Young Buck - Vibe Awards Skit 2 Lyrics

[audience applause]

[Michael Jackson impression]
Okay okay, chill, chill, chill
Fall back, fall back, chill
We've got an awards show to care of
And this award for lifetime achievement goes to
The greatest producer of all time, Dr. Dre

["Phillip Ondeez"]
No surprise there
One of the greatest producers of all time
getting a well deserved lifetime achievement award
And uhh...
Well it seems like there's uh...
There's an altercation taking place over at his table!
Some idiot just tried to attack the great Dr.
Oops, and there go the wolves
Wow it is serious out there right now
You've got Banks, here comes 50
And now the other 45 members of the G-Unit
Wow, look at Young Buck with that fork!
[martial arts sound effects]

["Jack Offden"]
Wow he's stabbing him with the fork
I can't believe - he's really forking that guy up!
You said it Jack
So this guy attacked the Dr.
And now he freakin' needs a doctor - this is unbelievable!

["Phillip Ondeez"]
Truly is man, truly is
What a dick [echoes]

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