Young Gunz - The Way It Goes Lyrics

[Young Chris:]
Get In where you Fit In
You know
Roll with ya boys

[Young Chris:]
Honestly, my favorite type of gear
A schrunchie for her hair and LaPerle under wears
Bang her from the rear, baby girl don't care who there
Loud notes, she don't care who hear
That's what I love about em, make the thugs bring the love up out him
She know you cumin, she gone stop and get the nut up out him
They learn enough about em, and get enough about him
Just like a nigga soon as she fuck him, give a fuck about him
That's my type baby
No disrespect to the bourgeois and too polite ladies
Ill do the wife maybe
Maybe later when a player in his thirties
Man I can't afford these little youngn's, try to play a nigga dirty
Had me up all night, talking bout I can't sleep
Too hurt to eat, baby girl never see
That be he, not me
I'm way a better G
You know me better, B
We just fuck em and duck em and leave em

All night, can't sleep
Too hurt to eat
Thats the way it goes
Thats the way it goes
And now I got her up all night, can't sleep
Too hurt to eat
Thats the way it goes
Thats the way it goes

See all my life i've been the type to keep a little bitch
Fresh in the mornin, put it on me, cook a lil grits
She like to touch my lips, Yeah I like to touch her hips
Then we get it poppin, when a player get enough, he split
Back to that block where I be, I'm on her mind though
I wanna call her and ball her I'm on my grind though
She wanna ride on the love train
But love man
Ain't what I'm here for
Thats not what I care for
I'm in and out when I wanna, don't want to want her
We could kick it in the winter, but I'm cool in the summer
I rather go through my act with them panky-panky's on her lap
We on the corner, nigga heavy and he bettin stacks
Quality time, you outta ya mind
You steppin over ya line, I know that you fine
But all I do is fuck em and duck em
Pops told me don't trust em
Every night, there's another one
Puda got em up...


[Young Neef:]
Baby girl, dont act foolish when you know that you know betta
I keep you fine cause you a dime but you gets no cheddar
Its hard to show feelings when you know you aint got none
I aint the type of brother that'll bail soon as ya drop one
I'ma in the crib yea soon as tha block done
I lay pipe all night, so let the bed bugs bite
She grippin the sheets tight
I came once, she came twice
Oh you got the right one
We sex till the sun come
Good thing I grabbed a box of them Magnums
Or 9 months later, she pop out wit a bad one
And everything changed, now the chicken be naggin
Listening to her girlfriends
Now she wantin more ends
Taking out my benz, scrapin up my rims
Every other weekend she out, girlfriend be clubbin
Went from somethin to nothin now she huffin and puffin
Cause a nigga be frontin
And I got her up...


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