Young, Jonathan - All Men Must Die Lyrics

It has many names and many faces
Some men flee it, some men chase it
Every man must face it in the end
But no man can escape forever
Sickness, aging, swords that sever
No God, no shield, no keep that can defend

So you can pray to all the gods, but tell me what will happen when
There is no fire left to start your heart back up again?

So you can fight for love or fight for vengeance
Fight for honor or redemption
Fight for what you will while you're alive
Fight to live or fight for power
Never fight a single hour
Fight for what you will, but you can't hide
'Cause all men must die

Pray to the old gods, pray to the new
You're only wasting breath
'Cause soon the endless winter comes and
Bastards and kings are the same in death (blegh!)

You can fight a thousand men or you could fool one thousand one
You can freeze your heart in ice but death is certain as the sun

Fight for love or fight for vengeance
Fight for honor or redemption
Fight for what you will while you're alive
Fight to live or fight for power
Never fight a single hour
Fight for what you will, but you can't hide
'Cause all men must die

'Cause all men must die

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Young, Jonathan All Men Must Die Comments
  1. Laken Higbee

    This is why I always share your music and have it on repeat

  2. aperson217

    watching this, youtube does it's thing where it shows you can buy the latest from a related subject, movie critics usually have the movie they reviewed, music covers from the show/movie or songs inspired by the show/movie like this has the latest season... I think it's charging 20$ more than it should for season 8 with how it went... I can be talked down to 15$ but that'll take a *LOT* of convincing honestly.

  3. Daniel Silva

    Out of all your songs, this one is the best!! And ive never even seen game of thrones!!

  4. LibertyofFate

    As shit as the GoT finale was, I will always be thankful for this show, because without it, I wouldn't know about your channel <3

  5. Versus Omnibus

    Should you do more originals? Well, between this and “Bait”, I’m gonna say yes on that. I’ll even say pretty please.

  6. Nate’s Fishing

    Ah man. This song isn’t available in the United States.

  7. Nate’s Fishing

    Yes more originals. Not many people can leave a mark in the world. Your music is amazing.

  8. Nick C

    I don't even like GoT, but this is good

  9. Lycramosa230

    2:22 is my favorite part

  10. Flynnzer89

    This should be used in the Final Season

  11. Zachary Atkisson

    Valar Morghullis

  12. Roxo

    Have I commented how much this song blows me away?



  13. Syed Musa Ali

    So you have been doing original stuff for a while but how come your originals dwarf your covers? Was it because of us fans who responded far better to the covers than originals?

  14. Blaine Bartlett

    SONG is dope every time I jam it 👊

  15. Rick Cooke

    Absolutely amazing!

  16. Zain Ahmed

    VALAR MORGHULIS , im glad i found ur channel

  17. Amaris Newport

    Someone should make a tribute of this with Infinity War...

  18. Justin D. Nickerson

    Any chance of the sheet music being made available?

  19. Michael Woods

    No joke, this is now one of my fav songs

  20. Thanala

    All men must rock!

  21. Deanna Nuzzo

    Sweet! I love your voice (i listen to your covers all the time) This was amazing, you should definitely do more originals, you have amazing talent!

  22. Brandon Harris

    Dude this is so amazing!!!

  23. Tiff Needles

    Love how varys and littlefinger are "fight for power"

  24. colt45

    Do "when the wolves cry out" please I beg you!!!!!

  25. Phantom Rue

    I am honestly believing this will be the new title song for season 8. Great cuttinh by the way😍

  26. Panda

    BLEGH 🤘

  27. DuckMySick

    Judging by the song name this could be a feminist anthem

  28. Reese Hulbert

    Only just heard this on your iTunes album, thought I'd check it out on here and I gotta ask, how on Earth does this ONLY have 340k views?!

  29. Cyril of the Holy Family

    I find this song better in rock version!

  30. Martin Speer

    That's soooooooo good, subscribing.

  31. FALKEY

    Could I have tablatures?😍

  32. wolfy297

    Amazing what can be based off of one line

  33. B3xy Blu3

    Love Love Love

  34. Danielle Montney

    You are amazing, would love more originals!!!

  35. Quin Nunez

    I never noticed all these GoT songs on your channel. I dig it.

  36. Lior Pinchas

    Man such a good song

  37. Matthew Housham

    Theme song of the Whitewalkers!

  38. HeyItsBri

    I kinda want a midevil cover of this.

  39. Therisius

    40 000 subs when released 669 000 now ha

  40. Vuk Davidovic

    Where is the One True King Stannis Baratheon in this video?

  41. NueKaminari5

    DAMN!!! This song is just...more than MAGNIFICENT! CHRIST! Also, I heard the GoT/Skyrim mash up. Dude, fucking fantastic and bad-ass!

  42. Skyler Adams

    I dont know a whole lot about GOT so i looked at the name of the song and thought it was a actually song from the series from a group of amazons (all men must die because they hate men) was pleasantly surprised thanks for making this amazing song

  43. Nebojša G.


  44. Bysthedragon

    "Valar Dohaeris Valar Morghulis"

  45. Matty

    Pretty good lyrics!

  46. dovahaya

    it's incredibly beautiful!

  47. Mister Sharp

  48. Alannah Walsh


  49. Jay2Jay Gaming

    I was looking for feminazi rants, but this is good too.

  50. IDKanymore

    Valar moghulis

  51. Cheif Lee

    feels like I should be putting on armor and my sword lol

  52. Hannah Cotton

    I love this!!! More originals please!!!! 😆😆😆😆

  53. Punisher Snake

    even if this wasnt game of thrones..... DUDE I AM A FAN.... THIS FUCKING ROCKS....THIS IS POWER METAL \M/

  54. Thomas Atwood

    Valar Metallicius. All men must rock

  55. Alexandra Mikka

    Now I want to hear this song in the show.

  56. TheFirzen001

    never heard of this song or you before, but dude, that is awesome, I fuckin' love it, great job !

  57. Julio Cesar

    5001.Sorry i couldnt resist.

  58. Eric Mounts

    valar morghulis

  59. Zachary Giustiniani

    I swear to GOD, I will go on a fucking killing spree if I do not hear this song on a Game of Thrones episode sometime soon. I know I haven't managed to watch any episodes since season two because i haven't had time, but I know that I fucking LOVED this song!!! I want to hear this as an ending credit song or something of that nature on the show, and I will be damned if people are gonna continue being denied of the Godliness known as Jonathan Young music!! GREAT JOB ONCE AGAIN, MY FRIEND!!!

  60. Zachary Giustiniani

    2:18 = Best part of the damn song!! YOU ARE FUCKING INCREDIBLE JONATHAN YOUNG!!! Also bought your "Far From Blue" album, and I wish you had came into my life earlier!! Your FUCKING MUSIC IS AMAZING!!! Disney seriously needs to fucking hire you as either an actor or music composer!! Keep making music, my friend!!

  61. Lethal Hero

    this is incredible

  62. Koibito Chan

    This song gave me goosebumps! Amazing song!

  63. harsh sharma

    awesome editing very powerful sound this should be in official credits

  64. lovelygril234Amvs

    I just got hooked on this show. I made it to season three.

  65. Kwathreon

    Blegh. <---- As in every "Architects" song? :D

  66. Uploaded1995

    The rallying cry of feminazis world wide! \o/


  67. Rojir M

    I would love to see the lyrics page.  :)

  68. Oskari Koskela

    Wow. I've been listening to this for weeks on Spotify basically on loop and I've been listening to Jonathan for over a year now.

    I thought this was a cover and was searching for "the original" on spotify, but all songs of the same name were completely different. I just thought that it was an old song so it maybe wasn't on spotify.

    Then I google it, and all that comes up is Game of Thrones montages and "Valar Morghulis". So maybe it's from Game of Thrones, alright.

    Finnally, here I am, to look for crediting on the video itself and I find that it's completely original.

    Video is 2 years old by now so no way Jonathan is gonna read this, but I don't know how to describe how I felt when I found out this is an original. It's a different feeling from when I hear his anime opening covers which are in a way originals too with the lyrics. I'm just super impressed and hope to hear more originals from him in the future.

    Writing this took way more time than it looks like because I literally didn't know what to say and I just waited for minutes looking for words to use.

  69. Crystal Lentz

    😃two of my things your music and game of thrones

  70. TeamWayfinder

    I need an instrumental of this

  71. Volodymyr Postizhenko

    So is this like a feminist hymn? :D

  72. Slater Borchers

    I like this song more than the series it was inspired by xD. Great job.

  73. Blackivar

    god dam it Johnathan my wallets gonna be empty if the stuff keeps up awesome work
    keep the fire burning!


    "Blegh"- Johnathan Young, 2015.

  75. Ary Taylor

    Am . . . Goodness gracious! This is wonderful! I had chills down my spine with some of those lyrics . . . WOW!

  76. ashton russell

    hey Jonathan Young you need to go at lesson to Lost in thought from Fire emblem Fates. And do a rock version of the song. Please.

  77. trevadetrev

    Chills all over. Great stuff dude! I'd love more Game of Thrones stuff!

  78. melpacifique

    I love all your covers but this song is bringing things to a whole new level ! It's amazing !

  79. WeeHez90

    This is perfection!

  80. Hunter Schneider

    I was in the gym when I heard this and it got me pumped as hell.

  81. markus lehto

    hypnotic eyes

  82. Tony Strak

    Your originals are great... Really! This one is just... Whoa!

  83. Dean Louie Ponce de leon

    it saddens me that this only generates almost 200k views after i listened to this, this instantly became my favorite

  84. Blaine Bartlett

    BANGIN' 👊🎶🎸🎤🔱🍷🔥

  85. Hiane Rawr

    Epic song to listen to whilwe playing For honor

  86. Raymond Deans

    I am no man. - Eowyn

    Zachary Atkisson

    wrong fucking universe

  87. IanMcClaren

    Valar Morghulis.

    Shouto Todoroki

    Valar Dohaeris

  88. Hasenkrieger 98

    This song is so epic*-*

  89. Living with CRPS and weight loss surgery

    This is by far one of your best songs, and go figure it's an original, I think you should stick more to originals than doing covers. While your covers are good, this was something I would be willing to buy music wise.

  90. faeryraindancer

    "I am no man!" ^_^

  91. Ale A. Santi

    Omg where can i find the lyrics? ^^

  92. jeff hall

    Damn, i just found you tonight, but this song is amazing! The lyrics are so great! good job!

  93. Shahara

    That was amazing!!

  94. Luis Olivera

    I like your music man but this song was supposed to be rock you don't need to scream in Rock but good job anyway

  95. Sansa Grey

    This is just awesome ! Do more originals songs because they're great ! Il love your covers so much too !

  96. jwlapham

    set it to 1.25 speed, it sounds so much badass!

    Nikola D

    Yes, yes it does...... thanx

  97. jwlapham

    Those rifts were lit af.

  98. KaleiyaHitsumei

    That's an epic song and i love it (even if I'm not attracted by Games of Thrones) ! I buy it and some days ago and I will listening it during a very long time ! (sorry if my english sucks. Not my native language and i'm not used to write in it.)

  99. Thayah Lamont

    BLEGH!!! XD