Young Jeezy - The Realest Lyrics

We the realest
Can't you tell the difference
All my niggas icy we some cold head snakes
Nigga we the realest
Cocaine with me, we really with the business
All ya niggas know the business
Nigga she the realest
She don't call it stripping
She just say she getting money with the bitches
Nigga she the realest
She is independent, she would only bust it open for a real nigga
And niggas know we the realest

Y'all niggas know wassup
(Wassup [x4])
I'm YG, call me Richie's rich's
I ain't spend shit, I'ma be rich as fuck
Y'all bitches know wassup
(Wassup [x4])
Got 7 inches in my pants, come home with me girl I'ma go ham
Lemme show ya how I'm the realest
I put on my niggas
And I'm good in every city
Yeah pull up with the semi
I'm the realest, I don't want shit nigga
Fuck you and your handout
I'd rather get it on my own
So If I ever lose it I know how to make them bands bounce back
I'm the realest, pull off in that Porsche, with no [?]
Strap all on my lap
If I get pulled over, my nigga take the case, he the realest
Damn that nigga need a house on the hills where I feel like that
She coming call me over to fuck
I fuck, I nut, I leave, she think


Rock so loud, I'm bout to go deaf
White and black store, bout to go rep
Its cold out here, I got 4 heats
Hog game here now got 4 seats
I'm in that double r with the AK
Straight [?] a nigga shit like Mayday
Pull up in the shit with [?] door
And you know I can't forget bout the meat floor
Steady fuck round me if you the police
Pink slips shawty baby no lease
I'm the type of nigga flip packs
Go count that paper like a therapy
You the type of nigga on some bullshit
Money always show, nigga [?]
You can ask the nigga from my whole block
Like the best [?]
You on your real nigga shit, pulling kick door
Every nigga know me, know I'm skit so
I'm the type of mothafucka wake up early in the morning
Cook a couple chickens up, no Crisco
Show em 4 or 5 [?] like the backstreet niggas
4, 5 choppas on the backseat nigga
Nigga talking like they guess they athlete nigga
Fuck round [?] to try me nigga


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Young Jeezy The Realest Comments
  1. иван иванов

    2020 still the realest

  2. Louis XIII

    2020 still riding hard to this!

  3. Certified Totakeyouthere

    December 2019! Shit dam near brought tears to my eyes! Olm

  4. Mack Daddy

    im about to jump threw my window

  5. Reazon Giovanni

    jeezy albums sounded like hvery nice mix tapes

  6. Dori Devoe

    Jeezy aint sold shit fake snitch ass nigga free big meech

  7. Mike Purp

    Geezy G

  8. Leroy Blanco

    Yeaaaaaaaa 2019

  9. Darrell Hunter

    Playing it now no cap

  10. Terry Douglas

    $1.& 46¢

  11. Captain Kevin

    Everytime I’m in the car and this song comes up...the beat drops and the street bike revs foot puts the pedal to the floor. For a split second I imagine I am dipping on fools and then reality kicks in and I realize my POShit is still getting passed by soccer moms in minivans! 😞

  12. Dusk Golden Diamond Child


  13. curtis heard

    2019 bumpin

  14. Gordiesang

    I bought a BMW from a guy who left a CD of Young Jeezy behind and i've been a fan ever since. This was track 1

  15. Victor Abarca

    Still bump that classic inspiration 2019!

  16. Scott thebot

    Shit 2019 let's goo

  17. heaty007

    2019 thats right!

  18. Aiden Hawley

    I'm white and have a thick ass..Anyways, I listen to this when I walk by black guys. Im the realest white girl 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. Lynn Pedersen

    Tha realesT liars^phonies♤£@k€$

    Aiden Hawley

    Shout out to all the white girls in the comment section 😍😍🙌🙌😆😆🤣🤣

  20. Tully Bowers


  21. Carlos garcia

    Niggas fake as fuck that’s why I trust my balls

  22. #KARTEL #BBK

    For the realest!! #BBK #Kartel

  23. Domo DaDon

    Pick niggaz off I got a nice gold aim😆

  24. James Macgrath

    You kno the feelin ya heart fall to ya feet, summa time ni**as still ride with the heat......omg 💥👍💨🔥🙈🙉🙊

  25. Tru Payne

    2019 ♐🔥😎🤙

  26. James Horne

    This really that slap

    Mike Purp

    Sure is

  27. Bobby Holmes

    Still rocking the classic.💯💯

  28. E Colon

    This the realize sound ever I love it

  29. Nabeel Fayed

    Get on the guitar bruh best track I've heard from hip hop with guitar

  30. jj and a squad

    Who made the beat?

    Dark Venom16

    Drumma boy

  31. Tony Montana

    Apparently Ralo didn't listen to this track... be yo own man niguh

    Lashon Earl

    Drumma Boy

  32. D Nice

    Trapping ain't Dead

  33. Julaybeb Julaybeb

    here heey

  34. Jason Carter

    2019 and i came back in time to play this

    judith smetana

    2020 and I came back to play this. Jeezy the legend

  35. Joshua Alamos

    2018 😎Yeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    Aurora Forgotten Sorrows

    Fuvk yeah bro


    Fuck this nigga and his fam ass momma in they ass . Like momma like son

  36. Pat Peezy

    25 for da 4-way, Choppas by tha doorway!!!! Duval Co. 904 Zone#3 Old Kings rd. S

  37. curtismyname Heard

    This was my joint


    trap and catch you a Gangsta bitch GO CAVS

  39. Pete Rose

    Nowadays the gt's glock black
    The shoes on that muthafucka 380 chrome

  40. Trippy Slime


  41. 7mile P

    i swear this song had me exposing niggas on how what they be lying about out here in dese streets, nigga i been out here yall know what i do.

  42. New Age Productions

    real shit never plays out

  43. Alchemist Two.0

    heartless: maybe I need to see the wizard!!

    jj and a squad

    Soo real lol

    James Eubanks

    Until then imma make it snow a blizzard

  44. M. HEAVY

    2016 and I'm still playing this

  45. Mr.Armenian

    I blast this in my Kia.

  46. watchthevidkid

    one of my favorites

  47. watchthevidkid

    one of my favorites

    John Young

    In kicten the going hard with da block.

  48. Yoshi Lee

    2016 still listening to old jeezy shit yeeeaaaahhhh

    Mike Purp

    Yoshi Lee yea

  49. Paul Costelano

    25 For The Throwaways, Choppas By The Doorway

  50. Mariea Mariee


    bayram ubiç

    Mike Purp

    You know what's

  51. Charles צ'ארלס


  52. Vanilla Bean

    the realest shit ever.....that bag life

    Shelby Profita

    Brooklyn Harris airbags?

    Young Arch Survivor

    Brooklyn Harris That's riiiiighttt..

    Trap Boo

    Brooklyn Harris amen

  53. xRD4Moneyx

    i like dat

  54. Anthony Isaac

    Can we here it for being realest.The real deal is i found out yesterday ihave to have an operation sooner than later the real deal is im scared as hell, but im gonna put on my big boy draws &let it do what it do cause im a realest.Keep me in your prayers.


    Are you dead or alive now?


    @TheLIBIDIB im going to guess he didn't make it...sorry bro

    jack stone

    Anthony Isaac damn rip fam

    Kelly Blessard

    Anthony Isaac djz by ydndjojohf hi dkdkd digital dks nominee Paloma use_7-f1-$#$8-46$_64(9_(4+__::3!4+$_;[email protected]++_-_';;!$+383393+-$-(4_949$$5$&$+#89##9#9223--3-4-&$-+3+3+833-:$:$)2)4+4_--44++73++#8⅞7-++282([email protected]+#+2+2+33:

  55. Sagar gohil



    +Sagar gohil Go to youtube to mp3 converter and put the link in. It will donwload it.

  56. PeaceOfMind

    This was Jeezy was in fact "The Realist". He used to a voice for the streets. Now, he's a sell-out. He's fallen into this "in the club, pop bottles, 20 thou on my pinky, 15 cars for nothing" ymcmb-bullshit. It's sad, really.


    Atyonna Hubbard you have no idea wtf your talking about😂😂😂

    Pat Peezy

    u cant call jeezy a sell-out?????? he tops all these fake ass rap niggas.

    Darrell Hunter

    KING ACE right he sound dum af

  57. TheVenomsupremacy

    fake ass broke bitch

    Aurora Forgotten Sorrows

    Yeah, he's broke, with hundreds of millions of dollars. You've never been the sharpest tool in the shed have you?

    Aiden Hawley

    Who? You?

  58. Leifman1000

    Did you drop out before basic grammar?

  59. Deaon McGhee

    my man rapping about what he know

  60. dj dk dj dk djdiamondkutzz 4111

    young jeezy the mxther fxckin realist ol yehs nd u no im the realist why coz u no i keep it mxther fxckin reall coz i am the mxther fxckin realist ol yehs nd u noit gang u no it

  61. Jay Flippen

    He just pushed the real-o-meter into the red

  62. HBC423

    bodytap wednessdays

  63. tylor thareal


  64. tylor thareal

    Holla!!! GO hard without a home -

  65. 180DegreeMason

    I like this beat a lot, but wow some hip-hop is really, really, dumb. :) Oh well, at least even if it's mindless it's done proper.

  66. Tyler Lynn

    back and forth like AAliyah chances gettin rich like 1 and a million

  67. A Hunnit Grand

    "They liars, they phonies, they fakes; These niggas ain't really sold N O weight & i'm the mothaf*ckin' REAList!" - I love you SnowGo ♥

  68. alfonso doom

    the realest alive if u really know what hes talking bout he actually did this shit erryday came into the rap game he dont needa rap just tryin to help people out


    Audio-Video--------That's went get ur azz sent upstate!!!

  70. Craig Brittain

    5 people are the fakest

  71. Julio. oh

    5 people are Liars..Fonies..and Fakes..

  72. CarlosStephenPR

    Real recognizes real. If You dont like Young Jeezy, You aint Real

  73. Anthony Lien

    beast song!

  74. vernestpbaldwin

    I ride on these N words!

  75. Andrew Dreiling

    his best song??

  76. Young Masta

    @5milegoon shut the fuck up with the bullshit its only lyrics dumd ass why u listening my nigga jeezy anyways if u gonna dont the song period!

  77. thesidewayzone

    The beginning of this track with the streetbike sounds gets me so juiced to stunt on my R-weezy

  78. Nismo MR2


  79. yo son

    @youngcatlaflare n ive seen marshmellows harder den u u bitch made virgin

  80. yo son

    @youngcatlaflare man shut the fuk up

  81. Corey S

    @youngcatlaflare fuck you

  82. diegoangel420

    jeezy way better thn gucci hands down!

    Shaquille Biffee

    No argument....

  83. Jennifer Young


  84. miguelss123

    most real!!

  85. Anders Kusk Fink

    I love this damn song. It's so nice!

    But I wonder why the "quality" of the song sounds so bad nomatter where I hear it from :O
    Like there is something wrong with the bass.

  86. Raro404


  87. elizabeth tran

    where can I download this? link please!

  88. Young Deuce

    The Realist Song Ever Made

  89. yall here dat lambo throttle in dat background in da back

  90. shotbyagun

    i be rollin' to dis shit erday

  91. shotbyagun

    i be rollin' to dis shit erday

  92. itsArtNotAcr1me

    who the hell made this beat this song go so hard

    Lashon Earl

    Drumma Boy

  93. Young Nov

    Flawless track on fire!!

  94. alizin2008

    im the realest