Young, Jonathan - Bring Me To Life Lyrics

How can you see into my eyes like open doors?
Leading you down, into my core
Where I've become so numb, without a soul
My spirit's sleeping somewhere cold
Until you find it there, and lead it, back, home
Wake me up inside
Wake me up inside
Call my name and save me from the dark
Bid my blood to run
Before I come undone
Save me from the nothing I've become
Now that I know what I'm without
You can't just leave me
Breathe into me and make me real
Bring me to life
Wake me up inside
Wake me up inside
Call my name and save me from the dark
Bid my blood to run
Before I come undone
Save me from the nothing I've become
Bring me to life
Bring me to life
Frozen inside, without your touch
Without your love, darling
Only you are my life
Among the dead
I've been sleeping a thousand years it seems
Got to open my eyes to everything
Don't let me die here
Bring, me, to, life
Wake me up inside
Wake me up inside
Call my name and save me from the dark
Bid my blood to run
Before I come undone
Save me from the nothing I've become
Bring me to life
Bring me to life
Bring me to life

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Young, Jonathan Bring Me To Life Comments
  1. Philip


  2. George D

    Without the upper register notes this song losses some of the dramatic depth. Still awesome but the lack of range made it kind of bland. Lost a lot of good harmonies because they all become mush in the lower reg and the growling.

  3. Serenity Wicked

    There's something about the way you did this song that makes me want to hear you do a cover of "Carnival of Rust" by Poets of the Fall. 🖤

  4. Shrek- Senpai

    Ow the edge

  5. Vii

    A Christian music it was the last thing I would expected in this channel

  6. char harrison

    me: sees title

    also me: listens to 30s


  7. Evelin Könczöl

    Cool video.Super.😎✌👍🤘❤

  8. Eternaldarkness3166

    Next Daredevil movie

  9. Desconocido †

    No mames, pensé escuchar una alarma del fin del mundo en enpleno 2020. Verga wey me mal viaje..

  10. Dirty Knee gear

    Your voice is fucking gut wrenchingly soothing like holy fuck

  11. emanuela rimondi

    Fantastic ❤

  12. Centurion

    Your voice is perfect and magic

  13. Rose Pawlin

    Chills, literal chills

  14. ghosty

    I don't know how but he's made a metal song by *evanescence* out of all the people more metal than it already is, incredible

  15. J.s nightwulf

    Wow!!! This voice have emotions!! Respect ❤️🤟🏻

  16. shadowhunters angelic rune

    Do you want a challenge? Do a cover of my immortal. Lets see you there bro. Btw i love your work😍😍

    Stacey Armstrong

    But the original EP version

  17. charles Spurlock

    PLEASE make a cover of Omri-"Save me" <3

  18. SunBear

    I felt very low and I've listenned to this song til I felt better, thanks for bringing me life ^^

  19. Mister Andy-Roo

    I have needed this for my entire existence. Thank you Jon!

  20. Bowser Peach-eater

    Man you got a good fucking voice as others have said didnt think this would work with male vocals but u killed it

  21. Isah Silva

    Afterlife - Avenged Sevenfold

  22. BlueTopazBeast

    When you was about to save your work but accidentally click no save and it's gone forever.
    And work due is an hour...

  23. Christian Puddington

    I know it's Evanescence, but this cover is giving me some serious Bionicle vibes.

  24. Jack Frost

    listening to the song in Jan 1, 2020 PH


    is perfect shit is perfect for god

  26. Commentator

    Did this guy try growling?

  27. Messinger HD

    Ey John;) i wanna sing with you .. ur awesome pls weite me backe bro ;D

  28. The_Original_Ryu

    Ok from 0:30 - 0:52 it kinda went off like a tad bit faster. +Watching through while commenting

  29. wildankirom_


  30. emart88

    Reminds me of H.I.M. this sounds like ville vallo singing

  31. Vampony Prince Artemis

    This style suits Jonathan's voice more than caleb, no offense meant to either Johnathan or Caleb, just my personal opinion

  32. Cathedral Craig

    I love the Nicholas Cage expressions...😂

  33. Patrick Watson

    Jonathan: "THERES NOTHING INSIDE!!!" Demons in the background: "Chill" o-o

  34. Dragvee Maniactic

    this song...
    oh gosh
    from meme to masterpiece

  35. Arigat - O

    English cover of the Beastars opening?

  36. Amy Hill

    Please do you can't me I'm free from the Spirit Soundtrack in metal cover, I love that song and wanted to hear what it would sound like in metal. Please. :)

  37. Savior Nainggolan

    Cover She's gone steel heart

  38. Savior Nainggolan

    Cover she's gone Bro,,you are so amazing

  39. Lori Burton

    Best Male cover of BMTL! Absolutely in love with it.

  40. 92OnTV

    Simply great !!!

  41. GIS K

    you nailed this

  42. Kr1oz


  43. Anwar Hidayat

    Mantap terus berkarya kawan

  44. Норманн Кейн

    Wow! It`s really cool! Epic cover

  45. Todd Chavez

    Having this covered by a fellow dude helps make the song a little more congruent for me, thank you.

  46. World Capacetes

    YOU ROCK \../.

  47. Anthony Jewell

    As a kid we had the Daredevil movie from the early 2000s with Ben Affleck as the title character on VHS, and this song was in the movie so as an AD they played the music video for this and it was my favorite song at the time. I would literally jam the fuck out to it. This brought back some of the best memories from my life, thank you Jonathan.

  48. hamed zahmati

    This can be used as a lesson for teach create covers.

  49. Hades Gaby

    Can you sing wildside from beastars? Pleaseee

  50. Jamisen Johansen

    Amazing! Such a powerful cover!

  51. Pixl3Dave

    Can you do Black Rover cover?

  52. Yehuda Ben-Yshay

    Best Male cover for this song

  53. Nasa Peepo

    Ok. Hear me out. I have 3 song suggestions that I'd love to hear him cover:
    Total Eclipse of the heart - Bonnie Tyler
    Come Undone- Duran Duran
    Big in Japan - Alphaville

  54. Lobo Baltazar

    Knocks on Satan's door...
    Satan - leave You have no buisness here !
    Jonathan - 0:27
    Satan - Allright dude relax, here is Your soul and everyone's else I was just kidding ffs.

  55. Ioi Leilani

    jesus dude really bringing the power! that was intense

  56. I need Healing

    Glad to have this song in my playlist; it said the original was blocked in my country so now I have this and I don’t regret it

  57. DaniRoseheart 620

    I love this cover and the Daughtry cover too😁😁😁😁

  58. karson bradley

    I like the your deep you make I love deep voice

  59. karson bradley

    dude I love that song soooooooooo metal

  60. James Ditto

    Hey, guys, could someone tell me where to download this? Anyone? Wish is was mentioned in the song or something, geez.... :P

  61. Zimtbiss 1

    This is what I've been waiting for. A cover with a strong, deep male voice. Thank you so much.

  62. Damon Jones

    Do riot by Three Days Grace

  63. Andrew J. Christianson

    Man, this was awesome!!!

  64. Ice Mythic

    I would have liked it even more if you had a female vocalist for the backup singer instead of you for both. Don't get me wrong you did a fantastic job but the song loses the juxtaposition without two singers. The voices switching back and forth is part of what made me love the original so much. Either way this is amazing, keep up the stellar work!

  65. William Shakespeare

    Sounds like someone just pitched Amy Lee’s original vocals to the lowest transposition.


  66. Kirsty Paige

    Dude this is better than Amy's...HOW DID YOU ACHIEVE THIS???
    Ahhhh i love it!

  67. Austyn Baur

    love this song you should do it with melinda

  68. darkangeloftheearth4

    Straight up tried not to listen to this..... I regret everything now.

  69. Maria Filippa

    Damn I am grateful for finding this channel

  70. William Afton

    U should do Solway Firth by Slipknot

  71. Abel Nix

    The best I heard in a long time.

  72. Carlyle Smoot

    You're take on this song is absolutely astounding and very well done. Amy Lee would be proud bro

  73. Алекс Фелипов

    This movie shit

  74. Gandalf

    When you think he couldn't possibly take it to another level and then 01:24.

  75. Míkel Cortez


  76. bad boy

    That is amazing

  77. KLKz Venom

    You have done this song JUSTICE!

  78. Michael Farley

    I have ALWAYS wanted to hear this song sung like this! Thank you!

  79. Claire McCoy

    You posted this on my wedding day! Love this song ❤

  80. Tinheart Nowak

    My edge cut itself with that edge

  81. Brian Steer

    Dude God damn wow moment

  82. Franco Nantel

    plz do a cover of Parasyte

  83. Renz Justin

    Hello to future me returning to this video. I hope your ok

  84. Renz Justin

    This cover woke me up..... Literally i was asleep and my phone is playing random music videos from youtube and this one played

  85. Joe Stevens

    Bro, I discovered you from a skyrim video....and am i oh so glad I did.


    Me too!

  86. Sally Sonnenschein

    It's good

  87. _gabygb_

    I feel like you'd make an awesome cover of Control by Halsey

  88. Dermacrosis

    This is one that would make another perfect song for you an Malinda to sing. It is a shame that opportunity was missed. It needs the female vocal as without it it sounds wrong as the play between them makes the song better than it would be as a solo. Not that you do as you do have a great voice.

  89. Useless Taco

    Dammit Jonathan! I just got over my emo phase...

  90. SweetPaint's Speedpaints

    This song may be edgy, but it's actually got meaning behind it lol, so I like how you didn't really take the mick out of it. Great cover as usual :D

  91. Gond Gaz

    Shute the fuck off

  92. NubetoSan

    Anyone else remember the original music video at the very beginning of the Original Daredevil in 2003?

  93. Archikyu !

    Ow the edge

  94. SonicWolves

    aw man i thought caleb was gonna scream in a pringles can. I guess all I can do is let it go (also note vinland saga op as well as fire force would be cool to see)

  95. ken chai

    This is the best cover ever i seen! Great version

  96. Light Star

    As if this song didn't sound deep enough..... Jonathan man ur talent is legendary

  97. NicGlol

    I wish you didn't tone shift the female vocals for this cover,

    or that you'd do both
    can you sing in a higher register??
    I'd love to hear that

  98. CamTheKitty

    Appreciate this was not jokes. Not unlike another group . . .