Young Gunz - North Of Death Lyrics

Young Chris...
Our father...
I'll ride for my niggas I'll die for my niggas
Bodies get hard soul touch the sky
Numbers getting called
God shut my eyes ...why...yeah why
Uh, Uh.

[Verse 1]
Is they wit me or against me,
How these pussy gon' convince me to start and don't follow up
And touch my momma kids follow us
My mom proud of us and plus I love the green wit in god we trust.
My mom is tough she don't care about them killing her
And I got beef wit them him him and her.
You Muthfukas betta recognize,
Everybody got burners the first that draw the opposite the next to die.
That's how it go that ain't just how I flow I still live it nigga that's how I know
In the hood everyday why you dudes eatin' good everyday.
My momma working but the bills take our food everyday
Got to mention her daughter though, since the ten step pops did ten since her water broke
That nigga got like a dub then did a dime came home left my moms and did another ten.

As I walk through the North of Death
They souls gone but they voices left
They talk to me every chance they get
I got to make it for the chance they missed.
Shit we all don't get a chance like this (shiiiiit)
It's hard living homie more than music
C and Neef dog who you got us confused wit
True shit we bout to do it
Neffy don't lose it
Follow the flow homie like you followed the blueprint.

[Verse 2]
I wake up and ask the lord to forgive us
Till I die put my balls over bitches
But I can't put my balls over business
Cause I'd hate to go fly when soon as I go to trial need my boy as a witness
Shit I'm just another poor with the riches
Trying to keep my momma cool give her more while I'm livin'
Rhyming cool but it ain't what I expected
It's fuck you if you ain't what they expectin'
They love you when you giving them records. (Got to respect it)
Just a gift I was blessed with
If y'all ain't impressed wit the shit I do I'll give it a rest shit (a promotion)
If I get what the rest get how can niggas neglect it
Niggas respect it the shit is method
Lean 19 giving niggas broad day
A night seems putting niggas on stretchers
My nigga Bean whole team got beams
Show you niggas be wetter we got pistols foreva
Shit is just getting better As I ...

As I walk through the North of Death
They souls gone but they voices left
They talk to me every chance they get
I got to make it for the chance they missed.
Shit we all don't get a chance like this (shiiiiit)
It's hard living homie more than music
C and Neef dog who you got us confused wit
True shit we bout to do it
Neffy don't lose it
Follow the flow homie like you followed the blueprint.

[Verse 3]
It's funny how bitches used to say he a loser,
Now people say he's the future
Now I got to stay in my grove cause I'd hate to fuck around and
And Fuck around and it be my face on the news
Momma been through enough of the pain
So I'ma move her but I ain't moving till I got enough for the gang
Man these dudes better up up they game
The hood loves us and it ain't nothing to start from the Muslim game.
Uh, no disrespect I love my niggas to death
Cause in the roc it ain't about who spit it the best
And plus we way different from rest
You got a show I'm rollin' out
It aint about who getting the check
I'ma roll until the wheels fall off
Keep rollin or you will fall off
You ain't official then we'll clip you
Teflon dying extended both ?
Back back blocking pistol poppin' pistol poppin
As I...

As I walk through the North of Death
They souls gone but they voices left
They talk to me every chance they get
I got to make it for the chance they missed.
Shit we all don't get a chance like this (shiiiiit)
It's hard living homie more than music
C and Neef dog who you got us confused wit
True shit we bout to do it
Bucky don't lose it
Follow the flow homie like you followed the blueprint. Uh

Rest in peace L-e-z...Uh.
Rest in peace O Ratty...Uh.
Rest in peace ? ...Uh.
Rest in peace my nigga Doop. Uh.
Rest in peace Joey

It hard living homie more than music...
Who you got us confused wit...
We bout to do it...
Oh don't lose it...
Follow the flow homie like you followed the blueprint.

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Young Gunz North Of Death Comments
  1. brayden notree

    Good job dad

  2. abdul fattah

    2020 anyone?

  3. Hannibal Gambino

    Still banging this in 2019 into 2020

  4. denny greeney

    see ou screw up with the rimmen and jayven. bring it to us ole south. some lyrics that hurt and make us feel.

  5. denny greeney

    to much bull shit ..come on boy its about the mason dixon line ass hole

  6. Yvette Mills-Rodriguez

    Is they wit me or against me how these pussies gone convince me to start n don't follow up

  7. Lavell Lavell

    2019 still jamming this 💯🙌

  8. Spoon Gee

    Way underrated! I think these two have more staying power than beans and Bleak I'm just saying

  9. Nathan Gold

    This shit harder than a cell block

  10. Fisherman Gunz

    Wise Yung men

  11. Fisherman Gunz

    BK STAND UP 718

  12. Authentic Experience

    Chris' lyrics in this one is super deep. This is probably one of the realest tracks in hip hop I've ever heard. Crazy underrated.

  13. Rick Carter

    Classic... Niggaz take notes...


    North philly most dangerous part of philly

  15. Korey Sylver

    Philly is a wild city. I’ve heard that North, South, East, and West Philly has areas that you don’t want to be caught in.

  16. Musa Thomas

    That second verse though...🔥🔥🔥🔥

  17. Will Laibhen


  18. Larry mack

    🔥🔥🔥🔥North of death

  19. CaliBear 415

    Middle school days 2002

  20. Doubleday4lifeWorld

    Love you tio.

  21. Jay G

    One of the best songs from the city

  22. lilhov1000

    2019 anyone

  23. Jorge Fernandez

    2019 STILL FIRE

  24. Eyez Lo

    Tough Love Certified Classic! We Love Tha Gunnaz On Our Side! 👐🔥🔥🔥💯💯

  25. Tommy Brown

    Felt this one all the way in Dade County when it dropped was really out there than

  26. Ric Rox


  27. Monter320

    This track so fire

  28. Aaron H

    Til I die put my boys over bitches
    But I can’t put my boys over business

  29. George Kpahn

    2019 still listening to this music Philadelphia raise tough love ❤️

  30. CaliBear 415

    Omg I havnt heard this in so long

  31. Daron Miller

    This should have been A 10000000,77798,999

  32. Mr Reed

    Hip Hop / Rap is garbage unless it’s over a decade old. I remember riding bumping this whole album. < 3

  33. Uncle spot tv

    Still playing 2018

  34. Mike Mills

    Chris always go hard but this the best

  35. TC Nemesis 610

    Chris poured his heart on this track gives me motivation. The hook though you gotta do it for the homies who are no longer with us. Rip L

  36. Terrance Griffin

    Shit bringing back memories Norfolk va tmack 2018

  37. tha bul oodles

    Fux wit da Young gunnaz

  38. Bha-Baddie Santana

    Still banging 2018* 😎🤙

  39. Fasya Wilson

    It’s hard living homie

  40. Fasya Wilson

    Who u got us confused with it

  41. Pooh Diamondz

    Still work in 2018💯

  42. Miguel Rodriguez

    2:10 when the beat switches up. Goosebumps. This is a good example of storytelling. This song truly paints a vivid picture of the struggle. Peace Philly.

  43. sircharlesjonesbro#3

    dude ... sircharlesbro#3 ... "this guy is talented and surely on the sure rise. just continue creating lyrical combustions like this HIT I'm listening too, yet you need many more!" For Example: "Is Anybody Lonely,' Natural Woman, Just Can't Let Go, Friday, For Better or Worse, Slow Roll It, ... to name a few." Those are hits and when you get a STRING of those ... YOU have value and leverage to make money entertaining. I develop artists like my lil bro sir charles jones ... WE fucking NdPnDt!!!!! 334 235 3131 hit me up for free entertainment advice.

  44. ello34

    this shit is fucking fire


    “As I walk through the North Of Death/Their Souls Gone But their Voices left/They talk to me every chance they get/I gotta make it for the Chance THEY Missed”

    That part of the Hook Will Forever give me goosebumps.

  46. NickFarlow 215

    2018 🔥

  47. Yieheem07 Yates

    If the with me or they against me

  48. Kymir Glenn

    I waz a youngbul listening to dis jawn

    Fasya Wilson

    This that shit

  49. maru caarter

    this shit still number 1 on my list facts!!!

  50. Michael Holland

    Dam it's 90 ppl who don't know anything about real life

  51. Marvin Foggie

    My high school days 2004-2005 senior year... I love that year.. I was very active...... I was working on the basketball team recording music at the studio with Kevin 900 black blazeheat d Hoffa

  52. 412hwc

    this bring bac memories n i aint even from philly

  53. Will C.

    Just played this shit 4 times in a row... again...

  54. Will C.


  55. The Mel Man

    2017 still here

  56. Ethan Bubblegum Tate

    Chris poured his heart on this track...real shit

  57. Mass Amazement

    Hip Hop in its real form.. Loved this album.. Was highly slept on

    Michael Jay

    U think so? It was platinum

  58. lakeffect C


  59. Larenzo Cizzle

    #classic like illmatic...

  60. king ceaser414

    hot shit straight bars the guns was the shit new music trash as hell all this singing shit what happened to the game

  61. Billy Gunn

    our father.

  62. Josh Dumas

    This one of the hardest hip hop albums to ever exist. I always respected buck for letting Chris murder this.

    Maurice Carter

    Wingohocking stand up 44G. NICETOWN

    Taylor_Gang Santana

    Josh Dumas 💯💯💯💯🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

    Taylor_Gang Santana

    Jomarrow Roberts He was tired cuz the industry want him to suck his dick... 🤔😅😂😂😂

    Michael Jay

    They both had solos on this album..but he murdered this track. From southphilly felt everything he was saying, even tho he was from north. We the same age i was 19 in the hood wanting out n listening to this was touching my soul. Then he popped up on south street with a beamer, i was just happy that he made it.. I felt sigel too but chris more probably cause he was more relatable.. Also if listen u closely to this album they addressed alot of the hate going on within state property, neef especially addressed it.. ( "plus we way different from the rest, if u gotta show, im rollin out, it aint about whos getting the check")

    abdul fattah

    Need didnt let him have this. This song was made wayyy before the album came out. It was on a best of chris mixtape. Also neef wasnt taking as serious as he should have back then.

  63. Tamara Martin

    True shit #classic

  64. 1luvcity

    Still banging this album! 2016! Straight 🔥

    Will C.

    1luvcity 2017... still hittin hard bro...

    C H

    1luvcity facts never forget get music

  65. Pajo green

    rest ez to all my bros who was killed in the struggle💯

    Joshua King


  66. Devine Wynder

    How did Meek blow up? .
    ..but these guys only had a east coast buzz. They way realer and rap better.

    Tim Gross

    Im still a big fan always was. They never blew because their second album was a brick, and then the Rocafella breakup happened right after...they stayed with Hov but got sheleved for years and years. Then they just went solo and both have done rheir independent thing ever since but they are always still together and still rock out

    Isaiah Obey

    Kevin Stanley there still rapping wym look up neef buck

    C H

    Devine Wynder facts but it’s because they wasn’t gonna settle for less than they worth an I respect em still these niggas groomed me

    Michael Jay

    Ross marketed better than jayz sadly.. It wasnt bout philly .. Meek younger too..jayz always been a lil selfish.. N dame could only push u so far and the roc split afterwards.. Listen to this album closely youll hear him address even the jealousies in state property his own team.. Roc was doomed for failure during this time unless u was a kanye who could produce n rap n had $ didnt have to wait or pay producers which is a huge expense.. Alot of it was just business..either way they had 2 album n this was platinum.. Jay got their album poster, posted on TRL in times square that was huge tho!

    Fisherman Gunz

    I don't trust the industry

  67. Andre M. Thomas

    I'm from Oakland but this my story, it's our story. Kid's who grow up in them ghetto's

    CaliBear 415

    Acorn projects what’s good

    Andre M. Thomas

    @CaliBear 415 I'm from 98th. #TownBizz

    Jay Coleman

    *Kids* , not kid's and *ghettos* , not ghetto's.

    Yvette Mills-Rodriguez

    Got to love it though ✌

    Yvette Mills-Rodriguez

    18th &Jefferson

  68. Bill Blanton

    This some is absolute fire. just wish he ended it with a bang. Almost like he wanted to hurry up and finish.

    Still salute this here!

  69. Edward Johnson

    My High School Dayz 2000-2004

    Mel David

    Don Dilly real talk

    C H

    Edward Johnson 🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽💯 real shit that’s why we thorough our era was in a teaching mood am im glad my number one #GANG

    A Business

    02-06 here

    Knowledge Is Power

    Word mines was them exact years.


    Hunnit....class of 03 this was MY SHIT!!!! illadel

  70. Derek Waldo

    I remember buying this Cd with no clue who these dudes were whole damn thang was fire.

    brell 2-1-5

    beanie sigel, jay z, roc-a-fella, that didn't give you any clues lol?

    Yvette Mills-Rodriguez

    Yes sir

  71. Shanna Boone

    real shit

  72. John Ray

    This shit still 🔥🔥🔥

  73. sogone away

    this album was classic

    kevin knight

    sogone away i know the whole cd

  74. Juan Garcia-lopez

    bump this whole album in ny hard!!!!! you can feel they pain,struggles and tribulations. Salute


    Im from the south but i fucks with this philly shit. I miss state prop. I miss these east coast beats.

  75. Clutch handla

    clutch handla

  76. yabiggirl 60thSt

    When guys wore they clothes 3-4 sizes too big, now its 3-4 sizes too small!!! lol, ironic!!!

    Joshua King


  77. duce Kong


  78. Natu Davis

    One of the hottest and underrated hiphop tracks of it's time. North Illadelphia...the definition of life in the American ghetto

    josh colon

    real rap people slept on this song

    tyreece Lockamy

    Natu Davis factz im from nice town


    Hard philly got my vote

    Joey Catagnus


  79. Chris Lavan

    killadelphia pistolvania 215

  80. Jared Matthews

    How is it possible 8 people don't like this? That is mind blowing, my whole day is ruined knowing there are human beings walking this earth that do not like this song. smh

    Joshua King


    Yvette Mills-Rodriguez

    They can't relate

  81. AnUPSetMan

    The beat is so sick and the way Chris flows over it is just classic.

  82. teeallie84

    classic shit one a top 5 fav albums

  83. Tacarri Coleman

    classic album.. #classic

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    This shit I'll on repeat

    Sharnae Jones

    tell me about it😀😀😀

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  86. Jermaine Guidry

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