Young Jeezy - Put On (Remix) Lyrics

[Young Jeezy]
I put on...

The Recession on the way hey but on another note
Alot of soundin like Young tell 'em register to quote
See I rolled them back to back like I'm registered to smoke
Yea I got it on me now but I ain't registered to toke
I put on for my city and I bought a blue -ghini
Goddamnit just missed me, shoulda saw me shoulda seen me
Do me a favor see them haters tell 'em (Picture Me Rollin')
Same time watch them Feds take a, pic of me rollin'
Got a phone call from 'Ye put my -libs on his song
So 3 million like us goddamn I put 'em on
I put on for my city yeah billboards everywhere
See me before your flight land, see me before your bag claim
Re-up in my city man you better check your bags man
Shouts out to the Eastside yeah they play them bag games
Southside boys will fly to your home
Yeah they play them tag games
Can't forget that Westside yeah they play them mask games
How you forget the Northside, Don't know I stay high as hell
87 stickers too, y'all know I stay fly as hell
I put on for my city yeah way before the contracts
Trapstar step back might get you a contact
Rap star no strap might just get your chain snatched
Call young brain stacks might just get your chains back
Call my name in the courtroom put me on blast
Still shinin' on they ass yeah its Mr. Birthday Bash

I put on for my city, on, on for my city
I put on for my city, on, on for my city
Put on - Eastside
Put on - Southside
Put on - Westside
Put on... Let's go [2x]

'Ey Guru, put a lil' T-Pain on my shit too
Know what I mean? Uh
I put on... (Oh you bout to put on Hov?) G Mix
I don't need no T-Pain, I got this one, yes

I put Marcy on the map, I put Brooklyn on my back
I put Fab back on the charts, I put Biggie in my raps
I put Nas with Def Jam, I let Diddy do my tracks
I put on for my city that's a motherfucking fact
I put Mike Jack on stage at Summer Jam Billie Jean
I put Prodigy in his place on that Summer Jam screen
I put Preme in my truck told him leave them streets alone
I predicted jail would happen shit I tried to put him on
All these niggaz taking credit for the work that I put in
If you really put me on put yourself on then
I put miles on that hoopdie
I put hours in that kitchen
Put that on my "Dear Mama" this is fact not fiction
Feds were tryina build a case I was headed for conviction
Til the greatest flow in the world put me on television
I put on for my city so when I'm dead gone
I got one last wish put my Yankee hat on


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Young Jeezy Put On (Remix) Comments
  1. Steven Yates

    Rose petals in the mattresses illuminated to u. Lil Wayne

  2. Steven Yates

    Rose petals in the mattresses illuminated to u. Lil Wayne

  3. Steven Yates

    Rose petals in the mattresses illuminated to u. Lil wayne

  4. Steven Yates

    Roman legion baths of blood wayne

  5. Steven Yates

    Learn truth as they release true facts of the albino latin

  6. Steven Yates

    Jamaica rise buffalo roam free true k

  7. Steven Yates

    Husslers anonymous llc. T shirts lapanto survives 6 king Viking 2 percent Spain chicken hawk

  8. aLfY iNcA wArRiOr

    Now her throat Famous....

  9. Nucky Mancini

    They ACT LIKE I-AINT putting on 4 ***MY CITY!!!***

  10. aLfY iNcA wArRiOr

    Kanye verse slaps the hardest 🔥

  11. aLfY iNcA wArRiOr

    *So fresh so clean on my way to Palm Springs*
    being a germaphobe I stay clean....

  12. aLfY iNcA wArRiOr

    Now her throat famous.... lmfao

  13. aLfY iNcA wArRiOr

    No way you got more scars than me bruh...
    Literally from head to toe & I never even attempt to hide em idgaf

    Eppy Quintana

    aLfY iNcA wArRiOr As the Mexican Pancho Villa said to those who brought himmeanlooking scared "soldiers ", "I don't want these but those who put the scars on them!"

  14. polish hammer

    2020 lets go
    !!! fuck pussy ass pusssys

  15. Chris Huynh

    Kanye on a hot verse!!!!

  16. IceColdDarkElf RPG

    What happen to this Kanye

  17. Kiiru Macharia

    I feel like there's still bitches that owe me sex...damn!

  18. eric key

    12/2019 who else real fast

  19. 2basick

    I put on for my city! I was raised in Vegas miss it man!

    Eppy Quintana

    2basick Vegas? Cool, I love it. Now come to WATTS


    @Eppy Quintana I'm in mexico now :)

    Nucky Mancini

    GO ASAP... #youreWELCOME

  20. Jon Babiarz


  21. Donna Greene

    Ludaz is BEST

  22. Mpiloenhle Sibanda

    I love me some good Kanye.

  23. Shi cl

    I feel Kanye part cause I lost the only girl who knew me best rip sis I love you miss you

    Nucky Mancini


  24. scottioso6

    Im sorry buy kayn cra ruined the song

  25. Scott Zenewicz

    Kanye kills it.

  26. Havior Ace


    Havior Ace


  27. archimedes mariano

    Neva get tired listening to this MasterPiece my Nigga. i put on till 2020 till i die. Hiphop is damn shit nowadays fuckin Mumble Rapper with colorful gay hair style...

  28. iinaa Orshe


  29. Khalid Khan

    Good nice vidio

  30. Khalid Khan

    Nice vidio lily

  31. David Faitelson

    This song was so dope they had to do 2 remixes

  32. Subscribe for Subscription

    Rick: I am the Boss.
    Me: Yes probbably the boss of all Chocolate Pie's.

    Dat Tgirl

    He got slim now

    Subscribe for Subscription

    @Dat Tgirl Did not knew it, thats some real boss thang.

  33. Andrea Baldridge

    A temporary FIX for permanent flaws!

  34. Brian Hubbard

    Rosé goes in on this one.

  35. Irie Thomas Lee

    Waipahu 94 Bloc ALL DAY BABY HAWAII "Oahu"

  36. alesia simmons

    Wayne said... don't honk your horn... don't flash your lights

  37. Robert W Norris II

    GBT ( Global Blood Therapeutics)

  38. John Stanley

    Doing 22

  39. Brandon Bartlett

    I do not do rebel family

  40. Brandon Bartlett

    I say forget the family members if they rebel

  41. Brandon Bartlett

    You can get paid but if you knock out kill rebels

  42. Brandon Bartlett

    Dog let me get this rank

  43. Shar Clark

    I put on for Compton & Los Angeles...West West ya'll!!!!!

  44. William McKenzie

    Back when Kanye was fire!

  45. Myron Johnson

    man I miss the old kanye

  46. Digne Tembely

    2019 , who is here ;?

  47. Stephanie


  48. Ronnick Nachok

    WEEZY F BABY!!!!!!!!!!!


    Kayne Said Christ Is The One Who Fill His Fountain #JESUSISKING

  50. Cuba Gooding Jr.

    All of these black men rappers deserve to own all of the black people in the country. We must lead all of our black family heritage to the sahara desert. I am waiting for Kanye West ...

  51. Shaheen Fridie

    [email protected]

  52. yeherzkel

    reminds me of Dela Soul in the eighties

  53. Calvin Allen


  54. Stephanie


  55. James Merone

    Now her throat famous

  56. Samvel

    What song is Rick Ross’s verse from?

    God's Child

    Beam me up

  57. Eboni Taylor

    Remix the shyt an thats why 50 dnt like j listen to it

  58. Djimy Montelus

    I love tout put on

  59. The Amphibious One

    Luda's verse is fuckin LIT!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  60. Tiffany Moss


  61. Medusa v2

    2019 yeee

  62. Carl Nick

    Passin blunts like we pass the mic 🔥

  63. Levente Schmidt

    thats rap boys!!!!!

  64. Levente Schmidt

    love you!!!!

  65. Jay T


  66. jayden dunn

    Still here Nov 2019!!

  67. SBB1809

    Rick ross shouldnt even be on this

  68. Zoe Nation

    It's 2019, 1:20am , just smoke some weed and this shit is on repeat. Now i feel like i am a superhero

    Asanda Lobi

    u should stop smoking bra coz song will kill u, nice song by the way Rozay killed n Ye gave em hard time

  69. Stephanie


  70. ChicanoKing87


  71. BearXBunny

    Ludacris is just too dope

  72. tone 503

    B4 Ye lost his motherfuckin mind

  73. tone 503

    Jeezy fuckin with Jeanie from The Real, that's a bad Asian bitch

  74. Killa Keith

    Need this type music again

  75. Lonnie Johnson

    T k soul.


    Shoulda put wale on the remix

  77. Jessica Powers

    Latin 👑 jessybaby girl.

  78. David Gregory

    Kanye verse heat boy

  79. Widim Antoine

    when Hip hop was hip hop

  80. Semaj Akotad

    Luda fuckin killz it wit those lyrics

  81. mkhululi romeo

    I miss Luda 😣

  82. Stephanie

    Stay TRUE to your people, family, friends.....NO LIES

  83. Donwell Mandizvidza

    team rogona zvaro iro...2019 tiripo

  84. Orlando Ortiz

    Damb i wish a rapper with a style like this would come and kill the shit.

  85. David Rieger

    This song knocks. This was our football anthem my senior year. Represent GHS NJ

  86. Erica B

    🔥put ON

  87. Mico Marcos

    This is still my workout song

  88. Jo Hans


  89. Richard Crainium

    wtf is wrong wit yall does the names Kevin MF Gates , MO 3 shyt they are the realest hardest street spittin poets since the greatest rapper weezy not fuk -z more or less passed the torch wat yall say is so hard even if this was their greatest collaboration then in all honesty it would only make the Big B side of their album listen to any gates album or shottqaz reloaded and thats their older shyt they just get better and dont have d ridas sayin how good they are or were b buzz errone already know

  90. Louie Rankin

    KanYeezy killed this

  91. ThoughtzbyTreee

    Need a female version of this: Remy ma, Lil Kim, Cardi B, Trina, Meg, Kash Doll

  92. Christina Velasquez

    Y. G love love

  93. Gemini Johnson

    K.W. acts crazier than a MF,but he can rap his ass TF off

  94. Farlen Ketchum

    Putting it on 2019;>}