Young Buck - Court Date Lyrics

True, I'm in the hood like you
Same hunk of pains everyone go through
I'm just gettin' it, do what I do
I'm hated by many, and loved by few
Naw, You don't even have a clue what kind of bills is due
The boys in blue, niggaz try to kill me too
So I hustle, I hustle, I hustle, You can' stop my hustle
My bonds been paid, Bitch made niggaz get outa the way
These Fuck boys thought I wasn't gettin' out today
Okay, knock knock open up (pow pow) Woke em up,
Woke him up, like motherfucker you done told him, What!
DEA go a search warrant what I did?
Roughed my bitch up, And put the cuffs on my kids
Mayne, Everybody actin' like they didnt say nothin
Ye, you like from your lyin', my court dates comin'

My court dates comin [x4]

The Days gettin' shorter my nights gettin' longer
Life is a bitch, But I love this hoe, so I'm on her
My lawyer need money, or he say he aint commin'
And I'm thinkin bout runnin', but they still got my woman
If you aint did nothin, sittin in cell six,
She aint ever seen nothin, so she couldn't tell shit
Tryin to take my kids, they say the parents arent fit
What they found aint no tellin what the parents might get
But I tell em like this, I was sellin dem bricks
Puttin mine through school, Fuck what I'm wearin' on my wrist
Now my court date commin', of cours their Wonderin
if I'm really goin to show up, for one till the roll up
My brains sayin' hold up, my body sayin' go
Get it over with, don't play with dem white folks
So I hustle, I hustle, I hustle, You can' stop my hustle

My court dates comin [x4]

In twenty-four hours, my dreams is devoured
The DA hate me, and the judge is a coward
My house payed for, my kids got allowance
My mama all good, I got somethin' to be proud of
so ima lay it down, do it on my own when I'm wrong
Fuck my hoes, I'll get at em when I'm home

Cause I hustle, I hustle, so fuck you, fuck you
Never loved her, never did trust you
Fuckin' up the pain, call a nigga name up
Phone just rang, I answered you hang up
The hallway full of spectators,
Black and whit people reading over court papers
My name gets called, I'm prepared for it all
Nowhere to sit the court room to small
I hear by law, I order you to come tomorrow
My lawyer put it off, so that means that..

My court dates comin [x4]

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Young Buck Court Date Comments
  1. Justin Sadhray

    Courtdate is today

  2. Maria Cabrera

    I like that song🎤💯

  3. jaylen bonilla

    My nigga

  4. BaronTrenck

    this song too real