Young Jeezy - Type Of Party Lyrics

[Hook - Que:]
I guess you thought a nigga 'bout to pay for it?
Naw little bitch, this ain't even that type of party
Oh you thought a nigga was a sweet lick, huh?
No nigga, this ain't even that type of party
You fucked up tryin' pass me the mid little nigga
Naw this ain't even that type of party
I'mma tell you like it is, give a fuck what you thought, nigga
This ain't even that type of party [x3]
This ain't even that type of party little bitch
This ain't even that type of party [x3]
This ain't even that type of party my nigga
This ain't even that type of party

[Peewee Longway:]
This ain't even type of party, jugging with the carter
Surveillance on my trap, it's full of gangsters, full of robbers
Chalupas in the water
Hit em with the egg beater, get the trap started
Longway be touching down with the pack in Illinois
Double parking in valet, [?] double up
Trap out the real, that bitch give that ho a buck
Bitch think she caught a man cause she seen the [?]
She fishing my ankle, little bitty bitch I'm a star
I get in the kitchen, go to whipping the water
Trigger finger get to itching when they talk about robbing
Yellow tape, first 48, chilling
Young thug motivating lil nigga
Trapping in the trenches with the snow lil nigga
It ain't the type of party but I came with 2 bitches
Longway help [?] white, Migos came with the Pippen
Balenciaga stepping, I be dripping with the Crip


This ain't even that type of party
You know I'm a sergeant, I keep me a carter
Don't get it twisted because a nigga is a artist
I be coming through your window like I'm Roger
I started off trapping and I was posted at the park
Nigga run off with the work and now we swimming with the sharks
.44 bulldog, bet that bitch bark
I was raised in the jungle, it's a lion in my heart
What these niggas thinking, my diamonds got niggas blinking
Bitches at that the condo, they fucking, they suck my semen
If you don't know how to cook it I can give you the ingredients
When I got a show they jumping up and down like EDM
They say we ain't gon' spray, I say my niggas gon' graffiti him
My niggas hungry, put them on a plate, I bet they eating them
No piano but you know we got the keys
Nigga tried to sell a nigga mid, nigga please!


You looking at the Rolex wearing
Half a Nets game and I can't forget the Rolls Royce driving
I said ya know how it goes, but a pack touchdown
Get the work in that phone like Verizon
Throw a block party nigga yeah nigga wanna split
Nigga right down the middle like a kitkat
I'm on 285 right never getting rental
And I'm I'm riding round with the sit pack
Any nigga ride with me, give a fuck bout Giuseppe's
They run up on ya Cortes
See mothafuckas don't know shit about snow
I'll run up on ya in some [?]
I said blow [?] automatic store
Swear the shit jumping out the bowl my nigga
Had to call it in back then my nigga
Been praying in the mothafucking water all day
I'm suprised ain't grow me a fin my nigga
What you know about an all white [?]
Break the whole thang down, take a 250 of it
Then you have the rest of it like it's Easter


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Young Jeezy Type Of Party Comments
  1. Jason Harris

    Lap dance last chance life choice

  2. Jason Harris

    Bloods fire fuck water

  3. Jason Harris

    Yo bump 1. 3

  4. Jason Harris

    Fuck feelings i almost choked on a bitch who had feelings pure hell no water

  5. Jason Harris

    Kenneth kamikazze fuck you dear his brother Bunny Joe

  6. Jason Harris

    Kong God Zilla Hey Joe

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    All fire no water sparkplugs Hell Pat's hey Joe stick it and twist yep shank

  8. Jason Harris

    Butch did it Joe

  9. Jason Harris

    Black lions meet da fukn wabbit

  10. Jason Harris

    Bad Bitch

  11. Jason Harris

    Armoney bye

  12. Jason Harris

    Run pussy

  13. Jason Harris

    Stamp ink black bunny Jessie Jesus hell Joe

  14. Jason Harris

    Fuck you I'm Joe God zilla

  15. Jason Harris

    All fire no water

  16. Jason Harris

    Trice dis crack wabbit

  17. Christiana Williams


  18. Sarah&Dazmond 1722

    Do to da fakt!!

  19. John Johnson

    Snow went crazy

  20. kenneth lynch


  21. Kevim Green


  22. babygirl martina

    Ayyy wassup

    David Eason

    babygirl martina what up I like how u came off

    babygirl martina

    @David Eason dats Whats up

  23. Kristopher Johnson

    3yrs later still 💯

  24. Poopado TV

    "Been playing in dat mfin water all day surprised ian grown me a fin my nigga"

  25. Poopado TV

    Jeezy blessed dat bitch🔥🔥🔥🔥🚀

  26. Redd Smoke

    original was better. woulda been dope if Longway and Offset hopped on a remix of it tho (this was Que's song, at first, and thats why he on the hook)

    Bando Mari

    Shiiid Longway really made this song

    Halley Whitaker

    Dwayne McKnight where can I find the original at? I can't find it no wherw

  27. Marquis Marquis

    snow went in bitch

  28. Fire Thief

    Hood classic 🔥🔥🔥

  29. DarkEnergon999 6

    if it was bass bosted it will be banging

  30. Tree House


    Jason Harris

    Joe yep dat 1

  31. Henny Kravitz

    This is my shit. I fuck with Pewee Longway. #LongwayBitch