Yoste - Chihiro Lyrics

Out of my cage through an open door
Feeling less tired than I did before
I broke my fever then I broke my chains
I don't like liars and I don't like change

I tried to run but I was much too slow
I'm only young but that was long ago
The air was cooler now it burns my lungs
Stains my eyes and stills my tongue

I tried to run but I was much too slow
I'm only young but that was long ago
The air was cooler now it burns my lungs
Stains my eyes and stills my tongue

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Yoste Chihiro Comments
  1. Alandav

    yey, finally got to it


    love this song heard it in the car ran home to hear it again here

  3. Lisa Simpson

    Sprited Away's song?

  4. scoolboy

    really great piece sm ;p

  5. Brandon Gachuz

    It's a Summer of 2016, I back to the school and I'm studying, later I'll play videogames...

    N O S T A L G I C

  6. Olivia Marie

    Kalyn Nicholson brought me here 💕

  7. CoolMYSTICALCool Gamer

    Anyone her in September 2019?

    Jono Blackledge

    Yes sir

  8. Shilpa Patil

    I am ironman

  9. gleyvi roman

    Amazing music and it suits with the picture. Like just imagine walking with someone you love with this music and stare into the endless sky full of bright stars...

  10. Rizqi Jimenez

    Still listening this 2019

  11. Nathan Niehoff

    .75x speed, thank me later

  12. ツAz

    I listen to this song when I’m stressed out and worried about something. It really helps :)

  13. Emma Craig

    378 assholes😞😞😥

  14. Chihiro n Frens

    this is my soundtrack 💕

  15. Pranoy Kishore Borah

    Listen to Tall Heights - Spirit Cold, quite similar!

  16. the mjoamio

    Best song and music I ever listen in my life 💯🙌🕉️

  17. justpan._

    Like Amber run - I found

  18. Robin Gardiner

    This song haunts me in a beautiful way 😍

  19. Americaust

    CHello what is this

  20. unclinical


  21. eddie acevedo

    2019 anyone 😏

  22. Emma Craig

    My little brother just left for the military everytime I hear this song I think of him and cry .love u brother😞

  23. Louis Soprano

    I wish I could be in this picture while this song is on endless repeat cycle, holding on to the feeling I get while listening to it...for forever.

  24. Osome5

    Yoste this is a hit!!!

  25. Vanessa Saintil

    I don't like liars and I don't like change.

  26. kyle manuelian

    Lyrics: from 0.7 to 1:12
    Oooohh I fall apart down to my core

  27. Agghh

    Still perfect in 2019. I know it's basic but I kinda wanna play/sing this in front of my friends

  28. LewisTolkienFan01


  29. Hari Premananda

    🔥777🔥 "HAKU"

  30. visHnu sm

    Oh my God this track 😍

  31. Jason Goldstein

    I first heard this on Sirius/XM's Chill channel and I've been hooked ever since.

  32. Nick Swan

    I could of swore this was aremix of Amber Run - I Found. The lyrics are not the same, but other than the lyrics, it sounds identical.

  33. Renee M

    Why it took Sirius XM Chill 2 years to catch up with this masterpiece is a mystery to me, but I'm still grateful.

  34. Felicitas AYERZA

    i put this song while high and goddddd it was the best trip ever

  35. Trashy Potato

    How should we deal with the 339 people who disliked this video?!

  36. Warren Hara

    Ey Tony!

  37. Darius Grant

    Sounds a lot like: Amber Run - I found...

  38. EvanMc

    "I'm only young but that was long ago"
    Damn. Gave me chills when that verse hit. Reminded me of how short life is.
    Beautiful song <3

  39. Diana Diana

    My wonderful and very talented kinjaz brought me here ❤️

  40. TheExistentialBeanie

    yoste, thank you so much for this.

  41. Eric Poon

    artwork is sick af

  42. dxadly

    the singing part reminds me of I Found by Amber Run


    *I completely forgot about this song and when my father passed this came back to me as i was in my car after the funeral why though.*

  44. Дарья Эйр


  45. Amir Cheniti

    Listenin' to this in 2K18 with a broken heart..

  46. FOXAMG63

    Out of this world af, love this to the moon

  47. Kimberley Woodroffe

    This is my favorite song right now. I always have it on an endless loop. <3 It makes me feel really emotional. I love music that's a feeling.

  48. Ya Abdu

    My favorite music channel.. been following you for a long time, and u still amaze me

  49. DeadlyCatcher

    Well, the comments section feels like a secluded club. Glad to know that people like you exist. I belong somewhere... I am not sad, I am not happy... I feel Serene!

  50. guuixv


  51. Rez Kid

    How does this correlate with Spirited Away?

  52. milky mars

    so like. catch me crying in the club for chihiro fujisaki

  53. Rizki Edmi Edison

    Out of my cage through an open door
    Feeling less tired than I did before
    I broke my fever then I broke my chains
    I don't like liars and I don't like change

    I tried to run but I was much too slow
    I'm only young but that was long ago
    The air was cooler now it burns my lungs
    Stains my eyes and stills my tongue

  54. Vitaly Ninichuk

    perhaps our generations are lost because we are looking in an infinite digital sea.

  55. Matthew Leonard

    Just heard this in a shop in Bali, had to Shazam - no way it’s suicide sheep!

  56. Jo Kaulitz

    It been 2 years since this upload. Whoa

  57. Sieb Bruinsma

    Yoste what of genre is your music? I like it very much

  58. v b

    Awesome song!

  59. BelovedObscurity

    the tune of the vocals remind me of
    Amber Run - I Found

  60. Shane Levine

    Really really beautiful.

  61. Яна Иванова

    Reminds me of Amber Run - I Found :) awesome track tho <3

  62. kawaii chihiro-chan

    I love this one 😍

  63. spice girls reject

    amber run i found??

  64. Gabi

    Chihiro is a japanese name meaning A Thousand Springs

    kawaii chihiro-chan

    I was told its meaning is a thousand questions


    bassy remix of this song on my soundcloud id appriciate the support ! https://soundcloud.com/dieinparadise/chihoro

  66. Kiwi Ngo

    Somehow im mesmerized by this one picture its not really special or anything but idk ~~

  67. Abir Amezzane

    what a beauty

  68. Amlanjyoti Lahkar

    NO WORDS!!!

  69. Mr. anu

    noooooooooooo wayyyyyyyyyyyyy that song is is is 😍

  70. Neesa LoveOfArt

    MrSuicideSheep.....I can agree, I can get lost in this. Cheers!

  71. Munit

    This is my life story i live alone away from home in a small city and i have no where to go.

  72. Lilly Ritz

    Such a good song.

  73. Hyakusho百姓 /

    Japanese sky

    Taco Shuriken

    Specifically Japanese?

    Hyakusho百姓 /

    Taco Shuriken Electrical wire

  74. pankaj kapuria


  75. Carol SunWay

    Im in love with this song😍 Im lisining it all night, cause its makes my calm and relax😏😊


    I love this background photo. It fits the mood very well.

  77. Erin Rogers

    Omg reminds me of the song, MaLuca - Forever

  78. Cheyanne Auch

    This literally sounds like a copy off Amber run. It's not bad, I like it. But I also really love amber run and the voice and lyrics are identical.

  79. Mesmor

    This music is an escape from the real world, and I love it! ♡

  80. Paige

    Are the lyrics from a different song? if so what is It? I feel like I have heard it before

    Taco Shuriken

    It is similar to Amber Run - I Found
    Yoste either took inspiration from it, or it was coincidental.

  81. pranav kombe

    beautiful memories breezes and this wallpaper

  82. Damian Camacho

    I found by amber run ?

  83. Zsuzsa Farkas

    oh and btw have you read the background of spirited away? interesting, recommend it

  84. Zsuzsa Farkas

    i wrote on yoste, he is an aussie and guess what, only 22
    such a cutie :) :) :)

  85. anna

    Now I'm able to calm down.

  86. Pouly Pol

    sometimes... nothing really matters anymore....

  87. Metalium44

    Yoste, you are unique, your talent deserve so much to be know !!

  88. valerie agustin

    the sky is moving?? or i just really need some sleep??

  89. Jimmy gow

    what key is in and what are the notes? I want to play this on my guitar.

  90. Mujeeb Taj

    love sheepy

  91. Klavkjir

    I dont't know how XTC feels, but this song gives a damn good indication <3

  92. Bleach queen420

    if only I hanged with people wbo have the great taste in music like j do

  93. KrypticRabbit

    reminds me of TVD type of songs.

  94. 스왱키케이티 swankykatie

    this and I Found by Amber Run sound very close to each other 😮

  95. jess

    i am lost in my world wit this.♡

  96. Charles Louis

    ''i dont like liars and dont like change''