Young Guns - Crystal Clear Lyrics

Once when I was young,
That I could one day hold the world right as it spun,
Yeah that was the plan
Now it, seems as though I've made a mess of everything I've ever done

Could I forget it all?
Follow the setting sun...

It's crystal clear to me
That I've been killing time
Nothing's going to stand in my way
No I'm not done,
Even if the sun sets I will start a fire
To change your mind

A scar is just a mark,
Not a burden but a start of something new
Even stars in the end fade,
Given time coast lines will change so why won't you?

Could I forget it all?
I've lost teeth, failed every test,
My broken heart's the only thing of value I have left.

It's crystal clear to me
That I've been killing time
Nothing's going to stand in my way
Cos I'm not done,
Even if the sun sets I will start a fire
To change your mind

You will see me in the dark,
Burning brighter than the stars
Wanna fight the motion of the setting sun,
I hold my head up high cos I'm still here.

Crystal clear to me,
That I've been killing time
Nothing's gonna stand in my way
No I'm not done,
Even if the sun sets I will start a fire
To change your mind

It's crystal clear to me
It's crystal clear to me
I'm not done even if the sun sets I will start a fire,
To change your mind.
No I'm not done

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Young Guns Crystal Clear Comments
  1. kyle1 donson

    best somg ever 2020


    *D I R T 3*

  3. MantaStyle

    6 years ago I was banging this with my friends. I feel old as fuck

  4. xaila14

    Is it just me or does Gustav look like Zac Efron in this?

  5. Paula OOR

    It's crystal clear to me
    That I've been killing time
    Nothing's going to stand in my way
    No more waste days
    No, I'm not done,
    Even if the sun sets I will start a fire
    To change your mind

  6. Julio Gonzales

    i love this song

  7. Dean Marshall

    2018 and still feel good to listen this song

  8. RainFlyNightcore

    This is amazinggggg <3

  9. MysticaLAceR94

    Thanks DiRT3 for bringing me here!

  10. mwangolé GAMER

    himym referencia?

  11. Unforgiven

    omfg how did 6 years pass :'( that nostalgia tho

  12. ebutuoymai

    Great song to go running too 👍🏻

  13. Edie Barr

    "My broken heart's the only thing of value I have left." So amazing.

  14. gnomodagrecia

    How this video only get 800k views? This is amazing, Young Guns are one of the best bands i've ever knew! YG <3

  15. Sami Sales

    He remember Cellbit

  16. Lord Stiffy

    Please play this at slam dunk!

  17. Cardinal

    Best song from Dirt 3

  18. Shan S

    Met them at a concert in Hamburg over 5 years ago.. Miss these days

  19. Erick Tovar

    Dirt 3!

  20. Mirror Girl

    I will never ever get tired of this video, this song and its meaning <3 

  21. Shaun Anderson


    Zoltán Boda

    We all do son. We all do.


    its ok im going through the phase right now

    Rachel Jagielski

    @RonnieOnPurpose same :)

  22. Franco Burtoli

    Amazing song

  23. Michael R

    The most underrated band ever, these guys should be huge.

    Ian Jans

    im gonna see these guys in concert in a couple months lol

    Michael R

    @Ian Jans lucky man 

  24. AYearGoneBy

  25. HeyImOther

    I always come back to listen to young guns from time to time; 1 of the bands which make me proud to be British alongside deaf havana & YMA6. :]

  26. Nemesis

    DIRT 3 !! 

    Me Gustan Las Bacas desconocido

    yeeeaaaa!!! DiRT3 goood game

  27. dustin Allen

    Bad ass....

  28. Silvia

    Very nice song! (The guy working on the pc looks like Zac Efron.... )


    lets live every day like it was the last...

  30. zsoltivideos

    De jóóó, magyar vagyok,jeah! :D

  31. ellie dudzinski

    Fraser doesnt sing! John does on the albums and ben does a few bits live too

  32. Mindset

    I'm not the one to judge, nor am I British, But I respect your pride. Wish all people did. :)

  33. Buki 69

    77 people can't see very clear .

  34. DeadLittlePunkDoll

    Young Guns, you guys are an excellent band.

  35. DeadLittlePunkDoll

    4,000th LIKE, yo!!!

  36. Gonzalo Denis

    Gerard Pique is a drummer??

  37. razorslidex

    Anytime your waiting in limbo, just imagine Gustav Wood singing at you til you get off your ass and do something with your life.

  38. Josh Ashby

    well they are from the UK, so yes they are :3 kerrang voted bones the best rock song of 2012


    hey, I love this band. are they pretty big over in the UK?

  40. Josh Ashby

    they have done isle of wight, download, their own tour and many others all in one year :L and plus, they are british mate xD

  41. TheFluffyToilet

    he does

  42. vfwv qdgzvqtfv

    I know, but Wikipedia is wrong about that, Fraser never sings on the record or in concert I think :)

  43. vfwv qdgzvqtfv

    Fraser is not backing vocals

  44. jordan morris

    One of few awesome bands in Britain!

  45. Courtney Walker

    This band deserves so much more credit than they get. I know lots of people have said this on they're videos, but its honestly true. I went to their tour last year and they are as perfect as they sound on YouTube or iTunes or whatever. They are so worth going to see because I've seen a range of brilliant bands, but these are by far the best to go see live.

  46. Elody Dell

    His voice gives me chills


    Heard a fair amount of hype around this band. First heard them on SXM Octane, with Bones. Then I heard their name floating around a lot. At one point BFMV mentioned them in an interview. So happy i took time to check them out, awesome band!

  48. sotiris eleftheriou

    perfect ...

  49. Fallennobody

    surprising i have not heard of young guns until tonight, now i can not stop listening to them.

  50. xBaRiCaDEx

    Saw them in Leeds a few months ago, been hooked on them since I heard this song in 2010! Now I've learnt this song on guitar! Always will be my favourite song by them!

  51. babeejemx


  52. Unity 2012

    They're on tour in the US right now! With 10 years!! :)

  53. Marisa A

    the drummer's called ben joliffe - he's awesome btw but everyone in this band is so haha, the bassist's simon mitchell, the rythm guitarrist is john talyor and the lead guitarrist is fraser taylor :)

  54. ACGlizzy

    75 people can't see crystal clear.

  55. Robyn Jones

    Can someone tell me all their names please? I feel really bad because I don't know who's who apart from Gustav...

  56. Nightrocide

    Glad I'm not the only one who thought it :)

  57. IAreBeMrLee

    Guy in the suit looks like simon pegg

  58. Chi26trojans

    Oh god...

  59. Lizzie Glass

    Amazing song....3

  60. ACGlizzy

    awesome song and 74 peoppe need a visit from Deadpool

  61. Earmuffyeahman

    Me and my boyfriend had anal to this song...

  62. Tom Silva

    banda muito boa que pena que elas nem passam perto do brasil.

  63. Mollie-Jo Manzi

    There are 73 people i would like to punch ...

  64. Stephanie Sousa

    This song is way too cool! Love it!

  65. Chris Dougall

    this is the kind of song you'd listen to when you rode your bear to the store

  66. Samantha Sharpe

    I love this song so much!!

  67. TheDarkdude213

    i heard feeling alive 1st then this song after my second race

  68. Liam Jones

    Young Guns are a British band, they tour the UK a lot..

  69. Chillkrokette

    godd one ;D xDDD

    amazing song btw :D

  70. iDriveSlow

    Nope people just disliked it to hit 69 :P

  71. Karla Gonzalez

    I love them gustav iss so hot, and has a great voicr

  72. guildwars69x

    Was browsing through youtube and came across these guys while watching a Death metal video ..this genre isn't really my thing, but this band is awesome.

  73. Leon Gomm

    68 people can't see clearly

  74. Nemesis

    Thumbs up if you heard this song in DIRT 3 for the very first time !

  75. Zsolt Balogh

    This is a great song!!!!!!!

  76. Hannah Coleman

    was this filmed in Sound Control in Manchester? I recognise it from when I saw Gym Class Heroes but I'm not sure...

  77. Brandon Berger

    Whenever i wear my jacket and hood, I start singing this song :D

  78. roberua

    1 week and I'll be in a crowd seeing these guys! cannot wait!

  79. Joseph Casterline

    This song reminds me of Rise Against's sound... minus the douchieness.

  80. chelsiefc

    I love them so much omfg

  81. Nathaniel Maxwell-Elliot

    I would be a lot happier in work if there was a Young Guns concert going on around me!


    Same here lol

  83. Ayse C

    He also looks like the guy from owl city

  84. xBaRiCaDEx

    seeing them in 3 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  85. siobhan scofield


  86. Becky G

    this was just on kerrang! XD

  87. jonathan rodrigues

    essa musica e muito loka ee rooock poooorrraaaaa

  88. Sergio Ortiz

    Is that Zac Efron? 0_o

  89. indieopium

    It's a "thing", William Faulkner loved to use "Endure", it somewhat became his signature word.

  90. Eric Cartman

    Best song ever!

  91. couldntcare1ess

    what is it with young guns and using the word "burden"

  92. couldntcare1ess

    exactly wehat i thought but with a different nose

  93. couldntcare1ess

    you're gunna love it. they sound (believe it or not) even better live!!

  94. couldntcare1ess

    i know right!!

  95. Dion Rafiq

    I love this band!!!!

  96. 6661Kirsty

    lol no. you need a hearing aid