Young Jeezy - Everything Back Lyrics

I’m bringing back that black bandana
Tucked tailor arm hammer, a hundred deep in [?]
Every club in Atlanta
Man the shit off in this bowl got me helicopter high
But this shit off in this bowl keep me helicopter fly
Kellogg’s on the scale, turnt the clientele
We talking blowing money fast, I live to tell the tale
Sold my Chevy, pulled up in that 9 11
The bricks was 22, that’s two 9s for 11
All white, tan, Amber Rose
I’m talking 36’s white as Russel [?]
Water whipping, bag it, flip it
If you can pull up, get em 9, that’d be terrific

[Hook – Jeezy & Young Dolph:]
I’m bringing everything back
Flew out of town, stole the pack
I pray to god it make it back
I’m bring everything back
Sold it all then doubled back
And spend it on another sack
I’m bringing everything back
Fuck bitches, get money
Stay away from all the rats
I’m bringing everything back
Pumping all this weight got me copping coupes back to back

[Young Dolph:]
Pull up at the crib, welcome to the gangster party
Nothing in my driveway but Porsches, Benzes and Ferarris
They talk it, I live it, they rap it, I did it
I wrapped it and shipped it, ran up a half a ticket
Bought it in Compton and sold that shit in South Memphis
Hit my first lick and moved mama out the hood
Son’s trap booming hard so mama living good
You ever counted so much paper that you got scared
You ever cashed the plug out, 300 big head
Connect said where’s the weight, I said I’m on the way


[Bankroll Fresh:]
Water, stove, bowl, lock
I’m in this motherfucker, rolling [?] blocks
I got the kill tec on me nigga, right now
And when you pull up to the spot, had to ride em out
Vacuum, sealer, press em, seal em
Give me your cashier in advance, address and I’mma send em
You ain’t got no fucking plug, you niggas working in the middle
You ain’t got no fucking plug, you niggas working with a [?]
Trap nigga in Balenciagas, my bitch a problem, nigga what’s the problem
[?] charge you at full throttle, new hellcat, me and Mike Dodger
Me and Snow and my nigga Carbon got the carbon on him with the cartridge on it
Happy days, free Boosie Boo
Real street money, nigga we salute


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Young Jeezy Everything Back Comments
  1. Jason Harris

    Opie Jesus Jason black rabbit

  2. Chyna Shaw


  3. Jason Harris

    Driveway stacked with harleys

  4. Jason Harris

    Examples i got you 333

  5. liza Apostolidis

    Jeezy stay on it... Too consistent

  6. Telly Daughtry


  7. Yaiper88*

    Still bump in this shit... I miss this sound On GOD

  8. Daevon Brooks

    Used to have this track dumpin in the whip when i got my woofers lol, think time to bring it back this summer

  9. K_raymi

    Such few people who appreciate this track. We're the 1% of the 1%.
    Even your comments are lit!
    Don't even get me started on the song itself 🔥🔥🔥
    These guys were waaaaaaaaaay ahead of the game!

  10. Cody Caban


  11. Name9 x SR

    Young Jeezy is a legend to me. In Gemany we are always try to cook hits like this ;) watch?v=UPa3b34-iq8

  12. you tube


  13. Kamron Knight

    This song will hype your azz up. Be careful. 😂😂 You'll be at 60. At 120 real quick

  14. Chris Randazzo

    I remember when this shit came out it was so hot and still is my first day home from prison I bumped this shit hard

  15. CJ Fuqua

    Long Live $ankRoll Fresh!

  16. LaDarrian Torrey

    I’m still banging this shit in 2018!!!!

  17. Red 205


  18. Lorenzo Williams

    Jeezy still got it

  19. Twoo K.E.

    “pull up at the crib welcome to the gangsta party, nun in my driveway but Porsche’s, Benz’s, and Ferrari’s”🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Earl Hutchinson

    Kevin Aikens uhhh huh

  20. Christian Galarza

    2018 still ⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️

  21. AllClicks Were CreatedEqual

    still hot af today 2018/4/1 ukno it

  22. mryomantoo


  23. Randy Clifton

    Peckerwood dopeboi sh!t!!

  24. Annathe beautifulone Lopez

    Sleep well Bank Roll....

  25. Enrique Garcia

    The song is the chit bankroll and jeezy always kill music my favorite song those two is ..all there

  26. Fortherec0rd

    Will always be one of my favorite if meek was on this it'd have all 4 of my favorite rappers

  27. Jessie Padron

    snowman,Dolph ,bankroll

  28. griffgetsmoney


  29. Vinny Fogle

    no comment

  30. Croccett Money

    Dat boy Yung Dolph got something,these boys done been in da mix or was real close to it.

    Khambrel Mathis

    Croccett Money I believe it. I don't care what nobody says, he was doing something.


    Khambrel Mathis smh

  31. AD Da Shoota

    dolph nd gotti should of been from atl

    Randy Clifton

    But they wuz

  32. Braxton Chambers

    Rip BRF

  33. Robert Lion

    young Dolph 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  34. Christian Galarza

    1st time jamming to dolph

  35. Renee Stafford

    YOUNG DOLPH PULLED STRAIGHT 21 SAVAGE SHIT xD. had to look twice at who is rapping.

  36. MAC DRE

    Barely gone play the song yet im 110% sure it a slammer! Hahaha #gas #longlivebankroll #aintgoingnowhere

  37. Tenia Watson

    I love this song

  38. Long Clip

    Rip Bank

  39. 305 R.A.P

    trap nigga in Balenciaga my bitch in Prada....Bank snapped

    Lonnie Lyle

    Nigga What's Da Problem 🔥🔥🔥

  40. OG L.A

    It's Dolphhh!

  41. basedjj93

    longlivebank. hardest verse

  42. Cartier

    Bankroll Fresh killed this shit verse str8 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  43. Mike Tyson

    I dunno but dolph killed dis sht


    Bank killed him

    Antatio Pitman

    Definitely did.

  44. arturo puente


  45. arturo puente

    Dope! ONLY needed waz HEAVY HEAVY BASS on Jeezy's part! Live!

  46. Shakeem Morris

    Bankroll swagged his verse. RIP

    Tanner Lee

    Shakeem Morris Young Dolph killed it two bruh!!!😂😂

  47. G.I. Jack

    Bruh...Bankroll murks everything he gets on.....but jezzy on tha other hand
    ....c'mon homie dude is wack,check out Freddie Gibbs interview labeled(jezzy diss) there are 3 r 4 interviews where gibbs exposes jezzy...then they ask jezzy n he beats around tha bush....n thats why i fuk with Fresh....u can FEEL THA REALNESS in his music...not jus hear it..(R.I.P.)BANKROLL...Tha greats always pass far to soon..God Bless!!!$$$!!!$$$

    Taylor Cane

    nigga u sleep on Jeezy especially his older albums

    Jaquan Booker

    ^^ 💯

    305 R.A.P


  48. Amanda Cole

    Bound to drown

  49. J Loon

    Damn how could anyone sleep on Zaytoven???

  50. Skankhunt #42

    its Dolph!!!

  51. Devin Go Brazy

    bankroll rip u still the truth

  52. karateflix

    Water. Stove. Bowl. Lock!
    I'm in dis muthafucka rollin watch fa road blocks.
    I got da Kel tek on me nigga right now.
    And when you pull up to the spot have the right amount!
    Vacuum seal it...


    karateflix 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  53. Kato Trilogy

    who can slap a beat like Bankroll. Rip Street

    Cody Caban

    Kato Trilogy nobody my g

  54. NutterButter

    RIP Bankroll!!!!

  55. Allen Roberts


  56. Joshua Underwood

    Bumped this all Summer--couldn't wait for Bankroll's verse. RIP

  57. Mz Kat404

    RIP BankRoll Fresh #gonetosoon Atlanta

  58. Casey Macias


    Randy Clifton

    Casey Macias u a goof nuqqa neva flip an onion headah

  59. Gudrich Lamar

    trap nigga in balenciaga

  60. erick jimenez jimenez

    straight fire ....jeezy and dolph! hadass fuck!

    Laszlo Kiss

    they needa do more shit like this Dolph killed the hook !!!! uh huh !!!!

  61. Miroslav Prodanov

    Im bringin everythin back to the replay button ayyyyy

  62. LØRD MCD

    Zay sold this Beat four Times Bruh! An people hate on Dj Mustard, Kml

    Chris Mcafee

    who else has this beat?


    @Eli McMillan Shawty Lo - Mean, Dolph - Preach, and Young Joc can't the song's name

    Chris Mcafee

    +Andre Moxey nah theyre totally different man maybe sound similar though, listen to all 3. and it's called a couple grand by joc thats an oldie to burn to

    johnnie morrow

    +Eli McMillan look up pooca leroy "step up"

    Kinny Boy

    +Andre Moxey fetty wap has it too. Search "Why you mad- Fetty Wap ft. Shy Glizzy"

  63. Cameron K

    dolph bitch

  64. Cameron K

    dolph bitch

  65. Kaj Gerald

    jeezy done it again

  66. Sabor Tooth

    whoever was on the last verse cracked me up

    I amblackman

    Sabor Tooth that's bank he was up next

    Sauce Pablo


    Damon Smith

    long live the legend

  67. SuperDonantonio

    the car is gonna be so lit when u blast this

  68. rueben cristobal

    NYC and New Jersy is da only place where hip hop is real. Fuck da south. Its wack

    Antonio Baker

    you trippin the south the rap game my nigga and I'm from Cali

    Orlando Jordan

    Fuck ny

  69. basedjj93

    here for bankrolls verse!! trap nigga in Balenciaga!!

    Desmond Batieste

    basedjj93 I walk around everyday saying that.


    Desmond Batieste Lmfao me too

  70. aryzan

    this cold

  71. David M

    this is the shit

  72. GUYTON 912

    slappin! ayyyye

  73. Kris Fountain

    this shit goes hambone

    azael espino

    This shit goes harambe