Young Jeezy - Welcome Back Lyrics

Yeah, I told you niggas (Welcome Back)
I told ya'll I was gonna be back nigga (Welcome Back)
I wasn't gonna let you have it for long homie
Welcome Back

Guess who's back and he's shinin' on you niggas (Welcome Back)
Guess who's back and he's stuntin' on you hoes (Welcome Back)
Yeah I'm back and I'm shinin' on these niggas (Welcome Back)
Yeah I'm back and I'm stuntin' on these hoes (Welcome Back)

Been on my grizzy, but now I'm back in the place
And if you show me the money, I put this brick in ya face
And if you ain't got my money, I put this strap in ya face
And you believing' these niggas, that's like a slap in the face
Welcome Back

[Verse 1]
Guess what (guess what) I don't give a fuck
None these niggas real as me, pick 'em out, line 'em up
Fuck ya man, he ain't shit
What ya say, suck a dick
Excuse me if I'm being rude, let me check my attitude
Excuse me Mr. Attitude, why you got an attitude
Can't stand these rappin' niggas, fakin' ass trappin' niggas
These never (ever) never (ever) never had a pack niggas
I'm telling' you, where they do that at
What's happenin' (what's happenin) what up dude (what up dude)
I been done, you too slow
I'm too fast, movin' like slim fast
Keep my Ronald Williams cash in a black gym bag
Welcome Back...


[Verse 2]
So kind (so kind) thank you very much
What the fuck is goin' on, they actin' like I lost touch
I ain't never lost touch, damn sure ain't lost much
Matter fact I still got it, yea you know I'm still ballin'
Catch me in my black tee, but I'm a business man
Catch me at the kitchen table weighing out my business plans
Young what's your business plan, none your fuckin' business man
What's wrong with you pussy niggas, need to mind your business man
Ha ha, Ok here we go again
Street said it's necessary, start talking blow again
Got the bureau askin' if the nigga sellin' blow again
Streets think it's necessary that a nigga blow again
Welcome Back


[Verse 3]
Yayo in my kitchen, Scott Storch everywhere
White vette, black top, Kung Fu Panda Bear
Call me sensei, I got the tai-kwon dough
My Angelina shit, I want that Brad Pitt's dough
I say it's so funny, same time slow money
Ain't nothin' funny bitch, I'm on my money shit
A movie star bitch, we can make our own flick
I just came to beat it down, you play with your own shit
Yeah, Ok I'm bout to wild out
Call it a V-neck (why), took a nine out
750 Left, 750 Here
Bitch I don't even know what 750 Is
Welcome Back

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Young Jeezy Welcome Back Comments
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    When I cross over

  2. Keeno L. Townsend


  3. lilhott vevo

    My ish till this day

  4. Stephen Donahoe

    150 DB strong in the whip love this song forever

  5. Debra Stevens

    This beat go fucking crazy

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    Rest up to my pops he use to bang this shit this an rap game

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    Welcome me Kingsville...yall da shit!

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    Im remember listening to this on our way back from deployment 😂

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    222,222,222 still bumpin!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥💪🏽

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    Will 4eva bang

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    Yance Georgia jjjjj

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    2k19 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥

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    Scott Storch everywhere

  15. Black Biker1017

    Still Bumpin in 2019 🔥

  16. Empowered CRB

    I thought this album was dope. Idk why people was saying otherwise back in 09

  17. AnTbEgAmInG97

    For y'all going back to school

    Kiarra Rhone


  18. Ant loso305

    2019 let's get it💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸

  19. Donald Long

    Long Gone Missing👹🚙

  20. Venessa Talbert

    This is the song I'm ride CKB on when he come home from jail....Sugargirl gone say welcome back Daddy as she serves up dat sloppy bite back 💦💦💦

  21. Rafiq Ahmed

    Best Jeezy CD ever

  22. God Real

    Certified FACT CASHTRAP

  23. Tray the Artist

    :43-1:05 Always My Favorite Part

    reevis b

    Tray the Artist What's happen, Whad up thoooooo!!!!!

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    Im telling ya... Where Dey do dat at 🤦🏾‍♂️

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    I love your music

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    Welcome back

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    Jeezy 💯

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    Let me check my attitude

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    This bc Killa my bad I had to get my shit together I no I said I said if Wayne die it's gon be some shit out here ok it's cool tho I ain't tripping my bad for saying that now I'ma have my niggas from murder mob talk shit well we don't talk shit but wat Eva on god ya I love chineses kitty yea we been talking since day one u no an I really protect her u no not bcuz she a rapper but she my mf w

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    Still slapping into 2050...Future flow...Welcome Back!

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    2019 vibes

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    My vibes

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    Catch me in my black tee but I'm a business man. Catch me at the dinner table weighing out my business plans#bars


    Kenoblackledge44 Blackledge young what’s ya bidness plan? Nonya fucking bidness Man!! Love that part

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    I Just came to beat it down you play with your own shit ..... JEZZY



    Joshua King


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    2019 im still bumpin

    Tonya Dunn

    My shit right here

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    He'll yea with the 2 12s slap

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    T A

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    My part 3:00

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    Last of a dying breed sadly

    Tiara Stevenson

    @Ivan Montes right. SMH


    Dirty af.

    Bryon Floyd


    Bryon Floyd

    I like the aggressive Jeezy hands down

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    Good Memories...Rough Times...

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    A B bruh u and me both I was in College gas $5 a gal that damn struggle was real AF

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    Takes me back to when i was hungry as fuck. Hungry for respect, success and just was in my prime. Wtf happened. 😂😂😂


    Nonya Biznes get off drugs