Yoste - Calcifer Lyrics

Alone, I wept a lie
I long to know, how you came by your broken eye
Alive, you brought me low
In the river I'll stand to know

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  1. Day Glow Vista

    Did Paramore rip you off with Hard Times? 🕵🏻‍♂️

  2. thehAPPYgunner

    This was removed on Spotify too.

  3. Jubilee Nunnallee

    Thumbs up if what brought you here,
    was your taste in music.

  4. Võ Tiến Công

    I often listen it in every morning. :D

  5. warren Stephens

    goes well with my Samsung Beam Projector phone Electric Blanket on & gonna Roll me a j i really like thees tunes Diolch :)

  6. KitKat

    My replika sent me this! She has great tastes

  7. Emo Magneto

    Replika send me here.

  8. Moon Fae

    Thanks replica! Or Replii as I call it/her/him

  9. InchofF

    Who came here from Replica App?

    Hatsune Miku

    Emsew Reinch yup

    Terezi Pyrope

    Yeah. Glad they have good music taste.

    -sushi joji-

    Yeah xD

  10. Rogue SheWolf

    Replika got me here. 😄

  11. aprillou

    My Replika AI brought me here. I have to thank her for helping me discover Yoste! My ears are pleased! ❤️

  12. GoNoAMMo

    Thumbs up if your Replika AI brought you here

    Javier Chiappa

    This is so like the movie Her when the guy finds out that his AI has like thousands of lovers, lol.


    GoNoAMMo yep

    Jubilee Nunnallee

    No idea who that is. I just like good music.

  13. Juan Recio

    My replika just send me this.

    kai _

    Juan Recio my replika too

    Larissa Ramos

    same here

    Audrey B

    Lol, mine did too

    Caleb Kirschbaum

    Mine as well

  14. Liz Scott

    can someone help me figure out the lyrics, please?

  15. sSTaGGeR NiCeLy

    I hope you have the best birthday Gabriela Gonzalez! )

  16. Ro Munt


    J A H I N

    Hello haha

    Ro Munt

    J A H I N told you it'll be easy to find me haha

  17. J A H I N

    Any one here from Timthetatman's birthday reactions video?

  18. Zosuke Coco

    just can this track out of my head. so good! <3

  19. Rachel DeSimone

    thumbs up if you got here from Kalyn Nicholson's Video! I had to shazam !



    Priyanka Gore

    Yes me too!!!

    Miss Katonic

    My Replika sent me here...0_o

    John Smith

    Ktana Lynn LMAO SAME, came to check the comments to see if it was just mine. Guess not :(

  20. Olivia Lahdo

    Love this! Am i allowed to use this song more than 30 sek in my video without getting copyright? Ofc I will give you cred for this beautiful song

  21. reganpaige

    Am I aloud to use this for YouTube videos?

  22. ćamïłâ ïď

    <3 lindo

  23. Sierra N

    hey i really like this song and i am planning on making a video in july can i use this song for the background
    (im not really sure how all this music stuff works)

  24. Chris and Lyss Vlogs

    How can we use this song in a video?

  25. Nick Frost

    Could somebody help me with this type of genre, specifically with the women lagging out words .. i dont know how else to describe it but if anybody understand what im talking about, i would very much appreciate if you could point it out. thank you.


    Not sure about the "lagging women's singing," but I refer to this genre as chill-tronic.


    Oh my _GOD_ I have never seen someone else looking for the same thing I am. I know exactly what you're on about.

    It's like they are almost saying words but aren't quite there, cutting them up which leaves a sort of light hum-like melody. I don't know if it belongs to a specific genre but I have found recently that it's very present in future bass. Regardless, this quality is also found in many different electronic genres so I actually started to keep a playlist on youtube called "Unfinished Vocals" to keep the ones I find. Maybe you can help me make the list bigger but I really would also like more information on it. I'll make my playlist public in case you want to look through it.

    I’m high key trash

    vocal chops?

  26. spiffy.

    *So relaxing! :D*

  27. swisschick33489

    THIS IS THE BEST SONG I'VE EVER HEARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. swisschick33489

    This song is so beautiful and the best I've heard in a while. Listening to it makes anything I'm doing feel so dreamy and wonderful. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Yamin Thein

    Sofie! Sofie! Do something!!! _ Calcifer

    Katrina Catrell

    That's why I clicked on this one haha

  30. Carmelia Jafari

    Summer vibes.. Anyone else?

  31. alexboheme1986

    Nicee!! Make me Crazy!!!

  32. neoism

    amazing 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  33. Erytisal

    Spring vibes <3

  34. Kaloha

    In love w that design

  35. Music Affair

    I'm fascinated by your visuals every damn time! <3

  36. kashuunFAN

    This track is really relaxing ^^


    Great! :) <3

  38. Hannah Kënnës

    this one is soo G.O.O D! more please!

  39. La Belle Musique

    Some lyrics:

    Alone, I wept a lie,
    I long to know, how you came by your broken eye.
    Alive, you brought me low,
    In the river I'll stand to know..

    Liz Scott

    any more??

    Lindy Moon

    @Liz Scott I think they're just repeated

  40. Claudio Monterosso

    Lyric anyone ? I hear "I long to know- how you came by a broken heart"(second line, first one I have absolutely no idea) then later I hear "You brought me love" in between other stuff I can't tell. That's as far as I can understand, help ? oh also: Here's another curse for you - may all your bacon burn.


    +Claudio Monterosso

    "Alone, I wept a lie,
    I long to know, how you came by your broken eye.
    Alive, you brought me low,
    In the river I'll stand to know." - From his soundcloud page :)

    Claudio Monterosso

    +BINK BINKSON Thanks man! <3

  41. Royal Rap

    Love everything about this 🔥

  42. devi8music

    *this is beautiful!*

  43. Yuusuke

    amazing! such beautiful track

  44. Daniel Mboweni

    Summertime Jam

  45. jonoinvielleicht

    Just wanna say that this channel does some amazing work with those video edtitings! This is so inspiring!

  46. Saafeest

    Such a peaceful track <3

  47. Joal Harding

    So pretty! Thanks for all the lovely creations.

  48. White Eagle Music Network

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful song !!! <3

  49. iat blog

    frfeaking love this!!


    howls castle y'all

  51. Simmie Barapatre

    This is just one of those songs that make me wanna dance all day. Lovely upload <3

  52. Yoste

    Thanks everyone !


    +Kaptan he does sound like EDEN

    Andrew Armstrong


    J A H I N

    Y o s t e my mind gets blown every time i listen to this song


    Very good job man!! Love it!!

    Juan Araya

    Yoste what a beautiful song/melody thank you so much!

  53. John Nerat

    This is so beautiful and breathtaking!

  54. Reef K

    ...had a real shit day, but I'm transported to a different place and already feel a little better ... thank you Yoste & Belle Musique!

  55. Future House Cloud

    love date vibe!

  56. namo clock


  57. Jiboup

    Calcifer , Howl's moving castle ?

  58. James Cheeks

    Is this the guy that names all his songs after Ghibli stuff?

    Miss Anonymous

    Yes, it is him.

    Prescott Palm


    James Cheeks

    @Prescott Palm How cute.

    The Proxy Soul

    Prescott Palm Extremely rude of you, y'know.

    Bill Buttlicker

    instant idol for me. i love your music!

  59. Royal Rap

    There is nothing I don't like about this ❤️

  60. vinnimann

    I can't sit still when I'm listening to your music! I've to dance every time when I listen to it.... no matter where I am 😅

  61. Julia Zweiker

    Fans of deep electronic music, I wanna share something with you, great piece of art:
    Ensonge - Augurium (Original Mix)

    If you don't like the drop of that track at 2.20, then I don't wanna live on this planet anymore haha :)

    Saakib Akbany

    +Julia Zweiker meh

    Blue- rayer

    +Julia Zweiker Yep great song but this song was made with Ambition Squared

  62. Charnley van Wyk

    "May all your bacon burn" - Calcifer from Howls moving Castle ;)


    +Charnley van Wyk XDD I love calcifer omg.

  63. Nefta Esteban


  64. La Belle Musique

    Wanna collab EMBRZ x Yoste? :P

    Shruti Shah

    +La Belle Musique yesh plz

    Jarlan Sousa

    +La Belle Musique musica bonita gostei super boa


    +La Belle Musique That would be something else!

    Jubilee Nunnallee

    EMBRZ one of my favs<3

  65. Martina Lavin Vilches


  66. La Belle Musique

    Here we go! New Yoste in da house!

     iTunes: http://bit.ly/iTunes-calcifer
    ● Deezer: http://bit.ly/Deezer-calcifer
    ● Amazon: http://bit.ly/Amazon-calcifer

    Leonardo Esponda

    see you again belle <3

    Leonardo Esponda

    1st like <3