Young Jeezy - Circulate Lyrics

Cannon I see you Nigga (Cannon)
See Imma' start off so slow yeah i said so slow
They love me out in D.C. just like gogo
I said gogo yeah I said gogo
See 'em back with Don Cannon it's a gogo
See I want my song like Cocoa
I like to heat mine up like Cocoa
See dem 87 Jeans see the logo
Every time a day, count em' baby gogo

you know how the drought be everything slow
you know how the drought be anything goes
Remember back when, when I got the snow low
And I was in and out of state just like Romo

Lookin' out for them boys no homo
Can't tell em what ur drivin' thats a no no
I'mma tell you this but keep it on the low low
If his numbers too low he might be the popo

Things are gettin' higher (things are getting higher)
Makes it hard on the buyers (hard on the buyers)
When im coming on the rise
sun rise, sun rise
?? (green light, green light)
Rent being paid late (rent being paid late)

Please, (please)
Let the dollar circulate (yeah)
Let it, let it, let it, let it
Circulate circulate, circulate, Circulate, circulate.

Sitting here staring at this empty safe
Like what the fuck im gonna do with all this empty space
Got me looking at my bills,
like this aint my place
You know i never stop the party
But that aint my place

And im never giving up, that aint my place
If it was my case, Then i plee the 5th
But the way im feeling now,
might drink me a fifth

Next year im breakin out, might send me a gift
Might send you a ride, Might send you a lift
Might send you a roll, Might send you a script
Might send you a bag, might send you a plug
Might send you some thangs, might show you some love

Yeah, Don't be the next to get flexed
Notice you aint' but ya might wanna check
I tell you what, this is what i'll tell you
When shit get rough
No tellin what they'll sell you

Interest rates going up (interest rates going up)
Somebody might give a fuck (somebody might give a fuck)
Meat prices understatement? (understatement)
You can get a teacher on the way?
Airlines are running late

Please, Please, (please)
Let the dollar circulate
(Let the dollar circulate)
Let it, let it, let it, let it
Circulate circulate, circulate, Circulate, circulate

I hate to have to be the one that said I told you
Move over I can't wait until this recessions over
Higher than me, Shit Im tryin to see
And whereever they be at it, thats where Im tryin to be
It was all good a week ago Young the big tipper
Grind it all, we can throw it all at the strippers

Looking at my stash, like where the fuck the rest at
Looking at my watch like its a bad investment
Speakin of investmens, we talking investments
My Re-Up money, Yeah im tryna invest it
Sell a nigga dream, Man tellin me its up
Folks got it on hold, still aint heard nothing

Sound like the countrys going broke
The industrys going up in smoke
Politicians talking crazy
Or they just bein to lazy
Is it all because of watergate?

Please (please), Please (please)
Let the dollar circulate
(Let the dollar circulate)
Let it, let it, let it, let it
Circulate circulate, circulate, Circulate, circulate

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Young Jeezy Circulate Comments
  1. Kellie LeBlanc

    Best Jeezy Album... One of my personal favs albums of all time.

  2. Gina Minter

    One of the Realist!!!! BIG BIG FACTS!!!!!!!!

  3. King Solomon

    We need Reparations NOW ADOS.

  4. Soulja LilRude The Assassins 561


  5. Malcolm Wes

    His best album

    Its Me

    TRU RR:$$💕
    A only for ATL hands down.

    Brandon Cooper

    Nah, 101

  6. Young Queen

    Let ya dolla circulaaaateee....

  7. your majesty mrmac215

    2019... This album is his most lyrical album..wanna argue..lets argue!!!

    Malcolm Wes

    No arguments

    Edward Luster

    your majesty mrmac215 I agree

    Marvin's Marketing Maddness

    If that was my case then I'll plead the fifth but the way I'm feeling now I might drink me a fifth 🔥🔥🔥📌

  8. band geek 379

    Played this in marching band

  9. Redbone 88

    Who still listening in 2019

    Keenan Martin

    Im beata beat it

  10. Bruh Bruh

    ✊ Y'all know what time it is

  11. Bruh Bruh


  12. KING KALIKush


  13. Jeremy Jones

    This my shit