 mil subs 😡😡 SUBSCRIBE PEOPLE

  26. William Hollingworth

    Just bought my favorite 3 jams by you on iTunes, you’re awesome thank you for the content!

  27. Alan and Aileen Archundia

    When your Phone is going to fall in the toilet but you catch it

    Is this the power of Ultra instinct

  28. Jacob Jackson

    Jonathan, you have an understanding of music that I truly envy.

  29. Matter Lisa

    When you wake up before your alarm...


  30. シブサチャンネル

    beautiful cool!

  31. Zaynab Rahman

    Honestly I got goosebumps when he started

  32. christian rendi kapella

    This is cool the music iyeaa

  33. Mecha Robots

    This should of been used over nates version

  34. Earl & Rachel Jenkins

    Jonathan shouted enough in this song to go super saiyen

  35. Elizabeth Jaques

    Do blizzard next from dragon ball super broly

  36. LilAngel

    So beautiful 💕

  37. TheRX1982

    Should have gone with you to sing theme Nate wants to battle sounds shit.

  38. vanmarie yagami

    What a great song. I love this version

  39. Chronyyx 5

    This should have been the intro....

  40. Michael Malone

    Hope you know in the second verse its not "let's fly high" it's "let's make it"

  41. LizzyCat 1011

    I love your voice and your so good at guitar! Btw dragon ball super is my favourite! 😊

  42. Joseph Menard

    Do Ultimate Battle!

  43. Epichris 801

    Home boi this is good

  44. Vektoss


  45. Ramsept Lagunes-diaz

    when i listen to this i go ultra instinct automaticially in my video games like thx jonathan young

  46. James II Taylor


  47. Spike4201

    So...did I miss this a different version from the one they used for the English dub??
    I don't remember those lyrics being in the opening

  48. Lawrence Hayes

    You're a legend brother thank you, this is the only extended English version I could find and I'll tell you I'm so not disappointed 🤘

  49. 2 subs with no videos

    That... was... EPIC!

  50. KING MG


  51. hege johnsen

    Very good song. I REALLY LIKED IT!!!.

  52. TheNikolaYo

    Dont mind me,am just taking my dose of epicnes for today.

  53. Cameron Saplad

    I think I like it better than the Japanese original....

  54. Kishor kumar

    Niceeee brother

  55. Lygon Fire

    Please do Battle of gods Hero

  56. Tyrannus

    The original English dub felt more boy bandy if that makes sense, I think the reason this sounds better is because of the vocal, echo combinations.

  57. Oreo Kitten

    I love your cover, I played it over 10 times in a row

  58. Matt O

    1.4K dislikes from those who thought GT was better than Super.

  59. Sith Gaming

    Idk If you’ll see this but I’m watching this show rn and the ending theme it really sounds like your singing the ending it’s so confusing so I had to confirm for myself

  60. shadowmare

    Anyone know what key this is in?

  61. Momba121505

    They missed a big opportunity with ultimate battle. They really should’ve hired you and this is also one of the only good limit break dubs keep up the good work man!

  62. julienmcll

    Better than the actual dub in my opinion

  63. Anika Whitener

    I have nothing to say I am here for the engagement

  64. Mr Nub Bones

    Why did he change the ending?

  65. Luiz Fernando Valle

    Who disliked this? Are you for real?

    Savage Actions


  66. Blyyzzard

    God I wish Funimation would have let you Do the Ultimate Battle that is used when Goku fights Jiren. The version we got is not the best let's say...

  67. Animesh Shaw

    Why don't you give lyrics


    Awesome dude

  69. goku Saiya

    Evangelion​ op​ cover​ please​

  70. arvin bhattacharya

    My dumbass sang "download in description below" because i thought it was the on screen lyrics. Oddly enough it fits in.

  71. Shameful Display

    Best song for final rep, push and sprint to finish line!


    This cover is EPIC! Funimation needs to look at fan covers like this & do like Sega did with Sonic Mania - hire the FANS to do the music! Jonathan Young - you are to Dragonball Super what Tee Lopes is to Sonic Mania. This cover is a labour of love for the franchise & this is why the fans should definitely highlighted in this case because they are passionate about pouring love into the series they love to bring the best out of it. From one musician to the next, I give you madd props for covering this because this really moved me. It moves me so much that I have it on replay. This sounds like a song that should be released in the music industry to top the charts. Funimation - put Jonathan Young in the next movie for the soundtrack! Funimation HIRE this man!

  73. 17RaysPlays

    It's the Dragon Ball X theme in english!

  74. Mylo Hohv

    bruh this is litterly my fav songs I was drumming to it the whole time
    you are like goku if he could play guitar lol

  75. Diamond City Guard

    This is 1 song that I listen to as fighting music while I get beaten up behind the school.

  76. Anthony Harris

    Cartoon Network please hire Jonathan young for the American dub openings

    Mylo Hohv

    amen brother

  77. Aryaman Styles

    Omg..this is beyond best


    Aprende Akira

  79. TopHatProductions115

    1.3K people can't get no satisfaction. One of them might be Jiren...


  80. Louis Gamboa

    Oh shit!! This is awesome!! Got caught at work by my boss headbanging in the freezer by myself. XD

  81. The Legend 7.0

    It sounds like Goku talking. No surprise, and pretty liberating as well.

  82. Shubair Azizi

    How about ultimate battle?

  83. Yautja69Siverio

    Regards. I am very happy to find your channel, you have many covers of songs that i love, you are geek and your name is just like me. In another life i want to be like you, with that great talent. keep it up ^^ Vegeta rules.

  84. TheBoltMaster

    Nate's english cover of the song in the official english dub of super is pretty great and all. But this is still way better and more epic!

  85. ELEVATE_ PnxB


  86. baddazmother602

    Good god that was good!

  87. Adrian Smith

    This should've been the official dub.

  88. MKfan888

    Jesus fucking christ this cover is so good.. I can't stop listening to it

  89. Francisco Ramirez Arias

    Awesome :0

  90. SpecialNewb

    Now that DB Super dub is over... yeah. This version is even better than the Japanese. Mastered Ultra Instinct Version.

  91. steveois 911

    When are you doing a cover of Ultimate Battle?

  92. TunnelG

    abunga bunga bunga bunga bunga

  93. Charlie

    this had me reach kaioken

    Drunk Monkey

    this helped me to reach mui

  94. Jigar Bhinde

    Wow his guitar also turn into super Saiyan blue during this song...😎

  95. That Temple Guy

    Why are there atleast 500 comments telling me the lyrics?

  96. TheHouseofIvo

    I love hearing you sing songs that you obviously enjoy singing....

  97. Greg ninja

    Can’t ... stop ... playing