Young Buck - Calicos Lyrics

[Intro: 50 Cent {DJ Whoo Kid}]
Yeah Buck! {Whoooooooo!}
Let's take it Down-South so they know what's going on down there. {SHADYVILLE!}
Ca$hville/TenAkey! {KING-...}
Hahahahaha! {... PIN MANAGEMENT!}
Get 'em Buck! {NONE STOP!}

[Chorus: 50 Cent (Young Buck)]
.44s! [shot] (okay!) - Calicos! (fo' sho'!)
That's how all my gangster roll. (yeah!)
Get that dough! (what?) - Fuck them hoes!
That's how GGG- G-Unit rolls! (c'mon!) {DAMN!}

.44s! (okay!) - Calicos! (fo' sho'!)
That's how all my gangster roll (yeah!)
Get that dough! (huh?) - Fuck them hoes! (WHAT?)
That's how GGG- G-Unit rolls! (c'mon!)

[Young Buck (50 Cent):]
I got my pistol in my lap, and the top drop down (uh-huh!)
An AK in the back cause a nigga hot now. (YEAH!)
And I been shooting, [automatic gunshots] and I been robbing,
50 telling niggas I'm a mutherfuckin' problem! (It's a bluff!) [shot]
I come from the bottom; but birds - I got 'em
I? grip? two cents in Harlem and serve all 'em. [shot] (whoooo!) {NONE STOP}
To me what I deserve man. - Fuck; what you on heard man!
They doing fo' TenAkey. - So who tha real bird man?
They try to stop us, but I load up my choppa
Put my eye in tha scope - and pop 'em right in their pajamas. [gunshot] {GOD-...}
Do what we say so? - Is waitin' on Yayo! {DAMN!}
So we can double back and give the fans what they paid for.
Ever since the game came back to reality
These niggas that ain't sellin', they mad at me; but had at me. (hahaha!)
Me? - I take it right back tha block!
And Tennessee - we known to put tha pirates on the pot. - BITCH! (yeah!)

[Chorus: 50 Cent (Young Buck)]
.44s! (okay!) - Calicos! (fo' sho'!)
That's how all my gangster roll. (yeah!) {CAN'T FORGET...}
Get that dough! (what?) {WHITE BOY!} - Fuck them hoes! {DETROIT!}
That's how GGG- G-Unit rolls! (c'mon!)

.44s! (okay!) - Calicos! (fo' sho'!)
That's how all my gangster roll. (yeah!)
Get that dough! (huh?) - Fuck them hoes! (WHAT?) {THE BEST SELL!}
That's how GGG- G-Unit rolls! (c'mon!) {XXL!}

[Young Buck:]
Bank$ got in Jamaica/Queens showin' em around
We about to bounce from Brooklyn - then head up town
The first Down-South's nigga getting popping on the EastCoast; (EASTCOAST!)
Like I done want? violatin' with Rikers out there?, I'm from the streets hoe. {Whoooooooo!}
Gotta keep my heat cloaked! - Just incase we bump headz,
I'm goin' backside - with a gunshot [shot] shell
Spray. {DAMN!} - Fuck what they say! - G-Unit is in this bitch
With - four Assault Rifles and - 6 Bannana clips. [gunshot]
Bulletproof beam parked outside da club
So we can shoot at y'all! [shot] - But you can't shoot at us!
My WestCoast niggas get your bang on to this
If you ain't throwin' that, left yo' hood and get blow {GOD-...} over this bitch. {DAMN!}
One time for big POP! - Two times for two POPS!
Through that shit out off the nigga in yo' G-Unit Reeboks.
I've been patienty waiting {HAHA!} and warned a niggas with hate
I'm tryna keep account of artist fuckin' money I make it! - BITCH!

[Chorus: 50 Cent (Young Buck)]
.44s! (okay!) - Calicos! (fo' sho'!)
That's how all my gangster roll. (yeah!)
Get that dough! (what?) {CAN'T FORGET...} - Fuck them hoes!
That's how {DJ!} GGG- G-Unit rolls! (c'mon!) {INTERSCOPE... RECORDS!}

.44s! (okay!) - Calicos! (fo' sho'!)
That's how all my gangster roll. (yeah!) [automatic gunshots]
Get that dough! (huh?) - Fuck them hoes! (WHAT?)
That's how GGG- G-Unit rolls! {GET BACK!}

[Outro: Young Buck]
Young Buck!
The new mouth of the South!
You niggas wanna know what's up!
Project buildings and bulletholes, motherfucka! {HAHA!}
Dirty, Dirty... in this bitch! {ALLA AXEN...}
Dirty, Dirty... bitch! {WHASSUP?}
Dirty, Dirty... in this bitch and a bar edge to quit, yeah!

[LeBron James Interlude]
I'm a give a shout-out to Young Buck... the one!
Sha Money XL baby!
Keep it Crack baby, put the damn thing!
G-Unit baby!
50 Cent runnin' these streets, now I'm runnin' the quart!
It's a G-unit Production!


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Young Buck Calicos Comments
  1. Steven Heightz

    Bruh I'm remember when this shit came out these dudes really were dropping mixtapes like every other week they had it on lock!!!

  2. Tharsan J

    legendary shit.

  3. Szabolcs Szigligeti

    . . .eva since da gayme cayme back2reality

  4. helio raposo

    Love how 50 chorus and buck going at it at the same time chores and the rhythm that amazing 🔥🔥🔥

  5. Fee Anderson

    Indiana 2019💥👊🏾

  6. Douglas Ribeiro

    2019 and still slappin this


    Douglas Ribeiro For real song still bangs

    Szabolcs Szigligeti

    FUCKING RIGHT, . . .doggie dogg

  7. Jonathan Sandberg

    Need 4 speed

  8. dimez4bagz

    Ten a keyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  9. Westbound Promo

    na dis was when they would remix shit & make u forget about the original

  10. El Rafa

    2018 😎

  11. Qyante Cleaton

    2018 lets go!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Owner Reece Ruhanen

    *Happy Birthday 18th Tyrone*

  13. Szabolcs Szigligeti

    im a 77 madafaka
    fuck 69
    this is real music

  14. Tino L

    also T .I.'S beat

    Who is this?

    dj toomp

  15. Tino L

    I never bought into their facade but buck kills this.

  16. Tharsan J

    classic shit ya heard.

  17. Tharsan J

    from 1999-2009 anybody on G-Unit or supporting them closely was lethal as fuck. Outside Olivia !

  18. Afghan Lion

    Buck's flow made this song.

  19. Shaun Aaron

    classic ass mixtape, and song

  20. Jon Dee

    when rap actually had thought behind ... when u hear sum in a song make u say "whaaaat he a fuckin beast" now its more like "wtf did he say"

  21. rosscohibs87

    2017 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  22. DK925 5150 Musick

    2017 and still slappin this

  23. BluePiffGangstaz Official

    get tha doe fucc them hoes GGG Unit!

  24. staticaddict

    Buck always rides the beat flawlessly

  25. Renan Brito

    When G-Unit was a hot shit 😣

    Lacey Francoeur

    Renan Vinicius M. de Brito DK925 5150

  26. Halfmoonclub

    This shit is a classic oh my lord

  27. Steve M

    10 PINTS🔥🔥🔥

  28. oshitomaha

    Sick ass beats from 24's

  29. KapoNYC

    August 2003

  30. Tello agafs


  31. Spencer Carlisle

    i love how the lames had to google wtf they are talkin about...#stayintheburbs

  32. wsuptrick


  33. BamaBoyJosh

    Back in the day when you heard "GET EM BUCK!" you knew shit was about to go down.

    Tharsan J

    word the kids forgot 50 buck banks and ye was lethal af

    Grove Money

    BamaBoyJosh big facts

    TURNT UP TONI aka MISTA MID10 nio brown

    *buck put it down fa Ca$Hville in a major way wit sum of the hardest barz in the game*

  34. Kaas kop

    Thnx man i forgot :P lol i appreciate it :)

  35. malachi armenta

    ti had the original

  36. Junior G Unit

    Need for Speed Underground

  37. Kaas kop

    From who is that beat again i forgot?


    T.I. - 24s

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    damn i miss YB in the Unit


    The UNIT is back ! Nah I takin' bout ???

  39. Justin Brown

    go to google images and type calico pistol

  40. alex pinuli

    fuck 100bullets it must be crazy

  41. Justin Brown

    its a machine pistol with 100 bullets in a cylinder

  42. London2ATL

    I didn't like the track with Buck on GRODT but this track made me to start bumping him, then the G unit album came out and he murdered all the tracks he was on. Buck was the best outta G Unit.

  43. evan forbes

    lil wayne can suck my cock

  44. hazardous1990

    44s calicos, that's how all my gangstas roll!

  45. Bobitha999

    calico LWS 9mm carbine or pistol

  46. alex pinuli

    love g-unit love young buck guys get back together and make real rap & hip-hop and kill lil wayne and other fake bitches

  47. Danny Cruz

    Get that dough fuck them hoes that's how GGGGGGGG-unit rolls 2012!

  48. ccmetalhead

    Agreed man.