Young Jeezy - I Do This Lyrics

Speedy, you a fool for this one nigga! (Yuh! Haha..)
C.T.E. nigga, you already know what it is (Yeeeeeaah)
21 gun salute (Aye!), I 22's on my coupe (Let's go!)
I do this shit!

Tha Chevy standin' so tall, I'm lookin' down on yall
That's all I gotta tell you niggas - I do this shit!
Tha ice shine so bright, tha kush burn just right
My last time tellin' you niggas - I do this shit!

[Verse 1]
26's inches (Woo!) honey dew outside
Watermelon inside, that's a sweet ride (Daaaamn)
She diggin' me, checkin' out my paint job
And I'm diggin' her, trynna get a blow job (Yeeeeeaah)
And my job's hard, I keep (Hard Work) (Aye!)
Yeah it's HARD now, but it was SOFT 1st (Gyeah!)
You know - off white, flaked-up, just pale
Chyna Whyte, oil base, talkin' fish scales (Hahaaa)
S550, yeah tha brand new Benz
Bought two tha same color, I call 'em (Siamese Twins) (Daaaamn)
You can't outshine me, you can't outclass me (Nah!)
My wrist so shine, but my neck so flashy (Hahaaa..)
I do this shit!

[Chorus - 2x]

[Verse 2]
I'm with a gang of ho's, we at tha (Pappadeaux) (Gyeah!)
Chevy sittin' on them large pies, call it (Domino's) (Woo!)
Or maybe (Pizza Hut), or even (Papa John's)
They was outta Crys' (Nah), so ordered one
I was like "WHAT!?", call me Lil' Jon (Yeeeeeaah)
Keep it so clean, so I'm fuckin' Don (Aye!)
I'm tha shit biaatch, that's right - tha fuckin' bomb!
200 carats, now that's a fuckin' charm (Daaaamn)
And this my (Lucky Charm), and I ain't talkin' corn flakes (Nope!)
I know Philly niggas and they ain't sellin' cheese stakes (Nah!)
But if ya bread straight, you can get the whole 8 (Yuh!)
You don't act right - they comin' for your whole safe
I do this shit!

[Chorus - 2x]

[Verse 3]
Them bricks wrapped up, and I'm strapped up (Yuh!)
Nigga act up! Get capped up! (BRRRAAT!!)
See this big toy? Play if you wanna nigga
Head over here, you just around the corner nigga (Woo!)
I'm a heavy-weight, never boxed one round (Nah!)
In and outta state, never lost one pound
Nigga I'm crazy straight (Gyeah!), I flip crazy weight (Aaaye)
Now I flip tha mic', and that's crazy riiight?
((Trap or Die) nigga!) That's my favorite tune
I'm always in tha kitchen, that's my favorite room (Hahaaa)
And I'm bakin' mine, call me Duncan Hines
Ran thru a 100 grand, call it a waste of time
I do this shit!

[Chorus - 2x]

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Young Jeezy I Do This Comments
  1. Stefan Bailey

    2020 i do this shit☃️☃️☃️☃️Happy New year

  2. Sheekaveli J

    I know Philly niggas and they ain't selling cheesestakes


  3. Kenneth Taylor

    Ice shine so brought cush burn just right

  4. Bethesda Shill 666

    so underrated

  5. Eric King

    2019 still playing it 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Dennis Blossom

    Jamming this shit rite now lol

  6. Tamarkus Williams

    One of Young Jeezys best songs ever

  7. Kuji Chagulia

    *Should've put Cam'ron on this. He would have killed this beat as a feature.*

  8. Jamiqus Smith

    War spelled backwards

  9. Ian Simmons

    I only like you because of Russ lol

  10. Dickey271

    One of the greatest Jeezy songs taking me back to 06 word up

  11. Ak Lamar

    Need the DJ mixtape this song was on 💯

  12. Jeffrey Bowden



    Jeezy sodomized this beat

  14. TopShelf Fitness

    2019, and it still bangs!! 🔥🔥

  15. Precious Arnett

    Still bumpin this mf in 2019 1 of his greatest hits still bumpin this forever ha ha #inmysnowmanvoice

  16. Shiny D

    This song "I Do This" is a bonus song from the album The Inspiration: Thug Motivation 102.

  17. Jerry Rodriguez

    Fucking nerds bro for real. Me and my niggas remember real shit not pussi ass shtt like def jam icon lol come on nigga.


    Who here in 2019

  19. Kaye Rodgers

    B&N &Tonys Bar & Grill Club Days

  20. Kaye Rodgers

    Still on it 2019

  21. William Jamison

    I do this.

  22. Alex R.

    They need to make more beats like this and get these kind of lyrics with it ! 🔥

  23. PlugMoney Filmz

    Def jam icon im not gone lie

  24. lake snow

    2019 in Dis bitch 🅱️🅱️

  25. Aubert LEE Sr

    Atlanta Simpset 2005 - 07

  26. Doah and Duce podcast

    I'm here because it's December 12th same name of this mixtape 12/12

  27. Louis Villafranca


  28. Victor Creed

    Literally the only good thing about Icon. Can't believe how weak that sequel was in comparison to the epic Fight for NY.

  29. Vz Dripz

    Had to order Def Jam Icon for this shii 🔥

  30. Shannon Simmons

    97 idiots thumbed this down smh😕

  31. Shannon Simmons

    My nigga

  32. marvinfinite

    2018 “speedy you a fool for this one”

  33. liloreolil

    Was this song on the actual Thug Motivation 101? I never see it in the track list.

    Dallen G

    Yo Jamal, yeah it is

  34. AK Lamar

    I remember this song being on a mixtape back in 06 with yung joc sunny v and yung Sean it’s sort of like a blend mixtape wish I could remember it 😩😩😩

    Samantha Mcdowell

    AK Lamar real vol 2

  35. caponeike


  36. BluesManSteele

    Anyone know why this song is anywhere except youtube? Its not on the wiki for the album or at all, its not on spotify

  37. Matheus

    Good times

  38. LilGeorge 1996

    Been bumping this b4 icon n still is in 2018 YEAAAAAAAAH💥🔥

  39. Dominic Glover

    Prefer this one, over soul survivor any day!

  40. John Watts

    I wanted topic of young Jeezy I do this.

  41. Seanezy ChoppaCityBoy

    Fuckin memories tho daamm

  42. steven abram


  43. Mellisa Martin

    "Im a heavy weight never box one round in and out of state never lost one pound". Best verse

  44. Black Mafia

    Heard this on a mixtape back in 06 or 07 can't remember the name Good Times, then when Def Jam icon released that's when the song stuck with me for life

    AK Lamar

    Black Mafia me too I’ve been trying to find the mixtape it was on some kind of blend mixtape with yung joc and David banner manish man Omg I played that cd out 😂😂😂

  45. shawnd2006

    Best Jeezy

  46. DMCdaJUICE

    This song made me use jeezy every time in icon

  47. Ashley Bradley

    My favorite Jeezy song

  48. Pj Fitch

    I rocked this every morning before school in grade 8.

  49. Jamiqus Smith

    fuckin classic jeezy

  50. DeAndre Martin


  51. Demonte Skelton

    2017 still here

  52. jennifer moore

    Snowman lives always !!!

  53. Jerodo Whipple

    this shit hard as fuck

  54. ZayZay So Cray Cray

    I fuck wit this shit and I still got the game

  55. Dajia Higgins

    no fight for ny

  56. Dajia Higgins

    Icon was the best

    Victor Creed

    Lmfao you're smoking. Fight for NY was insanely better.

  57. Ant Rag

    a classic fucking album

  58. marlon tucker

    icon waz won of the best next to fight for ny

  59. marlon tucker

    this my shit cuz

  60. G. Johnson

    Bought my first s550 and put this on blast. MOTIVATION

  61. Peanut Butter Baby

    This goes hard to weightlifting and boxing 🥊 and all that other shit !

  62. Yaboy E

    Top 5 jeezy song

  63. slugga 504

    still jam

  64. JayFalconsfan404

    still bumpin this in 2017

    SAG Quarters

    JayFalconsfan404 He'll yeah

    Renee Williams



    and now in 2018 bro

    Brian Romero

    2019 shit still go hard

  65. Tre M.

    Should've been on the inspiration imo

    Davin James

    Tre Moore It was. deluxe edition homie 😎

  66. Juanita Brown

    luv💓U jezzy!!We Do This👄

  67. Goated Beatz

    def jam memories...

  68. Bryan Morris

    this shit tht cruising jam yo

  69. Jay Pee

    hell yea Def Jam.. this shit would come on whenever my guy started putting serious hands on mf bahahaha

  70. Anthony Metz

    classic jams fresher than fresh

  71. Sosa Curry

    happy birthday jeezy

  72. sDOOM


  73. Ebony Unique

    this my shit! ❤ bumpin in 2016

    Shakim Mckeithan

    yo what's up cutie

  74. Cyber Spirit

    DeF jAM

  75. Shannon Simmons


  76. cod player7393

    def jam icon straight up

  77. darneil stanfort

    this was 06 all day classic

  78. Kipp

    Everyone's talking about how inspired and how much they love this song 6 or 9 yrs later, but no one questions the part he says "that's a lucky charm, and I ain't talkin' Corn Flakes."

    Brian McNeil

    u my lucky charm tho

    Slim Self

    But lucky charms arent corn flakes bruh bruh.... Get it?

  79. Matt KnowsNuthn'

    I don't know why I woke up this morning and started singing this song for some reason 9 years later. Jeezy music a major influence on me growing up 8th grade and up.

    Troy Vincent

    MattvsMateo that's terrible that you feel that way

  80. Tashab Boss papers

    I love this song my favorite we do this.

  81. D4N OctEmber


  82. Chad Jefferies

    Back in high school Miami killian days I used to stay blasting this song still is In 2015!

  83. Rick Ross

    This kind  of music can change  your life

  84. GQSmoke

    For some reason this song isn't on his album in itunes...


    Cause it's on a mixtape. King of the bricks.

    Stuckboi SS

    I think it's because he's just jeezy and not young jeezy

    Mack Velly

    This song is on the limited edition disc that came out with it

    Ball OUT

    It's to hard for itunes

  85. King Jokk

    I wish his music was still like this smh now he make that dumb ass club music

  86. Jesse Brown

    Jeezy in his prime

    Tyreke Armstrong


  87. sUpC12

    Def Jam Icon anyone?

    Broken Glass

    @YaoSteve NashAriza shit was still hard tho


    I was just playing that & couldn't believe I forgot this song.😓

    Jerry Rodriguez

    I'm tired of them nerds like u.

    Tariq Raheem

    Hell yeah

  88. S.I.A.C TwoHeart

    I'm a heavy weight never boxed 1 round in and out of state never lost 1 LB
    Jeezy is that fool!!!

    Mellisa Martin

    Best verse

    Louis Villafranca

    United states he has a country accent

  89. Shanelle Snapp

    High school years thuggin

  90. Joseph Walters

    i talk about money every day

  91. Joseph Walters

    REMIX ths shit u feel

  92. Joseph Walters

    jeezy turn ths shit up O.G

  93. Rashawn Smith

    Def Jam Icon

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    Young jeezy! @lways been a fan