You+Me - Capsized Lyrics

We've got a long way to go
Winds are howlin'
I can feel it in my bones
Are we drownin'?

We were two ships in the night
Passing by in the pale moonlight and capsized
We were two ships in the night
Hellbent on trying to survive and capsized

The moon will shed her light
Don't fight the tides, they rise
Give in and float awhile, my darlin'

I can save you, the current is too strong
I've known this all along
A wicked gale I am, my darlin'
And you can't save me

We were two ships in the night
Passing by in the pale moonlight and capsized
We were two ships in the night
Hellbent on trying to survive and capsized

Capsized [2x]

We were two ships in the night

We were two ships in the night
Hellbent on trying to survive and capsized
We were two ships in the night
Passing by in the pale moonlight and capsized
We were two ships in the night
Hellbent on trying to survive and capsized

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You+Me Capsized Comments
  1. Sharon Bridgett Cooper- Wagner


  2. shannon loomis

    You got to love when 2 amazing artists come together. Love these songs. Wish I'd heard them earlier.

  3. Ana Soares


  4. Lindsey Westbrooke

    Phoenix is your neic I am her cousin quinnlyn

  5. alora danon

    This is the best song on the album

  6. Seu Lord


  7. Sharon Roca

    I still love this song❤

  8. Lexi Michelle

    I love this song so much❤❤❤❤

  9. Michael Kerr

    She sounds like Linda Perry in this tune.👍

  10. Synthesia

    I've had this song on repeat for 24 hours, its so good.

  11. Rose Blossom

    Every 'capsized' they sing gives me life

  12. uneke darlow

    The whole album brings me to tears.

  13. Tuesday Johnson

    I make it a point not to read ppls comments because they usually piss me off with their ignorance....but I'm in a mood, so thought I'd finally sound off to y'all!!! I've liked and have commented on some of these posts/comments/bullshit, and found it very entertaining; should've done this years ago! I'm all ready in a better mood! Thanks ppl!😜

  14. Anna


  15. srenthlei

    what a track! <3

  16. Bethaney Clarke

    Dallas singing in lower octaves is so amazing. It feels weird listening to it. It seems like its not him. Still amazing

  17. Jeremiah Drummond

    who is here from mr.soliz 😂😂

    Bean Man


  18. saturninedecember

    whaaaat i can't believe this doesn't have more views i love this song , their voices pair very nicely

  19. Nana Botelho

    Sooooo good!

  20. Shawna Belle

    two amazing artist!! i love them both individually and together they kill it.

  21. Mutschekipschen Mutsche

    Wir haben einen langen Weg zu gehen
    Wir sind zu still
    Ich kann es in meinen Knochen fühlen
    Haben wir es gefunden?

    Wir waren zwei Schiffe in der Nacht
    Vorbeifahrend im blassen Mondschein und wir kenterten
    Wir waren zwei Schiffe in der Nacht
    Versessen darauf zu überleben und zu kentern

    Der Mond wird auf ihr Licht scheinen
    Finde nicht die Gezeiten auf denen sie reiten
    Gib irgendetwas, treibe umher mein Liebling
    Ich kann dich nicht retten, die Strömung ist zu stark
    Unsere Verrücktheit, überall um uns
    Oh verdammtes Rohr, ich bin mein Liebling
    Und du kannst mich nicht retten

    Wir waren zwei Schiffe in der Nacht
    Vorbeifahrend im blassen Mondlicht und wir kenterten
    Wir waren zwei Schiffe in der Nacht
    Versessen darauf zu überleben und zu kentern

  22. Robert Wilson

    wow. pink can really sing. I guess she's moving on to more mature music. I'm glad she's not wasting her talent on pop anymore

    Murray Britton

    Yea, only her singles were PoP. If you listen to her records there are a lot of more classic pieces and ballads. Songs like, "Dear Mr. President", "Glitter in the Air" etc. Hunt them down, it's her best stuff. She truly is one of the best vocalists of the best 20 years. She also does one track on each album that's not edited, acoustic, and one take...those tracks are so powerful and raw.


    @Robert Wilson Haa, bitch plizzz
    If you knew P!nk could really sing just by now, so you probably never looked up for her work.
    Bye Felicia

    Tuesday Johnson

    Murray Britton soo true! You responded to someone whom obviously has no clue about said artist! Her voice is a throw back, to the Great singer and song writers of the 60's and 70's! Janis Joplin, Grace Slick, And Joan Jett to name only a few! I keep wondering when Hollywood will be wise enough to cast Alicia M. as Janis in a bio film! Like Cate Blanchett for Bob Dylan!??!

    Jarryd Tinker

    Haha wow "moving on to more mature music" how incredibly arrogant and ignorant you have made yourself to look, to assume that the music you listen is better then other genres at that anyone who listen and/or sings it is wasting talent as it's lesser then yours shows zero understanding of artists and their music even in your "mature music".

    While yes i recognise and agree that everyone taste in music differs and people don't like specific types of genres but that doesn't mean thise they dislike are lesser then the one's they like, also i can recognise that their PoP music does have singers and record labels who partake in the stupid behaviour of recycling the same beat and music and change afew word's in almost factory process to make a quick buck on current fads, though those people are not artists and dissappear as quickly as they arrived.

    Music is only as powerful and the meanings, feelings and events that inspired the artists to write about it to share it and inspire us all. That's why P!nk is so amazing and one of the greatest cause the songs she writes and the songs are full of so much meaning and feelings and her talent and voice allows hers to not be restrict to one genre as she can share her songs and to draw from an unlimited range to show why shr is a true Artist

  23. Samantha Holland

    please tour!! you guys would be such an awesome show to see live

  24. Robert Power

    Boo hoo hoo

  25. SnowCuteGirl

    Sooooo Good :)

  26. Marcus Cardoso

    Great powerful song!!! ;-)

  27. Tamar Thompson Howell

    Came out on birthday

  28. midori inu

    Always loved P!nk, but man... this is just beautiful. Like great job, P!nk. Just gives me another reason to adore her and her music. I always loved I'm Not Dead and The Truth About Love (The albums) but this ahs got to be my favorite one so far. It HAS to be. Amazing work.

    J F

    +Creativity The Ferret you would also benefit from listening to his band City and Colour. really good stuff.

  29. Mark Bradley

    this is album is so beautiful it literally brings a tear to my eye. You two together are pure gold! You guys should definitely write more material together the chemistry is just so electric

  30. Ana gab

    Siempre tan gigante y bella pequeña rosa!!!

  31. BurBruja68

    Recién descubiertos!!

  32. Pamela Perry

    Dark and Sweet!

  33. Bruce Waite

    A hunting melody I love love it they are beautiful togther. Beautiful. Lenett

  34. wootton1990

    Alexisonfire <3

  35. Paradigmshift

    It's great when your childhood idol and your favorite artist join together and create the most amazing noise you will hear in your life

  36. Vin Gameplay & Music

    I LOVE this project, and I am able to know about another amazing singer like Dallas Green thx to P!nk, they sound INCREDIBLE together omg!! I need another album, You + Me!!

  37. Uduak Obot

    I love all songs in the Rose Ave album, I listen to it almost all the time I put my headphones on.

  38. Josdaniel Orozco

    Wooow.. Amaziiiing

  39. Amanda m Cachia


  40. Hoenn

    So this is what Pink has been doing, Love the song by the way.

  41. KayteEss

    This is so beautiful

  42. laura dock

    This send straight chills down my back love them both

  43. orange circle

    This is great! Dark and passionate. Much better, in my opinion, than the self-titled title. 

  44. Chiara Tone

    this music is awesome

  45. Christian Reeve

    Two of my favourite artists together!, it's a dream come true. Works perfectly in my opinion.

    Tuesday Johnson

    Christian Reeve right there with you

  46. Josie Cruz

    This should've been on the Mockingjay Part 1 soundtrack.

  47. Claudia Logar

    I just loved it :) You guys are amazing

  48. Noureddine Ayari

    for you my love

  49. DQ Leann Norman

    incredible that is al I can say

  50. BrandonHarken

    I feel like when Alicia comes in she overpowers him and I can barely hear him.

  51. Nott Storm

    Do anybody know what is the name of the font in this song?

  52. Chris Tidey


  53. Fayki Rashid

    Dallas, I love you so much!!!

  54. Joy Robenta

    It's good music. People are being too cynical about it. Then again, this day in age, it's hard to gauge who's been exposed to creative music, not just button pushers. 

    This album is beautiful, two very talented, creative, honest voices coming together to make something reflective of what music used to be like before it was so easy to rip off other people. 

  55. Selke

    Who's P!nk? I only hear Alecia and Dallas singing on this song.

    Francisco de Asís Aguilera

    P!nk is a singer (?)
    That's exactly what I wanted to say! :3


    Alecia is P!nk


    I know she is @Emily It was sarcasm.


    oh, my bad

  56. yasmin iqbal

    i love this as much as break the cycle they need more views :) 

  57. Ann Vejlstrup Thomasen

    Love this song :) love P!nk :*

  58. Trace Lane

    best song on the album! love it!

  59. Ríon Morgan

    This song is AMAZING SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Share Share and Share 

  60. Matt Mc.

    This song/ entire album has restored my faith in music's future

  61. amanda garcia

    ERROR: It's capital "I" not "i"._. jk jk I love this song lol

  62. laura dock

    Amazing. Puts chills down my spine.

  63. eskremSedap

    the octopus grosses me out

  64. Kye Gilland

    This is soooo crazy!!! My two favorite vocalists ever on one album. Was looking up Dallas Green just for fun and stumbled across this. Every song I've on the record is a masterpiece! MADE MY DAY, WEEK, MONTH, YEAR, LIFE!!

  65. Matthew Golden

    Definitely needs more green.

  66. lisha huffman

    Damn. I love this.

  67. Louise Nelson


  68. Soapstef S

    I've been listening to this cd for a full day just gets better & better!

  69. Paul Gallagher

    Never even heard of this Dallas Green until right now!  I WISH Pink would have had him on Learn to Love Again over that breathy, weak-ass, whiny motherfuckin Nate Ruess D-Bag!!!!!!  I want ot love that song so bad, but that MotherFucker RUINS IT!!!!!

  70. Monica Lingard

    Travis as much as you are entitled to your opinion that's just dumb 

  71. Marissa Palmer

    Just heard about this album... I love Dallas Green, and I love Pink. UGH great combo<333 I'm already in love. Two amazing voices in one.

  72. martin florence


  73. Thifany Pinheiro


  74. Emily Kerrigan

    also, are we even sure bin laden is dead, yo? can't pop a jabroni creepin up in them caves!

  75. Sergii K

    The Best soong) I like it.

  76. Angela's VLOG

    raw and fabulous

  77. sadahzinia27

    Lovely Pink...

  78. becky Newell

    I so love this song. And im not much a fan of pink but this album.. I mean..its just so clean, and amazing.

  79. André Nunes

    Great Song! I love it!

  80. Lady Red

    I like this song, it remind me someone....its just a broken up and impossible to be getting back together.
    And the only thing remain is the memory of the past... I missed you more.

  81. Sarah Schroeder

    the lyrics are so strong and beautiful. just as the vocals are (:

  82. Matteo Pedrosi

    Love Love Love!

  83. Little Wonderwall

    The sound of the first chord made me instantly fall in love. <3 Absolutely beautiful.

    Raja Touqeer

    got 1,901 instagram followers so far today at *instaPHAMOUS. COM*

  84. Flooven

    Love the whole album, This one reminds me of the video game, "The Last of Us"


    My favourite game. Never thought anyone loving Pink would also game :)

  85. Leonel Pereira


  86. Tsfunchannel

    I am so excited for this album! I cant wait both my favorite artist collaborating together. They are a perfect match! I hope you do a tpur together!

  87. Naomi Xx33

    God this is music I can just zen out to and sway to the music. I love it. These songs have been stuck in my head since I heard them can't wait for me. 

  88. mal1ns

    soooo disappointed

  89. James Davenport

    These two just work together. Love Dallas, love P!nk. How did I never think of these two collaborating. This is just plainly awesome.

    Album pre-ordered.

  90. Jacob Shannon

    Such a sick song.

  91. Luke Lester

    Her voice is outstanding. In the positive sense that it is really amazing, and in the literal but negative sense that it is just too overpowering. Their voices go great together, but not when I can't hear his voice. :/

  92. Poly Pink

    Amazing voices this im P!nk fan so proud my queen!

  93. Philip Saucier

    omg 1:50 it's so perfect

  94. Stephanie K

    I love everything about this, they make a good duo and should definitely keep this up. Shocks me that people would have anything negative to say

  95. gray

    this is amazing, can't wait for this album

  96. Craig J Carswell

    You know what i'm finding rather curious about all this as much as i gather this album is more than likely a one off thing, Dallas quit Alexis because he was struggling to juggle both Alexis and City & Colour yet here he is two seconds later producing a side project to what was a side project in itself. The rest of his old band must be thinking, "what the hell" right now...

    Phil G

    @Phil G I realise how poorly I worded that comment but you get the idea.


    He is a person, and can do whatever he wants, and can pursue whatever music he wants, regardless of what he's done in the past. I doubt his friends from Alexis would be upset about that, and if they are, that's their problem.

    Josh Kelly

    @Craig J Carswell those were 2 full time bands. this is a side project. you really cant see the difference? He's not touring with pink they did like 4 random talk show gigs.

    Craig J Carswell

    Dude I'm not bitching it's all just food for thought. You're quite right he can do what he wants indeed!


    lol, they produced this whole album in 6 days. I'm sure it wasn't that hard to take less than a week off from his own music. Nice try though.

  97. Theresa Carrell

    Best of 3 so far for me. This album is overall excellent.

  98. ecem -

    Oh,this song perfect but this group?