Young Fathers - The Guide Lyrics

The guide on the road is the drips of blood
The book unfolds with a touch of love
Ears in the ipod head in the clouds
Took the silver lining
Shout it out loud
Open the locket
The prince of chaos
Blessings upon you
For joining in the seance

Let the milk spill heavy drill
Suits and ties coloured pils
Take the money out the till
Lay the concrete make them build
Smiley people hold my hand
Get the camera let it flash
Pacifistic flashing cash
I've forgotten how to dance
Where is my consultants

Taking trips while on remand
Make a list of my demands
Shifting from a saint into a sinner
All before dinner
Peek inside the hero lies deep within the inner
Motherfucker in this crucible of violence
The legends of the tyrant
March along to a song
Sticky tape your eyelids to be righteous
Vampires stay biteless
Biter stays stateless
Spaceman stays weightless
Have you hung from the highest yardarm in the navy

Mami wata
You needn't bother
She's half asleep
With her baby daughter

Concrete floors
Paper thin walls
If you close your eyes
You can hear her call
Hear her call
If you close your eyes
You can hear her call
Hear her call

Blessing be upon you

(And that's the end of the story)

Sha la la la la...

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Young Fathers The Guide Comments
  1. Ahmed Aljarraah

    why is this gem not on spotify?

  2. mwangasama

    I wish there was a way to purchase this song. Shame it’s not available on iTunes or any other service.

  3. Barnaby Bruce

    The similarity to some of the recent Brockhampton stuff is uncanny

  4. myshkin

    This track makes me miss hearing G rap. We don't really get to experience that side of his talent on the new releases.

  5. Erline Andrews

    So this is what rap could be but isn't. A shame.

  6. Framing the Picture

    This is definitely one of my favorite songs of theirs, which is amazing considering how strong their releases are. I'm shocked this never made it onto an album. The melodies are some of the best and most powerful they've ever created.


    mother! i find a gold cave here

  8. It's a miracle

    gang gang

  9. shake zoohla

    Support the artists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Kyoko

    Maybe their best song ever

  11. Dora Klein

    just lovely

  12. john mcgugan

    Love the young fathers
    Next big thing out of uk. :)

    john mcgugan

    @thedudefatjay isn't scotland in the uk anymore then :)


    doubt they will ever make it big unless they poppy themselves

  13. Tawl Da Gawd

    Man, they have so many good tracks!

  14. McFro95

    Not gonna lie, I was disappointed at the lack of overly strong Scottish accents...
    But they're flippin' amazing and I need to see them live as soon as I can

  15. Finley John

    The music at the start reminds me of the music in the Fantastic 4 Gameboy Advance game that I played when I was little.

  16. peter tort

    not a big fan off rap but theses guys are great!!

  17. Finley John

    This is soooo good :D

  18. That's Cool, Joshua

    I'm always skeptical at the beginning of my first listen, but something ropes me in before the songs over. Shit's awesome.

  19. ZombieReflexes

    Very Massive Attack, I love it.

  20. n_e_e_t

    This is incredible.

  21. Dirk Blirk

    These guys are great. I wouldn't be to concerned, they'll make it.

  22. afterlater

    This is really interesting for Anticon! Kind of reminds of some of the choices that Warp made years ago in signing new artists. Very interested to see how things go for these guys...

  23. Willian Park

    Good Vibes - Dope MotherFuck

  24. tangorangry


  25. Nico Tobares

    so fucking gooooood !!!

  26. HanzSygnal

    amazing song

  27. Krishnadirty

    I love everything about Young Fathers.