Young Buck - I'ont Know Lyrics

[Hook: x2]
Er'body shooting so I can't be without it
They killing in my city but I don't talk about it
They asking but you better
Tell 'em ho, I don't know
Tell 'em ho, I don't know
Tell 'em ho, I don't know

[Verse 1:]
Nigga, my hood really like send it fee fuck
With the six nigga he end up six feet deep
You got six feet in your face hand nigga
He ain't worked a dollar I split on my black flag nigga
I'm an old G y'all know me
Y'all know what I be about always representing the south
I got a new gun longer to stay in Tenessee
Shot a nigga through the heart who hide behind a fucking tree
Snitches, I tell them niggas I don't play with them
But I got some hydrant high coming out this block coming lay with them
Trick I come 'cause I trick 'em handling the police
Suckes snitching on me that bitch must not know me

[Hook: x2]
Er'body shooting so I can't be without it
They killing in my city but I don't talk about it
They asking but you better
Tell 'em ho, I don't know
Tell 'em ho, I don't know
Tell 'em ho, I don't know

[Verse 2:]
Don't know about what they do
I just know what I do
Can't speak about their business
Don't care about who they is
Cooperate with who know that ain't what we do
Officer I'm just like you both of us don't have a clue
Hey there's no questions you can ask me
So why do y'all harrass me
Them realers just went pass me
Hey I don't know 'bout Ashley
I'm watching first 48 God damn and they interogate
And soon I see these niggas shake best know I know they ain't gonna break
Making suggestions 'bout these witness protections
Pussy niggas be stressing they end up confessing
Loose lips sank ships keep it simple catch a clip
With my dirt about my lonely 'cause I will never flip

[Hook: x2]
Er'body shooting so I can't be without it
They killing in my city but I don't talk about it
They asking but you better
Tell 'em ho, I don't know
Tell 'em ho, I don't know
Tell 'em ho, I don't know

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    Yeah, i should have got you instead of that crazy mess. This is the year of wisdom and letting the past be the past. #iquit

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    Antwan Darelle Fenton


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