Young Buck - Blood In Blood Out Lyrics

[Young Buck]
Dis for all dem niggaz out dere jackin
This how we gon' put it down
Dem gangsta niggaz from J.C. center court 12th
3rd Avenue, my block
Nigga, murder murder mayne

I come nake faceded, ain't no need for a ski-mask
From neck down, I'm black down, eye to eye when I blast

[Rizin Sun]
No question, I got the code
Now how many bodies out there take out before I reload
Hit 'em below

[Young Buck]
His fuckin knees
Before we leave, we gon' locate them ki's
A nigga gotta eat, ya heard me?

[Rizin Sun]
You know the player when we get there, kill e'rything in there
Leavin no clues, like we never even been there

[Young Buck]
Life ain't fair, but fuck it it's a new year
I'm grabbin my strap, cockin it back, and boo-yaa
We almost thay-urr

[Rizin Sun]
Lock down the spot
Put your vest on punk, we in the parking lot

[Young Buck]
One of them all day killers, who's hard to spot
Jackin all y'all whether it's dark or not

[Chorus: both 2X]
It's blood in - blood out - and you know what I'm about
I'm ridin high - nigga I'm ridin high
So don't get in if you ain't about it spendin it big
Cause I'm clearin the block - oh I'm clearin the block

[Rizin Sun]
We did our job, now we on the next mission
The next victim, go on see if the tec spittin

[Young Buck]
No bullshittin, see they don't know just how we livin
I'm goin all out, I ain't scared to go to prison

[Rizin Sun]
Make your own decision, it's gon' be a long ride
I need the money, I can't wait a long time

[Young Buck]
Keep a strong mind, cause we done waited in a long line
Just to get our shine on, now it's our time

[Rizin Sun]
Believe that, it's our turn
Pull out your weapon to burn, get what you earned

[Young Buck]
We all must learn, that money is the key to life
And niggaz gon' die if we ain't eatin right

[Chorus w/ minor variations]

[Young Buck]
Who you know livin right, ain't nobody spreadin love
Niggaz snown off that white, goin out and sheddin blood

[Rizin Sun]
Life lookin like my momma said it would
Whether or not I still ride for the hood, I'm on my block

[Young Buck]
My niggaz they slang rocks, shoot it out with cops
From J.C. the center court life's hard knocks

[Rizin Sun]
Hold on, grab your glock, did you see the car stop?
(Which one?) The black Benz with the top dropped

[Young Buck]
Fuck 'em, the mac-10 with the infrared dot
Represent how I'm livin, keep on drivin down the block

[Rizin Sun]
Oh it's on now, let's take the back route
Get your mac out, it's blood in blood out


[RS] Clear the block, shoot 'em up, shoot 'em up
[YB] Nuttin but gangsta niggaz - be clearin the block
[RS] Ay man, Rizin Sun and Buck

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