Young Buck - Can't Lose Lyrics

[Young Buck:]
So I got to keep rollin'
I'm actin' like I don't know them
There's no hands that'll hold 'em
Stop talkin' just show them
Ain't no way you gon' lose
They gon' be praying that you lose
They gon' be saying that you through
Now whatchu gon' do?
Now whatchu gon' do now?
You don't know who's who now
And they lookin' at you now
All the haters comin' through now
Let's see if you a rider
When you comin' under fire
Any niggas wanna try ya
And the bitches can't deny ya
That's the main reason why I..

[Young Buck & Twanee:]
I don't play by no rules
(Play by no rules)
I done paid all my dues
(Paid all my dues)
Come and walk in my shoes
Ain't no way I'm gon' lose
Ain't no way I'm gon' lose
Ain't no way I should lose now
What should I do
I can't play by no rules

[Young Buck:]
I had to cut some people off now
I had to start from the bottom
I had to start breaking them off now
You can hear it now I got 'em
Ain't no motherfucking way I can lose now
You can see it now I'm ridin'
Look at the way that I move now
You can see it now I'm shining
I wonder what my enemies gonna do now
To the top now I'm climbing
You thinking everything cool now
But it's not so I'm grinding
Now they're sayin' that they're lookin' for you now
On the block where you find 'em
I'm doin' what a nigga got a do now
I don't know why these motherfucking rappers keep lyin'
That's the main reason why I..

[Young Buck & Twanee:]
I don't play by no rules
(Play by no rules)
I done paid all my dues
(Paid all my dues)
Come and walk in my shoes
Ain't no way I'm gon' lose
Ain't no way I'm gon' lose
Ain't no way I should lose now
What should I do
I can't play by no rules

Yeah I cut some people off too
Yeah, but I quit my job and I moved
And I didn't care whose feelings I hurt
I had to do what I had to do
Yeah I've come so far, gotta start my own lane now
Got my home in my heart, got no reason to stop now
They wishin' on a star, I'm gonna be my own star
Ain't now way I'm gon' lot them take that away
That's the main reason why I..

[Young Buck & Twanee:]
I don't play by no rules
(Play by no rules)
I done paid all my dues
(Paid all my dues)
Come and walk in my shoes
Ain't no way I'm gon' lose
Ain't no way I'm gon' lose
Ain't no way I should lose now
What should I do
I can't play by no rules

We don't play by no rules
We done paid all our dues
We don't play by no rules
(No, no, no) We don't play

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    buck still gettin those buck with flow

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    That nigga cold hands down fucc hatas

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    Free young buck quality music creater

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    This should have way more views. Timeless dope azz track!

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    I’m here because Buck stay taking L’s


    Just like u

    Lonnie Waldron

    TIMOTHY STEPHENS Riiiiiiight

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    Keep bringn that Noise on da real.You Hot😎👌❤

  25. Cesar Cardoso

    Brazil <3

  26. Eric Lewis

    I hope I'm not going too far but I'm just saying what I see and think

  27. Eric Lewis

    Yo Real Talk home girl in the video looks like the girl from the Spice Girls I wonder if they are related some type of way

  28. Eric Lewis

    The dude in the video with the bald head looks like Cee Lo Green for a quick minute unless I'm bugging LOL

  29. Eric Lewis

    That girl singing in the background and the video is fine as hell

  30. Eric Lewis

    Yahoo is that girl she is fine as hell

  31. Theoneto Gogetta

    Idgaf what any mouth try and tell me I ain't buying what they're eating hole promoting because buck is that dude keepn it real... luv the songs

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  33. Jake Bott

    Relying on yu 5 scout the area trap em I be decoy I not going 4 nufn facts loyalty keeps us strong I can see all

  34. Красимир Панайотов

    Оооh SHE is so FINE !!! And her voice !

  35. Jake Bott

    Love this from mildura Australia 👊👊👊

  36. Jake666 Lee666

    God will bless you buck can I get a amen I love your music all of it 💯

  37. Vencislav Georgiev

    I can't stop listening...

  38. Demetrius Gaines

    Good vibes!

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    Should of been mother fucking hit this track Is fire

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    cant keep buck down realist keep it movin

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    Still playing in 2019

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    My favorite song by far

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    Fuck this lady boy lover

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    All narcs in 3500 Australia watch yooo backs fools ;)

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    Belo msc

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    Hood love buck. Unlike 50 and snitch nine. These people wanna be here

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    Just Wait UntiL They Hear This Young Buck Gone Have ALL The Street Cred Young Buck Needs

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    He is Some Kind Of 2 Pac

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    He To Good Of A Reporter On This 1 im Writeing Down Notes Bout What i Hear On This im Learning Something i Learned Something

  54. Yung Faness

    OnLy A Gangsta WouLd Say ALL Of What He Say On This i Heared This

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    But my dues ain’t paid me nothing but jail and hate as a nigga gets extorted an hated on

  67. Golfwang Goethe

    still bumpin this shit in 2019, this my motivation song brothers
    stay strong !

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    wow he definitely has some gay mannerisms in this video

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    Young buck has fucked himself up again. he should have a good album by dre now but his scandal with the trans has spoiled everything

  81. DaJuiceman

    this song is so underrated

  82. James James

    So true Young Buck
    "Can't Lose"

  83. Dewayne hall

    rappa turnt sanga

  84. Brian Dillon

    Back to the basics famo!! Reminds of the old Buck & Tay days... you make the best music when the fans hear the journey in your pain! We came along away from The Malibu,Hurricanes, & Club Oasis days!! I haven't forgotten ya famo!

  85. 0 0


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