Young, Jonathan - Alone Lyrics

Look in the mirror, what do you see inside?
All you could be or all that you left behind?
I'm looking deeper, to all the little things
The mountain's steeper than I'm remembering

Bending or breaking, giving or taking
Trying to prove that I've grown
Kicking and screaming, wish I was dreaming
Tell me I'm not alone

In my reflection I only see mistakes
Was I ambitious or just another fake?
What I'm regretting begins to take its toll
I'm not forgetting the day I sold my soul
(The day I sold my soul!)

Bending or breaking, giving or taking
Trying to prove that I've grown
Kicking and screaming, wish I was dreaming
Tell me I'm not alone

So when you're telling me, that there's no going back
I've got this feeling in my soul that's like a heart attack
And when you're telling me, that I can never change
I'll take those words and burn them down with every fucking day
And when you're crying, for what you thought you knew
Now I can hold your hand but I can never carry you

Don't go!
I need to know you'll stay
Without your voice inside my head, I fade to gray
I know!
I walk a lonely path
When I lose sight of you I only ever want you back

Bending or breaking, giving or taking
Trying to prove that I've grown
Kicking and screaming, wish I was dreaming
Tell me I'm not alone

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Young, Jonathan Alone Comments
  1. Xavier Stapleton

    This is fire!🔥💯

  2. Collin Williams

    Not the biggest fan of this one, but you still did an awesome job and I will never say otherwise.

  3. Miika

    Diz legit, keep going on

  4. Lets go Trump 2020

    please do hulk hogans theme song

  5. David L

    Pretty sure I commented last year but fuck it, I'll do it again. Pretty sure I've listened to this song at least a dozen times this week screaming along at the top of my lungs. Still playing this almost daily, your work is awesome dude and Lee is fantastic paired with your voice.

  6. Killswitch [the Deactivator]

    This is dope and deserves mpre views. You inspire me to pursue further vocal capability and I love listening to you (originals and covers!). Keep up the good work my dude. 🔥🎸🔥

  7. Weymouth YouthWrestling

    No bullshit this is one of the best songs Jonathan has made. I’ve listened to it over and over again since I discovered it.

  8. Polski Kurak

    i Fucking love it!!!!

  9. Mad Nymeria

    This is an amazing song i'm having goosebumps all over my body! I love it! Keep up the awesome work! <3

  10. Sailor Pluto

    Please for the love of music, make more originals! They're so fucking amazing!

  11. Halcyon Mars

    Dude, I *love* your covers, but your original stuff is *EPIC*. I'd definitely live to see more of your own works❤️

  12. Andrew Sutcliffe

    subscribed. You need to do more music like this, I feel like it rivals big record company bands of today, with the right production, this could be a chart topper. Idk what you were trying to do with that Honeymoon shit, but stay on track with more like this.

  13. Michelle Lee

    Hey Jon, would you ever consider making an EP or an actual CD!? Because I would totally buy it!! Awesome work as always! :)

  14. abdullaj balmani

    It was. SO RELIEVING. that you look more alive while singing. Keep it going, full support here. Very excited for your ep, cant wait for a physical copy

  15. MichaelaC

    Do you have any performances in person? If so, where?

  16. MichaelaC

    I love original work. And....I love this song. Thank you. Your range is incredible.

  17. darkbunny 999

    Why must you hurt me Jon? The music is so good, and your voice is amazing. Why must your lyrics cut into my soul? It hurts so good to listen because I feel this song so much. You are truly an amazing artist; please make more originals.

  18. Moon Light

    Damn hhis vocals

  19. Makayla Williamson

    Love it! Please do more originals ♡

  20. IceLuxray

    oh my god this came out the day before my 21st birthday, how did I miss it. better late than never to good stuff!

  21. Jeremy Finley

    I just found you this week and I know making covers is, sadly, more profitable than originals, but please keep the originals coming.

    I've searched so long for am artist I enjoy completely and I've finally found you. Keep on keeping on

  22. Anthony Staffenhagen

    I love this song!

  23. Malachi Grimes

    Great chorus I love it

  24. Zeroious

    Love this song

  25. XxROBATOxX

    Not a fan of the swearing and the soul selling...but beyond that this is a real banger dude. Think I listened 20 times in a row. God bless and Jesus loves you bro.

  26. Frostwolf223

    Dude, I really hope you find time to do more originals between all the covers, because they are fantastic.

  27. Maskee

    The beginning reminds me of ALONE by My First Story

  28. WinchesterGirl67

    This was really fantastic, I could seriously kick my own ass for not keeping up better with your original work! Look at this badassery I've been missing!! I'm definitely downloading this! All the love, man! ALL the love! 💗💗

  29. Ashley Medina

    Why doesn't youtube give you the option of a heart emoji?! 💙💙💙💙
    Love this song!

  30. Atav Villiquine

    Great Song. Could´nt get it out of my mind. That´s Power Metal at its best! Thanks for it.

  31. Gregory Wullaert

    I would like to humbly request that you keep posting original songs. Thank you for your consideration and have a nice day.

  32. Half Fro

    Yall, jon would literally make the best disney villain. Hes got the looks, the voice, and the spunk. GET ON IT DISNEY

  33. Cris L

    Speed it up a little and you have a real headbanger! I love this original song so much!

  34. Major

    This is really, really good! I'm glad you're coming out with an EP of your originals!

  35. Azrus Fireborn

    I was cleaning when it youtube auto-played (listening to a Johnathan young playlist) and I legit thought it was an anime iv never seen or something.

  36. Kyran White

    I will never stop loving his music, be it covers or original songs. Plus I'm almost positive he made a hint at more original music like this in "Bait" Glad to see he kept his unspoken promise

  37. Mainthem Side

    That's really perfect. Voice on the end of chorus gonna be upper, but that's anyway the best that i've heared at last few years

  38. Thibaud Lemeur

    Those guitar arpeggios. So powerful!
    Great song gentlemen ;).

  39. Aidan Barrett

    The way he says alone... Damn

  40. zElliexmagic ‘

    I really like this song 😊👍

  41. Joe La Sac

    woah! I dont usually listen to this "type" of music. BUt this is absolutely phenomenal!! Your spirit really shines through your work

  42. Jacob Tooley

    i cant wait till you come out with a album

  43. Jacob Tooley

    i remeber the third one now echo chamber bait and this one i love them all but alone is by far your best

  44. Jacob Tooley

    how many original songs do you have I know what to and this one is awesome

  45. Jacob Tooley

    gave me chills for the first time with your songs hard to do

  46. Jacob Tooley

    great song

  47. MoonlessNight126

    OMG!!!!! That was hella amazing!!! *Presses frantically on replay button*

  48. Savannah Wrench

    Omg Jonathan, this is amazing!!!!! I love your covers, but you're original works are fantastic!!! Beautifully raw and truth, and your unique voice brings the words to life and infuses them with so much emotion.
    I know you probably have millions of comments similar to this but you're amazingly talented. Please keep going!

  49. Nicole Morciniec

    Please make more original songs! Those are the ones I'm always most excited to see!!!! <3

  50. Jacob Garza

    Love this man keep it up 🔥🔥🔥

  51. Christian Dauz

    What sort of genre is this metal song?

  52. Ursa Major

    This shit would be a great anime opening.

  53. Vokun Sos The Dragon of Blood and Shadows

    I came here to say this. Love the covers and all. But I love your energy with the original songs. I'd still love to hear more original songs, you just look like you're having so much fun!

  54. Seth Vint

    Cursing aside this was actually a pretty good song.

  55. A.Lupita Palos

    Te amo, mucho.

  56. LightAngelSnow

    Okay... new obsession. I'll listen to this like 100x times a day.

  57. Ivaer Adon

    I love this so much.

  58. Tomoko17 CrepyDeath

    I love It... This Is incredible and really amazing...

  59. TheEverix

    This song is glorious.

  60. Dillon Cart

    Absolutely love this song!

  61. Q GoroGasai

    I just woke up randomly having this song in my head, Even though the last time I listened to it was almost a week.

    I guess the song is just that good and unique!

  62. Martyna Kurek

    Love your orignials and I'm looking foward for more! ❤️

  63. The Schnoz

    I don't understand how your original songs get a third or even a fifth the views of your covers when I believe them to be some of your best works. It honestly kind of annoys me that the best of the best is so "underground" compared to the rest. Please keep up the amazing work and don't forget to have fun while doing it. <3

  64. SirTimbo

    If you release an album I'd definitely be interested in buying it.

  65. zoe cross

    amazin as usual

  66. Nicolas Compayré

    I discover you yesterday by your disney cover.... and now i discover your originals, good job guy. (shit i think it's the first time i comment a video on youtube, enjoy ;) ) Well it's really good, i'm fan. Of your style, of your voice, and of your cover of courses ^^. Do we see you in the Helfest one day?

  67. Ashby TheGreat

    I literally love JY but I've been holding out on subscribing. I never knew why but now I know. I was waiting for this. I was waiting for this original XD . Dont get me wrong I love the covers I have been a fan for years now but this pushed me to subscribe.

    Ashby TheGreat

    ^ and post my first comment

  68. Thaddeus Kent

    Instrumental hook is memorable and the chorus is punchy as fuck. You nailed it. It's tough to write verses that don't feel copy-paste between the first and second. Either way, done extremely well. It's clear that the vision for the song was clear as you were writing.

  69. Thaddeus Kent

    Absolutely killer.

  70. Amber McLaughlin

    Keep the originals coming love them!

  71. Lady Alfhildr of the Forest of Violet Mists

    I like all of your originals, but I think this one's my favorite. It's more rock than like Restless Heart (which I do also really like, but it's a bit more pop-y) and I just really like how it swoop-curves down into the "Alone"-s (if that makes any sense; I know the way I visualize music doesn't always make sense to people). But yeah, I feel like this is the one of these originals that I would be most likely to hear on the rock radio station I listen to. (And I could definitely hear "Restless Heart" on the radio, too; it's just more pop, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but different).

  72. NoelleNoodles

    I really love your original songs! I hope you get the chance/time/money to make an album -- I'd be the first to get it! :)

  73. Nikki Doodle

    I got some major "Supernatural" TV series vibes from this song.
    Loved it.

  74. Heeshann

    Hello Jonathan Young, I'd like to thanks you for these musics that you made or covers, it's just amazing.
    I'd like to ask you if you could be interested by doing a music for a manga that I'm currently creating, and I want to publish. If you are, then tell me.
    I follow your videos on YouTube since several months and I think you truly have a great talent for music.

  75. Derek

    Sick song 👍

  76. coredumperror

    This needs more views!

  77. Mathisn't My Best Subject

    Lee looks like the Sprouse twins.

  78. Loukritia Black

    Why Youtube? Why do you recommend this to me months after the fact? Why such cruelty?!

  79. Magenta []

    It's perfect!

  80. bugboy357m

    This is great... needs to go viral.

  81. General Stroidist

    I dunno why but this is what I'm going to play when I hit the road for my permit
    Thank you Jonathan

  82. Fade Apocalypse7

    Listen to this again. So awesome Jon. Thank You for putting this master piece out. Plus i listen to this song about 10 times. I listen to your other covers. Plus make more original songs your very talented. Looking forward to more songs.

  83. Ilja Frolov

    Nice song, man.

  84. MaritinFox

    Kinda wish there was an instrumental, this is a song I enjoy singing along.

  85. Asylum** **Lives

    I didnt know you make originals
    You talented son of a bitch
    You went from my favorite to one of my musical heros

  86. Susan Moran

    It shows that you have a serious side. Really really good lyrics. And nice tune

  87. sed

    the riff is out of this world

  88. Alon Clemmensen

    Please do more originals!

  89. totaldramalover101

    🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼 Pure talent, rock on

  90. Sean & Silas

    Please do more originals this was great

  91. vinayak D joshi

    Thanx man for the awesome ringtone

  92. Lisa J. Rose

    Well you can definitely sense the different feel that there is here between your covers and your originals. More personal I guess ? It's great !

  93. Infinity Shadow20

    When I saw the video thumbnail, I instantly felt alone..
    Clicking on it, fixed that.

  94. whitemoonwolf13

    jon: probably wont do originals, they dont do as well as cover songs.
    200, 000 views later. seem to be doing pretty well

    Susan Moran

    I disagree with that original material always impresses.


    @Susan Moran not always. i remember when pentatonix tried to do original material, their fans went batshit, holy crap

  95. Jamal Letaief

    Damn your doing original songs now nice

  96. Arcoiris Aycaramba

    Man, this is awesome

  97. TigerSwipes

    Most songs I have to listen to a few times to get into, but this one? Nah, it was so good that I was into it after the first time of hearing it. This is amazing, I love how well put together it is and how thought out it is too.

  98. KinTGC

    Being a guy with a cool ponytail was my job...

    How dare you do it better

  99. Mandokarla

    This is truly dope, but I think it also has the bones of a really heartbreaking acoustic version.