Young Buck - Highway Lyrics

Guess it all boils down to
How bad do you want some money

Rolling on four ain't been to sleep
Booted all up I keep gritting my teeth
Kush all in my Swisher Sweet
I keep burning holes in my seat
Bankrolls in my armrest
I'm gon' trap regardless
They say I'm a target
The dog gets off his harness
Breaking 'em down before the bay, we taking him out to Charlotte
I [?] he gonna pay me whatever I charge him
Parking this coupe hit this Red Roof Inn
Let me know if any state troopers come in
Niggas here playing with their nose
On these duty roads
Plug's been playing with these loads
I can't trust these hoes
Streets keep saying Buck let's go
Nigga it's too much to hold
I keep saying yeah for sure
But now you know that nothing's promised

I put product on the streets
I got buildings I been building
I keep designer on my feet
I'm walking through this my way
Dirty money, dirty six
Dirty south, dirty nigga
Look at me dirty bitch
Know you gon' do what I say
I sold all this shit for this
Never snitched and never will
[?] for this
I keep it on the highway
I put product on the streets
I got buildings I been building
I keep designer on my feet

Imma fish bowl this foreign
Imma keep going and going
Four girls and two boys
And I'm happy to trap on the days they born
Your outcome determines how well you go and perform
Can't let nothing just tie you up to the point that you become torn
I told my bitch if you with me shorty don't tell me just show it
Get all the Chanel you want and I don't care 'bout no Rolex
Y'all niggas going live on the gram with their grams
I'm like nigga damn
(Are you strapped?) Yes I am
(Who are they?) That's my fam
We got a bond that come from back in the day when I got jammed
They some bloods and we some crips
Get some green, who gives a damn about a broke nigga
Talk about where he from and who I am and what he done
Put that gun in one of the sacks and the other hands let's hit the

I put product on the streets
I got buildings I been building
I keep designer on my feet
I'm walking through this my way
Dirty money, dirty six
Dirty south, dirty nigga
Look at me dirty bitch
Know you gon' do what I say
I sold all this shit for this
Never snitched and never will
[?] for this
I keep it on the highway
I put product on the streets
I got buildings I been building
I keep designer on my feet

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Young Buck Highway Comments
  1. Anthony Weatherspoon


  2. SkTH2 1

    I don’t expect anyone to really know, since this is pretty underrated track as it is, but can anyone tell me what the sample is at the beginning? Search of lyrics reveals nothing :/

  3. Free thereal777

    Still bumping 2019 24th of September

  4. Devious Dan

    So happy Chamillionaire sampled this on Mixtape Messiah 5, this is amazing

  5. Anthony Weatherspoon


  6. Franco Tirador

    Man man this song is more than classic Buck and the Outlawz Edi and Noble still holding down 4 Pac Yac Fatal and Big Sike Thug in peace

  7. kha mascato

    2019 with this one 😀

  8. tloco

    This song aint on Spotify is it? Or diff name

  9. Calvin Obie

    Outlawz buck 2018 still til
    This day

  10. EctomorFITT

    driving down the freeway in the summertime...yes sir

  11. Cisco Thumps

    A homie of mine said its the beetles in the beginning. What sample is that. And ive been on this one since my early 20's

    Marley Taylor

    No one knows. Have to get in touch with a vintage record guru. I've been searching for 2yrs for the identity of that singer. He is very obscure and might have been a local hit or theme to some low budget movie.


    Marley Taylor My thoughts exactly...

  12. BeastMode FIAZCO


  13. Dan Thompson

    this shit is classic....why doesn't it have 20 million views? i guess people don't like great music...probably one of the best songs to bump in your car hands down!

    Dan Marley

    💯💯💯💯💯 especially in your lowrider

  14. techtee murphy

    2018 and beyond✌😎

  15. I Am Legend

    still driving down the freeway 2018..YYYYEEAAAAAAA

  16. Walter Perez

    battle katt and hi tek the best at beats for just chillin

    Thirtynine Plusone

    Facts!! Battle Cat a beast!

  17. Walter Perez

    true music

  18. Rasengan 580

    Stoner anthem

  19. taylorpass44

    This is whats up

    Thirtynine Plusone

    You wassup hit me add me ig: _leaderofdacaps


    Young Buck tha nigga bloodgang😡👌❤💃

  20. San Yates

    hi tek murdered this

  21. Jerry Williams


  22. Steve M

    Young Buck- The way i move #10bodies

  23. Matt Byrd

    this the shit

  24. Nate Kane

    Yeah G'z up. That nigga Bucc and tha Outlawz making it Cracc!

  25. Northside Donnie

    Mane! A brotha can slab ride with a chic in the passenger seat to this!

  26. devan campbell

    Dope asssss song! Buck you to have the industry on smash for a bit even tho this after gunit days

  27. Kiana Davis

    illegal civilization

    Alex Swedock

    Where I got it from too haha Mikey's a master of what songs work perfectly.

  28. Kelvin Shackelford

    Hi Teck is a genius for this shit right here, Classic G Unit Record!

    Waleed Gotti

    it aint a g-unit record.... buck wasn't with g-unit when track was made


    Waleed Gotti Buck is Unit Nigga

    M S

    Young Buck and 50 had a fall out at that time and Buck had dissed G-Unit multiple times....

  29. Drdoncombs

    I know it's been asked and debated before, but does anybody know the sample at the beginning???

    ivan rodriguez

    Drdoncombs man! Ive been thinking the same!

    Don Gato

    Sounds like the Rutles

    John D. Dupree

    @Don Gato I doubt it. I've heard of them, but highly doubt it. This guy is of English descent though I know that for a fact. Dj Hi-Tek is the only one who knows who he sampled, but he's not sharing the identity smh.

  30. cyberespace936

    dion is a really good singer why he''s not famous !

    caanyon gooden

    cyberespace936 don't know but he should be!


    Search for deion the future

  31. james kelly

    all i can say is damn

  32. Joshua Smith

    I use to bump dis I the car when I was like 5 or so

  33. iAmPeytonn

    buck a real ass nigga cashville Tennessee 615

  34. janiss marlee diaz

    hop on the 10 freeway light up a fat ass kush blunt and drive to santa monica and cruise on pafic coast highway this song is my favorite song i hear it everytime i smoke a blunt and thats like every hour S.C L.A GBZ 27 ST

  35. jason sanchez

    my shit

  36. Lunga

    It's too nice.

  37. London2ATL

    What this song is 5 years, how time flies, I remember I used to bump this so of the coolest track for real.


    Damn another 5 years has passed.... stamping this for when I come in another 5 years. I wonder where I'll be. L.A or London? Would I have a kid? Time will tell

    SkTH2 1

    London2ATL cool to see you r still here

  38. Bokkie

    I like this song :-)

  39. AvenirToThe

    Best song to cruise to for sure

  40. ivandeutsch

    damn this outdo from 3:12 on is soooo fuckin good....driiiiiivin down the freeway...i wank to the beat

  41. A-Dubb618

    Shout out to Hi Tek with this dope ass beat.

  42. kjahfey08

    this shit is crazy as shit a eastcoast nigga at that ...youngbuck is that downsouth eastcoast switch hitter....fuck you haters.....classic boyyyyyyyy

  43. kratos9312

    I move like a video in slow-motion...

  44. Fernando Monsivais

    Shit goes hard like a mothafucka someone hand me a fat blunt!!!!!!

  45. Jluv411

    Blowin my smoke all by myself just... DRIVIN DOWN THE FREEWAAAAAY.... This song is my ultimate riding track.... Coastin on the freeway... Pushin a hundred in the '96 SS... GETTIN IT IN!!! Man, I miss them dayz... CLASSIC SONG RIGHT CHEA!

  46. 310showtime

    ...and im feelin like new money,you haters too funny mad cuz the paint fresh,shoes ugly!!

  47. ivandeutsch

    just fire on a blunt, sit back and relax...

  48. par73 goldengod90

    @bigcypg @Sheridan1423 The Color of Love

  49. Michael Sheridan

    where did the intro come from?

  50. PaPo0Se546

    in my top 10 hip hop songs list.....

  51. Denzel De'Angeles

    Driving down the freeway!!!!!!!

  52. wizzypiccaso

    R.I.P TO MY NIGGA PAC. OUTLAWZ still going strong, get em BUCK.

  53. Alex Mathew Mendoza

    you-you-you with your funny fun fun
    looking up at the sunny sun sun
    butterflied cheeks and lemon-cut hair
    hardly a worry, and never a care!
    and her eyes, the color of love, yeah-yeah yeah...
    and her eyes the color of love...
    sounds like a 60s or 70s sample

    caanyon gooden

    Alex Mathew Mendoza it sounds like a 80s song to ME

  54. morphedkirby

    I want the full version of the beginning part of the song, anyone know who it is?

  55. ivandeutsch

    there hasnt been a chilled track like this since 10 years...this beat is hellfire...

    light up a blunt, top down, sun shine and just drivin´ sown the freeway!!!!!!!

  56. leonat87

    buck is good

  57. murten88

    damn I can picture it, summer, just chillin and turn this song up in my mp3! :D
    G Unit is NOTHING without Buck

  58. aless11

    he was never gone!!

  59. Andrew Saad

    man i can never get enough of this song...i got it 2 months b4 they released it and ive listened to it over 65 times

  60. RedEm1

    i rather listen to the instrumental

  61. Turlast

    This is that shit! A classic.

  62. Turlast

    You mean the only one who's really nice, actually.

  63. D.J. Kristapovich

    buck is the only good person on g unit the rest suck

  64. Suppanh

    Buck on Fire

  65. hopkin104

    This is a rider tune nigga hola
    G-unit motherfuccer
    blat blat
    young bucc 4 life

  66. katamagold

    young buck RESPECT! I smoke a fat blunt too that! nederland place to be!!! DAMSCO!

  67. kevindemen

    damn this track is good

  68. VOCforlife

    this song is sick

  69. marley1221

    this shit fuckin' dope!!!!

  70. farcyde74

    Hot track me likey

  71. Irish Lush

    This song was stolen From A Seattle Rapper named Redskin. Total Rip-off!!

    Don Gato

    Oh come on, what song? Hi-Tek is not going to rip off some obscure Seattle underground hip hop lol

  72. rayzian

    fuckin love hi-tek's beats