Young Fathers - Dancing Mantaray Lyrics

Ha ha ha ha

This is the time when it all comes back to me
This goes back to the time on Jupiter
The thing that she said was very rude of her
(Ooh oh)
She's just like a dancing mantaray

Deep sea diving in outer space you know
I don't know why but I hold your face you go
Twelve too many rides now I'm coming up for you
Take you back to the time when I used to laugh with you

She's just like a dancing mantaray
She's just like a dancing mantaray

So ooh (ha ha ha ha)
So ooh (yeah yeah yeah yeah)
So ooh (yeah yeah yeah yeah)
So ooh (oh oh oh)
So ooh (yeah yeah yeah yeah) So
So ooh (yeah yeah yeah yeah) So
So ooh (yeah yeah yeah yeah) So
She's so blue

She's just like a dancing mantaray
She's just like a dancing mantaray
She's just like a dancing mantaray

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Young Fathers Dancing Mantaray Comments
  1. chantelle hughes

    guys we're not crying are eyes are just sweating

  2. Blair JR


  3. mckavitt13

    What did Steve Irwin do w crocodiles besides bind them, make them helpless, temporarily harmless (because provoked)? Did he later let them go, I hope?

    Ramesh G

    Reduce the fear of crocodiles without killing them


    @Ramesh G They should be afraid of us. They do not attack unprovoked.

  4. Kjyla Johnson

    2020 and i can still cry when i see something about this legend RIP

  5. Taipari Waaka

    Honestly loved Steve-O. My hero. Rip mate

  6. Beautiful styles

    I’m not crying you are...

  7. NayNay H.

    Why did i watch this. Got me crying

  8. Shreyas Suresh

    Ho else is back in 2020 because they miss him so much

  9. Niki Toogood

    oh the Irwin's are amazing song people and also inspiring people

  10. sude plays

    We all miss him 💔

  11. Leenail Deduro

    For a moment there, I can actually see Bindi seeing her dad as she turns to embrace her partner towards the end of their dance.

  12. candace francis

    I knew Bindi would win the moment she did her first dance !

  13. Alicia Nyblade

    "When Bindi lost a father, the whole world did. We all feel like we knew him."
    So true. I was 18 when Steve died and I'd grown up watching his show and seeing him as a father figure, so his death was heartbreaking. My little cousin, who was about five at the time and idolized Steve, was absolutely devastated. Of course, our grief is nothing compared to what Steve's family feels, but still, he had such a big heart for people and animals that his loss was agony to us all.

  14. AmvReverdedStudios

    “For the rest of my life, I’ll kind of feel like he’s going to come home” That broke my heart and instantly put a lump in my throat, then when she had that memory of her and her dad, I actually cried. Oh F*ck man, if we all miss him, imagine Bindi, Terri, Robert.

  15. mike price

    bindi your dad is very proud of you and he will always be proud of you and he always will still love hold on to that

  16. Mylo Allen

    Aww I’m gonna to cry 😭

  17. K&E Menke

    Is that her ex?

  18. Shelby Price

    I started this morning watching animals videos how did I get here and why am I crying

  19. vaniaocta

    People who didn't cry because of this are emotionless. Cause i cried so hard when she's cry 😭

  20. Sam Wilson

    Bindi must be protected at all costs

  21. Slytherpuff biotchhh

    Aw little Robert was crying..

  22. Maria Garcia

    i started tearing up when she was talking about holding his finger when she was little

  23. TimTamxTilly

    i started crying when she had the memory :(

  24. luis gameing Hernandez

    RIP steve irwin im sorry for your lost :(

  25. Jubilee84

    I recently lost my father, so I have no idea why I thought watching this would be a good idea.

  26. President Pixel

    I feel bad for the guy (not good with celebrity names) he kept unintentionally reminding her of her father, but they both pushed through with an incredible performance

  27. Tammy Meads

    I cried so hard

  28. Alexis Shield

    2019 anyone

  29. Diana Marie

    She's such a doll ❤

  30. Quineta White

    The holding Daddy’s finger memory brought instant tears to my eyes 💕😭. I was in my environmental biology class when news of his death came across my phone screen. I broke down and showed my teacher. Instead of taking my phone, my teacher read the article out loud to the class and we had a moment of silence for him and his family in the middle of lecture😭😭😭

  31. Delta Stewart

    I started to cry when she started to cry

  32. Doug M

    They r so cute together. TBH I'd hug that Brad Pitt all the time too =X

  33. The Travisvang Vang

    PIP Steve 1942 2006 tribute hall of Fame

  34. sawred32

    Bindi is gorgeous😍👼 Steve would be so proud of her today.


    She is so beautiful and Derek made this dance so perfect for her.

  36. Tate Aycock

    Ok when u found out Steve Erwin dude I was so sad cus found out I like 2011 and was really obsessed with watching his shows rip Steve

  37. The Master

    Anyone else crying like bindi in this

  38. luis gameing Hernandez

    that was so so sad she lost her father i was crying

  39. PeachyBlue

    What is this water coming out of my eyes

  40. Karin Porter

    I absolutely love you Bindi and I absolutely loved your dad
    I absolutely love you Derek come back to dancing please
    Tom bergeron I wish you could come back to AFHV. It’s not the same without you

  41. Justin

    This made me cry. I miss Steve so much, I can only imagine how hard it still is on his loved ones. R.I.P., my hero.

  42. Jenny Liang

    Who's watching in 2019??

  43. Black Sheep

    My eyes peed a little after seeing this.

  44. Katie Jean

    I’m sobbing

  45. Foo Kelevra

    E M O T I O N S!!!
    I love you Bindi💐

  46. Zack Attack84

    America loves the Irvin’s!

  47. Zack Attack84

    I lost my dad also. He won’t come home but you can go home to him.

  48. ꧁ Bubbles SWE ꧂

    Even here in Sweden we were so sad to hear of Steve’s passing. I always watched everything with Steve and I was soooo jealous of Bindi for being able to have such an unique connection to the wildlife.
    I was truly heart broken when he died. Both for him and his family. I remember Bindi making that speech, and I remembered I just felt so sad for her that she had lost her dad at the age we both were. Seems like he did a really good job with his children the time they had ❤️

  49. Aieshja Khitanea

    Woow, it’s already been that long time ago?

    Steve seems the best dad in the whole world

  50. 4 GVN

    I Pray he was Saved and knew Jesus Christ. If he did he is in heaven

  51. Zack Attack84

    My heart breaks for all of you.

  52. Bethany Lightowler

    The sad thing is that I am 10 now so I never met him I wish I was born earlier so I could see what he does

  53. Lemons19902010

    I come back to watch this video when I want a good cry.

  54. Blazex213

    Lowkey highkey cried

  55. Duncan Irvine

    This video should not have a dislike button, but it just goes to show how many sad people there are out there.

  56. Beh

    So sad that Robert never got to know such a great man. Bindi was lucky enough to have memories of her father that she will never forget. Saddens me Robert was so young to remember Steve. At least he tries to carry on in his fathers footsteps. They seem like such a great and genuine family, and it honestly sucks for the world to lose a man like Steve so soon.

  57. David Joseph

    The Irwin’s are a national treasure who Is loved by all❤️❤️❤️

  58. Anna Marie Jondahl

    I can understand that pain. I lost my cousin in a motorcycle accident a little over two years ago. I wasn’t close to him as bindi was to her father, but he was still my family. I still feel like he’s going to walk in the door and act like nothing happened. I miss him everyday. Rip Andrew. Rip Steve.

  59. josie jacobson

    i just have no words, she’s so strong and so is robert. rip steve❤️😭

  60. Neena

    I saw the birth episode of her. STeve has never been more excited ever. Seeing her now is amazing omg.

  61. Ilustrado

    Damn. It must be super hard - because Steve was not just a special person - he's definitely a special dad. Long live his legacy.

  62. ‘We Stan’ People Need To Die

    I feel like I lost my dad watching this ...

  63. Lovelyfandomtrash Emo

    I grew up watching the crocodile hunter and Steve Irwin was a big role model to me. As I was growing up I always said I wanted to help animals and be a zoologist because of him. I don’t think he deserved to go. He was a very smart and caring guy. And he was like everyone’s Australian dad. And to see Bindi all grown up and understanding what happened to her father is heartbreaking. But, as we all know her dad he’s very proud of her. And his son too!

  64. Confrontati0n

    This whole video just made me cry- we all miss Steve so much and though we were never a child of his, we can learn how much it hurts to leave someone behind and know they aren’t with us anymore

  65. Ame s0k0

    I was crying when she had a memory
    still to today everyone shall still remember him

  66. Franca Cece

    She is so special
    And amazing such a great dancer
    But why such a bad cover that song? Why not original sting?

  67. Tepora Hotene

    the finger thing made me cry

  68. Nicky S

    She’s so gorgeous

  69. scar preadtor

    If I could bring anyone back to life it would be steve

  70. Tracy S

    Her mom never gets enough credit. Teri is so strong, beautiful, and 100% in love with her children. Such a beautiful family.

  71. Holly Manning

    Real Heroes don't wear capes or have super powers.

    Real Heroes are people like Steve Irwin.

    I remember hearing about Steves death, I was in denial for WEEKS.

    But the realization finally hit that he passed...

    The only other time I cried as hard as I did was when my grandparents passed.

    I really looked up to Steve, always wanted to meet him...

    I want to meet his family too but sadly I live in the U.S but as soon as my rap career kicks off I wanna do a benefit show at Australia Zoo in honor of Steve and the work that all of the Zoo has done.

    I can say a million words rn that would be poetic and meaningful but truth is...words aren't enough...

    If I make millions I wanna donate a good portion of money to the Zoo and it's efforts.

    Real Talk, that's how much that man has impacted my life.

    For years as a kid I told my parents if I ever had a deadly illness and Make A Wish asked me where I wanted to go...Australia Zoo.

    For however long I can.


    Bindi really danced with all her heart, love, and passion for her and her family.

    She continues to be a beaming light of inspiration that carries part of a flame from Steves torch.

    My favorite animal at the Zoo would be Crocs!

  72. Erin Mahony

    This made me cry

  73. Julia De

    4:18 little Robert!!

  74. Christina Holmes

    you can really see she adored him

  75. Brody Schriefer

    What’s the song they danced to?


    Sting - Every breath you take.

  76. Lauren Rodriguez

    Robert wiping his tears.. man these are some good people ❤️

  77. Theforcer 1

    I know where i was when my mom told me, I was 9 and i cried so bad

  78. Rebecca Kirby

    Still brings tears to my eyes to this day beautiful

  79. k bur


  80. Regina Thompson

    This broke me😭 it’s 2019 but it still seems like yesterday to me I really can’t imagine how she felt being so you g when he died

  81. BestStuff Reviews

    My Dad has cancer and suddenly started hating me. The last time I saw him he made me cry for two hours while my kids played.
    I miss him so much. Bindi knows her dad loves her so much. My Dad will pass and I don’t think he loves me anymore. I allready miss him and he’s still here. Now the holidays are coming and they are always so hard for me.
    I wanted to text him tonight that I missed him but didn’t think it would matter.

    I would do anything for a hug. But he hates my husband and says he wished he never went to my wedding. I am depressed and just tying to do better w my life.

    How could love just end and be so conditional?

  82. NEINTENDO_Studios

    I remember watching Steve’s animal shows when I was a little fellow. He was such a great man. He’s super brave. I live it when he’s like crooking. It always made me laugh

  83. Robert Erlandson

    Saddest part is bindi is getting married & dad wont be there to walk her down the aisle

  84. Virginia Morse

    she grew up to be such a beautiful young lady. her daddy would be so proud of her

  85. BeatleLoverification

    Shes amazing!!

  86. Qt Pie

    There are very few celebrity deaths that really got to me. His was one of them.

  87. Dillon

    a hero is someone who can grab and educate you on a rattlesnake or cobra and make you say "I wanna do that"

  88. Ana Meza

    Wow.. this is so emotional

  89. Alyssa

    I’m coming back years later and I am still crying 😭

  90. Ellie Robb

    Robert is so young in this video

  91. Sarah

    This Dance tells a Story even Strangers understand

  92. Tamika Sterling

    Its heartbreaking to watch this and see how much pain she is really going through with not having her dad around anymore

  93. Sam Watts

    Such an amazing young woman Bindi has turned out to be. Steve will be looking down on her smiling <3 <3

  94. stephanie childs

    2019 n still crying 😭😭😭

  95. HonduDan

    I hate dancing with the stars, but I couldn't stop watching this. Good old Steve, god we miss that beautiful man.

  96. Roach Gigs

    This was the first time, I felt like the emotion was real on a tv show and not scripted.

  97. torii coleman

    Awww man here come my eye sweat

  98. The Nudist Report

    I lost my mom last year and we were extremely close. I understand what she means, for me I know my mom isn’t suffering anymore and she’s in a peaceful
    Place I’ve had to come to terms with her passing and only remember life is so precious and it changed me forever! I will never be the same. She is always in my heart and I will never forget here.

  99. The Nudist Report

    That was beautiful! Wow 😯