Young Jeezy - Don't Do It Lyrics

This is the greatest show on earth
What's understood ain't gotta be said SIMPLE

Don't Let em Down

I see you Zipo... I got ya homie

[Verse 1:]
No mo jose no mo Rosie
They locked my dog up and that ain't ro-zay
All he wanted was the fame make it last forever
You get some ones I get some ones we make it rain together
I'm talking Quabo dreams crystal fetishes
Smokin' everyday just to keep ya sanity
Just me and nigga like what up doe
Still partyin' the club closed an hour ago
I guess the back to back Lambo's a thing of the past
We used to talk on a chirp now we talking through a glass
Just like the glass I know he sees right through me
Transparent I can't hide my window pain
I'm thinkin' what to say to make him have a better day
I'm walkin' down this little hallway like what the fu*k I'm gonna say
As I'm walkin' down the halls I feel the stress in the walls
I need to lighten up man this sh*t is too tense
Feels like I need? my heart aches so bad
When he sees my face he's gonna be so glad
Then I look into his eyes swear to god I seen his soul
Tell me what can make a hot boy stare so cold
As I looked a little deeper I saw a little hope then he cracked a smile
He still got his pride
Keep doin' what you doin' hold us real nigga's down
No matter what you do don't let us real nigga's down

Jeezy don't do it
Don't you let em down young jeezy
Don't you let em down young jeezy
No no no no no
Jeezy don't do it

[Verse 2:]
I done been through so much real life done lose touch
Inhaled so much yay, I lost my sense of smell and I don't mean that literally
But I mean this literally these nigga's actors me I'm a factory
Known for movin' big money sh*t at least a tractor
No breaks no tires I'm a ride for these streets YEAH till the wheels
Fall off
It's gonna take more then hate to get my focus off can't knock the
Hustle still stackin' dead presidents They say he on his way out well that's a
Reasonable doubt ain't no nigga's like the ones I got friend or foe politics as usual
I'm feelin' it still livin' with regrets with all these imaginary players you must love me
I told you all in do time the city is mine

Jeezy don't do it
Don't you let em down young jeezy
Don't you let em down young jeezy
No no no no no
Jeezy don't do it
Please please please please
Don't you let em do it no
Don't you let em do it no
No no no no no
Jeezy don't do
Neva ever never ever never ever
Jeezy don't do it

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Young Jeezy Don't Do It Comments
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    Neva Eva Nigga!!!! Realest shit ever said on wax!

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    Smoking everyday just to keep da sanity

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    Mi partna got 99 lil bro 18 otha 8 tru shit man man man man...but them HOV references sheesh

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    Somebody shoulda played this for 69

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    Love this song


    Don’t let us real nighas down

  11. Jesse Savoy

    Them vocals 💯💯💯

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    Classics don't have an expiration date

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    When do you want to be served lol

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    This album got me through 3 years of lock down thank you jeezy

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    Why does time have to fly...

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    The nigga said just like the glass the night see right through the glass guess I can’t hide the window pain big facts 💯

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    Who u know that can take some of jay z songs and body it in a verse? .. 🤙🏾 the goat 🐐👌🏾💜‼️

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