Young Buck - Democrat Party Lyrics

I remember walking up and down that alley you know
Trying to get some money
I finally met somebody

Malcolm X my brother assalamu alaikum
Trump ain't no different from Ronald Reagan
Black and white TV my antenna is a clothes hanger
My reality is jack boys and dope slingers
Might see your sister in the back room with crack fumes
Running this crack house like a barber and beauty saloon
We had the [?] to break these boulders down
Trapping and looking for carrot top when he come rolling 'round
Gentrification got niggas changing location now
I done took a loss and my pistol became impatient now
I know I'm a boss I ain't let all this weight just weight me down
I can't wait on nothing, I'm at you people like pay me now

And I keep the pack from a democrat
Niggas scared to touch it, fuck it
Send me that crown
My Mexicans is moving we need every cent
So tell them go ahead bill me we gon' jump the fence
Trudging through this desert with these bales on my back
I'm gon' be chilling like a cholo if I make it
Told my people it's a chance that I might not make it back
But it's a chance that I'd ever have to take it

We done came up from the bottom and we co-defendants
I know you would never snitch on me nigga before the sentence
I put all my property in my momma name
I feel like they was watching me so I'm out the game
I got a problem with authority, won't stay in my lane
So I'm experimenting with other things than cocaine
I mean I am the poster child for that plant Mary Jane
And my nigga making meth in the woods now
We doing numerals on pharmaceuticals
The shit's unusual
I'm watching niggas grow CBD while watching [?]
Couple y'all done told me you're biting on your cuticles
We pulling up with two of those and shooting up your funeral
For real

And I keep the pack from a democrat
Niggas scared to touch it, fuck it
Send me that crown
My Mexicans is moving we need every cent
So tell them go ahead bill me we gon' jump the fence
Trudging through this desert with these bales on my back
I'm gon' be chilling like a cholo if I make it
Told my people it's a chance that I might not make it back
But it's a chance that I'd ever have to take it

Baking soda and a microwave's a luxury
I started with a spoon and a lighter, I had to cook it up
Back when [?] had that Benzy bought from [?]
Jimmy had that Bonneville sitting on gold
Y'all can look it up
That was the days, it was beige
Looking around now it's brown, now a different page
Still I'm around now, walking through a different maze
Taking these pounds to your town, going a different way
Gotta keep extra bands where our bitches stay
Either we pay you in cash or we can pay you in yay
Building up my house with a brick a day
Watch a nigga lose his life and ain't got shit to say

And I keep the pack from a democrat
Niggas scared to touch it, fuck it
Send me that crown
My Mexicans is moving we need every cent
So tell them go ahead bill me we gon' jump the fence
Trudging through this desert with these bales on my back
I'm gon' be chilling like a cholo if I make it
Told my people it's a chance that I might not make it back
But it's a chance that I'd ever have to take it

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Young Buck Democrat Party Comments
  1. John

    Adam schiff has dual citizenship in Israel and was great pals with Ed buck,

  2. John

    Adam schiff is being probed for being at Ed bucks mansion wearing an Egyptian outfit

  3. xele fonte

    Dislike because Cenk at the end can’t even tell us which Democratic politicians he gave money to... sure I could look it up but that’s TYT’s job.

  4. Micha Grobi

    WOW. YT made an differantiation to Home of Fake News FNN. 😂

  5. KingCantona14

    He is a piece of shit. He targeted poor black men, got them addicted to meth, and used them for his sick and twisted drug filled sex parties. He's an embarrassment to the lgbtq community, the black community, democrats, and even responsible drug users


    Adam schiff is being probed by feds for being at Ed bucks mansion wearing an Egyptian outfit

  6. David D

    The Godless Dem. doneor and friend of Hillary only faces 5 years. That translates to 1 year probation in Clinton world

    Jonah Falcon

    David D is that where you live because it seems you boot licking conservatives live on a different planet. You act like Republicans haven’t done worse, like literally making mistresses get abortions and don’t forget all the shooters you guys produce.

    Micha Grobi

    @Jonah Falcon dumb a$$

  7. Shawn Gunnison

    In the last few years there have been two liberals in blackface, one in KKK costume, and Ed Buck. -Liberals- conservatives sure sound like horrible people!

    Micha Grobi

    😂 compared to FNN YT is conservative 😂😂

  8. A Ng

    he also funded campaigns in DA's office in LA....

  9. Robban Dahlgren Jonsson

    I bet legalizing heroin and meth would really help with that huh, Cenk?

    Raw Olympia

    and pedophilia too! Buck is the perfect dim dem!

  10. Lawrence Jones

    😂😂😂 So you ripped Ben Carson about transgendered bathrooms, but this 3 dead black men didn't receive half the time it took for you to talk about how unjust Ben Carson was about bathrooms bs this 4 min clip on the death of actual black gay members of LGBT community and I'm not seeing nobody saying nothing but wait and see might've been cause he's white and killing people not black and making policies and giving people who want to be treated equal their own bathroom is oppressing them because it's not natural and it affected less than 20% of the population who depends on straight ppl to breed the next generation, is more of a heated argument that the killing of 3 black males gay males at that which y'all are very pro LGBT until this comes out and no 🎆 but let it been a black men doing this to white gay men he'd been arrested first time. And these are the facts if it goes against your position you don't speak on it because the narrative is Republican bad Democrat good, crazy you have Democrats looking at y'all crazy because it makes no sense in most of your arguments and since y'all agree with each other there's really no push back besides the generation y'all were born in have differing opinions on certain issues.

  11. JudoMateo

    It only took 3 murders for y’all to get on this story, WOW y’all are really on the ball. If he were on the right y’all would’ve been crying for his blood years ago.

    Jammit Timmaj

    AAaaand? They shouldn't cover it? When are you guys going to learn that we don't care about your manufactured outrage. We know we can't make you happy or console you, so we don't even try. You're the snowflakes here, not us. We can face this. You can whine.


    Jammit Timmaj 😂🤣😆 you’re just triggered by the fact that I’m undeniably correct, you self righteous moron. I’ve literally known about this man’s predatory activities for over a year yet somehow TYT just discovered this sadistic sexual predator who runs in their circles . They’re just doing damage control snowflake.

  12. BeauTEAful You

    A scumbag Democrat?
    Color me surprised! 😱😭😂

    Jammit Timmaj

    "A". The first letter says it all.

    Micha Grobi

    A = another. And another.... and another. Kkk a kkk a....

  13. Know Thanks

    So in other words a typical political insider.

    Micha Grobi

    A typical political insider? So dem = rep? 4get it. He is a typical democrat. Typical.

  14. Glitter

    Thank You President Trump for draining the Democrat party swamp. One after another Democrat is being put in prison where they belong.

    Matthew Dobbs

    Sadly it's not just democrats is it, it's republicans too, starting with the faux republican trump. Get real, understand that most of the politician on both sides of the aisle are backed by shady characters as well as many of them, trump being the most prominent, are scum bags themselves. American politics needs a shake up, all sides! These people are paid by the American people to screw over the nation, all of them it seems!

    BeauTEAful You

    YES! Maga baby


    @Matthew Dobbs <---------Cucky white knight has entered the chatroom.


    @BeauTEAful You Yes Tara, hopefully the citizens will keep up the spirit you have.👍

  15. abbreviation of time

    Vote independent

  16. NessOnett8

    if he were Republican, 0% chance this story even makes the news and he would skate free for the rest of his life. It's only because it's the lone exception that it gets any coverage.


    Wow really . This guy didn't even get arrested untill he almost killed the 3rd person, and You think there's some type of bias against him because he was Democrat🤔. He should have been arrested the first time but I wonder why he got away with it. who knows how many other people died in his hand especially when he's known for messing around with homeless people whom no one looks for or care about.

    Spring Lamb

    ARE you this stupid ? Buck IS HILLARY Rodham Clinton MAJOR DONOR

    BeauTEAful You

    You have to be kidding me!
    The media is 99.9% liberal as it comes.
    If he were a conservative this would be on every single news outlet.
    CNN and MSNBC would be creaming their pants.....
    Come on now, you cannot be that naive

  17. Liv Claire

    He'll end up dead just like Epstein. Agreed?


    He’s white... *slap on the wrist* 😏

    BeauTEAful You

    Ugh..... I knew it wouldn't take more than .5 seconds of scrolling until I would see this gem of a comment.


    @Just A Small Town Girl Ugh... I knew it wouldn’t take more than .10 seconds before this gem of a reply. 😏

  19. Gazbanger

    Heard he’s getting Epstein’s old room

  20. Diana Strong

    NB: Not one Democratic Leader or supporter is screaming, Quote: *Witch-Hunt or Fake News* Not One Dem. is attending Nuremburg-style Hate Rallies to support & listen to Ed Buck speak or LIE. (Unlike with the WH Occupant & his cult followers) ...

    *We don't know* IF 16 x different women or men are suing Mr Buck for Sex Crimes & Harrassment, yet?? Unlike Mr Trump, Buck is not under dozens of *Corruption* Investigations. Yet?

    *NO Democratic Senators* are defending giving him a Supreme Court nomination or Senate Seat! Unlike with *Republicans* last year with credibly accused Alledged Sex Offenders Kavanaugh & Roy Moore.

    Ed Buck deserves a fair trial and appropriate sentencing. SIMILAR to Jeffrey Epstein, had he not been allowed OR encouraged to commit suicide. Alledgedly ???

    BeauTEAful You

    Woah there buddy, calm down.
    Not ONE Democratic outlet is discussing this in the main stream media.....
    If this was a conservative, CNN would be creaming their pants.
    Open your eyes bud.

  21. julia dulchitiz

    It is a requirement to be utterly corrupt if you want to do well in the Demonicrap party.

    Matthew Dobbs

    Lol politics, not just the dems. The republicans are worse, you know that! Don't stick your head in the sand, they are all as bad as each other.

    BeauTEAful You

    @Matthew Dobbs Take your own advice.

  22. julia dulchitiz

    Glad to see the TYT tonning down the Dems rethoric. Well done. There is a two-tier Justice, one for Democrats another for the rest of us, this includes our beloved President, who has been persecuted by the Demonicrap cabal even before he was elected.

  23. Diana Strong

    People need to be VIGILANT for massively *corrupt Dems* hiding under-cover-of-Trump scandals! Cenk is right - Take *ALL* money/bribery out of politics! This Ed Buck character *seems* like the drug-supplying, alledgedly murderous equivalent of predators Harvey Weinstein & Jeffrey Epstein? They exist on "BOTH SIDES" and they all need to be jailed!

  24. Harris Anne

    He has the support of leftist DEM politicians. The only reason why he didn't walk for his 3rd black man murder is because the dude was able to escape. Hillary and Lieu lost one of there "hit men"...

  25. Harris Anne

    A corrupt DEM? I'm shocked, flabbergasted and gobsmacked! not. Oh no! These evil pedo/killers are goin down..How will the DEM party survive without their donations!?

    Diana Strong

    Not one Democratic Leader or supporter is screaming, Quote: *Witch-Hunt or Fake News* Not One Dem. is attending Nuremburg-style Hate Rallies to support & listen to Ed Buck speak or LIE. (Unlike with the WH Occupant & his cult followers) ...

    *We don't know* IF 16 x different women or men are suing Mr Buck for Sex Crimes & Harrassment, yet?? Unlike Mr Trump, Buck is not under dozens of *Corruption* Investigations. Yet?

    *NO Democratic Senators* are defending giving him a Supreme Court nomination or Senate Seat! Unlike *Republicans* last year with credibly accused Alledged Sex Offenders Kavanaugh & Roy Moore.

    Ed Buck deserves a fair trial and an appropriate sentence. SIMILAR to Jeffrey Epstein, had he not been allowed OR encouraged to commit suicide. Alledgedly ???

    BeauTEAful You

    Best comment yet

    BeauTEAful You

    @nick m. 😂😂😂😂
    People like you are the exact reason I can gaurentee Trump will win again by a landslide in 2020.

    BeauTEAful You

    @Diana Strong Stop commenting the same thing on every single post.
    It's weird.

    nick m.

    Just A Small Town Girl hahahahaha you’re in for disappointment

  26. Caleb Fowler

    I was wondering when they were gonna get him
    He’s almost a serial killer.
    This is that fuckin Epstein shit a over again

  27. sirlancia curry

    His primary target are black gay men who are either homeless or drug addicts, period. Not homeless Ana. Sick and tired tryna redirect the victims to all victims when in fact certain group is slain.

    Hector Mora

    sirlancia curry she said sometimes homeless

  28. Forest Dweller

    Democrats and Republicans = sexual predators


    @networkdeath1 Other way around, pal.


    Cioda Can’t even spell it right, such a Dem.


    @networkdeath1 2 things.
    1. Why did you take so long to reply?
    2. You are only pointing out a spelling error because you have nothing of substance to say.


    @networkdeath1 Oh and Republicans are far from perfect spellers.

    Trump barely spells his tweets correctly. So is he a "dem", which isn't even an insult, as well?


    @Cioda And you need to brush your teeth, for fuck's sake. What a pig.

  29. Ivan Prihhodko

    And the water is wet.

  30. Simon Kim


  31. Charlotte Innoecent

    Safest with small dollar donors in every way.

  32. Waui Boy Reyes

    DRUGS, DRUGS, and DRUGS. It’s the strength of the DEMOCRATS.

    Umberto Eco

    Rush Limpballs, nuff said.

    Loom Mil

    As if Rush ever killed anyone. Snarky liberals like you need to keep the name Rachel Chandler in mind. Rachel knows everything and everybody involved with Jeff Epstein. Best of luck you evil POS.....enjoy!

    Umberto Eco

    @Loom Mil 🤣 Loom Mil  🤣🤣🤣 not a liberal. I'm actually a communist. You don't know for a fact that rush never killed anyone, unless you have been living in his skin. Your op didn't say anything at all about dead people anyway and neither did I, you just mentioned drugs so you moved the goalpost. And what bullshit argument are you going to use to call Chandler a liar if she comes our and reveals your daddy trump was up to his ears in that scandal? I don't care who goes down for it. Clinton lied about it and if he's involved in it I want him prosecuted. Anyone and everyone involved in that nasty business should go to prison because I actually care about law and order, do you?

  33. stecky87

    I'm not sure how I feel about this, cuz you guy don't mention if the men knowingly & willingly took the drugs. If they did - if they chose to take drugs - how is this guy fully culpable?


    stecky87 b/c they died from drugs he provided. If I give you some crystal meth while we’re hanging out and you die. I can’t just be like “well he/she wanted to take some, so sad the end.” Law enforcement has gotta find out whether there was some sort of negligence involved, foul play involved (maybe I wanted you to take a high dose of the drug so I can fuk you while your inhibitions are low, etc. and you died instead) that is criminal and whether you agreed is irrelevant.

    Diana Strong

    He's a *Drug Dealer* and supplier. That's illegal in itself. IF THEY'D supplied *him* with drugs, they'd be arrested. If HE had overdosed, they'd be thrown under the jail, immediately. Forever!

    tea marks

    You sound like a drug addict. Who did you shoot up with drugs?

  34. john Yogi

    He was doing some sexual activities to

  35. The Don DeLuxe

    "Predator with no regard for human life"... sound like a typical politician himself, actually.

  36. Zina Taylor

    I feel sorry for the people who get addicted, but we have got to learn to take some responsibility for ourselves these men are willingly taking drugs because when they started they liked it. This man should definitely pay for what he's doing but all involved must take some personal responsibility for themselves. in our world today the victim mentality is rampant!!

    Dee Cee

    i like how you think you know what you are talking about, when you actually know no working details of this particular case..


    Let’s see you sang this same tune when its your sibling, family member or child, Zina. I’ll be the first on your profile page to tell your love ones, “ *take some personal responsibility* ”!

    Lawrence Jones

    Zina Taylor so you say that until someone you know overdoses on heroin and than it's the dealers fault for giving them they fix because they had all the personal responsibility for both parties involved.

  37. way2jaded1

    I can kind of understand why this is happening now since corpses can't testify.

  38. Mike

    Is this dude gay?

    BIG DOG!

    Can Tom Brady throw a football.....of course he's gay🙄


    BIG DOG! Moron

  39. rebecca wallace

    Why are you not calling out the people he donated to? If he was a Republican you would have screamed who he donated to. That is why you are called out as being biased.


    The people he donated to are called out every single day on TYT.

    Oculus Nomad’s Lost Tribe

    @Aviri Char Calm down a level, no defensive posture 🙅🏽‍♂️ needed. I really don’t know much about this guys history but it don’t matter because he is still a crook so where is the defensive stance coming from? 🗣🧠

    Aviri Char

    @Oculus Nomad’s Lost Tribe what are you talking about? "calm down" and "defensive stance"? drink less, poor guy

    Oculus Nomad’s Lost Tribe

    Aviri Char well you got it close your just off a bit...switch to no drink and the opposite of poor and your walking in the right direction numb 🥜...😂💯

    Aviri Char

    @Oculus Nomad’s Lost Tribe so if you're the opposite of drunk you're wacked on crack then?

  40. Gerardo Rodriguez

    Why haven't you done a video on Tulsi calling out Trump for his "Locked and Loaded" tweet? You made a video on the view, but this isn't newsworthy to you. Do you not want to give her any attention? I can't believe that Fox, against their own interest, has already covered this twice and given her a platform to speak about it, and you cant even make a simple video to chime in on this. Maybe you don't want to give her any coverage that will benefit her. Thank goodness for Fox News.

  41. Mikhail Tagallie

    He was f'n the homeless dudes

    My name is buck n i like ta...

  42. Somic The Derphog

    Now streaming on HBO: The Dem Job.

  43. gypsydragongal

    Now I know why drug safehouses was being pushed. He's a donor.

    Ben Ghazi

    A clinic is not the same as a drughouse you idiot

  44. Josiah6565

    Maybe he’s a racist democrat that likes to kill black people!

    Adrian Daniel

    Maybe you are

    john Yogi

    He likes to have sex with gay black man and have a fetish of od'ing someone with a lot of drugs.

    Allenamis the Trojan

    @john Yogi I think he got off on killing these dudes


    Adrian Daniel really? After watching this video that’s what you say after reading my comment?

  45. Dallas Warfield

    Ed must throw some badass parties...

  46. Tebigong101

    Buck is emblematic of the mainstream white LGBTQ communities lack of concern for black queer people, no more than a month goes by without a black trans-woman being murdered and NOTHING is said by the mainstream community. But a more base level look no further than a trend in gay porn, fetishizing interracial porn of white police chasing down black "suspects" and basically raping them once they are in custody... like this isn't a very real thing. The black and Latinx queer people who are the trendsetters and trailblazers like Sylvia and Marsha that get forgotten despite their place in history...

  47. JOOGAL1111

    Why is their race and sexual proclivities relevant to this.. If the two dudes were white race wouldn't have been mentioned, wtf is this shit.

    d obianuli

    JOOGAL1111 some junkies overdosed in his house?? Wow! Good luck buddy


    @d obianuli How would you describe it... Let me guess... po helpless black men chained up in rich huwhite mans house and forced to take drugs by said evil rich huwhite man.. I'm betting that's pretty close.. God forbid we give black people agency and the ability to choose...

    Annet Quintana

    @JOOGAL1111 Hey douchebag, OBVIOUSLY they had the ability to choose. Sadly their choice cost them their lives. And if the guys had just been white and gay, you don't think that would have been mentioned. As far as a black victim narrative goes, um, I'm not sure if you get this, but gay black guys WERE the victims here. Moron. And if you think the newscast would not have said "His victims were all blonde, Caucasian, preppy coke heads" if that was the pattern, then you're dumber than I first assumed. Or wait, let me guess- Are you one of those white people who can't stand for any minority to get sympathy and be paid attention to ? The only victims allowed are those poor cis white males with their privilege, losing their jobs and their women to those damn nonwhites. Is that it, buddy ?

  48. GX328382

    Only the Dems would support (and help) a drug pusher.......... wonder if he'll end up dead like the last guy

    Dan Sanger

    @Shade Bleu Trump and Acosta are Democrats.

    Catastrophic Broccoli

    @GX328382 Oh you mean like you all went after Roy Moore? Complete nonsense. The right wing *always* protects its predators. Always.


    @Catastrophic Broccoli I'm sorry but I have no idea who that is?

    Catastrophic Broccoli

    @GX328382 The GOP candidate in Georgia who was sexually involved with teenage girls several times. He lost his election....but just barely. And nothing was done to punish him. And several republicans spoke out to protect Roy Moore. We get it, you guys are fine with pedos as long as they're on your side.

  49. FTN Iceberg didn't scream rasism or whuite supremisist or notsee......damage control downplaying because he's on your side. Don't want your side to look like they are taking advantage of gheys and blacks then murdering them like they did when they were still wearing grand dragon robes?

  50. Jeffrey Crenshaw

    Shout out to all my conservative shit heads talking about how corrupt "liberals" are and using the Democrats (a center-right power structure that needs reforming almost as bad as Republicans) as evidence! If liberal policies were in play, the rich wouldn't be as rich and powerful and wouldn't be able to get away with this shit in the first place.


    You're mistaking socialism for liberalism..

    Jeffrey Crenshaw

    @JOOGAL1111 Not really. Liberals in America are the only ones pushing for socialism. I mean, it sure as hell isn't conservatives or libertarians, they want to rich to keep getting rich and then act shocked when stuff like this happens.

  51. Brett Strong

    "Prominent democrat"
    You mean democratic mega donor?

  52. Jeffrey Crenshaw

    God, why won't TYT ever say anything bad about Democ-- oh, wait.

    FTN Iceberg

    Surprisingly they didn't put they were black and ghey in the title. Then took a minute to casually read it in a 5 minute vid. Any opposition would have it in the title and would be a ten minute rant of anti lgbt and reeeeecism! Stop pretending they didn't do this under extreme damage control measures in comparison to every Trump supporter is a notsee rasist.

    Jeffrey Crenshaw

    @FTN Iceberg What a surprise, another unsatisfiable little troll. This wasn't an invitation for you to do more bitching -- this was a demand that you bow down and thank TYT for throwing you a bone. Now bow down little troll.

    Catastrophic Broccoli

    @FTN Iceberg Yep. You whine like a little c*nt that TYT never does negative stories on Democrats, and then when they do, you once again whine like a little c*nt that they didn't really WANT to do it. Who is forcing them? Cenk runs this network. I guess what I'm saying is...stop being a whiny c*nt.

  53. Alexander the Ordinary

    Another white supremacist Democrat mega-donor.

    Ben Ghazi

    White supremacist? Then he would have donated to Trump

  54. Calisa Hardy

    Okay...about time!

  55. MrThetrizzle

    First Epstein and now Buck..not a good look for Democrats..👌👌👌

    beatrix the great

    Shade Bleu can you post your source please? I went looking and everything I read about him makes me wanna throw up but I found nothing about his political affiliations


    @beatrix the great Three of the public officials, Eliot Spitzer, Bob Packwood, and Bill Clinton, who have received donations from Epstein have also faced allegations of sexual misconduct.

    beatrix the great

    Annet Quintana thank you very much for your hard work in getting that info. I had trouble finding that because the articles made me wanna puke

  56. internetuser

    Definitely a Hillary and Biden supporter. Morally bankrupt power hungry trash.


    as opposed to trump who raped his first wife, publically sexualises his own daughters and has sex with a pornstar while his wife is nursing and then pays someone to threaten her. morals? any?


    Yeah if youre in politics chances are youre morally bankrupt.

    Ben Ghazi

    @YoshimitsuBloodPedal Good that we have a at least to progressives running on the democratic side

    Annet Quintana

    @playlists But wait, Trump SAYS he loves the BIBLE. How can his morals be lacking ?!?! I'm Soo confused !!! (I am, of course, being facetious here)

  57. Simon Sozzi

    What does Pelosi say about him?

  58. tyt sucks

    weelllll shit. keek actually made the white man bad story even though BUCK implicates the left including hillary and a lot of other big ones in some perverted shit. keek throwing his own under the bus for ratings. amazing

  59. Nobody Famous

    Damn democrats, you scary.

  60. Sound Surgen

    Now I am a progressive and I am going to put it out there:
    Any ties to Jeffery Epstein?
    Some higher up Reps (GOP)&Dems are freaks behind closed doors!

    I used to work at an adult video/toy store, believe me it's scary to find out where some customers work for or what they're about, and when you know exactly what kind of porn they're into, it's not all that shocking.

    It's scary when someone looking like a church pastor or someone dressing in business attire and ask for or get some truly disgusting films. And you're like; hmmm never would have guessed they were into that...

  61. TheManSplainer Mansplaining

    My my my. Another Leftie liberal Democrat arrested for doing acts of depravity , now who would of thought? And he was a prominent big money donor for the Democrat party too. Oh well, nothing new here. Lol


    TheManSplainer Mansplaining and of course man is playing it shits planing about the Democratic party but convenient leaving out what a bunch of turds Republican Party donors are.

    Jeffrey Crenshaw

    You say that as if Trump hasn't committed more crimes than all Democrats combined. It's always cute watching the losing team cheer their brains out because they got a point and are only behind by 50 now.

  62. R killalea

    I cant wait until tyt make a video on the racism in Minneapolis! Near 60 people arrested. Groups of black men targeted white folks and near beat them to death. Imagine if the roles where reversed?? Wouldn't happen, white people dont have hate in our hearts. God bless America!!


    @Heywood Jablomi It did, try reading other news and stop living in an echo chamber..

    da kid

    @JOOGAL1111 That's where Dylan Roof


    @da kid Yeah. in a minority to black prisoners..

    da kid

    @JOOGAL1111 So you acknowledge that some white people have hate in there


    @da kid No more than blacks do.. blacks are some of the most racist people I've ever met.. They particularly despise white people asians and hispanics.. but in woke 2019 it's socially acceptable for blacks to be racist.. ps their*


    Why is this comment section always cancer, regardless what side is speaking? First I see something similar to this “DONALD TRUMP RAPED SOMEONE! DON’T FORGET!” and something similar to this “LIBTARDS RUN PEDOPHILE RINGS ALL OVER WASHINGTON!”

    Just...shut...the FRONT DOOR! 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

    Can’t you folks type out other news similar to this? Can you give a suggestion on what to report next? Can you give a suggestion on a petition effort against politicians who took money from Ed Buck?

    FTN Iceberg

    Yes let's petition to fight against ALL demorats.....They know who he is and what he did FFS they let him off for murdering 2 others both in the protected classes they pretend to defend....blacks and gheys.


    FTN Iceberg Maybe the ones in LA knew, but do you think someone like Andrew Yang or Tulsi Gabbard knew who that old fart was?

    Dan Sanger

    Donald Trump has at least one very credible allegation of forcible rape (although the victime doesn't use that term).


    Dan Sanger I’m not sure who to believe at this point 🤷🏻‍♂️.

  64. Amber Drakes

    It amusing to me....why now?! Then many sheep will believe it is only Democrats.....too funny, the political goats

  65. chuckk deeseses

    Corporate Democrats and Republicans are just controlled opposition to each other ......... In order to trick in believing

  66. chuckk deeseses

    It's about time ........ It took years of people continuously bringing up Ed Buck on social media ... But 5 year , if that is laughable .... They are already making it clear that if he gets punished at all .... It Definitely won't be as hard as the average joe would the same crime ......They just gone him go just like they let Epstein go.... Corporate Democrats and Republicans are just controlled opposition to each other

  67. Kingston Hawke

    Unpopular opinion: These were consenting adults. As long as he didn’t force them to do anything he’s not responsible for their bad choices.


    @Kingston Hawke people want Ed Buck to be punished the same way others who aren't rich or have political ties would be under the same circumstances.

    Kingston Hawke

    @FTN Iceberg Exploit just means that you're trying to make use of something. You have something I want, so I offer you something you'd rather have. I'll try to give you as little as I can and get as much as I can in return. Why it's fair, is because it's assumed that you'll be doing the same, and that creates balance. The problem is, that theoretical balance is undermined by our varying abilities to trade.

    I don't care whether those guys were already drug addicts or if he gave them their first taste. It's fully possible that they just wanted a house to sleep in. What I care about is applying reason consistently. If it's ok for a homeless man to join the NFL and risk brain damage, then why can't he suck balls and do drugs for money?

    Either you want to change the entire system, and outlaw deals that we to be unfair. Or this is just people singling out this situation because they don't like that he's trading in drugs and sex. I'm seeing a lot of the latter, and that is bs. Whether I agree with a rule or not, is one thing. What I never agree with is selectively enforcing rules. Am I free to risk my life for money or am I not? And if he's free to risk his life for money, then what about the entity asking him to risk his life? If Uncle Sam has that right, then I want the same right!

    FTN Iceberg

    @Kingston Hawke like I said I agree with your original post. Libertarianism and volunteerism are mostly decent views and I follow a few of them. And I'm a free market capitalist but don't consider our capitalism as free market since it has government regulations. At one time they were possibly good and protected the little guy but now they protect cooperations and help them exploit the citizens.


    @Kingston Hawke you sound almost like you are saying that these men deserved to die for using drugs and trusting people. Ed did this THREE times. So these overdoses aren't accidents. He administered the doses, which means he had the control in those instances. The third time he just didn't get away with it. He looked for these men and brought them in his house. If he was never arrested, he would have kept doing this. How many people have to die for you to get it? That capitalism crap has nothing to do with what happened.

    Kingston Hawke

    @KrystolTrice I haven't said anything resembling "they deserved to die". That's just dumb. In fact, I'm saying that their doing drugs is no different than my drinking alcohol.

    Three times doesn't become a bigger number just because you hit caps lock. What I'd want to know is how often they were partying and doing drugs. Because I've been around drugs and sex, and if these people are partying everyday, I'm actually surprised the number isn't a lot higher. When there's actual proof that the overdoses aren't accidents then my opinion will change.

    That capitalism crap seems to have a lot to do with it. So many of these comments are just people like yourself who seem mad that he wasn't being more responsible for these people's well-being than he was. And I don't think that's his job. If he offered me heroin, I'd of said no thanks.

  68. OJ Compton

    How come we didn't hear about the protests outside of his home??
    That right he's a Democrat.
    This is how you turn to a Trump supporter.

    Teresa Curran

    OJ Compton ignorance is a delicious…it must hurt to be you, but it sounds about right that you would be a trump supporter

  69. Jerry Marasco

    Does ANY Demacrap donor earn an honest living ? First Epstein and now this !

    Josh Fuckurmother

    lol please die

    Stuff Mcstuffer

    The Koch brother’s are honourable men. (I know one died, I heard the world sigh with relief when he kicked the bucket)

  70. Nick Musetti

    Haha going after the Democrats now? Perhaps losing quality content? TYT deserves every bad egg it can get. Such a crap organization and this is just another example of the Democrats eating themselves because there is no real news. I want a TRUE democrat, not this! NOT THIS!

  71. Henry Townshed

    I remember when the second guy died and it made some news but didn't really make a lot because they were trying to bury the story. Then a third guy dies and now everyone cares. Sure I believe you


    Only 2 men died. The third is still alive.

  72. SimplyShelby

    FINALLY this man gets arrested. Jfc been a long time coming.

  73. Allenamis the Trojan

    Epstein and this dude shed some light on how the left gets down...straight satanists

    Allenamis the Trojan

    @neil adlington who is the "rest of us"? Doesn't sound very inclusive...oh,that's right...people only deserve dignity and respect if they agree with you...if they don't, they must be ostracized

    Allenamis the Trojan

    @Josh Fuckurmother I know how much you sickos love that shit...way to show your people are so hateful, and it's funny cuz you pretend to care about people...that's one of many reasons why you people are never to be taken seriously

    neil adlington

    @Allenamis the Trojan Wah, wah.

    Allenamis the Trojan

    @neil adlington good comeback

    neil adlington

    @Allenamis the Trojan Poor thinking.

  74. Victor Guzman

    I was waiting for them to somehow blame it on Trump and his supporters lol

    Josh Fuckurmother

    please die

  75. Brad

    Thanks for reporting on this since you all almost always go after conservatives when bad things like this happen.

    Josh Fuckurmother

    because usually it is a "family values" repukelican that gets caught with boy hookers and drugs

  76. Aaron Burr

    Hopefully we will see some justice for the victims. I would also like to see those who protected him face charges, too.

  77. Philip Jackson

    What we can be sure of . The cameras watching his cell will be broken.
    The guards will be overworked and prone to sleeping on the job.
    Mr Buck will be given nice quality high threadcount bedsheets to sleep on.
    I'm looking at the vegas odds right now.

    Allenamis the Trojan

    Well look at the's suicide-o'clock!

  78. Otto Nomicus

    Gets violent when he's on crank and having gay orgies. That's not a good personality trait.

    Allenamis the Trojan

    I think he overdosed them on purpose

    Amber Drakes


  79. urbanbliss

    Americas justice system continues to make it blatantly obvious that black men are disposable. In what world can two white men overdose and end up dead in a black man's apartment yet the black man is free to go about his life with the opportunity to do it a third time. Unbelieveable!!!!

    Kev Ro

    Michael Jackson and OJ Simpson got a way with a hell of a lot. It's money not skin color you racist twat.


    @Kev Ro Damn, you are not a normal person öO

    Secret Lemons

    urduib are you racist as well?

    Allenamis the Trojan

    This ain't got nothing to do with race...all about who he was and who he was affiliated with...just like Epstein

    Dan Sanger

    If they were poor, homeless, white men addicted to drugs, unfortunately it wouldn't garner a lot of scrutiny.

  80. Kev Ro

    So let me get this straight. According to Cenk the remedy to corrupt donors is for the taxpayers to fund Trunp's re-election campaign? Genius.

    Josh Fuckurmother

    please die...and take trump with you

  81. C. Lincoln

    Is this the guy that was caught going into Ed's house while holding like 24 toilet rolls ?

    Baron Saturday

    Ed Buck's place sounds like a really bad party pad. And I won't recommend it on Yelp or Google Maps.

  82. Candy Ries

    5 years...a young 19 yr old (17 when offense occurred) is spending 7 years in MO DOC for selling $38 of marijuana to a friend CI who called the defendant and pleaded to buy some pot. Pike County, Missouri, Judge Chris Kunza-Mennemeyer sentenced this young man with no criminal history to 7 years!

  83. dmanc1

    Where was Kamala Harris?
    Oh, that's right, she was arresting poor parents working two to three jobs, that were unable to verify that their kids were in school.

    Allenamis the Trojan

    You're talking about someone who has no substance and believes in nothing

  84. Magic B

    About damn time

    C. Lincoln

    he'll walk

    Magic B

    @C. Lincoln probably. But the fact that it took 3 people to overdose and I remember them making excuses when the second one happened

  85. b t

    *the buck stops here*

    Baron Saturday

    Truman never partied with Ed Buck. I checked.


    These are both great puns.

  86. Jay Jay

    I noticed that everyone is commenting about this Democrat donor being a child sex predator. I thought Ana and Cenk said these people were in their 20s to 50s. Ana and Cenk, are you lying about the ages of these overdosed deceased people?


    Uh no if they were children it would’ve been reported by everyone.

    Jay Jay

    @Bail Thats what I thought too, thanks for clearing that up. Perhaps commenters are getting this donor mixed up with the PA Senator Folmers child pornography charges. 🤷‍♀️

  87. blisterpacman

    the gay dudes new what they were doing they should of slowed down and chilled a bit before hitting the pooki again..

    Jennifer Yat

    Robert Johnson I stated that they were being given money, and never once did I deny that.

    Robert Johnson

    @Jennifer Yat I'm not taking anybody's side, but I do believe in personal responsibility. That said if he was injecting them then he is partly responsible.

    Jennifer Yat

    Robert Johnson that’s very understandable and maybe I’m worded myself out wrong. But I do believe because of his power he manipulated them but they also lead themselves to their death..

    Robert Johnson

    @Jennifer Yat yeah but the implication is he was manipulating them as you just said, but as drug users I'm sure they manipulate the hell out of people too to get money and drugs. It's a mistake to assume they are innocent victims that's all I'm saying. I agree with you he also sounds like he's using them as well and like I said if he's injecting them then that changes the dynamic when it comes to them overdosing. He is partly responsible.

    Robert Johnson

    @Jennifer Yat I agree with your last statement.

  88. m n

    There is a high end restaurant in LA called The Cannibal Club where people eat supposed donated bodies. Chelsea Clinton is a member. It attracts the wealthy liberal elite. Chelsea has been photographed numerous times with an upside down cross, so there's that. It's time for a real purge.

    m n

    and please don't say snopes has discredited it. Snopes lies, and it's founder has been sued for embezzling $200,000 on hookers!

    Walter Anderson

    m n you really ought to seek a psychiatric evaluation

    Josh Fuckurmother

    @m n please die idiot

    m n

    what are you 13 years old or another typical retarded liberal. Idiot with an idiotic name!

  89. ashakti

    It is commendable for a liberal news show to throw even democratic donors under the bus when the donors deserve it. Keep up the unbiased reporting and for not being partisan-hacks.

    m n

    It's because the liberal filth is piling up way too high to hide!

  90. m n

    I bet he had pizza and hot dogs with walnut sauce!!!


    dont quit your day job..

  91. Vladiatör Amöndinejad

    At least he isn't murdering and cannibalizing them.


    Or killing, (err . . . "aborting"), millions of unborn children.

    Antoin Zachery

    Probably referring to Jeffrey Dahmer

  92. Up To The Wolves

    this is typical liberal behavior


    Trailer trash Trump supporters love their opioids.

    m n

    Trailer trash dems love gay sex and killing blacks

    Josh Fuckurmother

    @m n please die

  93. KillerBebe

    Give us the names of the politicians that took his money and gave him protection.


    Three of the public officials, Eliot Spitzer, Bob Packwood, and Bill Clinton, who have received donations from Epstein have also faced allegations of sexual misconduct.

  94. Cherry Sky

    Democrats in DC routinely run pedophile rings, and they get away with it, because they are above the law.

    S Brown

    That's idiotic, considering the story is literally about a Democrat being arrested.


    Where’s your proof? Epstein is our proof where is yours.

    Dan Sanger

    Do they run these pedophile rings in the basements of pizza parlors that have no basements?

  95. KillerBebe

    Time to get him off the donor list, see who he gave money to and have them return it.

  96. Tom K

    tyt is trash.

    m n

    Cat Hag!!!!


    Tom K your moms uterus is a garbage disposal

  97. Nick Foles Super Bowl 52 MVP

    Typical liberal degenerate

  98. Max Powers

    “A predator with no regard for human life” sounds like a democrat to me

  99. San Cambly

    Hahahaha annas husband left her.

    Mark Ewing

    You find things like that funny?


    @Mark Ewing yeah because she's a piece of shithole

    Mark Ewing

    @blisterpacman Hmmm, I prefer to live my life not wishing bad things for people.


    @Karezza Kenosis I don't know, he was probably banging broads on the side all the time.


    And who could blame him, even with her new nose.

  100. Pepe BiglyQ'd17Times

    Oh wow! The Young Nazis are finally forced to cover Ed Buck. Wonder why you guys weren't covering this months ago? Is it maybe because you guys work for the DNC and are complicit in the cover-up? Dear Normies, prepare yourselves to be Red Pilled! Weinstein, Epstein, NXIVM, Ed Buck. All connected to the DNC! Patriots Are Winning Bigly! WWG1WGA


    You mean the Young Commies, right? They have nothing to do with Nationalism.

    Pepe BiglyQ'd17Times

    @FASCIST NATIONALIST MOVEMENT I call them that because of the history of the Young Turks, the leaders of the Armenian Genocide, who the Nazis later modelled their own genocide after. Love how Cenk has an Armenian co-host too! Can't wait til these dummies go out of business!


    @Pepe BiglyQ'd17Times Armenian genocide happened during WW1 long before the Nazis came to power. So how could they have modeled it after the Nazis if they didn't exist?

    Dan Sanger

    They've been covering him for a long time. TYT absolutely hates the DNC, which you would have known if you had been paying attention. Your knowledge of factional politics in the Democratic Party is apparently non-existent.