You+Me - Unbeliever Lyrics

I've been wandering through
This dead city
With the devil's voice inside my head
And the streets are all bereft of fortune
And the sky is painted burnt-dark red

But I keep hanging on
I keep hanging on
And on

Now I'm a thousand miles away from nowhere
And the night is turning, it's turning bleak
Fear comes upon me now
And I feel just like some ill-fated beast

But I keep hanging on
I keep hanging on
And on

Now I don't have
Much to offer
I thought that was plain to see
'Cause babe I'm just an unbeliever
I believe you can count on me

If you keep (I'll keep) hanging on
Just keep (I'll keep) hanging on
And on

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You+Me Unbeliever Comments
  1. Lucas Vinicius

    But i keep hanging on.... 😔

  2. Tiia Komulainen

    I've been wandering through this dead city
    With the devils voice inside my head
    And the streets are all
    They're after fortune
    And the sky is painted burned out gray

    But I keep hanging on
    I keep hanging on
    And on

    [Verse 2]
    Now I'm a thousand miles, away from nowhere
    And the night is turning, it's turning bleak
    Fear comes upon me now
    And I feel just like some ill-faded beast

    But I keep hanging on
    I keep hanging on
    And on

    Now I don't have much to offer
    I thought that was plain to see
    Babe I'm just an unbeliever
    But I believe you can count on, me

    [Verse 1]
    I've been wandering through this dead city
    With the devils voice inside my head
    And the streets are all
    They're after fortune
    And the sky is painted burned out gray

    But I keep hanging on
    I keep hanging on
    And on

    [Verse 2]
    Now I'm a thousand miles, away from nowhere
    And the night is turning, it's turning bleak
    Fear comes upon me now
    And I feel just like some ill-faded beast

    But I keep hanging on
    I keep hanging on
    And on

    Now I don't have much to offer
    I thought that was plain to see
    Babe I'm just an unbeliever
    But I believe you can count on, me

    If you keep (I'll keep) hanging on
    Just keep (I'll keep) hanging on
    And on

  3. Marie Lindsay

    Destiné ...miracle ....Dreams .....kisses

  4. David Anthony

    But I Keep Hanging Onnnnnn... I Keep Hanging Onnn ...... 😛🤟🏼

  5. Nassnir Au

    "now I have got shiiiit, much to offer, but I thought that was plain to see" Hahaha nice. Love them, they are gold together. <3

  6. Irgendwas Anderes

    So wunderful! Thank you! ❤

  7. Miss Bumblebee

    Those two made beautiful love on that stage. Breathtaking.

    You know there is something seriously wrong with the world, when crappy dance music is played on the radio instead of this.

  8. Linda Arthurs

    amazing 2018 xxx

  9. Esther MacLean

    wooooo hooooooo !!!! 'Pink' finally does country ;)

  10. Nancy B.C. Gypsy

    Her voice is amazing, she’s four feet from the mic and still it’s heart pounding

  11. RoseAngel Vacca


  12. Thiagoww Villa Real

    Perfect match of voices <3

  13. Kelly Appleford

    How did I miss this? I've always loved Pink, now I love them both!!!

  14. Cameron Roberts

    Can they please just get married fucks sake

  15. Josh 'Flash Gordon' Ansley

    Pink... God, that girl is class!

    Love their harmonies and and blend of vocal timbre

  16. Melody Goodwin


  17. Pedro Carrazana

    Pink is just the best everrrrrr

  18. Jonathan Bojan

    That was gold; curses cause she f'd up and then hits one of the most perfectly blended runs I've ever heard. That was some kind of dopeness

  19. Tommy Dempsey

    Notice how P!nk has to stand nearly 2ft from the mic incase she blows it with her badass vocals!! Such a talented duo!

    Chris K

    They're different mic's with different qualities and level of sensitivity (usually the artist's preference/choice). Recorded audio can also be mixed to different levels in post productions. He has the standard SM58 anyone would have in most club gigs and she has something different. It's no disservice to either artist (love them both), it just different hardware. (source: me - sound engineer + has recorded live gigs)

    James Sanders

    Do you know what mic she has?

    Rick Jones

    According to P!NK's monitor engineer, Horst Hartmann, P!NK uses a Sennheiser SKM 2000 with a special e 935 capsule. She is a power singer, though. She's the real deal! There is a video floating around where Adele credits P!NK for influencing her decision to become a singer. She comments that she had never heard a singer "live" sing like that, and stated it was like being in a wind tunnel.

    The Adventures of Joel and Jamie

    def. a SKM2000 transmitter, but I doubt it's a 935 capsule, sounds to me more like a 965 in the top end

  20. Leah Sharp

    I LOVE those people who are so easily, and effortlessly able to give joy and inspiration to anyone who listens..

  21. Léa GLT

    Hello from France, more than 1 year later i'm still listening this song : very good job ;) But we're waiting you, Alecia, for new songs !

  22. Jeffrey Partridge

    this video just makes me happy

  23. Gabby Carvalho

    não me canso de ouvir!

  24. Clexaholic911

    does anyone have the chords?

    Victor Carias

    +JohnnyDfan911 capo on 4th (basic chords): G | C | D ------ Am | C

  25. Sandrine Hortobagyi

    Magical <3

  26. Heath & Molly

    More You + Me, please. :)

  27. Nay X

    They sound great on their own and sound perfect together

  28. Avolution33

    Alecia fucking up the lyrics made this performance all that much better...The way they look at each other after that is priceless

    american soldier

    That's what makes live performances so much better than any other kind... you get a chance to see the humanity in your beloved artist- which provides you a closer connection.

  29. bamboosheep

    It's nice to see Dallas open up a bit on stage again.

    sunny leatham

    @bamboosheep Perfect comment.

  30. itsFiP

    Liking this purely for the mistake and that recovery

  31. gaye murphy

    awesome just awesome~

  32. Tracey Schnaare

    Yup she's adorable :) lol

  33. TheAdamHawkTTV

    I love that you can tell they're not just incredibly talented but they GENUINELY love music and one another. They were so destined to become friends and this album has been the proof of it. I'm happy to have witnessed it :') And I'm looking forward to everything each of them do with their passion individually and together. <3 so much love


    +Adam Hawk Well said chief!

    Kaitlin Gordon

    Dazedandconfused86 is edddsdddsdrctcfccfffcdg


    Well, I'm pretty sure that every other singer-songwriter wants to befriend Dallas Green so they can stand on stage with an absolute legend :P

  34. Caeden Emerald

    I love the h0o0o00o0o00hhs

  35. MusicMan290

    Dallas Green is unreal amounts of talented... Smoothest voice since Sinatra.

  36. Veggieburger

    Wow, P!nk has really changed since she had her child! I kinda miss her badass punk rock image, the music is really different now!

  37. Lisa Marie Mifsud

    Perfection ❤️

  38. Milena Nedeljkovic

    Messing up the lyrics is the funniest thing in every performance I love when Pink does it :D they are so great I hope the will go on tour...


    @Milena Nedeljkovic The timing of her mess-up makes it even more hilarious.

  39. John Mcconnell

    I can dig it!  

  40. Hayley Wajner

    What even was Alecia's mess up?

  41. Ruby McNinch

    Awesome song

  42. mary jennifer

    I had that song in the head all day !!! love it !

  43. Xander

    Dallas G. has an amazing mind for music and things in general. I appreciate that he asks for a respectful show when the setting is one like this great upload guys

  44. Jovan YCM

    It's always funny when Alecia slips/ forget the lyrics during performances xD

  45. Alec Sears

    Pure beauty.

  46. Austin Storm

    Who makes her dress?

  47. Duffy Moon

    Can tell she's been doing the POP thing for 15 years. She still needs that ear thingy to help her along. But she sure as fuck is getting the hang of the real music thing now. Dallas is just a pro at live unplugged performing. 


    It is just an in ear monitor. Not specific to pop stars. It just allows the singer to get a good mix of vocals/guitar/click track(if they use one) without having to rely on bulky,noisey and sometimes hard to hear on stage monitors.

  48. pernus

    So perfect. They're voices go together like peanut butter and chocolate, cause let's face it, that is better than even peanut butter and jelly. 

  49. Alvin Keota

    Is it just me, or does everyone wish they could have kept recording to hear what Moore and green said after the after they finished that song... the conversation would have been kinda cute to see.

  50. Michael Thomas

    Awesome!!! I was such a fan of both of yours before I heard you two come together. I sincerely thank you both for the inspiration. My Ink well has been dry for some time now. Hopefully that is not a measure of talent. ha

  51. Antony Kein

    Some kind of bliss !!!!!!!!!!

  52. Darlene Tonti

    P!NK have I told you how much I love you yet today???? Sing it...

  53. Brian Christie

    nice to see folk music is getting some airplay in these troubled times of real artists. its about time we all chill the hell out with the regurgitated crap we hear these days.  maybe with pinks influence on "the industry" she can open up some blind ears.

  54. Stonemperor

    How does he hit that note?! Incredible

  55. YUANitis

    "Now I'm... SHIT!!!" HAHAHAHA I love when she messes up the lyrics <3

  56. Cheryl Conway

    Love her voice, no matter what she sings! Beautiful melding of sound! Never heard Dallas Green before, but like his voice! 

    Isadora Araújo


    Lisa Johnson

    Dallas Green aka City and Colour is an amazing Canadian artist. He left his former band alexisonfire in 2006 to pursue a solo career under the moniker City and Colour. Check it out!


    +Lisa Johnson and he did well. Saw him live as City and Colour. His voice is amazing. Best concert I have ever been too honestly

    Zoli Molnar

    +Lisa Johnson he never left Alexisonfire ;). Get your facts straight. :D

  57. Sergii K

    2:19 ahaha

  58. ilse van brempt

    nice path pink has chosen! love how this song is suething :) you notice that she now became the loving mother and women in stead of the teen she was in previous albums. ^^ just love it :D

    Gucci Del Taco

    I have to say I've appreciated her music from "Mizzundastood" on, her parental status having no influence on me.  But I do like this new music too; it suits her.

  59. Sihnn Derella

    <3 IT!!

  60. Paula Carregosa

    é como se apaixonar ♡

  61. Little Lady

    I love how real this is.

  62. Cam M.

    Love the collaboration of these two artists,  Alecia has such a great sense of humor and makes the audience laugh with her when she messes up a line.  That's a skilled artist.

  63. RobiMed

    Could listen to these guys all day long... !

  64. Tommy G

    They are SO. GOOD.

  65. IVG

    Her messing up gave so much personality to this song! To see them having fun and laughing it off shows so much realness

  66. Jackson Keith Bond

    this made me respect and love Pink even more than before. 

  67. DJ5HY

    I admire P!NK so much!  She seems to be able to do whatever she puts her mind to musically.  I really like this song.

  68. KC Brana

    I love that they messed up. It's so natural. It's so beautiful in that way.

  69. jose ochoa

    she Wants to Follows Christina'S steps Singing Country


    haa nope she doesn't. she doesn't follow anyone. she always does acoustic folk in each of her album. she just never made a whole acoustic album and this is it.


    I don't think she gives any shit about what Christina does.

    Phoenix Mayfall

    This is nowhere near country


    This folk not country and if u knew about pink and her career she used to get told to be more like Christina and Britney and she hated it . She's her own artist and would never try to be like someone else . And the fact that she writes her own songs that makes her a even greater artist

    Max Martinez

    Lmao thanks for that laugh.

  70. vi nini

    j adore, leur voix vont très bien ensemble..

  71. V TAD

    they make beautiful, incredible music together

  72. Shelby Koch

    Hopefully after hearing this album people will listen to City & Colour's albums. Bring Me Your Love and The Hurry and the Harm are flawless ♥

    Jon D. Lambert

    Shelby Koch Little Hell is pretty damned good, too c:


    as well as Sometimes, Little Hell, and If I Should Go Before You

  73. Shelby Koch

    Dallas Green is amazing, and this duet is certainly up there with Pink & Nate Ruess and Cat Power & Coldplay

  74. Hope Kuhn

    #1 - Another album, ANOTHER TOUR!!!!
    #2 - Like fine wine, this woman just gets better and better......Love her versatility!!

  75. Michelle Whitelaw

    Amazing! The little slip up made it even better! Love it!!

  76. tommy418

    would love to see them live....but right now i cant wait to see Dallas on december 7th

  77. SuperLuckyone7

    I absolutely love it!

  78. Scott Patterson

    Amazing!!!  Love them both!!!  This is the best album to have been released in FOREVER!  Love this performance...  

  79. Pam Martinez

    Just beautiful!!!! My ears melt with this amazing harmony!! Alecia/Pink is flawless in my book, love how real and raw she always is!!

  80. punknaught

    Once again proves she can actually sing without any audio enhancements / autotune

  81. Terry Carlson

    Can you get any better so rock amazing that's you

  82. Bel Correia

    My fav song <3

  83. WriterPoetHumanBeing

    Wow, that was Dallas Green doing the first set of  "Ooh-oohs" on the album? Nice!

    Angel Sanz

    I know right? I always thought it was actually Alecia XD its so weird...

  84. Mel Isaia

    This is one of my favorite track from the album. Dang, I wish I was there to witness this in Santa Monica.

  85. Manny Ademolu

    This is one of my favs.

  86. Luckas Passos

    I love so much ❤ Alecia my inspiration 💝

  87. Becoming More

    That mistake made me grin ear to ear.  The song is beautiful, as is the album, but that little flub was like extra marshmallows in my hot chocolate :)

    James Jenneman

    I'm probably going to have to steal "like extra marshmallows in my hot chocolate". Very clever turn of phrase :-)

    Becoming More

    :-)  I don't know if I ever used it before but it seemed very adequate to describe how I felt.

    Pat Figs

    @Becoming More perfect comment. Love it.

  88. higherthan ESB

    Hahaha sweet little mess <3 but the song is great. The only thing that i hate about roseave is that it's 5 songs too short. 

  89. SilverTele

    i wonder if leah gets jealous

  90. TheSpringishere

    Love this artist. She is the real deal.

  91. Brownie Loves Pink

    Love it!!!!

  92. Eva Brezová

    I thought that love her as much as humanly possible..mistake..i love her even more:)..She is always sooo unreal and beautiful.And Dallas has a great voice and he is handsome (btw. is he married? :D )..perfect cooperation.

  93. tyowongndeso

    hahahahhhhh..Pink! cute
    .i'm waiting for "gently" now.. :D

  94. Мэган Хант

    Очень классно!
    Вы такие замечательные!

  95. Lynette Herbrink

    Ahahahahah oh Alecia, you make my day:) I always love how you handle messing up the lyrics! Great performance, great song, great harmonies:)

  96. Arthur Aleq

    I Love+Love them 

  97. Dave Pryor

    This project is amazing, gonna pick up the album in a couple days