Young, Jonathan - Echo Chamber (Demo) Lyrics

It's late, and you're still staring at the light
To call it an addiction's impolite
Create a mental fortress for your fright
No dissonance disturbs you, locked up tight

And ever you dismiss any crack in your keep
Autophobia when you're falling asleep
Cherry-picking facts, rather sit than act
But your talk is cheap
And now you're diving low, just reviving morale
Oh, it looks like hell in there, never self-aware, shallow
Thoughts you claim to hate, but you still create
I see through that though

Echo chamber, keep us blind
When we stay there, the world seems less unkind
Misbehavior left behind
In the echo chamber, everything you know is by design

You lied, but it was mostly to the mirror
That window now is blurry with your fear
You tried to make it cleaner, make it clear
But you're worried what they'll say if you're sincere

And every time you post, thinking you're the most deep
But what you're going through's never really unique
I've seen it all before, think you're hardcore
Swimming in conceit
In this "make a contest out of sadness" trend
Take the moral high ground, sing a sad sound, then
Have a misery phase, sympathy pays when you
Play your friends

In the echo chamber, keep us blind
When we stay there, the world seems less unkind
Misbehavior left behind
In the echo chamber, everything you know is by design
In the echo chamber, keep us blind
When we stay there, the world seems less unkind
Misbehavior left behind
In the echo chamber, everything you know is by design

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Young, Jonathan Echo Chamber (Demo) Comments
  1. That Millionth Man


    Really, though, don't doubt yourself man. This resonates a lot with me so please make more.

  2. one love music

    Awesome lyrics 🙌❤️❤️

  3. Drew

    I think I know why your covers don't get as many views now...
    They are all amazingly done and are hella good to listen to, but they don't show up in my feeds or recommended.
    Even though I've been subbed (and hit that bell since it was a thing) for a few years now.

  4. Nick Allen

    This is now the song of the Day good job dude

  5. billiehoe11

    What are you addicted to Jonathan ???

  6. BlaineCraner

    Holy shit... I feel like giving a standing ovation.

  7. Nyan tastisch

    I come back here so often, it just speaks to me.
    its like me speaking to myself.
    As a person with BPD and SAD that dont really go outside in the last 6 years, i can feel this song more then i want to sometimes.

  8. DairyDancer

    holy bawls this spoke hard to me... I've spent my entire life locking my emotions and ideas behind barriers for the sake of others, and ultimate they crept out to haunt me. I have been an insomniac for almost 10 years now.

  9. $EXY n H♥️MELE$$

    He is warning us from what he has learned from his mistakes. He doesn't want us to as fans to travel down a road that may seem fun but that may force u into a path u didn't want.

  10. TakaSohma1

    I love this song and alone.
    This song honestly speaks to me on a deep level that I don’t quite understand
    You said you have some tweaks you’d like to make to it and while I really really love this rendition I would also like to see what other ideas you have for it

    I can’t wait to hear more original work from you
    Really loving what you have out so far

  11. Rodrigo Larreteguy

    I got some amazing "Disperse" vibes from this. This is awesome! I believe metal can be so heartfelt and raw when expressing emotion sometimes. More than any other ganre. And Jhonathan, i think you just nailed it!

    To anyone who liked this song, go give the album "Foreword" by Disperse a listen, i think you wont be dissapointed.

  12. Lady Alfhildr of the Forest of Violet Mists

    "It's late and you're still staring at the light. To call it an addiction's impolite."

    Welp, it's 1:22am, I'm 0:14 seconds into this thing, and I've already been called out...

  13. Eric Dye

    Honestly, I've only recently begun to follow you, but I wish to see more of your original music. I do love the cover songs you do but both BAIT and Echo Chamber are probably my favorite songs you've worked on. Please keep up what you're doing man.

  14. marilisa raucci


  15. Daniel Pokorny

    I like it

  16. Zöe Perpetua


  17. Jake Collins

    I LOVE your original music so much

  18. ILiveInMeMumBasement

    This on beatsaber would be perfect

    AlexiaQueen Gaming

    ILiveInMeMumBasement Agree!

  19. Viranë

    This song is amazing. You're amazing. Congrats for your job!

  20. Surina201

    I am a huge fan of your covers but I am becoming an even bigger fan of your original songs. They are WONDERFUL!!!!! I can not wait to hear of your obvious talent!

  21. 클럽의 에이스

    Such deep lyrics. I like it.

  22. Solomon Roskin

    I love your original songs man

  23. Peyton Luse

    You never cease to amaze, dude. If this is what you can do with an unfinished song, I absolutely cannot wait for more complete songs ♥️😄

  24. ThyVile

    I've heard Alone and Bait and somehow missed this. This one is the best original so far, even considering that the other two are in my playlist already. Would love if you would just take a pause with the covers and record a full album with the stuff!

  25. norman

    Hey Jonathan. Block me here too. Caught you in libel and being a self-admitted coward and talentless hack on Twitter. Why join a public forum if you can't stand the pressure? A shill for funimation. Makes sense as you constantly appropriate Asian culture and music, then bastardize it with White centric Metal Bullshit. Your own song can't even compete with the artist you rip off. Mediocre libelist.

  26. Morbid Mergirl

    Absolutely beautiful song :O Wow... great job Jonathan! <3 You say its not finished but i think its pretty damn good. Never let that creative spark die!

  27. Frazory

    God damn Jonathan!! This is a hell of a good song and message is clear! Got to say I enjoy your music so much!

  28. bookworm13x

    This reminds me of Brave the Ocean by Hiroyuki Sawano, from the Re Creators OST.

  29. Alec Roylance

    Damn, these original songs are just so honest

  30. Tree Licker

    Crap! how'd I not notice this before?!?!

  31. rotolotto

    This is tonally an amazing song, I love the melody. The chorus is fantastic, and I've already listened to the song 3x back to back.

    As for the message, I sincerely understand and relate. Social media in the past few years has caused a deep and profound distress inside myself. I have struggled with unending depression since I was 14, a decade and a half ago, and things have never felt more bleak than they do right now. Online, there is so much pressure to share the same opinions and slot into the expectations of others, but it's been particularly stressful lately to the point that I have overcome my social media addiction and now rarely post any words online because I feel if I share my opinions I will be persecuted for them as I have in the past. It's important to have some sense of self worth, because you are trapped with yourself in every room you will ever enter, so you have to like that guy and goddamn if it isn't tough to do when people are hateful to you simply for having natural thoughts of your own. Thank you for further confirmation that, despite the internet's best efforts to persuade me otherwise, I'm not really alone in feeling this way.

  32. Zane Cooper

    Dude i love this song, have gotten it stuck in my head multiple times!! Especially that chorus, EEECHOOO CHAAMMBEERRRRR KEEEEPS UUUSSSSS BLIIIIIND!!!!

  33. Patryk Jaskonski

    tbo I clicked here cuz the thumbnail and video background look like *M i n e c r a f t* and I wanted to share this insightful knowledge with the YouTube comment section

  34. Giovanna Argon

    This deserves so many more views and likes

  35. Keykey Armour

    This song is perfect for me seeing as I have insomnia and I sit on my phone of computer, causeci gave up.

  36. Elias Henrique

    Incríble 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  37. Vitaly Snep

    This is one of my favorite things you've ever done on your channel.

  38. Pixis Princess

    This such a beautiful Song!
    I can't Help but listen to it over and over again!

  39. Stijn Knuts

    it's amazing! and please don't let criticism ever take you down.. you rock!

  40. Justin Temples

    I could come up with a killer Music Video for this song.

    -Just imagine. Camera focuses in a dark stone room. There's a pillar with a glowing orb that see's all, Jonathan young dresses in all white heavenly outfit. As he starts singing, he glances in. He sees multiple lives playing out. From young to old, evil vs good, all aspects of life. As the song plays out, the camera cycles through the emotions of Jonathan. And as the song ends, everything comes to realization that Jonathan was the Creator. Creator of the Song. And mostly Creator of life that plays itself in the rhythm and melody of music.

    -Ehhhh Sounds good though?😂

  41. Im Kosuta


  42. Darth Kaiser

    Wow that was beautiful and epic!

  43. Chantell Tellez

    Ésta canción es perfecta para mi. Usted hace música que me relaja, su voz me hace sentir tranquila y pues no se lo escucho con mucho amor con lo que hace. Por favor no pare de hacer lo que le encanta hacer. Lo quiero mucho❤

  44. NotMyRealName

    I don't know how many others agree but I like this more than Bait.

  45. Nitro Tree

    I love it

  46. mohammed ali

    Why hasn't youtube notified me of this and I discover it after 2 months this is amazing Jonathan keep it up!!!

  47. Nitro Tree

    Breaking Benjamin vibe

  48. Tych Juro

    I found you, as I figure most did, from your covers, but until BAiT I was starved for more of your own, original stuff after finding Far From Blue. I love everything you do because even in your sillier covers it's obvious that you put your heart into your music. Unfinished or not, this was a great tune and will be gracing me with it's sound for a long time to come. Thank you for everything you do.

  49. Killer Mode28

    Kelvin you little hobbit!

  50. Known Unkowns

    Very, very fucking cool xD

  51. Richard Lloyd

    Maybe its just me, but it always feels as though the vocals are maybe 5% too low compared to the rest

  52. Trevor Crooks

    Love these lyrics. This song needs more views

  53. tamtam14399

    Your voice is amazing man 😭

  54. LadyKage87

    Ugh, this is so good! I love your voice and *literally* every song you've put out - all of your covers and originals. 🖤

  55. Tem-sama

    is this the 3 or 4 original song you have made so far?

  56. Katzenhai

    man, what an excellent find. I'll be downloading this song hand downs.
    You the best Jonathan.

  57. Brandon Hilman

    I really dig the whole sound of this, so if you wanted it to be your future sound, I would be more than happy. The synth, super fun guitar licks, and the heavier drum sound really feels nice together

  58. ItsJustVic

    The sound and the lyrics of this song are so good. If this an unfinished song then dang I wanna see more xD

  59. Magma 1

    Great song

  60. this song is truely outstanding!

  61. b3ckillzombiez

    Quite honestly...
    I love this
    Great job. (=

  62. João Goulart

    I love this song!!!
    Your voice is amazing...

  63. Genevib Namoco Noor Binti Bujang

    Dear Jonathan, I love it.

  64. DreamerReborn

    Omg its so freaking beautiful Jon <3

  65. Michael Guddy

    This song deserves more views. Amazing job Mr. Young!

  66. Mathisn't My Best Subject

    I like this song. Will there be anymore?

  67. Barry Alpert

    Dude... just discovered your channel via you cover of Dont stop Believing w/ Caleb... I’m incredibly impressed. Great original song, just wow... Keep up the great work brother!!

  68. James Barry

    I get serious Breaking Benjamin vibes but I'm in love with it

  69. Matt Vander Hulst

    Dude, you’re incredible. Buying this immediately.

  70. Nicholas Lyons

    This is An amazing song and the fact that it's an original blows my mind. Your are very talented and I hope you never stop

  71. Film Exorcist

    How do you get your music out. I mean I posted my own original song and nobody cared

  72. Kala Ballard

    Dude 🖤🔥🖤🔥🖤

  73. Alex Alexander

    Hey man, just wanted to say that i love your music, especially your original content. Keep up the amazing work man.

  74. Emiliana García

    You are perfect

  75. Parker McElvie

    I love your original content

  76. asuras shadow

    I started crying at one point.

  77. Mr. Calladore

    Absolutely adore everything Johnathan has covered and now that we've got original stuff it just gets better and better

  78. Irochroma

    Your quality of music is always so beautifully consistent. I love your original content so much for both with how it sounds and the fantastic commentary that goes with each one.

  79. Barrett50callam

    Hey this is lit af famalam 🤙🤙🤙🤙

  80. Amberlynn Hill

    So far this is one of the best songs I have ever heard

  81. Luke Wilmer

    Jon this an absolutely amazing song. I’ve been blasting it on repeat. it is also the most relevant piece of music or even art as a whole I have heard in a long time. This past year I watched an echo chamber destroy a once dear friend with endless heinous lies told to themself over and over again. I hope this touches many people and helps them wake up.

  82. Grim Reaver1337

    This is deeply moving, thank you Jonathan.

  83. Luce Luc

    I'm so glad I found you! This is amazing!!!

  84. Equii

    great song but tge voice ain't loud enough. like the originals, i'm addicted to bait <3

  85. Shadefire

    Ahh...I see you are a man who has had it with all this insanity as well.

  86. UnfamusOfficial

    +Jonathan Young just a friendly reminder to add this here:

  87. Sam

    The guitar here reminds me of Dream Theater. And believe me, that's the highest compliment I can give

  88. iForgotTbh !?

    Take my money bro. I've been here for a while. It's worth the wait.

  89. Wulf Ruff

    The actual brilliance of this is undermined in my opinion. The lyrics are by far the best aspect of this song, but goddamn Young here knows how to make a melody.

  90. Volatile productions

    My man JoYo really ain't getting enough rep for his OG tunes

  91. Kairi1416

    Honestly Youtube, how dare you not recomend Young's original songs. Rude. Loving these so far. Fantastic song.

  92. Ryuka1993


  93. Lillian Prechtel

    Holy shit.... new subscriber and I’ve gotta day I’m in love with all of your videos

  94. Cool Pants

    Moar of that originality

  95. Hetiru

    Each time the new original song appears on your channel, I'm squeaking!!!

  96. kittyplays267


  97. iCheero


  98. John Depth

    I absolutely love your original music, hope to see you live one day!

  99. Jayden Lake

    I’m waiting for the karaoke version :3 this song is beautiful👌