Young Jeezy - Birds Could Talk Lyrics

If them birds could talk
If them birds could talk
If them birds could talk
If them birds could talk

I got a call from my nigga, he say them pigeons is in
I’m on my way, say no more, hey matter fact hold me ten
Hopped in my lowkey Grand Prix, hey I ain’t blinking, I’m focused
Had an adrenaline rush, I can envision them potions
Look like a scene off of blow, some shit from behind the scenes
Shit gone make channel five, cover of [?] magazine
Got the front yard looking like a dealership
Like a Gallardo, came with the membership
Million dollar house and not a couch in sight
Must’ve seen 100 units, not an ounce in sight
If you think that’s motivation, let me give you more
Millions stacked up like an air mattress, they must sleep on the floor


We on top of the world, feel like nothing can stop us
Type shit that had DEA across the street with binoculars
It’s so much blow in this bitch, you’ll catch a contact from breathing
So much paper in this bitch, you’ll think that these niggas reading
They got that Pac on blast, duffel bags on bags
It’s like those [?] keep chirping, you got to see this in person
Ain’t got a lot of your homes, niggas on satellite phones
Now who the fuck do you know that turn the satellite on
I’m talking shit with the drums, it’s like the clip got extensions
So many blunts in the air, look like a swisher convention
If that ain’t motivation well let me give you some more
Paper stacked like air mattress, they all must sleep on the floor


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Young Jeezy Birds Could Talk Comments
  1. Music class

    Now who the fuck do you know can turn a satellite on 📡

  2. King James


  3. Sneakeraddict987

    Im pissed I didn’t hear this album earlier and I fuck with jeezy heavy af it don’t make no sense

  4. Roc Wells

    I'm not blinking, I'm focused....

  5. Bill Hall

    Give me the chills

  6. ChiPStone84 RockCity'ChicagoIllinois


  7. Shrell Simmons

    God Dad Blessed- Love+. 🦒🦒🦒🦒

  8. Madison Urban

    👌💯 fire

  9. Random alien

    Another slapper from the snow man!!🔥🔥🔥🖤🖤

  10. Edgar Allen

    If you really been with it awhile. When did you hear this.
    Every church Sunday I listened to a track. Phoenix majorly changed and for me prison was planned.
    My life going farther than people thought.
    Guess I shut up.

  11. Kameron Murphy-Bey

    If they ain't motivation let me give you some mo

  12. Tom

    This aint on spotify why?

  13. keith robbins

    Got the front yard yard looking like a dealership

  14. Teraz Jones

    Shout out to them stlouis hustlers bird talking on the block🔥🔥

  15. MrCabrera1978

    If these Birds could talk they'd say fuck U MAGA ! let's Keep it 💯 !

  16. RIST Knight

    Party and shit MF feds standing next to you #SNOSEASON MFs

  17. John A

    Don't worry about the feds watching. I've been hunting bad fruits with them for 5 years now. Been exposing the bad fruits. You guys are ok.

  18. Leon Rodriguez

    Dam i was sleep. Where the hell was this at . Usually on top of shit

  19. Berry Yearrell

    This song what up jezzy 2019 aka bj barry yearrell Jr jezzy

  20. Turiz Alfaro

    Im no rat

  21. Turiz Alfaro

    Look na im no stupido smellz funny

  22. Turiz Alfaro

    Ok Freddy cruger

  23. Turiz Alfaro

    Trna sound scary bum jaajja

  24. Larry Richardson


  25. TJ Hardinger

    Still have been using this song, from the knowledge drip’ng from it. When jeezy speaks, a hustler needs to listen 🥶💪🏼

  26. Wayne Soth

    Anybody know who the producer is of this track??👀

  27. John A

    Jay ancel is me.

  28. Joshua Robinson

    If you ain’t felt the thug motivation in you, you don’t belong here. If you not working out and sit on ya ass all day smh.

  29. Alex Noa

    Still banging this cuhhh off top...#LONGBEACHFAMBAM

  30. Rodricus bailey

    If THEM birds could talk🐣🐣🐣🐣🐥🐥🐠🐠🦅🦅🦉🐦🐦🐦💲💲💲💲🌬🌬🌬🎶🎤🎤🐦🐦🐦💸💸💸💸💸💸🐄💲🐦🐦💲💲🦅💲🦉💲💸💸💸💸😎

  31. Rodricus bailey


  32. Larry Velasquez

    The crow in the back was a perfect edition lol

  33. Superior33 BornUnderstanding

    This beat drop ungodly i can't get past the intro
    2019 still fuego 🔥

  34. BeastMaster210

    If you can hold it in ya head you can hold it in ya hand 🕊🕊🕊🍃

  35. Kristen Iuta

    Its like Deja Vu again when I play this. If them birds could talk....them niggas aint been to my pool once!!! Remember when they be in my field with binoculars? And then they turn the satellites on. Is that a solar panel??? Lmaooo😂🤣😁

  36. Kristen Iuta

    Fill got it. Thats what the birdie told me right now. Swear to God. Lmaoo

  37. Kristen Iuta

    If them birds could talk....I been thru a hundred units and my ounce aint there. Somebody got one of em!!!!!

  38. Kristen Iuta

    If birds could talk, this is what they say. LMAO. Its like an adrenaline rush, I envision making the potion.



  40. KEFEA1979

    Birds could talk

  41. Ralph Ramos


  42. Kevim Green


  43. Derrick Johnson

    This whole CD is a Classic Jezzy came hard on this CD some real shit.

  44. Chi Town

    Where was this song when i was out there pitching.

  45. Antonio Jones

    Jeezy ...

  46. Dove Giles

    Thug motivation

  47. Beyblade Universe 1

    Shit still sick!!! 2019

  48. Johnny D

    Yeh! I know u hear that base knock nigga.

  49. Cordarryl Jackson

    What happened cuzo hold it down yaddy

  50. Felix Daniel Castro jr


  51. Jeremy walls

    2019 who still here

  52. Mario Anderson

    Only real niggas know can feel this

  53. df27d

    I feel like I have million$ to this song

  54. Williams Wardell

    🎧🎧🎧 Cheeto new rapper Jeezy

  55. bernard woodson

    2019 👀 #FreeMeech

  56. Gohan Dead

    2019 still fuck with this cte

  57. David Eason

    This shit make u throw on a heavy Agio hoodie and head to the's a cold summer coming '19!!!

  58. cedric downing

    Lovely song!!!!!

  59. carlos reyes

    “You could’ve been a fly on the wall and still be a millionaire”

    bernard woodson

    carlos reyes 🔥🔥🤯

    Jake Hewitt

    carlos reyes “a motherfuckin’ fly on the wall” but 🔥


    100 niqqas in the kitchen counting money💵💵💰💰
    Paper stacked like air mattresses yall must sleep on the floor💵💵💰💰

  60. mack freeman

    all I ever wanted out of life was money

  61. Kendrick Ellis

    Still Bumping 2018🔥

  62. Vemeshio Hoskin

    How many people just not noticing the crow n da background

  63. Blad tv Blad tv

    He talking bout them BMF days wit dem Detroit boyz turning Atlanta out

    Marcus Jude

    Same thing I thought

  64. Downriver Bigrick

    Classic trap music

  65. Crystal Tabbytite

    Jeezy is one of the best rappers beside Tupac Big Meech don't even know what he talking about

  66. Brandon Murphy

    The beat hard as fuck in my Orion 2500 4 12's

  67. Tyler Seagraves

    working out the houses millions on the floor pushin weight outta state

  68. chinkyeyez215

    Lady in the office, street on the streets 😎

  69. Jazzy 2Girls

    Only real niggas know bout dis

  70. Trell livin7oul


  71. Trell livin7oul

    I love dark beats


    Trell livin7oul Guccimane -Scarface

  72. OVTG Apache Lee


  73. Dutch Nolen

    Jeezy all the way

  74. Larry Worsley

    I member wen Jeezy was A ThousandAir #1000


    Larry Worsley really cuz he doesn’t

  75. Chris Randazzo

    This shit dropped when I was in prison I remember my boy showed me this shit on his cell phone from my cell straight fire straight in the trenches

  76. Ricky Kendrick

    dis is a certified street banger #Trap classic##$alute to Jeezy AKA Jizzle

  77. Jonathan Lyman

    I wonder if crips really fuck with GDs like that?

  78. I'm #EOE! #SOE!! #TheLand! 6

    This Song the Story The Picture he painted! TOP 5 ALL TIME! PERIOD! #CLASSIC!

    Davids Garage

    I'm #EOE! #SOE!! #TheLand! 6 some people brains cant even comprehend it

  79. Larry Velasquez

    Track deserves mad views tf haha

    Xavier Hines

    Larry Velasquez wjwmwjjeu

  80. Tj15Beast

    Speed it up one knotch 😷😷😷 yea buddy

  81. Tairance Hubbard

    this is that shit I ride too this type of stuff

  82. Garrett Lonefight

    That Beat!+ them Crows makes this shit go Hard + it's just Jeezy.. Alwsys killing that Trap shit! Fuck them new Era music! _CTE

  83. Nasir Muhammad

    I'm a benz type nikka I dnt dew beamers!

  84. Nasir Muhammad

    if they can talk big ben

  85. MoOn ChiLd



    This shit don't ever stop

  87. Ariel Sanchez

    this my shit shit!!!!!! jeezy went in .....this that real trap shit !!!!

  88. Maurigo Opie

    Im otw say "no more" matter fact hold me 10

    The Benster

    Maurigo Opie say no mo*

    Jeremy walls

    2019 who still here

  89. freshCoblaise. Martinez

    Jblaise sc↑

  90. Lurchnblue70

    This song actually brings back memories🤔 nah fuck it no one cares X_X

  91. Ty Jax

    This that GTA San Andreas talk. Big Smoke and Ryder. RIP.

  92. Coe Drae

    If u don't feel this u ain't from where I'm from.... PERIOD. Doesn't make u less of a person u just ain't from where I'm from.

    Tiffany Winters

    Coe Drae po

    Jorge Gomez

    Fuck where you're from bitch!

    Black on Black ZR1 AKA Gone With The Wind


    Zach Morris

    We from where our money don't get TAXED...... period! That's where we from

    Jason Schmidt

    @James Jones iieueuueueueuueu3uu3u

  93. TRAKENA McCray

    Man and Women this a bad ass mix tape through and through