Young Jeezy - Don't You Know Lyrics

And you know [x5]
Young, I see you nigga, Let's go

[Chorus x2]
I hear ya'll talk that work shit, that's cool
That don't mean shit, I don't know you
I don't know you., I don't know you
I don't know you., I don't know you

[Verse 1]
Feelin' this in this shit, that's right I'm in this bitch
Ya'll niggas acting like Young ain't never did this shit
Nigga 500 grams, rock solid, no shake
Call them thangs Chappelles, he wants his other half baked
You know I like to scramble mine, Waffle House style
Or leave 'em sunny side up and let 'em chill for a while
Not only have I done it, I did it, I lived it
Delivered it myself, yeah I'm making house visits
I'm praying while I'm driving, it's making me religious
In the head lights behind me, it's making me suspicious
And maybe I'm trippin', and maybe I'm not
Maybe it's nothing, just hope it ain't the cops, OK

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2]
I called there, get that and go back with that
And then I flip that, then send that right back
If it got 2 bags, it must be 5 stacks
So you owe 5 stacks, bring that right back
If it take too long, must be rerock
2 in the shoebox, nah these ain't Reeboks
I don't live there, I just cook there
Ain't nothing in there, but fish and cookware
Can't drop our shit, work that fork though
Lock up like whoa, Young like fo' sho
This shit right here, call that Come Back
Drop this 9 off, and I'll be right back

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3]
I don't know why these niggas tell lies
Ya'll know damn well he ain't flippin' no pies
All this bird talk, make me want some Popeye's
Ya'll getting no play off in my rides
Fake ass niggas, how dare you compare Young
Black Crown Vick, yeah dad used to scare Young
My 6-2s come back like Frisbees
All these smoke fumes got me dizzy
They talk bricks, see, I'm just listening, yawn
Say, I'm just listening (Yeah!)
Hook might be tight, but that don't sound right
I sold Snow White and he sold no white

[Chorus x2]

And you know, I ain't bouncing for none of you niggas, nigga
And you know, I ain't cosigning none of you fake ass niggas
Realest nigga, ain't BS, nigga

And you know
And you know, America is me!
And you know
Let's go!

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Young Jeezy Don't You Know Comments
  1. Sunshine Superstar Jones

    2k20 high as fuck bumping this #bama love

  2. Renee Tre

    Coming into 2020 like this....


    Family business

  4. Sphakamiso Zondi

    Man, the nostalgia. Used to repeat this track back in campus with my homies.

  5. Jamar Bosman

    My nigga said " I leave em sunny side up n let em chill 4 a while". Mfs used ta call me Chef Boy R Negro" back n dah day. #goodtimes#

  6. Nardo Priester

    My main Guy

  7. I Am you.

    Shit rode in duval hard

  8. Juno

    I will forever listen to this 2019 and beyond

  9. Elzay X


  10. Dayvion Jones

    He is a real one. Met him one times with Warren. We fuckin with him all day on the east side of the LBC 16 and 21

  11. Soulja LilRude The Assassins 561


  12. World Hayes

    R.i.p shawty lo

    Jamar Bosman

    R.I.P Shawty Lo🙏💪

    Kimberly Brabson

    R.I.P. Shawty Lo, we miss u!!

  13. BIGBOOTY caramelFREAK

    This Throwback back Jeezy. Got me super GROOVY 😍 injections doing some trick$.

  14. Kudzi Nembaware

    One of Jeezy’s best songs! It gives you a different good feeling 🔥🔥🔥👌🏽👌🏽💯

    Orrin Warner, Jr.

    This is Jeezy's best song! 💯

  15. kyle hiltunen

    Been bumping this album for years. Never gets old, hits hard with low lazy bass beats. Jeezy's voice makes the tracks.:) Love Southern hip hop

    Its Me

    TRU RR:$$💕
    Love you only riders anthem

    Its Me

    TRU RR:$$💕
    Love fame keep up from car's to life events its fair?

    ol' school Tony Carter

    This album fire but 103 is crazy nice.

    Its Me

    TRU RR:$$💕
    Exc, I'm back at it the tonn is amazing the girls everywhere stick to tonn hands down.

  16. Nasa White

    2:28 I like how his voice cracked on "Cant drop our shiit"

    Its Me

    TRU RR:$$💕
    Only 4ATL him my choice hands down? Yes hands down.

    SMG Sq

    he said "cant drive for shit work that fork though"

  17. Leron Flames2

    Fake drug what he snapping on

  18. Shelia Wilson

    Da niggas dam sho do Tuscaloosa Alabama 😘😍💪💪💪💪💪💪

  19. Demetris Richardson

    He was sneak dissin gucci forreal

    Mook Allen

    He couldn't fuck wit Gucci tho

    Percy Epps

    Fuck he was sneak dissing

    Percy Epps

    @Mook Allen nigga u brazy Gucci can't fuck with Jeezy

    Tray G

    @Mook Allen trap wise gucci couldn't fuck with jeezy, the streets just respected gucci more for being a solo trapper and not being scared of jeezy or forced to roll with BMF niggas back then when most would.. but OJ & gucci was some heavy weight trappers just not to jeezy's level.

  20. An eye for two eyes


  21. Jay Sch *

    I dont know why these niggas tell lies

  22. Solo Davinci

    SMH you can't lose with this shit B

  23. KING KALIKush


  24. B X

    He was sneak dissn Ross on dis 1

    Devy Dev

    i always felt like it was to rocko. this the year he dropped and he came with that flow

    Carlton Johnson

    B X He Dropped A Song With Him( R.Ross) On Tm 104 Tape

    World Hayes

    But stolen the flow from shawty lo

    Bryon Greene

    I think he was talking to anyone that he didn't know for sure was in THEE game personally. Hence the reason he says at the end, I'm not vouching for any of these dudes.